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Vajbis it possible to forward calls from gsm to skype?06:29
OksanaEasier from GSM to SIP.06:33
OksanaEspecially if your mobile phone provider supports SIP ^06:33
OksanaEither way, find an SIP/Skype which has a phone number able to receive incoming calls. And do it like phone-to-phone forwarding.06:34
Vajbok. It was just a thought. Since i read that sms already works under devuan06:38
OksanaNice :-)06:44
* Oksana has PennyTel/MyNetFone , which means good SIP/telephony gateway06:45
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DocScrutinizer05Vodafone suckers don't tell me my SIP credentials, they do DOCSIS on their cable modem and you get a POTS line only07:38
DocScrutinizer05I don't mind, just another useless phonenumber that came for free with Cable internet07:39
DocScrutinizer05still works for dialing out07:41 FTW07:41
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Vajbwhat is best way to check if some process is causing my other n900 reboot randomly? I thought of runnin top via ssh 'till it reboots, but will "last state" stay after connection dies?13:35
KotCzarnyuninstall and check if it helps? ;)13:35
Vajbcome again?13:35
Vajband how long does building git clone take? My oldie has taken 7h so far.13:37
Vajbmeh, I meant how long does building take with decent modern computer13:37
KotCzarnyyou mean building git app or cloning some repo?13:38
Vajband to be precise im following devuan on n900 wiki13:38
Vajbcloning kernel13:39
KotCzarnyyou might try --shallow or --depth 113:40
KotCzarnyit won't get whole history, just last snapshot13:40
Vajbwell it's been 7h so i'll let it finnish :)13:41
KotCzarnyyou can run it on another machine13:42
Vajbhah i could, but this is my oldiegoldie and nowadays fresh devuan jessio box13:42
Vajbframe is from 2000. Hw a bit newer...13:43
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Vajbsixwheeledbeast^: thx for the hint. Your "lock to portrait" made the difference i was looking for :)14:41
Vajbas of other topics. I switched to the htop over ssh for debugging.14:43
sixwheeledbeast^Vajb: you checked boot_reason?14:49
Vajbsixwheeledbeast^: it is always sw_rst or something like that14:49
Vajbis it possible to pull "now playing" info from OMP and post it to for example irc?14:50
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Vajbyup sw_rst, just confirmed14:52
Vajbsystem is freshly installed via "lazyflash"14:52
Vajbinstalled programs are conky, cpumem-applet, hamster filer, htop, irssi, leafpad, powerkernel (no overclocking), openssh server and ssh status and switcher14:54
Vajbah forgot rootsh and simple brightness applet14:57
sixwheeledbeast^sw_rst = "critical system application crashing or being killed by the kernel OOM-killer"14:57
Vajbi had that, but didn't bother this time14:58
Vajbpali checked it once and couldn't spot anything suspicious14:58
sixwheeledbeast^I am thinking of using it to diagnose your reboot issue14:58
Vajbthis is my first time to try via htop over ssh14:58
Vajbtho i can provide syslog for you if you wish14:59
freemangordon_Vajb: install sp-rich-core14:59
freemangordon_it might give additional info or even a coredump14:59
Vajbok will do14:59
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Vajbhmm do i need to enable developer repo or it is elsewhere or has to be installed from source?15:04
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Vajbah found instructions15:09
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Vajbok installed sp-rich-core, crash-reporter and sysklogd. Do i need that crasher program or is my device crashing by itself enough?15:19
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Vajbfreemangordon_: my device delivered almost instantly. Have my first oopslog files now.15:57
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Vajbi have no idea what to look at, but bottom log entry on oopslog has topic "unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 13a0000016:28
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sixwheeledbeast^pastebin it?18:08
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freemangordonVajb: this is kernel oops (kernel driver misbehaving or faulty HW). please pastebin the syslog19:42
freemangordonoopslog that is19:42
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Vajbsixwheeledbeast^: ^21:23
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freemangordonVajb: doesn't look good21:49
freemangordoncorrupted FS? bad flash?21:50
freemangordondid you flash it soon?21:51
Vajbfreemangordon: like a month ago. It is my spare device. I used flash it all script so i think flash should be fine21:52
Vajbi can try to make fsck and see if it does any21:56
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freemangordoncould you post syslog after boot?21:56
