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brolin_empeysicelo: OK.05:08
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sicelohi jonwil15:33
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jonwilsicelo, saw your post about AGPS16:18
jonwilAGPS works 100% for me with version 0.2.9 of maemosec-certman*16:19
jonwilI see nothing wrong with the output from the cmcli commands and nothing to suggest that something is broken with the certificates.16:21 currently returns a 3-certificate chain, the root of which is VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority16:22
jonwilThe VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority certificate exists in the common-ca certificate store but NOT in the location-proxy certificate store16:22
jonwilwhich is why your cmcli -T location-proxy -v command thinks its a self-signed certificate and your cmcli -T common-ca -v command doesn't16:23
siceloweird then. wonder what's up on my device. absolutely no A-GPS16:23
jonwilIf you run it with both -T location-proxy and -T common-ca (in either order) it should correctly find the VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority certificate16:23
jonwilWhat IP do you have in /etc/hosts for
jonwilI am using
sicelome too16:24
jonwilvery weird that its not working16:24
jonwilCan you properly ping/tracert from your N900?16:25
jonwilwait never mind on that, the machine doesn't answer pings16:25
jonwilso its not going to work16:25
siceloAug 25 15:25:16 Nokia-N900 location-proxy[1332]: GLIB DEBUG default - Socket to opened, fd=12, verify_res=1916:25
siceloAug 25 15:25:16 Nokia-N900 location-proxy[1332]: GLIB WARNING ** default - host: not verified, result: 1916:25
siceloand then,16:25
siceloAug 25 15:25:17 Nokia-N900 location-proxy[1332]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Connection to failed16:26
siceloAug 25 15:25:17 Nokia-N900 location-proxy[1332]: GLIB WARNING ** default - error:2006A066:BIO routines:BIO_get_host_ip:bad hostname lookup16:26
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jonwilWhat output do you get if you type nslookup on your n900?16:28
siceloAddress 1:
jonwilThat's as it should be16:29
sicelothere's something causing me to get that "not verified" result, and it would seem to me cert-related. i should investigate further16:30
sicelodo you get the outcome in your logs?16:31
jonwilno, I get the correct output with verify_res=016:31
siceloexactly as i expected16:31
jonwilIts very weird that its printing "connection to failed"16:32
sicelothat's expected .. seems when if fails to communicated with specified supl server, it then tries to resolve it via cellular operator16:32
siceloyou cn get that if you, for example, put in a wrong IP16:33
sicelomaybe i should try a different supl server. do you have the other IPs handy?16:34
jonwilWhat output do you get if you type openssl s_client -showcerts -connect ?16:35
jonwilrun on your N900 that is16:36
jonwilThat will display the entire certificate chain that the server is sending you16:36
bencohopenssl s_client and liblocation don't use the same store iirc16:40
bencohliblocation uses certman16:40
jonwilIf you run the same command but add -CAPath /etc/certs/common-ca what do you get for the "verifiy" lins?16:40
bencoh(yes, this whole ssl/tls stuff is a mess ... and gnutls has yet another one)16:40
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jonwilopenssl s_client will use the same store as certman if you pass the right -CAPath (the one above)16:41
jonwilAs the current maintainer of certman, I do know how all this works :)16:41
jonwilReading the pastebin, it looks like sicelo gets identical certificates from as me.16:42
jonwilso that's not the problem.16:42
sicelomakes sense to get same, but my liblocation prefers the non-working one :-/16:43
jonwilWhat version does dpkg -l give for location-proxy?16:44
jonwilShould be 0.100-1+0m516:44
siceloyes i have that one16:45
jonwilwhat flavor of CSSU are you using?16:46
jonwiland is it up-to-date with the latest version?16:46
jonwilok, so community-thumb repo only has version 0.2.2 of maemosec-certman-common-ca, where did you get the 0.2.9 version you are running now?16:49
jonwilOr maybe I am looking at an obsolete commubity-thumb repo somehow...16:50
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sicelodevel .. i reported the problem that got solved by 0.2.916:52
