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DocScrutinizer05so when you nuke NOLO, you can boot from MMC100:00
DocScrutinizer05watch out, maemo renames/swaps MMC1 and MMC0(?) during boot, if a uSD is inserted00:00
DocScrutinizer05  seems to be a copy, but...00:08
DocScrutinizer05The SDCard x-loader looks for a FAT32 partition on the first MMC controller and scans the top level directory for a file named "u-boot.bin". It then transfers the file into main memory and transfers control to it.00:12
DocScrutinizer05Bokia's xloader will not do that, you need a geberic xloader from TI for that00:13
DocScrutinizer05oops forgot >>quote marks<<00:14
DocScrutinizer05>>The SDCard x-loader looks for a FAT32 partition on the first MMC controller and scans the top level directory for a file named "u-boot.bin". It then transfers the file into main memory and transfers control to it.<<
syso some packages depend on kernel for power user, but I installed the uboot package variant instead00:21
DocScrutinizer05umm, which packages depend on kernel-power?00:25
DocScrutinizer05they should depend on a property instead00:25
DocScrutinizer05if at all00:26
DocScrutinizer05actually any package that needs powerkernel specific features should determine if those are available, at runtime, not install time00:26
DocScrutinizer05since obviously you could boot same rootfs from different kernels, via uBoot00:27
DocScrutinizer05sy: *which* packages depend on KP?00:29
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: I was acknowledging that I had redd your reply to me from 10:14 UTC on Thursday.  Note that I do not know your geographic location.07:09
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zGrrmoin :)10:39
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sixwheeledbeastbrolin_empey: oh, I get you now, UK.10:53
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WikiwideQuite exhausted. How do I get routing working in Mappero?12:21
WikiwideI get "Connection terminated unexpectedly", most of the time.12:23
WikiwideSometimes DBus NoReply12:23
WikiwideGranted, I am using cellular internet, because WiFi signal is weak. Either my N900 is damaged, modem's antenna is damaged, or settings need to be changed.12:27
Juestohi there12:36
JuestoWikiwide: probably just timing outs, not much to do given you're on cellular internet, a weak wifi signal may have speed12:37
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JuestoWikiwide: were you ever able to connect to it?12:45
infobotJuesto meant: Wikiwide: were you ever able to connect to successfully?12:45
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Vajbupdate to my "touch screen acting weird when touched from top left corner" Today i noticed that if i "support" the screen by pressing it gently towards body from low left corner, it works as expected. So i guess my problem comes to worn slide mechanism.13:15
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sicelo00:29 < DocScrutinizer05> sy: *which* packages depend on KP? .... seems to be KP-related packages, at least according to apt-cache rdepends13:27
syyeah, i don't think kernel power with uboot 'provides' kernel power13:28
syso packages incorrectly think it's not there13:28
JuestoWizzup: so parazyd got pc builds yet?13:28
syand try to flash it13:28
sythen i say no and stuff breaks13:29
sicelosy: what is the package you're referring to as kernel power with uboot?13:30
WizzupJuesto: pc builds? do you mean for a VM?13:30
Wizzup amd64 vm images13:30
sysicelo: not at my n900 rn but something like Kernel Power (U-boot package)13:31
syfrom ham13:31
sicelothat's just the zImage/uImage iirc :-)13:31
sythat's all i needed13:32
siceloso yes it doesn't really need to depend on KP, because *it is* KP ;)13:32
syi misread13:32
syignore what i said13:32
syI'm dumb13:32
siceloat least in my understanding13:32
Juestoits okay :)13:32
JuestoWizzup: well, yeah that's something, how much firmware does it support yet?13:33
siceloi just hope it installs kernel modules if they aren't already there13:34
WizzupJuesto: what do you mean13:34
Juestolike, real hardware13:34
Juestoand drivers13:34
Wizzupit's a generic devuan kernel, so I assume so?13:35
Juestolinux firmware = driver mega package supported by the kernel13:35
Juestooh fancy13:35
Juestoso it should have decent speeds on a laptop theoretically13:35
sysicelo: so the kernel power package i installed was Linux kernel for power user (boot image for U-boot)13:38
Juestoare most of the bugs listed in maemo-leste bugtracker reproducible on original nokia?13:39
syand the package that diuretics l depends on the wrong package is Linux kernel for power user (settings and overclock)13:39
WizzupWhat do you mean, original nokia?13:39
KotCzarnyi guess he means stock/cssu13:40
KotCzarnyie. fremantle13:40
WizzupI doubt that most of the issues/bugs apply. It's different userspace base (no libhal, but udev, upower, etc), different kernel, different kernel-userspace interfaces13:41
JuestoWizzup: many would appreciate a raw image of the system "hard drive"13:44
Juestofor non-vm purposes and uncommon configurations due to the specialized software requirement imposed by those formats13:45
WizzupJuesto: many? :p13:47
Wizzupyou're the first to ask about it13:47
Wizzupyou can also just install devuan ascii, with openrc as option, then add our repo and install hildon-meta13:47
