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brolin_empeyVajb: OK.02:22
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* brolin_empey bought a 28-inch 4k UHD video monitor for use at home, am using it to write this message.06:52
sunshavibrolin_empey: model 4 looking on the net07:23
brolin_empeysunshavi: It is a Samsung LU28E590DS/ZA.07:37
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siceloi don't use 2-factor authentication for any of my accounts :-/13:16
sicelobut i want to. however i do not want to use SMS. i only have an N900.13:18
siceloany ideas on solutions/applications/etc.13:19
bencohsicelo: what are you talking about?13:22
bencoh(I'd guess gmail, but ...?)13:23
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siceloyes.  seemingly some of the support authenticator apps instead of sms13:26
bencohI use gmail with mutt, you can add a password per application13:27
bencohand use it exclusively with the specified application13:27
sicelothanks bencoh. i will try that for gmail. will check if something similar is available for the others (facebook, github, twitter, etc.)13:34
MaxdamantusIf by "authenticator" you mean the time-based OTP authentication used by "Google authenticator", I just run a Java implementation of that on my computer.13:48
Maxdamantusthat will surely also run fine on N900.13:49
MaxdamantusYeah, it seems to just be a Main class for use with the code Google uses in their Android application.13:52
siceloi had been looking at oath-toolkit. no idea if that would do13:59
Maxdamantusoauth*? That's quite a bit different to authenticator.14:00
Maxdamantusthough maybe some systems let you pick and choose which authentication mechanisms can be used, dunno.14:00
MaxdamantusI've been wanting to use OAuth (and hence SMS 2FA) for mutt/gmail, but haven't got round to looking enough into it.14:01
Maxdamantusafaik, I'd probably have to just hack mutt.14:02
MaxdamantusOh, okay, not OAuth then.14:02
sicelobencoh: per app password seem to need my phone number after all. or i am missing something?14:22
Maxdamantussicelo: are you sure it's not just to get the password the first time?14:23
siceloi guess yes, that. had been wishing/hoping for something to not use phone number ever :)14:24
sicelobut yeah, does look like i am dreaming14:24
bencohsicelo: err, could be, yeah14:31
bencohbut that's just to register iirc14:31
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sicelolooks like oath-toolkit is also the right tool for 2FA needs. wonder if it will compile for n90014:38
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