jonwilAny chance you can send me a copy of your /etc/certs and /etc/secure folders so I can compare them with what they should be?16:55
sicelodon't have somewhere to upload to (from N900) .. doesn't contain any confidential info afaict. could i post on the tmo post?16:58
jonwilyeah do that16:59
jonwilNo there is nothing sensitive in there16:59
jonwiloh yeah one more thing, what version do you get if you do dpkg -l libssl0.9.8?17:00
siceloii  libssl0.9.8                0.9.8zh-1+maemo1+0m5+0cssu SSL shared libraries17:01
jonwilOk, thats what I have17:03
jonwilOk so I can rule out a problem with address being wrong and a problem with not sending same certificates and a problem with having wrong version of any of the relavent packages17:04
siceloincluded both dirs17:07
jonwilOk you have some differences in your CA store which might be the cause of your problem.17:08
jonwilcan you get me the output of dpkg -L maemosec-certman-common-ca?17:08
jonwiland also dpkg -s maemosec-certman-common-ca?17:08
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jonwilHow did you install maemosec-certman 0.2.9 btw, did you install it by adding cssu-testing to your repo list and then doing apt-get or did you install it by downloading the deb files and installing with dpkg?17:11
siceloit's a while ago, can't remember17:12
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jonwilOk so the best thing to try now is to download and install it with dpkg -i17:25
jonwilDoes installing that fix your problem?17:30
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sicelowithout reboot, same issue. let me reboot and see17:34
jonwilAny luck?17:40
sicelothanks jonwil17:44
siceloworking now17:44
jonwilGood to know that a reinstall seemes to have fixed whatever certificate was causing issues17:44
jonwilSome time when I get the chance (i.e. when its not "A.M. Very, very A.M" (as they said in Apollo 13) I will update maemosec-certman with the latest root CA certificates.17:49
jonwilIts too much work to try and remove the no-longer-needed special-case location-proxy root CA certificate and its not harming anything by leaving it there so I wont try and remove it :)17:49
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sicelothanks. i could see (from logs) that it was something to do with certs .. unfortunately it didn't occur to reinstall :-)17:54
jonwilPosted in the tmo thread with some tips (check the IP address matches the one I am using to be sure you have the right one, check that you are running 0.2.9 and if not, install 0.2.9 and if the IP is correct and you are running 0.2.9 and it still wont work, try reinstalling the certman-common-ca package)18:01
jonwilSo hopefully anyone else with problems will have some tips to try now18:01
siceloyes i saw it. marvellous18:02
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DocScrutinizer05isn't suppl SSL secured?19:18
sixwheeledbeastSeems I have 0.2.319:27
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Vajbi see there are few cli versions of facebook chat. Most written in javascript. Would any of them work with N900?21:44
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sicelotry :-)22:40
Vajbsicelo: couldn't find any from repos ;)22:42
Vajband while i dug more of it, im pretty sure it is pointless to try oven22:42
sicelotry github22:43
Vajbit needs node.js 6 or 7 and we have 0.822:43
Vajbalso needs npm22:46
sicelothere's a messenger capable plugin for pidgin .. maybe check its dependencies22:51
* sicelo doesn't use facebook chat22:51
Vajbit needs newer glibc i recall22:53
Vajbor something newer anyways22:53
Vajbbut i think im gonna try cli version on my devuan n900. There it should work without problems22:54
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sunshaviVajb: devuan-n900 has sms and phone-calls?23:00
sixwheeledbeastI wouldn't go near it either.23:00
sixwheeledbeastIsn't there a web interface?23:01
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Vajbsunshavi: i haven't managed to get even x yet. This also might explain my enthusiasm towards cli ;)23:08
Vajbsixwheeledbeast: it works well in opera browser, but it annoys me a lot. Because to get new messages i have to refresh the page. Probably if i knew how to, it would be possible to scrape together something with parts of opera and some stand alone app or cli.23:11
Vajbideal would be irss facebook plugin :D23:12
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