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OksanaShouldn't these two threads on TMO be merged? and
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sixwheeledbeastI'd agree but you will have to grab a TMO mod for that.02:30
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brolin_empeyMy father, who is an electrical/electronics engineer, said that he thinks a USB cable has sufficient capacitance to be sensed by a capacitive touch panel because of the metal shielding in the cable.  A different brand/make and model of USB cable we have at work also worked to control the capacitive touch screen even while the USB cable is not connected to anything.07:42
OksanaIsn't that how styluses for capacitive touch screens work?08:13
brolin_empeyOksana: Maybe, I do not know off hand.08:26
brolin_empeyI also forgot much of what I learned about optical fibre technology probably at least a decade ago by now but now the wired ISP at both my home and work (same ISP) has finished installing optical fibre for customers who want to upgrade from ADSL.08:30
brolin_empeyI mean I studied optical fibre technology probably at least a decade ago but by now I have forgotten much of what I learned about the subject.08:32
brolin_empeyInternet service via optical fibre has only recently become available in my area because my home and work are in a low-density suburb, not in the high-density areas closer to the center of the metropolitan area.  Those areas have had optical fibre Internet service available for probably over five years by now.08:36
brolin_empeyI gather that metropolitan Ethernet is used by ISPs at least in Moscow but it is not used here (Metro Vancouver, Canada) as far as I know.08:38
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sixwheeledbeastFTTP is pretty rare for domestic here. Most people have either ADSL, VDSL or DOCSIS. Once the backbone network is fully upgraded to fibre everyone on xDSL connection will be switched to IP only, POTS will be switched off (5 years). No one is certain how they are going to implement that at the subscriber end.12:14
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syso I've tried to uninstall kernel power, which or wouldn't let me do, so i rebooted13:20
synow I'm getting bootloops13:20
syi also can't get to uboot13:22
Wizzupthat is weird?13:25
Wizzupdid you set up u-boot?13:25
WizzupOpen the keyboard if you want u-boot13:25
sytrying now13:26
synope same thing13:27
sygonna stick it on charge for a little bit13:28
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zGrrmoin :)13:32
syi don't think i can even download the stock ROMs anymore...13:36
sixwheeledbeastI would assume you have no kernel installed, device may not charge if bootlooping. I don't think its recommended to "uninstall" kernel-power.13:37
infobotsomebody said bootloop was when your device has broken rootfilesystem, so during reboot it fails on some service startup or kernel module load and thus reboots. This *drains* battery! And you can't reflash to stop bootloop when battery is drained. Recharge your battery by other means before reflashing. E.g. using ~rescueOS. Or external charger or BL-5J compatible other device.13:37
sywell i can just charge it directly13:40
syonly took me two days to brick13:43
sixwheeledbeastthey are pretty unbrickable. I imagine it won't be the first or last time you need to reflash it.13:44
systill have to charge it the redneck way though13:47
syhad to do this when i bought it too13:48
sixwheeledbeastbe careful when charging lithium batteries via "redneck" means. I suggest rescueos maybe worth a look. I have an inexpensive external charger for BL5J13:53
infobotrescueos is probably
sywhat do i do with this?13:54
KotCzarnyeducate yourself13:55
KotCzarnyyou name it13:55
KotCzarnythink of it as a usb loaded os13:55
KotCzarnyin your case probably you want to flash kernel and maybe update modules dir13:56
sixwheeledbeastWorth a read ->
sixwheeledbeastI was thinking charging with bootlooping device.13:58
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sixwheeledbeastYep, if your new to N900 you have lots to learn. Even if your familiar with Debian etc.14:03
infobotmethinks reflash is zImage and/or initrd.bin on CF and press C+D+Reset (collie) OR, zimage.bin and/or initrd.bin on CF/SD and press OK while rebooting, then option 4, then CD or SF, then HAI (yes), then wait and cross fingers (all other models)14:04
infobotit's grammar, dammit.14:04
infobotit has been said that your is the possessive of you, and is not "you're", which means "you are"14:05