JuestoWizzupwith the image it's easier ;)13:55
Juestoand it has a useful purpose of offering maemo-leste standalone13:56
Juestoheh :)13:56
JuestoWizzup: ^13:56
dreamerWizzup: my intention still is to try maemo-leste this weekend ;)13:56
KotCzarnywizzup: sdcard image with fremantle boot integration would be nice for non-technical users13:57
Wizzupdreamer: cool, hopefully we have the kernel battery bug fixed by then13:57
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WizzupKotCzarny: not sure what exactly you mean - how would that work, and finally: want to work on it? ;)13:57
KotCzarnywizzup, dual boot?13:58
Juestobooting up leste and maybe install on top of Fremantle to upgrade it?13:58
KotCzarnyfor those who just want to try out without messing (too much) with their devices13:58
KotCzarnyleste and fremantle will be probably incompatible13:58
WizzupKotCzarny: do you mean a package for fremantle?13:59
Juestoso either dual boot or upgrade path13:59
WizzupKotCzarny: we're still pre-alpha, so not a lot of thought has been given to update paths, and I don't rule out people will have to reflash images in the near future13:59
sywas anyone able to get a security device working?13:59
Juestoor yeah, try to improve Fremantle with backported FOSS blobs13:59
sylike yubibey or a card reader13:59
syi just need usb host mode and pcsc13:59
KotCzarnywizzup, sd-only os? with the only exception to add an item to uboot menu13:59
WizzupJuesto: that is explicitly not our goal, but I'm sure connman and icd2 can be added to cssu by someone13:59
WizzupKotCzarny: it already is sd-only ; we just need the uboot menu item14:00
Juestoi know it's beyond the project but it's a good idea ;)14:00
WizzupKotCzarny: you just take the image, xzcat image.img.xz | dd of=/dev/<mmccard>14:00
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WizzupKotCzarny: and them from uboot, select 'u boot console' and type 'run sdboot'14:01
infobotWizzup meant: KotCzarny: and then from uboot, select 'u boot console' and type 'run sdboot'14:01
Wizzupc'est ca14:01
KotCzarnythen yeah, definitely updating uboot to autodetect or even contain static option to boot (chain boot?) to sdcard14:02
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KotCzarnybtw. how big is the packed image?14:02
KotCzarnyhmm, 250M14:06
WizzupKotCzarny: there's also a sunxi image:
KotCzarnyit might be feasible to even make online installer14:06
Wizzup(but no mali in there yet)14:06
Juestothat could work14:07
Wizzup12:59 < sy> i just need usb host mode and pcsc14:09
Wizzuphost mode should work eventually/soon enough, there's debugfs, so you can use testmode to force it14:09
Wizzupand then just install usbutils, pcsc-lite, ccid and such14:09
syWizzup: debugfs?14:12
Wizzupmount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug (iirc)14:12
dreamerWizzup: ah, what's the bug?14:12
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CatButtsby our powers combined14:13
Wizzupdreamer: instead of reporting "discharging" is reports "not charging", which confuses upower, so it doesn't actually stop with the charging animation -
Wizzupalso see replies14:13
CatButtswhat's new in the last two months?14:13
Wizzupdreamer: btw, this might be better suited for #maemo-leste14:13
CatButtsmy phone has received little love14:13
Wizzupdreamer: yet another channel to add to the list :p14:13
dreamerWizzup: hmmmmmmmm, ok maybe :)14:14
syWizzup: why does a debug filesystem help with host mode?14:15
synot sure i understand14:15
Wizzupsy: n900 doesn't really have 'otg pin', so you need to force the controller to host mode, which is done using debugfs14:15
Wizzupthere's a lot of info on it14:16
infobot[hostmode], or, or see ~hostmode-powered14:16
syI'm getting key expired errors on some repos14:48
infobothmm... maemo-repos is
KotCzarnybut it's normal14:49
KotCzarnysince nokia is no more14:49
sybut the errors are on the muarf repos14:52
sythere only mirrors14:53
syis there a way i can ignore this14:53
KotCzarnyyeah, just turn your eye away15:08
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* CatButts wonders if it's possible to cross-compile software for the N900 on windows15:19
CatButtsI suppose I'd need a specific version of GCC15:22
CatButtsand probably other complications as well15:22
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CatButtsbesides compiling, there's also packaging!15:24
KotCzarnysure, install virtualbox and use vb image15:25
CatButtsI mean, having tools directly on windows15:27
CatButtsat least the crosscompile15:27
CatButtsnot even the crosscompile?15:28
CatButtsguess I will have to be stubborn and help myself, KotCzarny :p15:34
sycan i flash kernel power then u boot?15:34
syor will it break things since u boot comes with a kernel15:34
CatButtsI think you need to install special KP for u-boot15:35
CatButtsu-boot will then load that KP15:35
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sybut packages depend on the kp that i can't use with uboot15:50
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syWizzup: confused about how to install pcsc-lite and ccid16:06
Wizzupmy comments were not for fremantle16:08
WizzupI suggest you don't even try to do it16:08
Wizzupeverything there  is too old to work with the keys (gnupg, pcsc-lite, ccid, etc)16:08
syoh shit16:08
syWizzup: you meant leste?16:09