Vajbis syslog from same dump sufficient?21:56
freemangordonis that device overclocked?21:56
freemangordonVajb: I guess yes21:57
Vajbno it is not and never has been, but i bought it second hand21:57
freemangordonVajb: just mask IMEI before puting it on pastebin21:57
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Vajbok will delete imei parts21:57
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freemangordonVajb: swap on uSD?22:04
Vajbnope default cssu testing filesystem22:04
Vajbor u recommend putting it there?22:05
freemangordonVajb: what I see is that often backover is reported to be removed and then put back22:05
KotCzarnymaybe try stock? without any cssu ?22:05
freemangordonis it you doing that>22:05
Vajbactually device had no back cover and i was looking for the sweetspot for magnet22:06
freemangordonI doubt:22:06
freemangordonJan  1 09:14:00 Nokia-N900 kernel: [28080.446990] mmc0: cover is closed, card is now accessible Jan  1 09:14:01 Nokia-N900 kernel: [28080.907440] mmc0: cover is open, card is now inaccessible22:06
freemangordonaah, I see22:06
freemangordonbesides that, I see nothing suspicious22:06
Vajbit has mugen battery, but mugen cover is in use with my dual polarcell setting on my daile device22:07
Vajband magnet is taped on place now so i guess that settles that22:07
freemangordonkernel oopses on various places, so nothing I can see there22:08
Vajbso what im guessing now is that previous owners had it overclocked and cpu is just worn out now and i can't do anything22:08
freemangordoncould be22:08
Vajbok, thanks for your time :)22:09
freemangordonVajb: any hildon-status-menu plugins installed besides stock?22:09
Vajbfreemangordon: ssh enabler22:10
freemangordonas usually kernel oopses when active process is HSM22:10
Vajbbrightnedd applet22:10
freemangordonVajb: you may try what KotCzarny said22:11
freemangordonlimit kernel frequencies to 250-250 initially, then (if stable) limit to 250-500, etc22:11
Vajblike to 500mhz or less?22:11
freemangordonfirst fix it on 25022:11
freemangordonif it still reboots, it is most-probably not cpu, but something else22:12
Vajbok, how it works?22:12
infobotoc is probably an Optical Carrier, An OC1 has 672 channels or 44.736 Mbit/s22:12
infobotI overclock in winter to keep dpkg's toes warm.22:12
freemangordonhow funny22:12
Vajband usefull22:12
freemangordonKotCzarny: no, I can;t remember how kernel-power packages was called. kernel-power-settings?22:13
freemangordonyeah, that must be it22:13
Vajbkernel-power-settings says not found22:13
Vajblets wiki things up...22:14
infoboti heard kps is kernel-power-settings, a script to configure clocking frequecies, voltages etc.22:14
freemangordonVajb: you need to install it22:14
Vajboh i thought it comes with powerkernel22:14
freemangordonis it stock kernel you're running on the device?22:15
freemangordonthen just install that package22:16
Vajbhmm it says it is installed, but then says not found when i try to run it..22:16
freemangordonyeah, KP: "KERNEL_VERSION='Linux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Wed Dec 10 13:52:39 UTC 2014 armv7l unknown' "22:16
freemangordonaah, read the wiki22:16
freemangordonit is a *set* of scripts22:17
freemangordonVajb: kernel-config limits 250 25022:17
freemangordonas root22:17
Vajbah kernel-config22:17
freemangordonVajb: also, make sure your battery is ok22:18
freemangordonold batteries are known to produce reboots22:18
freemangordonthough without oops afaik22:18
Vajbok limits set to 250 25022:19
Vajbbattery should be fine. I used it on my daily device before i bought polacells22:20
Vajband device in question was rebooting with other battery as well22:20
Vajbso it is not new problem, but problem which i've been on and off solving22:21
Vajbbut im going to try to install devuan on it anyways :)22:21
sixwheeledbeast^You'll have to set the limits again if you reboot. I saved stock as a profile "stock" and then made my own profile the default. Can't remember what none OC profiles are available.22:30
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Rondomhi, I am on deconf17 in montreal and my IP seems to be blocked from accessing http://talk.maemo.org22:36
KotCzarnybad hackers, bad!22:36
Rondom"Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist. Feel free to contact our staff on irc freenode #maemo channel."22:36
Vajbok. I'll monitor it daily. Good thing with power kernel is that it announces if there has been a reboot22:36
Rondomip is in my case22:37
infobotit has been said that unbanip is please contact techstaff <at> maemo <dot> org with your request, or see ~techstaff, or see, or contact tmo maintainer chem|st in here22:41
sixwheeledbeast^it would appear there's one hit from 05 May in the forum spam list for that IP.22:44
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