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brolin_empeyIn Excel 2010 for Windows Desktop, the Insert → Table ribbbon/menu has an entry named “Excel spreadsheet” that is used to embed a spreadsheet in a textual document, producing a compound document.  Word Online has no such entry in the Insert → Table ribbon/menu, which probably indicates that Word Online still lacks this feature/ability.  I created a simple compound document by using Word 2010 for Windows Desktop to embed a simple spreadsheet, will try02:11
brolin_empey to import this document (.docx file) to OneDrive/Office Online to see how Word Online handles the embedded spreadsheet.02:11
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brolin_empeyTried it.  Nothing mentioned the unsupported feature used by the imported document but the embedded spreadsheet seems to be an unmodifiable image that cannot even be resized in Word Online. ☹02:18
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sunshaviHi guys. Any idea what is the size of the stack on runtime on the n900?04:26
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brolin_empeysunshavi: I guess that different parts of the software/firmware used in the N900 running a specific OS, presumably Maemo 5, have different stack sizes, assuming you mean stack as in the call stack data structure?07:40
brolin_empeyFor example, the stack size used in the kernel may be different than in userspace.  DocScrutinizer05 may know some specifics.07:42
brolin_empeyIncidentally: Is it ironic to have a high-performance car with a spark-ignition engine that is at least as acoustically noisy as an old diesel car, such as the 1998 TDI car (Volkswagen New Beetle) I had?  If I want an acoustically noisy car, why choose one that uses lots of energy and has a short range (sports car with spark-ignition engine) when I could have a diesel car that uses little energy and has a long range?07:47
brolin_empeyI do not understand the attraction of intentionally having an acoustically noisy vehicle, such as with little to no muffling of the exhaust from the engine.  When I am disturbed by the intentionally dramatically increased acoustic noise from a vehicle, I am not impressed, I am irritated at being disturbed by unnecessary noise pollution.07:57
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sunshavibrolin_empey: thanks. I am having a problem with emacs-master. It seems an stackoverflow08:09
brolin_empeyI was away from home and work, wanted to use my N900 to access the contact manager of the Google Mail Web interface to get contact information for someone who was not in my contacts on my N900 because I first met this person after I retired my N900 (in 2014).  Fennec said it cannot load because of a TLS error, something about no commonality between the cyphers supported by the client and the server.  Opera silently exited (crashed, I08:14
brolin_empey guess?) while loading Google Mail.  I did not try MicroB but I guess it is even older than Fennec.08:14
brolin_empeyMy N900 is so slow that, after I slide the switch on the side to unlock the computer, I can see the LCD backlighting a blank/black screen before the screen is drawn.  I do not notice that on my Galaxy Note 3 but I guess that is partly because it has an LED display. ;-)08:23
sicelomine has no issue with
brolin_empeyApparently at least one model of computer in the Samsung Galaxy series even uses a TI OMAP SoC.  It seems strange that Samsung has their own line of ARM SoCs but still uses SoCs from other companies in Samsung-branded products.08:27
sicelomicrob, that is08:28
brolin_empeyIt seems usual for a company designing a product to use a part from a different company when the company designing the product does not have their own part for that purpose but it seems surprising when a company has their own product for a purpose but still uses a part from a different company.  I guess it probably makes sense in practice even if only for a business reason, not a technical reason.08:31
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brolin_empeysicelo: Heh, loads in MicroB for me too.08:37
brolin_empeyWell, the text has apparently loaded.  Apparently no inline images have loaded but the cellular Internet connectivity on the N900 is usually very slow in Canada, at least in Metro Vancouver.08:39
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siceloSamsung uses a wide variety of SoC even across the same model of phone09:04
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brolin_empeysicelo: Yes, the Galaxy Note 3 model literally has twenty variants.09:14
brolin_empeyI mean twenty variants of the model of computer, not twenty variants of the SoC.09:15
sicelowhich really sucks, as fixes for the one don't necessarily work on the opther09:16
siceloi have an S4 that somehow lost its IMEI .. there's so much info & help available for the Snapdragon S4, but none of it is applicable to the Exynos (which i have). near to no info for the exynos too. just sucks09:17
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brolin_empeysicelo: Have you tried using the specific systematic model name, such as SM-N900W8, instead of the marketing name, such as Galaxy Note 3?09:42
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DocScrutinizer05[D looks extremely funny12:30
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DocScrutinizer05typing after that char sequence is more funny yet. every second char, what you type vanishes12:33
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siceloyes brolin_empey .. i've used its model name, i9500 and also codename, ja3g(xx)13:55
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siceloand sorry about that weird character. n900 bad network :)14:58
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