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LjL-Alplethey, is there a known way to control what the FM transmitter transmits over RDS, or can only the station name be changed from fmtxd and that's it?18:15
LjL-Alpleti was thinking that since the FM transmitter chip is specced with the ability to measure its own output if i understand it correctly - and anyway, the N900 also has a receiver - it could determine whether it's being stomped on by an on-air FM station, and then it could tell a car radio to switch frequency automatically to one that's more free using the AFC RDS feature18:16
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sixwheeledbeast^I believe there is a package in extras that does that. FriendlyFM IIRC21:26
sixwheeledbeast^never tested it.21:26
NotKitwhat's the good IRC client for Maemo?21:28
KotCzarnyassuming you need graphical ui21:29
NotKitwell, using HexChat on desktop21:29
NotKithexchat, not xchat?21:32
KotCzarnyhexchat is continuation of xchat21:33
KotCzarnyif you look closely: he-xchat21:34
NotKitsure, I mean, was hexchat ported?21:34
NotKitcan only find xchat in repos21:34
KotCzarnyhrm, i'm sure people were using it. maybe self compiled21:36
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Vajbi like irssi. Never tried xchat on Maemo tho...21:39
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siceloxchat seemed to work good. i believe Doc uses it most of the time. irssi for me too21:51
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siceloany using no-ip ddns? they have a protocol specification at, which i am able to use through curl for example on my N900. however, it seems the 'myip' keyword is simply ignored, meaning i cannot set an IP address myself. does it work for anyone?22:24
siceloi've submitted a ticket, but not having much success with that route yet22:25
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