IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2017-10-05

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blap"great job ED you're building the most user servicable handheld in the world... and by a huge margin "03:40
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Vajbdoes https secure connection from point to point?10:24
KotCzarnyas long there is no main-in-the-middle, yes10:25
Vajbso it is possible to intervene?10:25
KotCzarnydefine 'intervene'10:26
Vajbi mean is it always point to point or man in the middle could happen without user knowing about it?10:26
KotCzarnyi think if they manage to plant cert on your computer, then yes10:27
Vajbwe discussed about internet protocols today and somehow i recall reading that https is not as secure as it claims to be10:27
Vajbmaybe i mixed it up with something else10:28
Vajbi recaaled https being secure between ur computer and ur isp and from isp to service u r using it is pretty much up to r isp to keep it secure or not10:29
KotCzarny2011, i bet there are more ways to sneak around10:29
Vajbim not planning to sneak into anything, but to confirm if im recalling things correctly :)10:29
KotCzarnyvajb: remember that keys can be stolen, and there were cases of that already10:34
KotCzarnyanyone who has the key, can decrypt and encrypt data using it10:34
KotCzarnyand impersonate the key owner10:35
Vajbsure, but i was thinking more of it being broken by design10:35
Vajbbut it seems i mixed up somethings, probably10:35
KotCzarnyin that sense it is point-to-point10:35
KotCzarnyserver encrypts, client decrypts10:36
KotCzarnyas long you dont accept suspicious certs (or keys not being compromised) you are safe10:36
Vajbso if any three letter acronym had access to some mainknots of internet, connection would still be secure?10:37
KotCzarnyrephrase the question10:37
Vajbcan't recall the correct term it seems10:38
Vajbbut like u connect to ur isp10:38
Vajbur isp connects to something else10:38
KotCzarnyanother issue is crypto function, if it's bad (easy to crack)10:38
Vajband that something else connects to something even broader link over network10:38
KotCzarnyvajb: your client should throw the warning in the case key not matching10:39
Vajbi see10:39
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KotCzarnythat's why you should usually inspect cert data (or site owner information)10:39
Vajbyes, my friend found a webpage which had very cheap laptops and page was only five days old and proved to be hoax in further investigation10:41
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parazydanyone experienced "Card did not respond to voltage select" in u-boot when doing sdboot?16:08
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blapnot i17:13
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Vajbnor me18:00
VajbKotCzarny: i thought about this https and i guess i mixed point to point and end to end. At least this is most likely.18:01
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Vajbis it possible to disable and enable vibration via alarmed? Over ruling all other settings.20:24
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: yes20:32
DocScrutinizer05parazyd: sounds like an SDcard issue20:33
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DocScrutinizer05parazyd: isn't there more?20:45
DocScrutinizer05aa wait, uBoot so no syslog, a pity20:46
parazydno it just drops that line a bunch of times and then puts me back on the prompt20:46
DocScrutinizer05tried another Sd card?20:46
parazydbut this entire phone might be dying though20:46
parazydit's failing to charge sometimes and that...20:47
parazydDocScrutinizer05: i haven't had time, but i intend to20:47
DocScrutinizer05hmm, you need a new devel device, eh?20:47
DocScrutinizer05do you?20:48
parazydnot really20:49
DocScrutinizer05k, toss over the dd image when I shall help with testing on another device20:49
DocScrutinizer05though short on time really20:50
DocScrutinizer05maybe a short dd and SD swap can get done20:50
KotCzarnywasnt that error with mainline and sd common?20:50
KotCzarnybut dont remember what was the trick20:50
DocScrutinizer05can't recall20:50
DocScrutinizer05was it?20:51
KotCzarnymy photographic memory says yes, but it can be wrong20:51
