IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2017-12-02

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Wizzupilew: upgrade completed00:46
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ilewWizzup: Thanks for confirming.00:52
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Wizzupilew: One thing that I did notice is that this morning I was prompted for a cssu update again, but this time it just wanted to add the normal cssu (not testing) *repo* to ham. Kinda confusing.11:58
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CatButtshai guise12:30
CatButtswhat's your opinion of the various browsers for the N90012:31
CatButtsI'll start12:31
KotCzarnyforget about it. unless for really simple things12:31
CatButtsstock MicroB: reasonably fast, good integration12:31
CatButtsopera mobile: crashy, reasonably fast, can select text12:32
CatButtsFennec: piss slow12:32
CatButtsDillo: rudimentary, very fast12:32
CatButtsI like Dillo for what it is12:32
KotCzarnymain advantage of fennec is ability to render quite complicated pages12:32
MaxdamantusOpera seems like it's more memory-efficient than microB, though I haven't tested that properly.12:33
CatButtsprone to locking up12:33
CatButtsthere's also a bunch of other webkit-based browsers, but I didn't stick for long after one of them hanged12:34
inzanything dillo doesnt render isnt worth virwing12:34
MaxdamantusUsually if I want to render something that doesn't work in Opera I'll use midori in my debian chroot.12:34
CatButtsoh yeah12:34
CatButtsMidori, that was the one12:34
CatButtsnot quite so fast :P12:34
MaxdamantusIt at least has debug tools, which is somewhat usable on the N900, sometimes useful.12:35
Maxdamantusor developer tools*, usual name for it.12:35
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MaxdamantusIt seems reasonably fast, but it hits memory limits easily.12:36
CatButtsoh, that explains the lovkup12:37
CatButts*the hang12:38
CatButts I wonder how this would fair on the N90012:38
CatButtsit's C12:38
DocScrutinizer05microb can select text12:40
DocScrutinizer05gossip has it fennec always been slower than plain firefox12:41
infobotmethinks #maemo gestures is
MaxdamantusTrying the old version of netsurf in the old version of debian, seems pretty smooth.12:47
MaxdamantusBut the UI isn't very mobile-friendly.12:52
MaxdamantusI suspect a decent solution for me would be using conkeror, possibly with the new version of Firefox that is supposedly more memory-efficient and possibly CPU-efficient.12:54
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MaxdamantusThough when I checked a week or two ago, Conkeror didn't work with it, since it's using a bunch of things that are no longer supported (but presumably people will be working on that)12:56
MaxdamantusI'd be pretty comfortable using Conkeror on mobile .. it's fairly keyboard-orientated, but I'd say it's in a good way.12:57
CatButtsNetSurf is pretty much ahead of Dillo12:58
CatButtsnot sure how it compares performance-wise12:58
CatButtsprobably similar12:58
MaxdamantusI'd expect Dillo to be pretty much the same as Midori or Chrome, assuming they're all using the same version of WebKit/Blink12:59
CatButtsDillo does not use webkit13:00
CatButtsown engine13:00
CatButtssimilarely with NetSurf13:00
MaxdamantusHm, didn't realise that.13:01
MaxdamantusI think I was thinking of Epiphany.13:01
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pkill9how do i update the certificate-authority certificates to the latest? I'm getting lots of SSL errors when using some commandline softwarez17:41
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pkill9my clock and time is set correctly17:44
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pkill9then again, MicroB verifies youtube correctly, so it seems to be restricted to python, specifically python3.418:27
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pkill9hmm nvm, it's specifically in youtube-dl18:45
DocScrutinizer05ask freemangordon18:45
pkill9does he maintain the python3.4 package or the certificates?18:47
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kalindoes anyone have problem with usb connector on N900?19:49
kalini have to replace my connector because i can't recharge battery19:49
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kalinnow i recharge battery with old 5800XM :D19:50
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pkill9you may need to fix your USB port kalin, that's a common problem with the n900 apparently19:58
infoboti heard usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt, or to avoid breakage, see ~usb-unplug19:58
DocScrutinizer05kalin: ^^^19:59
DocScrutinizer05and no, it's actually a common problem with a lot of handheld devices with micro-usb jacks20:00
pkill9oh ok20:01
DocScrutinizer05seems a few N900 had poor soldering, but... most USB issues are probably just to blame to rough treatment by users20:02
infoboti guess usb-unplug is
DocScrutinizer05my gf shown me "look, I need to place that Samsung note 2 to the edge of table, plug in the powerbank and hang it off the table on cable, to bend the USB so it starts charging"  :-S20:04
DocScrutinizer05unlike more tech affine people, some users seem to feel absolutely no pain while bending the USB violently in whatever direction. They don't even think it could snap and break20:05
CatButtsis php5 suppose to be in RootFS?20:10
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CatButtsI don't think I intend hosting website from my phone anytime soon :P20:16
CatButtsand if I do, it certainly won't be php20:16
CatButts17mb each file20:16
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kalinthanx guis20:21
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kalini will try20:22
kalini have a lot experiance with soldering20:23
kalinbut first i have to find usb female connector and new speakers, because mine is damaged from beats audio driver mod20:24
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DocScrutinizer05kalin: seems about right for those jnowles speackers, doublecheck the exact size though!
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CatButtsis it me, or are not all extras-devel packages available through HAM22:28
CatButtsonly web interface22:28
pkill9i think for libraries and stuff you need to use apt-get22:29
KotCzarnyonly packages with user/* category show in ham22:37
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Vajblittle update. I got the controller working with j2k and can pass letters to terminal, but can't figure out how to pass them to drnoksnes. No matter which of it's windows i choose, commands never get through. I was apple to feed them in while configuring keys, but not while game is running. So i guess drnoksnes takes keypresses in some other way22:56
KotCzarnyprobably wrong window22:56
KotCzarnycould be solved if -X switch was working22:56
Vajbit can't be wrong window22:57
KotCzarnythere is a chance game looks for scancodes on a lower level than x22:57
Vajbit has three windows open while game runs and no matter which i choose they don't work22:57
Vajbyes that is what i suspect too22:58
Vajbalso i noticed that if i start drnoksnes from xterm it doesn't support keyboard at all22:59
Vajbanyway, time for me to sleep23:00

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