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enycxes,warfare: apparently you look after sites =)17:01
enycwas wondering if i can help IPv6-enabling servers..17:01
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Juestoenyc idk but that might have not pinged17:14
Juestobecause it's together and not spaced17:15
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freemangordonKotCzarny: bencoh: any perl-foo?18:31
warfareJuesto: it did :) enyc, its on our roadmap anyway, we just need to find the time..18:31
KotCzarnymaybe, though little time18:31
KotCzarnywhat is the question?18:31
freemangordonKotCzarny: I am hitting a bug, but can;t understand why18:31
freemangordonit executes the binary, instead of just adding the content of a text file to that @binaries array18:32
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freemangordontext file contains a filename18:33
freemangordonis what filearray does18:33
Juestowould like to get started on wiki too tbh18:33
freemangordonoh shit!18:34
freemangordonKotCzarny: scratch that18:34
KotCzarnyglad i could help18:35
KotCzarnycompat? ;)18:36
freemangordonno, it is just that config file is executable18:37
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pkill9does anyone use their n900 as a daily device?19:39
siceloi do. since i bought it back in 2011.19:40
pkill9i caved and got a cheap androd phone because I need reliable access to websites19:40
pkill9and maemo is waay out of date19:40
sicelowhat sites? pr0nhub? :P19:40
pkill9there's always small issues, like it not accepting website certificates19:42
pkill9ah well19:42
sicelofact is .. yes a lot won't work on maemo anymore19:42
pkill9i got a samsung galaxy 'style' (one of the samsung galaxy ace 4 phones) for 50 pounds aka 56 Euros aka 70 US dollars19:42 for example can't be opened from microb, opera, nor fennec19:43
sicelobut i find at least 80% of my browsing is still possible on N90019:43
siceloanyway, that's just me19:43
Juestoyou can just loosen the certificate policy19:45
Juestoor update the cert database19:45
pkill9probably, but there's other issues like slow loading etc19:45
Juestobut what about browser capabilities?19:45
siceloi have an S4 which eventually lost IMEI that my father gave me. I use it with wifi for WhatsApp only, and banking app19:45
pkill9or opera/firefox will just crash19:45
Juestoit is like using firefox 3.6 on pc?19:45
Juestoon microb that is19:46
Juestois opera any better?19:46
sicelocert db i not enough ... maemo browsers don't support most encryption standards in place today19:46
pkill9opera is better19:46
pkill9it has a nice interface for tabs19:46
JuestoTLS, etc?19:46
pkill9better than microb imo19:46
siceloyes Juesto19:46
pkill9firefox also has better tab interface than microb, not sure if i prefer it over opera's tho19:47
pkill9but opera seems smoother19:47
pkill9so assuming it doesn't crash, i prefer using opera on n90019:47
Juestohow well is microb vs Firefox i mean how newer is Firefox?19:47
pkill9firefox is newer i'd assume, but still out of date19:48
siceloin order of precedence, my browsing experience is MicrobB, Fennec, Opera19:48
pkill9i haven't tried Fennec19:48
sicelomaybe that's what you're calling Firefox?19:48
pkill9i assume so :P19:49
sicelomicrob is firefox too however :)19:49
pkill9oh interesting didn't know that19:51
sicelotype `about:` in microb and see :)19:53
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Juestoyes fennec is firefox mobile and probably what's been referring to by firefox20:05
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pkill9yeah i was referring to firefox mobile20:23
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