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brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: I meant this block of MAC addresses: Yes, I know that the certificate for this Web site has expired.00:56
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* Oksanaa wonders if 15MB of /usr/share/vim/doc+syntax+spell+tutor+autoload should be moved out of home and into, say, MyDocs; probably not...01:40
* Oksanaa just changed "Used" space of /home from 94% to 64% by deleting messages with attachments from local Sent folder of Modest email client01:41
OksanaaPocketSphinx model is 13MB for only one en_US language; if user wants to use PocketSphinx for, maybe, three languages, then moving PS's models out of /usr/share and into MyDocs might be helpful01:42
brolin_empeyWhy did Nokia not simply use the 32-GB of eMMC for everything?02:01
MaxdamantusIt's not only an issue of using eMMC over flash, but also using the ext3 partition (/home) over the FAT32 partition (/home/MyDocs)02:05
Maxdamantuser, /home/user/MyDocs *02:05
* Maxdamantus just has everything not boot-related on a single ext4 partition. No flash, no FAT32.02:06
MaxdamantusIf I were to run a newer kernel, I'd probably just make a single btrfs volume out of eMMC and SD.02:09
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pkill9found the x86 pi equivalent i was thinking of earlier: Lattepanda03:02
pkill9Maxdamantus: do you know about maemo-leste?03:03
Maxdamantuspkill9: not really. I've heard it mentioned here but haven't looked into it.03:11
JuestoMaxdamantus: for now it's dev but it's about running a patched Fremantle on modern devuan03:12
pkill9yeah, which means current kernel03:12
infobotwell, fptf is the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
Juestoevolution of ^ (?)03:13
pkill9Maxdamantus: the main project page is at maemo-leste.github.io03:16
pkill9i recommend checking it out03:16
pkill9i got it booted up on my n90003:16
Juestoeh it's quite barebones for now.... pkill9 don't be too excited about it yet03:17
pkill9it's not really reliable for day to day use yet though03:17
Juestophoning is yet to come yeah03:17
pkill9they got 3G data workign ahven't they?03:17
pkill9according to here they have
pkill9i don't really use mine as a phone, i use it as portable internet tablet and portable linux shizz03:19
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Juestoyea but still fighting with it and not calling yet03:19
Juestosms working03:19
Juestobut very bare yet03:19
Juestophone not complete03:20
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MaxdamantusMm .. still without looking too much into it, I feel kind of sceptical of the devuan thing.03:29
MaxdamantusMy feeling is that it should mostly be a matter of getting the relevant programs/libraries into mainline debian, but I don't think I'd be willing to put that much effort into it.03:30
* Maxdamantus would rather put the effort into just modifying dwm or something to be usable on a mobile device, and finding something to manage SMS/calls.03:33
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JuestoMaxdamantus: devuan is debian minus systemd, no difference!03:48
Juestoopenrc is used for init03:48
Juestooh, that would be complicated on n90003:48
Juestothis work is slightly better03:49
Juestoit's a separate repository and you uboot leste from sd03:49
Juestoleste has a separate deb repo*03:49
MaxdamantusJuesto: sure, but why does most of maemo care what init system is used?03:53
Juestoit's just a preference after all03:55
Juestodevs pref*03:55
Juestoi guess03:55
* Juesto shrugs03:55
OksanaaMaxdamantus : I just dislike the growing list of programs depending on systemd. It is as if systemd intends to become irreplaceable monopolist...04:00
Juestonice way to put it04:10
Juestotell that to #systemd Oksanaa04:11
JuestoOksanaa also good morning ;)04:11
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sunshaviHi. How could I take a screenshot from cli. Which is the command that runs Shift Control P?05:13
Maxdamantussunshavi: not sure what S-C-P does, but you can use `import` from imagemagick.05:30
Maxdamantusimport -window ROOT foo.png05:31
sunshavinice i am going to try it right now05:31
sunshaviMaxdamantus:  import not found05:36
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Maxdamantussunshavi: apt-get install imagemagick06:04
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MaxdamantusNot oening random images while on the bus, sorry.06:23
sunshavinp. Thanks 4 ur help06:24
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siceloit's an alias i have in irssi. unfortunately i sometimes do't realize the / is missing ('blind' typing due to slow network)07:51
siceloanother way to get screenshot without installing anything07:53
sicelogst-launch-0.10 ximagesrc num-buffers=1 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! pngenc ! filesink location=<filename>07:53
siceloJuesto: i use /cleanup to run /scrollback levelclear -level all,-public,-actions,-hilights,-messages07:59
KotCzarnywhy not /cu then? shorter to type07:59
siceloi could simply block joins/parts etc, but when i'm actively online, i want to see them :-)07:59
sicelogood idea08:03
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sixwheeledbeast"openrc is used for init" I believe sysV as standard but the idea is for init freedom, which is not that easy with the direction of Debian.15:35
Juestohuh ?15:39
sixwheeledbeastDevuan uses sysV for init.15:45
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DocScrutinizer05in an embedded environment like maemo init freedom isn't first thing you worry about16:01
KotCzarnybut maemo is going to be developed onto other devices too, not necessarily embedded16:01
DocScrutinizer05actually devuan been chosen initially to allow keeping maemo's init system16:01
DocScrutinizer05KotCzarny: so what?16:02
sixwheeledbeast+1 is seems that is not the plan at the moment.16:02
KotCzarnyso customazibility and hacks16:02
DocScrutinizer05to move to another init system, maemo could have sticked to its debian origins and adopt systemd instead of maemo's original init system16:06
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dreamerjust that none of the maemo-leste folks want to deal with systemd ;)16:07
KotCzarnyim not saying maemo has to change anything16:07
KotCzarnyi'm saying not taking systemd route allows easier customization if someone wishes16:07
sixwheeledbeastor upstart hence openrc.16:10
DocScrutinizer05doesn't make sense16:11
DocScrutinizer05at least when the idea would have been to stay compatible to maemo fremantle16:12
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DocScrutinizer05there's for sure enough on the plate from porting maemo to a newer kernel so you don't need to change init system which is pretty well FOSSed in maemo, en passant since "we can"16:13
sixwheeledbeastthe argument was upstart was "unmaintained"16:14
DocScrutinizer05you could do that half a year after you brought maemo-keste to a working state with original initsystem16:14
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DocScrutinizer05no matter how "unmaintained" maemo-upstart might be, it just works on maemo fremantle and I don't see any problems porting it to whatever newer system version16:20
DocScrutinizer05of course when you want to re-invent the wheel, you don't start with maemo-upstart but with whatever leete init system you might consider your favorite. Obviously you don't care about compatibility to maemo then16:21
Juestothere's already upstart16:21
Juestowho cares if it works? and it's a low level part not necessarily a big impact on the experience16:22
sixwheeledbeastbackward-compatibility cares.16:23
DocScrutinizer05you don't get it, eh? the question is if you want to port maemo (keeping compatibility) or you rather want to do something new that has an identical "user experience" but no compatibility at all16:24
sixwheeledbeastthats a better way to explain it16:24
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MaxdamantusWell, if things really are dependent on the init system, "keeping compatibility" as in continuing to support only maemo-upstart is again just making it harder to support other software.21:43
Wizzupsixwheeledbeast: next devuan version will also support openrc, current rc already has it as option in installer22:01
sixwheeledbeastit should "support" every init, within reason. I understand installer will need to have a OOTB style functionality.22:06
Wizzupsixwheeledbeast: patches welcome22:12
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Juest-i don't think it's really the case here22:20
Juest-plus it can be easily ported up22:20
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