IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2018-07-25

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siceloback to my earlier questions about 2FA, looks like there already is an OTP tool for N90001:42
sicelono idea how well it works (or how secure it is)01:42
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buZzTOTP i assume?01:53
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buZzah yes01:53
buZzthere is oathtool aswell, at least in debian01:54
buZzRFC 6238 TOTP is what 'google authenticator' uses01:54
buZzyou can just copy the seeds out of it , feed them to oathtool and get a key to use on websites for 2FA01:54
siceloyes, i have seen oathtool, and one of the days i should try compile it for maemo through sb01:55
siceloi don't have google authenticator anywhere.01:55
buZz > oathtool --totp -b $CODEYOUGOTFROMTHEWEBSITE01:55
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buZzit gives you a QR code to scan usually, the code from that is what you'd use to make a new key each time01:56
siceloand 'top' n900 doesn't seem to be working. well ... at least facebook says codes are invalid01:56
buZzmaybe you need to set it to TOTP instead of HOTP?01:56
buZzits not default on oathtool either01:57
siceloit only allows switching between HOTP & MOTP, and with HOTP, you can switch between 'time-based' (which i assume is TOTP) and 'event-based'01:58
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buZzweird, if you have a debian box available somewhere you can test oathtool there01:59
buZzapt install oathtool01:59
siceloyes, left my laptop at work. already installed oathtool on it .. just need to put it to use02:00
siceloi hope it will build nicely for maemo as well02:00
buZzquite sure, i doubt it has much dependancies02:00
sicelomaybe i should already look in older debian repos .. a few packages work ok from there on maemo02:01
Oksanaa>> <Maxdamantus> Optimally, all RAM should be used, for cache if nothing else. << With Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit, if Task Manager shows high RAM usage (like, 13GB out of 16GB), it means "ultra-slow computer, restart some of those programs". But then, this slowness may also coincide with high (like,02:25
Oksanaa1725914275) "Page Faults" (whatever they are) for processes.02:26
sicelo(oathtool - at least all the ones on debian repos need higher libc6 than maemos ..)02:28
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MaxdamantusAssuming "page faults" means "major page fault", that means you're copying things in and out of swap, which gets bad when you've run out of non-freeable RAM.03:02
MaxdamantusI suspect Windows probably doesn't include disk cache in its "used memory" count, but theoretically, that extra memory should still be used.03:03
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OksanaaMaxdamantus : Is it possible to have 0 "major page faults"?04:20
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MaxdamantusOksanaa: sure, if there's no swap.04:53
Maxdamantusand maybe no disk; not sure if memory mapped files' page faults are considered major.04:54
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OksanaaWhy do things copied in and out of RAM get bad when computer runs out of non-free-able RAM?05:45
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MaxdamantusOksanaa: I mean that when you run out of non-freeable RAM, the copying in and out is extreme (bad).06:50
MaxdamantusThat is, it shouldn't happen if you have plenty of freeable RAM.06:51
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OksanaaSo, if Windows shows "almost all RAM is used", it means "you are running out of non-freeable RAM"?07:51
OksanaaAs in, SeaMonkey and Firefox and K-Meleon and SumatraPDF and Office and IceChat are all using lots of non-freeable RAM?07:52
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brolin_empeyOksanaa: Main memory (primary storage) is a subset of the total RAM in a computer.  Peripherals such as a GPU may have gibibytes of RAM that is not part of main memory.  “RAM” is common usage, though, whereas “main memory” and “primary storage” are formal technical terms, like “headphone jack” versus “analog audio connector”.08:08
MaxdamantusI don't know how Windows works.08:15
Maxdamantusbut in something like `free` on Linux, it shows you RAM used, and RAM used excluding caches.08:16
brolin_empeyIs one who sums a summer?08:21
brolin_empeyIs one who springs a springer?08:54
brolin_empeyAre salesmen in a store selling Commodore computers in the 1970s PET Shop Boys?09:10
brolin_empeyI have a 4k UHD display and a 5.25-inch flexible disc drive connected to the same computer.09:16
sicelo(oathtool works very well [on pc])09:31
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brolin_empeyKclamer: Hello.09:47
KclamerFound my n900 yesterday, charged it, fired it up and it had an SSU update ready.09:49
KclamerCan't believe it's still supported!09:49
KotCzarnysure, and more goodies are in the works09:50
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KclamerAll the people that keep this up are awesome. The N900 is my favorite phone even after a decade. Still take it out and play some emulators on it.09:53
KclamerKotCzarny is that like Black Cat?09:54
KotCzarnyno, catblack09:54
KclamerHaha, same thing.09:55
KotCzarnynot at all09:55
KotCzarnyyou dont drink colacoca09:55
