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Mr_PinguTheKit: That looks pretty! :)00:37
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OksanaNeKit : for a start, take a tiny peace of RTCOM framework. Like, smilies. Or HTML for IMs and SMS. Write a detailed documentation for it. And see if a developer shows up to write replacement software, based on documentation.09:28
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freemangordonor, wait fmg to hit part of rtcom FW and RE it :)09:31
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Mr_PinguWhat is exactly in rootfs image and in eMMC. Thinking of making my own flashable image...10:58
Mr_PinguI mean if I make an rootfs image, that leaves an empty /home/opt, right?11:00
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DocScrutinizer05well, /opt gets populated by optification process on first-boot after flashing rootfs11:42
Mr_PinguWell that way I could cheat a bit. Place some files in rootfs image that get moved on first-boot12:00
Mr_PinguCSSU doesn't place files in opt then? If that's all true I could make an image with kp53, cssu-thumb and some keyboard mods. I am however a bit scared what happens if an update is pushed to the repos...12:05
Mr_PinguWill it be picked up as it's not really installed as package... (The metapackage for the whole system)12:07
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NotKithow can I disable dialer app auto-rotation to portrait by editing config?13:27
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sixwheeledbeast^Phone > Turning Control ?13:39
NotKityes, I mean how to edit this without lauching UI13:41
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Mr_PinguNotKit: lemme dig up the gconf for that13:51
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Mr_PinguNotKit: It's not there :/ Wonder where it is stored then...14:05
NotKitthank you anyway14:07
Mr_PinguPhone is as closed as it gets... Could it be stored on cal?14:11
Mr_PinguIf you using cssu as base you could blacklist rotation in transitions.ini ;)14:13
bencohiirc dialer/phone is a bit different14:15
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VajbNotKit: maybe this is what you want?14:22
NotKitit says it still allows dialer to switch to portrait14:23
bencohit's not ui_can_rotate14:25
bencohohwell, I guess I could just try and diff the gconftool dumps14:25
bencohNotKit: looks like it's not stored in gconf14:27
bencohfun fact though, keyboard slider status is stored in gconf (and changed everytime slider is opened/closed)14:28
Vajbmaybe look status-area-orientationlock-applet - Hildon Status Menu plugin to control orientation lock.14:28
Vajbif there is source for it and so on14:29
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Mr_PinguProblem is, like bencoh said, that phone app is bit different.14:35
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Mr_PinguThe only other way I know to force it landscape is by blacklisting it14:39
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bencoh orientation setting14:52
bencohstored in key file group_name rotation key orientation. Also file call-portrait-override is related to this.14:52
Mr_Pingufound it ~/.osso/call-ui.ini14:54
bencohyeah :)14:54
Mr_PinguIf you read that wiki, it also explains why slide open is in gconf14:55
Mr_PinguPhone app makes use of it14:55
Mr_Pinguis it cheaper to lookup gconf than the gpio switch?14:55
Mr_PinguSeems still bit weird to me14:56
NotKitcould you paste ~/.osso/call-ui-ini?14:57
Mr_Pinguaah pastebinit on N900 is too old :/15:01
Mr_Pinguis python3 really required for pastebinit?15:03
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Mr_Pinguhmm project for other time :/15:15
Mr_Pingu~/.osso $ cat call-ui.ini15:15
Mr_Pingu~/.osso $15:16
Mr_Pingu2 = landscape only15:17
Mr_Pingueh I mean automatic15:17
Mr_Pingu1 = landscape only15:17
NotKitUI can be displayed now, nice15:23
Mr_PinguMr_Pingu> is python3 really required for pastebinit? NO :)15:30
Mr_Pinguworks with python2.715:31
Mr_Pingushould test it with default maemo 2.5 too15:31
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Vajbhappy times. Found weather service that actually works on n900. www.yr.no15:55
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bencohomweather (generic app) still had a working weather service provider back a few months ago as well ... I suppose it still works16:02
Vajboh. Didn't try any apps besides foreca app which used to work, but haven't tested it in like two years16:08
Vajbinstead i wanted a working service in browser16:09
Mr_PinguUsed to have weather widget in QBW which was awesome16:31
Mr_Pingubut then yahoo broke it :(16:31
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sixwheeledbeast^omweather WFM18:14
sixwheeledbeast^I had allsorts of magical QBW widgets years ago...18:17
bencohand your battery magically reached 0 by mid day? :)18:18
