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* Maxdamantus wonders if the lock switch thing can be removed/replaced from the case.01:36
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blapor glue it01:50
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* Maxdamantus just wants to add some epoxy to it to make it easier to slide.01:55
MaxdamantusCould just do it without taking it out I guess.01:56
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Wizzupthat's kind of funny out of context02:02
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DocScrutinizer05netkat: that's why I put it in quotes. the "linux" (actually Android) RIL is one halve of an interface system that in the usual case corresponds to another part in secure world aka Dom0 aka the modem firmware. Together they share RAM and CPU. That's the generic picture, particular implementations differ, depending on manufacturer and hw platform04:31
DocScrutinizer05well, I guess some people don't mind. really look at rasPi where the GFX core and a blob boots the linux kernel aiui05:33
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DocScrutinizer05then rasPi isn't a complete stealth OS above/beside the linux OS. This is only the case with WWAN modem, and you have to be aware that all modern smartphones have both OS (linux and the ohantom modem OS) share RAM and CPUs05:36
DocScrutinizer05and because of all sorts of technical and particularly regulatory reasons, the linux must not mess with the modem OS but the modem OS may mess with your linux and there's nothing you can do about it05:38
DocScrutinizer05all approaches to make a secure software for those hw platforms are futile, unless somebody would actually audit the complete modem OS. And then this audit would just reveal that the modem OS not only has a zillion of exploitable vulnerabilities but also regularly a OTA update feature that voids _all_ audit/validation since manufacturer can update to a rogue OS version any time without user noticing05:40
DocScrutinizer05bottom line: you're never in cntrol of what's going on on your smartphone, unless you use a hw platform that separates modem and APE05:43
DocScrutinizer05the latter is an expensive approach since it needs two chipsets05:44
LjLwell thank you now i'm more depressed than i was a momnent ago05:54
LjLi hope the Librem 5 delivers what they promise, but i don't really have the money for one of those05:56
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NeKitDocScrutinizer05, well, your concerns are true, but say Droid 4 uses TI OMAP SoC, not very different from that of Nokia N90009:47
NeKitis Nokia N900 set up differently then?09:47
NeKitblap, anyway, it's possible to try to run Devuan + Hildon on Droid 4, but not sure what to do with graphics09:49
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NeKitsome hybris hackery:
blap ?15:03
blaphave you a keyboard map with ctrl and alt for xt894?15:04
NeKitblap, I did it like this, I suppose15:06
blapthat requires rebuilding kernel?15:07
blapthese mappings look good.  can i install them on my device?15:08
WizzupNeKit: ah, nice, with libhybris?15:11
NeKitWizzup, yes, on top of SFOS though, so with Android kernel and so on15:11
NeKitblap, I planned to update SFOS port with it, but there is a problem with building on OBS I couldn't fix it15:12
blapi want this thing. who can compile kernel with patch for us?15:25
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NeKitWizzup, is yet there Devuan ARM repo?16:01
WizzupNeKit: we have been working on it today. it's mostly ready, apart from one stupid issue that should be fixed today16:04
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blapok i see it evdev_trace showing leftalt - looks like my problem is irssi17:39
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