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brolin_empeyHurrian: Can you recommend a model of 8-GiB SODIMM that will work with this notebook computer with the current CPU?01:00
brolin_empeyI mean with the CPU currently installed.01:00
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brolin_empeyAlso, will this computer with the current CPU work with 2× 8-GiB SODIMMs?01:10
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Hurrianyep, would probably be better to buy matching SODIMMs you could use dual channel on all 16GB of memory02:57
Hurrianas for a model of SODIMM, any 1333MHz 1.5V DDR3 SODIMM would work if you bought two, but if you're only buying one you need to match at least the primary timings02:58
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brolin_empeyHurrian: Apparently both of the current 4-GiB SODIMMs are the same model but only one is easily accessible by the user.  Assuming that both modules are removable, I guess accessing the other module requires disassembling the computer instead of only removing a door/cover from the bottom of the computer.03:31
Hurrianit's probably accessible once the keyboard/palmrest are removed03:32
Hurrianhaven't really seen any laptops where you have to remove the motherboard to get to the DIMMs03:32
brolin_empeySome models of notebook computers, including an Asus model my colleague has, have the main memory soldered on the motherboard.  I believe the Asus model is Asus X200MA-US01T.03:34
Hurrianoh yeah, you have to check first if the preinstalled "DIMM" is actually soldered on the motherboard03:39
Hurriansome laptops from that era have the main DIMM soldered, plus one expansion slot03:39
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brolin_empeyHurrian: I meant main memory in the computer architecture sense, not in the computer hardware design sense, i.e., the Asus notebook computer uses DRAM ICs soldered on the motherboard instead of using a (SO)DIMM socket.04:44
Hurrianyeah, newer laptops have all the RAM soldered in04:44
Hurrianbut some laptops from a few years ago have preinstalled soldered RAM, plus one expansion slot04:44
brolin_empeyHurrian: Yes, I knew what you meant but I realised that “main memory” was possibly ambiguous in this context.  I avoid the common usage of saying “RAM” instead of “main memory” because a computer has RAM that is not part of the main memory, such as all of the RAM on all of the peripherals.04:48
brolin_empey“but some laptops from a few years ago have preinstalled soldered RAM, plus one expansion slot”04:51
brolin_empeyI think this was done even in the 1990s, such as on some ThinkPad models.  I think my Toshiba Satellite 2230CDS from 1999 or 2000 did that.04:51
brolin_empeyI think my Dell Latitude X1 from 2005 is that way too.04:53
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VajbI cleaned my friends laptop lately. Was bit suprised to find out that I need to remove whole motherboard to access cpu heat sink and fan.11:01
Vajbfor my old Fujitsu Siemens it was just removing back cover and all was there11:02
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brolin_empeyVajb: ACK.21:15
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Vajband now that i remember. What is the stuff that Acer uses as pi paste? It is gray and all gooey. I swapped it to quality pi paste anyways.21:46
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