DocScrutinizer05Pali: to the rescue!20:51
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: ^^^20:51
DocScrutinizer05for issues with uBoot ask the uBoot expert -> Pali ;-)20:52
Pali"Card did not respond to voltage select"?20:53
DocScrutinizer05that sounds strangely scary, regarding bus factor20:53
Palimake sure you have correct version of uboot20:53
DocScrutinizer05Pali: could you please clone yourself? ;-P20:53
Paliif it still happen, turn phone off, remove battery and insert again20:53
Paliit is some strange thing with NOLO20:54
Palialso make sure that battery is charged20:54
PaliNOLO sometimes do nasty things when battery is low/empty20:54
Paliand does not initialize all needed HW correctly (maybe powersafe mode?)20:54
DocScrutinizer05911 & charging topmost prio20:54
PaliI saw this problem when I rebooted from mainline kernel to uboot20:54
Palipower off/on or reboot via nolo basically helped20:55
DocScrutinizer05we need to solve this for Neo90020:55
DocScrutinizer05if one thing won't be portable then that's NOLO20:56
Paliproper uboot hw init20:57
DocScrutinizer05everything else I still think will work OOTB20:57
DocScrutinizer05maybe suboptimal but works20:57
PaliI have not figured out whole HW init from linux kernel20:58
Paliso sometimes when nolo does not init everything, uboot does not have to work20:58
DocScrutinizer05somebody should RE NOLO20:58
Palinot needed, whole init code is also in kernel20:59
DocScrutinizer05just lazy RE, like "aah this is clock init, we already coevered that. So skip that, next one please"20:59
DocScrutinizer05only analyze in deep when there's something strange or unexepected21:00
DocScrutinizer05hmm, could we place a regular kernel into e.g. initrd NAND partition and use that instead of uBoot for init and loading the real kernel?21:01
DocScrutinizer05I should check what Werner almesberger did for Openmoko Qi bootloader21:02
DocScrutinizer05he hated the idea to duplicate init from kernel in bootloader21:03
DocScrutinizer05thus we got Qi-bootloader21:03
DocScrutinizer05he dispised uBoot as "yet another OS"21:04
KotCzarnyuboot is quite important because it allows more than just linux21:07
DocScrutinizer05like electricity21:16
blapyou are all registered as info-terrorists21:24
blapso maximise your potential21:25
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blap   22:39
blap                                          ▌            22:40
blap  ▌                                       ▙▀▐  ▌▀▀     ▟  ▄  ▛▄   ▙▀22:40
blap▀▀▟                                         ▌  ▌             ▐  ▌▌  ▌22:40
blap                                            ▌  ▌             ▌      ▌22:40
blap                   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▜             ▌  ▌             ▌  ▌▛▀▀▜22:40
blap▀        ▛▀▀      ▀▀▜▛▜▀▀▀▀    ▌            ▌  ▌             ▐  ▙▟  ▐22:40
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blap ▌     ▀     ▙▀▀▀▀▀▀▌ ▀▀▀▟     ▛            ▙▀▀▄    ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀   ▙▀▀▀▀▟22:41
sixwheeledbeastDocScrutinizer05: ^^22:41
blap  ▜  ▛       ▛▀▀▀  ▌▀    ▀▀▀▜  ▌22:41
buZzi tried, but i have no chanserv access22:41
blap  ▛▜▛▟  ▛▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▐▜▟▌ ▛▀▀▜▙▞▀▜▟ ▌22:41
blap  ▙     ▙▜   ▀▀▀▀▜▟    ▀▀▛▛▟ ▛ ▌ ▐  ▌       ▐ ▌▀▀▐ ▀▀▀▐ ▀▀▀▟ ▛▄   ▙▀22:41
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bencohblap: please, dont do that kind of stuff here22:41
blap ▀▀▀      ▟     ▀▛▚    ▀▜▀▟▀▜  ▟ ▌  ▌     ▛▀▟ ▌  ▌▛   ▌▛        ▄   ▜22:42
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DocScrutinizer05sicelo: you might ask generalantilles/ryan-abel to transfer GC to me, to allow me improve chanop situation in here22:46
KotCzarnythat wouldnt be wise22:46
DocScrutinizer05sicelo: alternatively, if you can't rwch him at all (which is the root problem) yoiu may send a email from to freenode about same issue to trabsfer GC to me22:47
sixwheeledbeastI assumed you where about as active an hour ago but I have no idea who other ops are22:47
DocScrutinizer05nobody basically22:47
KotCzarnysixwheeledbeast: /msg chanserv flags #maemo22:48
sixwheeledbeastwell nobody active anyway22:48
KotCzarnycant even see22:48
sixwheeledbeastGC has been an issue for maybe 5 years now22:49
