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WizzupTheKit: right, but n900 on mainline has similar issues00:50
Wizzupwe can probably make it work00:50
Wizzupmaybe evne libhybris is necessary00:50
Wizzupat SHA2017 atm, back later00:50
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WizzupTheKit: I mean, if you take out compositing it's probably not too hard to make h-d not use opengl, but let's not worry about that now specifically11:34
WizzupTheKit: for now llvmpipe can probably be OK for testing too11:34
TheKityes, I tried with llvmpipe in chroot on top of SFOS11:36
TheKitit's slow, but works for testing11:36
Wizzupalso you can test/develop on intel11:36
WizzupI'm going to fly to HK now, but I'll be taking my n900, two more, and the droid4 :)11:37
Wizzuplet's see if we can get things moving11:37
Wizzupright now I'm waiting for parazyd to come back, and then we can connect the devuan infra with the maemo machine we have11:37
Wizzupand then get started :)11:37
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wa16ur5Hi all!11:58
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mike727Anyone use portable speakers? Are MD-7W ('08) or MD-12 ('14) good quality (each new for $20)?16:35
mike727non-propreitry battery sounds better. Quality = still functioning in 10years16:37
sixwheeledbeast^Not really N900 has half decent stereo speakers so never bothered for the minimal time I would use.16:40
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siceloseems a-gps non-working again .. not sure why. openssl estblishes connection to supl18:26
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sixwheeledbeast^seems to WFM19:03
siceloinstant fix?19:07
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sixwheeledbeast^yep but it may still have valid data19:16
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NeKitsurprisingly, if I use Android phone, ported hildon-desktop with Xwayland/libhybris hack and rootfs from real N900 in chroot most stock apps actually start (address book, notes, calendar, file manager and so on)21:24
NeKiteven with virtual keyboard21:24
NeKitthis could be somewhat usable if there are wrappers to start apps within chroot outside of it21:25
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NeKitdoes rtcom-call-ui talk to telepathy-ring?21:26
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