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brolin_empeyVajb: What is pi paste?00:54
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Vajbbrolin_empey: the stuff that conducts heat from cpu to heat sink. I suppose that is not the correct name, but I did not bother to look it up.06:44
Vajbhmm I am not even sure if conduct is the right term...06:44
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brolin_empeyVajb: Oh, you mean thermal paste/grease/compound.07:16
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sicelommm, so i7-3520M easily matches i5-5300U15:14
sicelobesides power consumption, of course,
Hurrianyeah, which is why laptop CPU power has flatlined for the past few years15:16
Hurrianmost manufacturers have pretty much abandoned the full voltage 35W CPUs, switching to 7-15W ULV CPUs15:16
siceloi have not been followingdevelopments in hardware for a while now15:22
siceloi don't even know what socket CPUs fit in nowadays (on desktops) :p15:22
sicelostill using a G41 motherboard with a Core-2 Duo processor15:22
inzMy 7700HQ has 45W TDP15:23
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inzAnd it had almost died on my due to heat15:24
inzWas totally out for a day, then suddenly reanimated just when I was going to file a ticket15:24
Hurriansicelo: I'm still using a dual-socket Nehalem (LGA1366, from 2009) system, and every year I just crank up the overclock by 200MHz :p15:25
sicelohaha, aren't you 'killing' it?15:31
Hurrianeh, looking for an excuse to upgrade it anyway15:40
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Hurriankeeping the volts under 1.3 though, don't wanna straight up kill it15:40
inzIf it's not broken, keep fixing it15:40
bencohI guess it's supposed to go instable at some point15:59
Hurrianrunning it at 4GHz on all 12 cores @ 1.25v, iirc the max people did on these was around 4.3GHz on voltages acceptable to run daily16:01
bencoh12 real cores?16:05
bencohor 2x6?16:05
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