WizzupI was describing a hypothetical situation with recent kernel and distro, yes16:09
WizzupI wasn't recommending to do it now, but you can try to post host mode tools/scripts16:09
infobotWizzup meant: I wasn't recommending to do it now, but you can try to port host mode tools/scripts16:09
sycould h-e-n work on leste?16:11
Wizzupbut you will have to port it16:11
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* CatButts thinkens17:19
CatButtsfirst thing I should ask myself17:22
CatButtsis what dificulties would I encounter with using GCC versions other than the one used in Maemo SDK for N90017:23
CatButtsI want to make an SDK-in-a-zip type thing17:23
CatButtswindows and and linux have very different mentalities to how software should be installed/placed17:24
CatButtswindows has a monolithical "slap everything into a single folder" thing going17:25
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CatButtslinux is "put application parts into corresponding places"17:25
CatButtsin the OS' folders17:26
CatButtsthere's exists a minimal ext2 image with maemo SDK(circa 50mb)17:27
CatButtsfor running directly on the N900 via chroot17:27
CatButtsno doubt, that has the required headers/sources/libs17:28
CatButtsand I am hoping to marry that with the appropiate crosscompiler17:28
CatButts(for windows host)17:29
CatButtsfor starters, I want to compile "Hello World" and run it on the device17:29
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CatButtsanyone wish to hint me on some possible difficulties regarding old libs/kernel and gcc versions?17:33
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pkill9Guix aims to solve the problems caused by dumping different parts of programs into one folder, it's working quite nicely17:41
pkill9basically each software package gets it's own directory tree, even if within that directory tree it uses folders like /lib, /share, etc17:42
CatButtsah, that's neat17:42
CatButtsbut I am running windows17:43
CatButtsand for windows I stubbornly want a toolkit17:43
CatButtswithout VM images17:43
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JuestoCatButts: nope there isnt but nokia's ubuntu lucid vmware, it's for best that way20:11
Juestoalthough i think something was made for Windows but no idea actually20:12
CatButtsI could attempt the same20:12
CatButtsat least, as far as collecting the right libs and headers/sources, the proper gcc version for them and making a working binary20:13
Juestoyou have it on that vm, CatButts20:13
Juestowhy waste time figuring out20:14
CatButtsso I rip those out of VM and supply crosscompiler myself20:15
CatButtsand make a windows doohickey!20:15
Juestoagain im not sure if there's anything for Windows20:15
JuestoCatButts: pointless anyway, cygwin and mingw20:16
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CatButtsyes, but I'd have to have right versions of headers/libs to match the outdated stuff of Fremantle20:18
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Juestouse the vm20:40
Juestothat one matches your needs20:40
CatButtsuse the VM, Luke!20:46
CatButtsJuesto, I stubbornly want to use tools directly on windows, without VM intermediary20:48
Juestothen, you wont code20:50
JuestoGoogle is your friend20:51
JuestoCatButts: All you can do in windows is make apps with qt creator20:52
CatButtsI don't like Qt20:52
JuestoThen bad news for you20:53
CatButtssurely it's not impossible to compile helloworld.c on windows and have it run on the n90020:54
pkill9just switch to linux20:56
Juestopkill9: ignore him, he said it twice20:57
CatButtswho ignore who and for what reasons, Juesto20:58
DocScrutinizer05sicelo: sy: yes, "Linux kernel for power user (settings and overclock)" obviously MUST NOT depend on KP directly, since KP comes in two packages: *-flasher (lives on NAND) and *-uboot-image (as a file)21:00
Juestowhy the separation?21:01
sysome might not want to use power as a kernel21:01
synot all the time*21:02
DocScrutinizer05Juesto: uBoot and kernel live in same NAND partition, and powerkernel leaves no space for uBoot21:06
DocScrutinizer05so uBoot means you have stock kernel on NAND and when you want KP you need the KP-uboot-zimage or whatever the name21:08
Juestoah i see21:09
Juestoso it is better to carry uboot separately if installing powerkernel?21:09
DocScrutinizer05"Linux kernel for power user (settings and overclock)" needs to depend on a *property* "KP" that's provided by both. Or actually it doesn't need to depend on anything like that, rather check *AT RUNTIME* if everything as expected regarding kernel21:10
Juestos/installing powerkernel/powerkernel is installed/21:10
infobotJuesto meant: so it is better to carry uboot separately if powerkernel is installed?21:10
DocScrutinizer05when uboot is installed you need the KP-uboot-zimage21:11
DocScrutinizer05when you had KP(-on-NAND) and then install uBott (with stock kernel) I wonder if the device will even bootloop since kernel modules might not match kernel21:17
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Juestohow well would the system work with kernel updates?22:12
Juestoespecially when uboot is separate and using power kernel22:12
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siceloJuesto: some of it does not some care, but then u0boot is not a package for everyone22:37
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