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brolin_empeyLike the now defunct .NET Messenger Service that refused to send a message linking to imageshack, Facebook Messenger refuses to send a message if an automated filter dislikes the message, such as because the message references a taboo Web site such as or what seems like a false positive today:08:06
brolin_empeyI do not see how discussing in the Danish language building a Delphi program can be considered taboo by the filter so I assume this is a false positive.08:06
brolin_empeyBasically I am using an instant messaging medium that is censored by robots.  Yes, I know I can circumvent the filter by sending an image of text instead of actual text but it still surprises me.08:11
brolin_empeyIn this case I resent the message via email instead of Facebook Messenger but I do not always have the email address of someone I contact via Facebook Messenger.08:15
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VajbAbout facebook. Problems might have been universla since it appears to be fixed. Or I've been lucky for past days.09:33
brolin_empeyAt least in my area, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and reportedly some other Facebook services such as Instagram were partially broken for a day a week or two ago but I do not know how geographically localised that failure was.09:37
Vajbbrolin_empey: my problem was facebook resending messages allthough I had already received those.09:39
brolin_empeyVajb: Yes, I redd your earlier messages about this issue.09:40
VajbI think this is fift day without incidens09:43
brolin_empeyApparently the failure was on Wed, 2019‑03‑13.  I do not know if this failure was reported by any media.09:43
Vajbpidgin -d log is quite swollen now09:43
Vajbover 5mb.09:44
VajbI don't think I've heard of this problem, but then again I don't follow news that much.09:44
brolin_empeyThe YouTube video server was down for a few hours a few months ago.  The Web site/front end was still up but it could not play any video.  That made the news here.  Initially I thought it was a problem with my Internet connection because I was using YouTube when the failure began.09:49
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DocScrutinizer05brolin_empey: ((filter)) §11 §13 - say "thank you EU, for preemptive obedience"12:12
DocScrutinizer05actually say "thank you EU, and thank you farcebook for preemptive obedience"12:13
DocScrutinizer05I think this is a nice opportunity to *learn* something, about why using farcebook etc is a bad thing per se12:14
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