brolin_empeyWell, “black cat” and “gato negro” are the same.09:58
brolin_empeyOr “chat noir” (correct French translation?).09:59
KclamerI don't think most people would have been able to guess the translation anyway10:02
KclamerIt's probably Polish10:03
brolin_empeyKclamer: Yes, KotCzarny lives in the land of Perl scripts. ;-)10:04
* brolin_empey lives in the land of calcium.10:04
KclamerDo any of you guys actively develop for Fremantle?10:04
KclamerWhat are you working on?10:05
infobothmm... oscp is
KclamerThat looks awesome, I remember playing with vlc for streaming my own music from my computer to the N90010:07
KotCzarnythere is also mpd for n90010:07
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KclamerNow I just open Soma radio and let it go10:09
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Juestoso I've been able to update the maemo sdk vm10:37
Juestoi think maemo users here do use the lenny archives?10:38
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JuestoShould i dist-upgrade scratchbox???11:03
Juestoi mean development stuff inside it11:03
KotCzarnyif you are sucker for punishment, go for it11:03
Juesto yeah it's not like I don't understand but...11:09
Juestodidn't really liked that reply and gives no further elaboration11:09
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Juestoquite of a huge issue I've got with Bora scratchbox sdk11:20
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Juestook, installing diablo's maemo-explicit should give me the propertary bits, completing the experience hopefully11:25
sicelowhat are you doing with bora? got an N8x0?11:31
KotCzarnyn8x0 uses diablo11:31
KotCzarnybora is for 770 afair11:32
siceloeven worse then :p11:32
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JuestoI'm with the sdk :D12:38
Juestozero nokia devices12:39
Juestoand bora is broken -_-12:39
Juestosicelo: scratchbox stuff12:41
* sparre has a spare N900. - Unfortunately with a loose micro-USB power connector.12:46
* sparre has to learn how to solder modern electronics.12:48
* sparre hasn't done any serious soldering since he worked on a nuclear reactor.12:48
sparre(~25 years ago)12:49
KotCzarnyi assume soldering in nuclear reactor is easier than dabbling with smd12:49
sparreMuch easier.12:49
inzCan you hook up your N900 with a micro-reactor12:49
inzno need to fix the connector12:49
sparreGood spacing between the connections on the boards.12:49
KotCzarnyinz: sure, you can, but it needs separate cart for being mobile12:50
KotCzarnymight be whole wagon12:50
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infobotfrom memory, usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt, or to avoid breakage, see ~usb-unplug13:02
sparresixwheeledbeast: Thanks.13:28
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* jonwil is annoyed because he lost the stylus for his N900 :(15:25
bencohcan you order a replacement?15:29
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jonwilPosted on tmo, someone there might know what I can get as a replacement without the big costs of buying a new Nokia one (shipping to Oz isn't cheap)15:32
Vajbjonwil: buy from ebay. I got five for 3 dollars15:37
KotCzarnyvajb: add shipping to australia15:37
Vajbfreeshipping ;)15:37
jonwilAfter previous bad experiences I refuse to touch eBay...15:37
KotCzarnyto eu maybe, but .au..15:37
KotCzarnythat is the land down under15:37
KotCzarnyvajb: and if you have 5, just check the shipping to .au and send 2 to jonwil15:38
Vajbwell from where I look at it seems that china is closer15:38
Vajbto australia15:38
KotCzarnywhen it comes to shipping costs it's usually not the distance but bulk size15:38
Vajbmakes me wonder how is selling the cables good business15:39
KotCzarnybulk and returning customers?15:39
Vajblike, I bought few usb cables 0,35$ with free shipping15:40
Vajbmight be bulk15:40
KotCzarnyanyway, try sending 1-2 styluses to jonwil15:41
Vajbjonwil: maygbe buy something which has sturdy plastic around and carve your own stylus :p15:41
KotCzarnyit will be good investment in your n900 future15:42
Vajbprobably it would take 10-20$ I think15:42
KotCzarnycheck regular letter options15:43
KotCzarnywill be closer to 3-5$15:43
trxI've bought a complete housing few years ago, it included a stylus.15:43
trxAnd now i have spare parts too.15:43
trx(I have lost my original stylus)15:43
KotCzarnyfor me regular letter (<50g) to .au is ~1.5usd15:45
KotCzarnywhich is the same as to any other country. rates ramp up when you choose to send the same thing as a package or require tracking/declare value15:47
bencohVajb: don't you live in singapur?15:49
KotCzarnybencoh: i though he lived in .fi15:49
bencohah, could be15:49
KotCzarnyanyway, bbl15:49
Vajbyeah .fi is my local15:52
Vajbmaybe it is my dialect :p15:52
MaxdamantusMikä ".fi" on?15:53
VajbI can ask for posting, but it'll be monday untill im home15:53
VajbMaxdamantus: strictly speaking .fi is just domain15:54
bencohVajb: looks liked I mixed you with someone else :)15:54
MaxdamantusYeah, I know, just wanted to say something random in Finnish.15:54
Vajbei se mitään ymmärrän hyvin. Teen sitä itse kokoajan15:55
MaxdamantusEn ymmärrä paljon myös.15:57
MaxdamantusI suspect you probably know Finnish much better than I do.15:57
VajbI am rather fluent15:58
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