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brolin_empeysicelo: AMD desktop socket names are easier to remember than Intel desktop socket names: AM2 for CPU with integrated DDR2 SDRAM controller, AM3 for DDR3, and now AM4 for DDR4.00:11
brolin_empeyIntel has released Core i9 too but I do not know if it is used for portable/mobile applications.00:13
brolin_empeyI meant for somewhat recent desktop CPU socket types.00:18
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sixwheeledbeastMost sockets have logical names if you know there meaning. Intel's Core iX is just confusing marketing IMO00:55
sixwheeledbeastCertainly has minimal relational to anything like age, socket etc01:03
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: I meant that AM2, AM3, and AM4 seem more memorable than socket names based on the pin count even though I have memorised some of those too but I lost track after around LGA1366 for Intel because there are many sockets and LGA775 (Core 2 era) is still the newest era of computer I have because it still suffices for me.01:22
brolin_empeyEspecially if the 16 GiB of RAM I ordered will work with my Core 2 computer.01:25
sixwheeledbeastWell Intel have a LGA and a Socket name and none of that relates to the generation. I would say pin count is more logical than Socket G2 for example. I do agree the whole thing is confusing hence the Core iX marketing.01:28
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brolin_empeyYes, LGA775 is Socket T.01:43
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brolin_empeyThere is a disco song from the 1970s to the 1990s that resembles Candy Man by Aqua, which makes me wonder if Aqua copied the older song.  I do not know the name of the disco song but it is the last track in this compilation: I guess I should say that Candy Man by Aqua resembles the disco song because the disco song is older as far as I know.02:10
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brolin_empeyApparently the title of the Aqua song is actually “Lollipop (Candyman)”.  The English-language Wikipedia article about the Aqua song does not mention a resemblance to another non-Aqua song.02:29
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brolin_empeyI found the disco song on its own by searching the Internet for the lyrics:
brolin_empeyApparently it is from 1984 or earlier, so maybe Aqua copied it or maybe the similarity is coincidental.08:20
brolin_empeyThe Aqua song was released in 1997.08:21
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brolin_empeyI guess it coincidentally sounds similiar because the structure of the verse is similar.09:01
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WikiwideWhy does mp-fremantle-community-pr depend on libqt4-webkit?12:38
WikiwideIt makes no sense. Mp-fremantle-community-pr should depend on web browser, chess, hildon-desktop, hildon-home, communications. It should not depend on libqt, or libgtk, or webkit, or gecko, or xulrunner.12:40
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sparreWikiwide: Agreed.  (Not necessarily "chess", but the principle is correct.)13:09
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