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Mr_PinguDocScrutinizer05: Do you still have those bupbats you used to have?10:55
Mr_PinguNever was confident enough to replace them but my solder skills have gone up :)10:56
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Mr_Pinguanyway when I just opened my second N900 and noticed green spots on the shields. Looked like fungus/corossion (green/aqua like you see on copper) can I just use 99% isopropyl-alcohol to clean it or should I leave it?11:22
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Mr_Pingusixwheeledbeast^: you can also use fmtx_client -s <string> from commandline11:48
sixwheeledbeast^I assumed the OP was aware of fmtx_client but I may have misunderstood the query12:02
infobotit has been said that bupbat is use the capacitive type, LiIon are breaking during 12 months, or, or, or
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Mr_PinguI see. Well could be me aswell ;)12:23
Mr_Pingusixwheeledbeast^: Thanks, but still can't find a right one :/ Not that PAS414 or that DSK414.12:39
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ff__sicelo: thy this: curl -u username:pass -G -d myip= -d hostname=hostname13:40
ff__or better with https13:43
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ff__probably ampersand was a problem13:44
sixwheeledbeast^I have used no-ip but automatically at router13:47
ff__that's convenient solution13:52
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sixwheeledbeast^Makes sense to have it done at the router IMO. Most have a facility for this.14:26
ff__I agree, that's convenient when something is done and it's working automatically :)14:33
ff__unless our servers on N900 has public IP and hang on GSM14:34
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sixwheeledbeast^well if you use free version you still have to login monthly so not completely automatic.14:41
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ff__yes, that's disadvantage14:43
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Vajbi feel a bit cheated. I downloaded Devuan netinstal iso and burnt it to disk. When i check the readme file it is from Debian ;)18:32
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Vajbobviously "thou shalt not read instruction"18:33
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DocScrutinizer05it doesn't make sense to change all "debian" to "devuan" on 4.3 GB19:29
DocScrutinizer05the readme issue is known though, and not a WONTFIX19:29
DocScrutinizer05and you honestly should take tis to #devuan19:30
Vajbjk hence ;)19:33
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TheKitWizzup, how do you plan to workaround for 3D support on Droid 4 though?19:50
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Vajbis hildon working on devuan already? Or some other de? Or it is still just console as wiki suggests?20:53
Vajbi mean devuan on n90020:53
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DocScrutinizer05there's a lot of 'hildon*"21:23
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DocScrutinizer05you can't say "hildon working on devuan" unless _all_ of that works as supposed21:27
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DocScrutinizer05and quite a few of those packages depend on other subsystems/services on the system. Like e.g. hildon-control-panel, hildon-input-method, hildon-status-bar*  etc21:30
Vajbnice bunch21:31
DocScrutinizer05prolly none of them will work on a plain debian/devuan even with complete hildon* implemented, unless you also implement the services they depend on21:32
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Vajbi'll see what happens when i have time to play with it21:43
Vajbbut devuan with mate de works nice on my puter at least21:43
KotCzarnyafair, mate is gnome221:45
KotCzarnybefore they want too crazy21:46
KotCzarnyand yes, it's simple and functional21:46
KotCzarnyunlike their next abomination which looked nice, but was hardly usable21:47
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TheKitwon't GNOME 3 UI be usable on mobile devices?21:56
KotCzarnyif you have enough horsepower and battery21:56
VajbKotCzarny: well i guess that explains why it reminded me of old ubuntu instantly21:57
Vajbi kinda liked openbox too, but it wasn't on the list to choose at install time :p21:57
KotCzarnyi kind liked gnome2 for being flexible enough to be comfortable to use21:58
Vajband it feels quite responsive21:58
Vajbhad minor freezes when apt was working, but not after things settle21:59
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WizzupTheKit: do you need 3d?22:32
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TheKitWizzup, hildon-desktop is unusable withot OpenGL acceleration22:52
Mr_PinguDoes hildon-desktop really need 3D?23:07
KotCzarnynot h-d itself, but toolkit it uses23:07
Mr_Pinguah I see23:12
sixwheeledbeast^I really like the MATE DE it came along just at the right time for me on Ubuntu as they dropped support of Gnome2 in favor of Unity. That didn't work out did it...23:17
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sixwheeledbeast^I certainly think its great that Devuan has MATE as a DE option in the installer for those switching from older Debian systems.23:20
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