syoh it's literally a flash14:05
sydoesn't even persist14:05
KotCzarnybtw. for flashing:14:05
infoboti guess maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing14:05
infoboti heard sfsnap is, or
sixwheeledbeastok i didn't expect that14:05
sixwheeledbeastcloud7 should have the image you need14:06
KotCzarnyafair the script gets the image automatically14:07
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syyeah I'll use my redneck method14:11
syalready had to do it once14:11
sybut nice to know i have an alternative14:12
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sixwheeledbeast'you are' probably going to need it for repairing the problem. Unless you are just doing to flash the image to stock.15:43
sicelosorry ..15:51
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: ACK.17:57
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infobotextra, extra, read all about it, kp is
infobotN900 uBoot is a siamese twin binary [uBoot+stockMaemoKernel] that resides in kernel NAND partition /dev/mtd3 aka "kernel". You can't uninstall it, rather you'll nuke it when you flash/install another kernel like stock maemo kernel or powerkernel. To start other than stock maemo kernel via uBoot, you have to provide the according kernel image files, or
DocScrutinizer05~tell sy about lf22:55
DocScrutinizer05>>Uninstalling kernel itself is possible only via menu entry "Nokia Kernel". NEVER UNINSTALL KERNEL POWER PACKAGES!!! IT CAN MAKE YOUR DEVICE UNBOOTABLE.<<23:15
DocScrutinizer05you can't uninstall kernel on any OS23:16
syyou live you learn23:22
sythe more i think the nokia does some special things with their os, the more i realise its just plain boring old linux23:23
syi unbricked it!23:24
sywait what >enter your code23:24
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DocScrutinizer05yes, maemo is boring old linux, that's the nice part about it. It's even 99% debian (pre-systemd). The nasty part is about "middleware" like liblocation, ncd2 (connection manager), mce, bme, whatnot else. All those are not exactly "system", at least not core system, but they are needed to make maemo run the way we want it, incl WLAN and phonecalls and all. And many of that middleware are closed bobs23:33
infobotmethinks closed is or, or, or
WizzupDocScrutinizer05: ncd2, do you mean icd2?23:35
DocScrutinizer05sorry, yes23:35
Wizzupbtw -
DocScrutinizer05:-) yeah great achievement23:36
Wizzupdone by fmg :)23:36
DocScrutinizer05maemo-leste rapidly converges with our dreams of what maemo should have been from beginning23:37
Wizzupnice :)  there's likely quite some big hurdles left, but we're making decent progress23:38
DocScrutinizer05yes, (PL) you're doing an incredible job23:38
DocScrutinizer05btw parazyd has devel devices now :-)23:39
parazydoh thanks for reminding!23:40
parazydi'll drop you an email now23:40
DocScrutinizer05I need a receipt for accounting23:40
DocScrutinizer05parazyd: you as well might want to re-read the concept of uBoot on N90023:44
infobotN900 uBoot is a siamese twin binary [uBoot+stockMaemoKernel] that resides in kernel NAND partition /dev/mtd3 aka "kernel". You can't uninstall it, rather you'll nuke it when you flash/install another kernel like stock maemo kernel or powerkernel. To start other than stock maemo kernel via uBoot, you have to provide the according kernel image files, or
DocScrutinizer05those kernel image files of course can live on uSD as well23:45
parazydwe boot everything from microsd for now23:46
Wizzupwell, u-boot is not on microsd right now23:46
DocScrutinizer05*theoretically* I gather there's also an option to keep MLO (1st stage bootloader, when assuming ROMBL=0stage) on either uSD or eMMC as well23:47
infobotmethinks boot is
DocScrutinizer05MLO ala x-loader23:48
DocScrutinizer05MLO and NOLO are a siamese twin in N900 like uBoot+kernel23:50
WizzupI like the term siamese twin here, hehe23:51
DocScrutinizer05the boot sequence in N900 (with uBoot) is:  ROMBL -> [X-Loader->NOLO] --chainload--> [uBoot--*?-->StockKernel] ===> rootfs23:55
DocScrutinizer05*? may divert to other kernels23:56
DocScrutinizer05like uSD-residing leste23:56
DocScrutinizer05ROMBL however searches uSD or eMMC (I'm not sure which) too, to find a xloader23:57
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# bin/omap34xx-boot-order23:59
DocScrutinizer05sys_boot[5:0]: 0x1023:59
DocScrutinizer05Boot order: OneNAND USB UART3 MMC1 --23:59

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