sixwheeledbeast^I had them on manual refresh IIRC. I removed loads of stuff when I was trying to diagnose h-d hanging and never reinstalled it.18:21
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Mr_PinguVajb: Nice site, only can't change language in browser18:27
Mr_PinguIf you only had refresh on click and per 3 hour refresh it was good :)18:28
Mr_PinguNow I don't have any widgets, and only 1 desktop :P18:28
Mr_PinguMy Desktops where beautiful back then, tho18:29
Mr_PinguLoved that thread on TMO, show us your maemo5 screenshot18:29
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VajbMr_Pingu: i could change lang. I choosed mobile. Then changed nb part of url to en and hit refresh. It whined that page not found. I click the link provided and magically it was english :)18:43
sixwheeledbeast^Old school TMO18:44
Vajbbtw it would be nice feature on OMP to be able to find exact path of the file.18:47
Vajboh and i've been meaning to ask, if it is possible to disable screen rotation just in incoming call? It is annoying since there is a bit lag and caller is waiting while my phone reorientates itself...18:51
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sixwheeledbeast^I believe that's only controlled with phone app settings, I seem to prefer locked to portrait as if keyboard is open it switches landscape anyway.18:57
bencohsame here18:59
Vajbhmm let me see. I think last that i try it had no effect.18:59
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Vajbim thinking of ordering usb hhd from aliexpress. Any suggestion of reliable brand?19:53
Vajblooking for 1tb storage19:53
KotCzarnytoshiba, samsung19:53
KotCzarnybut seriously, buy locally19:53
Vajbhmm maybe i browse stores here also, but mostly prices are like double19:55
KotCzarnyeven second hand hdd would be better than chines noname19:56
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Vajbtoshiba 1tb is same price online as sandisk 64gb locally :)20:05
KotCzarnyyou meant ssd?20:05
KotCzarnydont even try chinese brands20:05
Vajbdoesn't have to be ssd20:06
KotCzarnythey are cheap for a reason20:06
Vajbjust normal 2.5" hdd i can plug in for backup copies20:06
Mr_PinguKotCzarny: Not everything is bad from china. bought a china powerback, opened it up and it had real panasonic 18650 cells :)20:15
KotCzarnyyeah, there are some good products20:15
KotCzarnybut also whole sea of scams20:15
Mr_PinguFunny thing was, the powerbank was cheaper than just the cells20:16
KotCzarnythere are also plain fakes too20:17
KotCzarnydid you test those cells for capacity?20:17
Mr_PinguYep, genuine NCR18650B :)20:18
Mr_PinguAlso bought bunch of usb-cable, they were so bad that all of them died after 5 times of using xD20:19
KotCzarnyi have bought a lot of electronic accessories and tools, so far so good20:20
sixwheeledbeast^Reliable HDD companies are the ones I look at, the USB->Sata Controller and Case on them is pretty generic. I have a Verbatim one which I believe have Samsung drives in.20:25
KotCzarnywhen looking for usb ones, it's best to search by chip used, not brand. jms578 is one of the good ones (trim, uasp, etc)20:26
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Vajbtoshiba canvio connect 2 is available locally and rather good price imo20:28
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NotKitfreemangordon, did you ever see this on Devuan?20:50
NotKithd-render-manager.c:3409:46: error: 'HdRenderManagerPrivate {aka struct _HdRenderManagerPrivate}' has no member named 'zoomed'; did you mean 'home'?20:50
NotKit     g_return_if_fail (!render_manager->priv->zoomed);20:50
NotKitthe problem is that struct actually doesn't have member "zoomed"20:50
NotKitI remember it before and I simply commented out that line20:50
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freemangordonNotKit: can't remember seeing such an error22:03
freemangordoncould be some remnant from "zoom" patches which were removed iirc22:04
NotKitwhat were they for?22:15
freemangordonzooming the desktop22:18
freemangordonagain, iirc22:18
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freemangordonNotKit: see
freemangordonIt could be that I missed some leftovers22:23
NotKitthis is surely leftover then22:23
NotKitbut I wonder why it compiles finely on other platforms?22:24
freemangordonI guess glibc macros22:24
NotKitIf G_DISABLE_CHECKS is defined then the check is not performed. You should therefore not depend on any side effects of expr .22:24
freemangordonNotKit: could you please open an issue against h-d, so /me to fix it someday22:25
freemangordonI suspect the whole hd_render_manager_press_effect function is not needed22:26
freemangordon...or not22:26
NotKitremoving that line is sufficient to let it compile though22:27
NotKitbut there are other unused things, such as ZOOM_INCREMENT22:27
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freemangordonyou can make pull request as well, I am fine either ways as long as we don;t forget to fix that22:35
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