DocScrutinizer05since migration it been generalantilles but he's MIA22:50
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sixwheeledbeastmaybe I am thinking of pre-migration then22:51
DocScrutinizer05pre.mifg was x-fade22:51
DocScrutinizer05Nokia's sysops22:52
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DocScrutinizer05btw GenearlAntilles is actually online22:53
sixwheeledbeastI recall x-fade then22:54
DocScrutinizer05that's looong afo22:54
DocScrutinizer05ago even22:54
DocScrutinizer05anyway a job for council to fix: transfer GC to somebody who's going to stay around and active22:55
DocScrutinizer05NB that's NOT any of council members since those may vanish after 5 months22:56
DocScrutinizer05so either warfare, other techstaff, or me22:56
DocScrutinizer05or MC eV somebody who's not going to leave. No idea if there's such lifetime position in MC22:57
DocScrutinizer05I'd not mind taking up on the duty and hand it on to somebody else _before_ I leave if that would ever happen22:58
sixwheeledbeastyes GA was HF which made sense at the time.22:59
DocScrutinizer05unlike MC, HF was permamnent entity23:00
siceloDocScrutinizer05: what is GC? sorry i am yet to read backscroll properly23:01
DocScrutinizer05Broup contact23:01
DocScrutinizer05Group Contact23:01
DocScrutinizer05the namespace is registered and GeneralAntilles is maemo namespace Group Contact, responsible for cloaks etc, and also for fixing issues like the lack of chanops in here23:03
sicelookay. i understand it.23:03
siceloi'll bring it to the attention of the others :-)23:04
DocScrutinizer05council sending an email from to the freenode address in ^^^ with "please assign maemo Group Contact primary to $useraccount, $email" will do23:05
DocScrutinizer05or you just ping generalantilles and ask him to do it via IRC, which would be waaaay faster given you can contact him23:06
DocScrutinizer05he *is* GC, he is the one who's supposed to do the GC transfer23:06
DocScrutinizer05since GC transfer is one of GCs duties23:07
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DocScrutinizer05blap: please don't send ascii gfx!23:12
DocScrutinizer05though your gfx are really nice... if only I had no proportional font ;-P23:13
DocScrutinizer05ascii art etc is a real nogo in public channels23:14
* DocScrutinizer05 idly muses if Group Registration is an asset and thus belongs to MC's domain23:16
DocScrutinizer05can't hurt they shanghaied me, eh?23:17
blapthanks DocScrutinizer0523:17
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DocScrutinizer05blap: np23:18
blap##ascii has more23:18
DocScrutinizer05yeah, this is the one channel where ascii art is highly welcome :-)23:19
DocScrutinizer05sicelo: I'd suggest to assign GC to warfare and/or me. Possibly warfare isn't available for that task though, I don't know. anyway should be (ex?)-techstaff23:21
DocScrutinizer05it's mere technical/organizational managenent role, thus close to techstaff23:22
DocScrutinizer05for council it's no big thing to negotiate, just aon of council's maintenance tasks you're assigning/delegating23:25
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blapgermans are good23:32
blapjews are evil23:32
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DocScrutinizer05aah you did23:37
blapjews made intel management engine23:38
DocScrutinizer05blap: please stop that stuff! immediately23:39
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blapwhy not tell you people who did it though23:40
blapyou want freedom, and are too afraid to say who threatens your freedom?23:41
DocScrutinizer05blap: STOP IT! last warning23:50
blapok thanks DocScrutinizer0523:51
DocScrutinizer05next statement that violates freenode and maemo spirit will earn you immediate ban23:51
blapfair to give warning23:51
blapi appreciate23:52
blapbut let's discuss the bombing of germany23:53
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer0523:53
*** blap was kicked by DocScrutinizer05 (T900: "User terminated!")23:53
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer0523:53
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer0523:54
*** DocScrutinizer05 sets mode: +b blap!*@*23:54
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer0523:54
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