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Maxdamantusatk: but you trust all the binary blobs you run on N900 that were provided by Nokia?00:03
atkof course not, but they're way more manageable and can be slowly removed00:03
atkand are way easier to audit00:03
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sunshaviCatButts: nice and great. It's going to be useful when i need to load files00:34
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Maxdamantusanyway, as for "shouldn't really be running programs you don't trust on any device", that would mean you basically can't look at any website.00:45
MaxdamantusBecause the current web is built around the idea that you don't have to trust the content of random things your web browser happens to load.00:46
MaxdamantusSince even though they involve running arbitrary computations on your computer, there shouldn't generally be a way for a website to access files from your filesystem or read/write memory in other processes.00:48
Maxdamantusin iOS (and presumably Android), that pattern extends to all "apps" you run on the device, even though they involve running native ARM code.00:48
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Maxdamantusin Maemo, everything is just running as either "user" or "root" and they can use standard features in Linux to access files/processes owned by that user.00:50
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OksanaaWhatever sandboxing Android and such try to use, I am guessing that their drivers aren't Minix-style safe.01:54
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MaxdamantusAre you referring to the systems Intel are running in their chipsets?02:10
MaxdamantusIf so, no, nothing is safe from something the CPU or chipset might decide to do.02:11
Maxdamantusas for what sandboxing would be sufficient, you can already do sufficient sandboxing, even on Linux 2.602:13
Maxdamantusthough at that point you'd need to worry about possible privilege escalation exploits that have been developed since then.02:13
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OksanaaHmm... I didn't know about Minix-inside-x86 when I was saying that.02:23
OksanaaI just referred to microkernel operating system being inherently safer from malicious drivers.02:24
MaxdamantusAh, okay.02:25
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MaxdamantusSo hopefully running apps will generally not involve loading kernel drivers provided by the app.02:26
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infobotmaemo-flashing is, like,, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing07:18
infobotit has been said that adobe is an array of lawyers.  I could tell you what it means, but I'd have to Killu07:26
infobotmacromedia is probably http://www.macromedia.com07:27
* Maxdamantus wonders what Killuing is.07:29
OksanaaIt's in Net-Speak07:36
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CatButtsdoes N900 touchscreen replacement involve dealing with icky-sticky glue?12:17
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hurrianIIRC no, the N900 screen isn't optically bonded to the digitizer12:48
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jkeplerOksanaa: do you know if there's a Minix-style OS one can run on the N900?12:57
bencohI guess you could port there work to n90013:00
bencohsince the beaglebone is quite close hardware-wise13:01
bencohthe omap3 one at least13:01
bencohbut no jtag and serial would make it quite painful13:03
bencoh(and +no serial)13:03
jkeplerThanks. Porting it's above my current skill-level, but maybe one day, as I learn more about operating systems.13:24
CatButtscoincidentally, I was reading
CatButtsregarding serial13:33
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CatButtshmm, no escape key on Maemo keypad14:57
CatButtsit's kinda funny when you have applications that assume desktop key layouts14:58
* CatButts throws statement in with his previous 'halfarsed port' complaint15:05
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jogaCatButts, it can be added16:10
jogaor, uh... nm, guess I misunderstood what you meant..16:10
CatButtsthe menus of Quake 2, you can never escape!16:20
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jogaCatButts, just use console to set all settings ;)18:07
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timelessanyone here familiar w/ /etc/apt/preferences.d?18:21
timelessi'm having trouble using it w/ two files :-(18:21
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timelessok, turns out i just can't read the `apt-policy` output correctly :)18:27
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CatButts oh goody19:48
CatButtsjoga, what's the tilde, then :P19:54
jogahaven't tried... but you can atleast rebind stuff in the config if all else fails :)19:56
* CatButts fetches htop urgently to kill orphaned, cpu munching flash player20:05
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CatButtsI like Flash, I can run code at 5 times more CPU usage and warm my hands at the same time20:57
CatButtsok on PC, not so much on the n900 :P20:57
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siceloCatButts: maemo applications do not assume desktop key layouts.21:19
CatButtsto reword my statement, ported applications that expect keys found on standard desktop keyboards, but not so much the n90021:21
CatButtsIs the 'Community SSU' app catalogue a subset of 'Community SSU (testing)'?21:23
siceloyou can map Esc to something too :-) ... and any other pc key you need21:24
siceloIs the 'Community SSU' app catalogue a subset of 'Community SSU (testing)'? - maybe consider them to be distributions (debian). community suu is what we call Stable, and the othr is self-explanatory. you will typically 'track' only one of them at a given time21:28
CatButtsyes, one of them is disabled in my catalogue list21:30
CatButtswas wondering if stable has applications not in testing21:30
siceloall CSSU flavors contain updated versions of stock applications. nothing extra21:33
siceloso it follows that they will have the same number of applications (might not be exactly the same, but you get the idea)21:33
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sixwheeledbeastif anything testing has alternatives to the stock versions but nothing extra. Maybe Orientation Applet but that's it.23:51

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