IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2017-08-02

abcok, after a couple of reboots, some rtcom-messaging-ui killing, removing the conversation and receiving a countless number of already received smss I got a conclusion - don't touch this00:15
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abcso EOT, this system is not for regular usage, it's for someone with more than a life to waste and it's proven this to me one more time00:17
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sixwheeledbeast^Maemo was never designed to be used to install packages like a normal debian system.01:06
sixwheeledbeast^HAM is the only way packages should be installed without risking dependency mayhem01:07
sixwheeledbeast^Sounds like something is a mess on the device. You shouldn't get issues with Maemo as stock01:11
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merlienGood evening01:13
merlienMy standart n900 maemo browser seems to work but any link i use opens with could not load ..01:15
merlienThe programm manager works also ..but01:16
abcmaemo was released too early, the users were testers, as it is today01:17
merlien:) maybe ...01:17
merlienBut i liked it from the first time i started my first n900 ..01:18
abcit's nice when it works as it should01:19
merlienNow i have 5 ofthem ..but just 2 working01:19
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merlien.. i have never seen a behaver like this on any n90001:20
abcI think the first installation of kp was via fapman, maybe that's the problem01:20
merlien..the first window of the browser works .. But evry link i press or that opens in a new tab cannot load01:21
merlienPower kernel ?01:21
abclinux says "i won't work today" :)01:21
merlienOn this one i have just cssu01:21
merlienThe browser cannot handle web 2.0 most of the time ..but no web at all is tt much :)01:22
abcme too but during vacation I would like to transfer some photos from SD card to n900 to free some space and make more photos01:22
merlien.. no problem01:23
abcI thought that I have kp, but even it was installed it didn't work01:23
abcso I have overclocked standard kernel :)01:24
merlienYou just wanted to copy files from sd to internal on the n900 and it didnt work ?01:24
abch-e-n says "you need kp v44 you poor!"01:24
merlienYou dont need power kernel or anything to do that normaly :)01:24
abcdoesn't work -,-01:25
abcto be precise - not microSD but SD01:25
abcsandisk ultra II plus (sd card with usb)01:26
merlienHen and so on01:27
abcit won't even light up :/01:28
merlienThats sad01:31
merlienI am NOT a maemo\n900 pro ..but ihave them for along time now01:31
abcwell, it's development stopped, there are bugs and it won't be better01:33
merlienThe new motherboard for the n900 is comming soon .. :)01:34
merlien... Communty01:35
abc"never ending story, nana na nana na..."01:35
merlienIthink you are so right01:36
merlienBut thats a nice neverending story01:36
abcit was old enough some time after they managed to start, now it's slightly better than n900 but not a rocket01:37
merlien..BUT a rocket and more for a n900 case01:38
abcwith maemo onboard which should be still improved in many places it's not worth that money01:38
merlienImagine maemo running with this new ?fully? compatible cpu and things :p01:39
abcI would not like to kill your dreams...01:39
abclinux and compatibility is something for me which won't meet in short time01:40
merlien:) .. I do not have the nerly 400 euros for a board anyway01:40
abcfor 400 euro I can go for a week of vacation by car and drive 2000 km in this time :)01:42
merlienJeah linux ..but the n900 is somehow so awesome with its possibliyts in many ways .. so open and clean .. :) :P i would like the new board so much ..and i am not a real linux nerd ..but computer nerd in any other way ..i do gameboymusik and shit like that party related01:43
merlien:) .. Jea the money01:44
merlien.. As a real computer junky :p nothing is to costly if its soocoool01:44
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merlien... But it has to be worth it ..of course01:45
merlien... :(01:45
merlienOh man .. Your kp h-e-n problem ..idontknow01:45
merlienIt worked for me the first imes i tryd it01:46
merlien..years ago ..with sticks cards .. Up to a 2tb hdd ..2terrabyte powered hd01:46
abcum I like computers also, tried development to maemo, but so many problems met during IDE installation, so many dependencies not met... I have QtCreator but I can't develop, I've spent so much time searching and solving that it should be working but it's not01:47
DocScrutinizer05((<abc> so EOT, this system is not for regular usage)) ai contraire. This system is working great fro regular usage, what fails is doing special stuff like installing a new kernel and not following the mandatory methods of doing this (here: use HAM and nothing else)01:47
merlien.. At thattime I dreamed of usb otg while chargeing ... And its still a dilemma wih some devices :p01:48
merlienNow i got a gpdwin and its verynice and somehow odd at the sametime01:48
merlien..but evrything goes01:48
merlienI love you all01:51
abc<DocScrutinizer05> there is nothing about going with it through Ham, just text about Application manager01:51
merlienHey doc01:51
merlienPlease what could i do with a not working maemo browser01:52
merlienLinks dont work01:52
DocScrutinizer05I wonder why it doesn't work01:52
merlienLike no internet connection01:52
merlien..idont remember a problem like that atall01:52
merlienThe first window works but no link and no new window01:53
DocScrutinizer05does it take forever to load? or does it say "404 not found" or what is happening?01:53
merlien404@not found01:53
DocScrutinizer05that's very odd and most likely not related to browser at all01:54
merlienNo it says no certificate or sometthin01:54
DocScrutinizer05I suggest to try a `host $URL` and a `wget $URL -O /dev/null` on xterm, maybe with root permissions01:55
merlienIs that possible that for evry single page there has to be a certigicate ?01:55
DocScrutinizer05"no certificate" is yet a totally different topic01:55
DocScrutinizer05yes, for all https:// URLS there must be a cert on server, and the root cert in the server side certification chain - aka root CA - needs to be ione that's known by your device01:56
merlienIt says save connection failed ! ...With EVRY page i try to open01:56
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merlienOkk what should i do now please01:57 confused abit :)01:57
DocScrutinizer05I fail to understand what exactly is the error you see01:57
DocScrutinizer05I suggest to provide a screenshot01:58
merlienDoc : i press on a link on a google page or type a adress in maemo browser, and it says sichere verbindung fehlgeschlagen (save connection not possible)01:59
DocScrutinizer05ok that's a decent error message now02:00
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merlien:) sory02:00
DocScrutinizer05sounds like your cert store on device is messed up. I jave no clue about that stuff, but iirc freemangordon does02:01
merlien:) sounds good man thankyou02:01
DocScrutinizer05you said you're running CSSU?02:01
DocScrutinizer05there been a few patches for the cert store02:02
DocScrutinizer05maybe one of them went haywire for you?02:02
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merlien..ihad the problem bevore cssu and now i stil got it02:03
merlien.installed cssu a houer ago :) .. This n900 base is new ...and it has a lock code i dont know also :( ...heeeeelp :)02:04
DocScrutinizer05try re-installing maemo-security-certman maybe?02:04
DocScrutinizer05what? you have an unknown lock code? fix it as long as you still have access to the device02:05
merlien:) is that sonmething installable from the programm manager ?02:05
DocScrutinizer05prolly only apt02:05
DocScrutinizer05better wait for freemangordon02:06
merlien:) you know what time from now he could be here to ask ?02:07
merlien..and the n900 seams fine without it sofar02:08
merlien.. But i cannot clean or like that02:08
DocScrutinizer05tomorrow morning or afternoon/evening CET02:08
merlienI asked over lokal ebay from a friend ..and the replyd they cangtfind it /haveit02:09
infobotrumour has it, lockcode is
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, defaultlockcode is 1234502:10
DocScrutinizer05there's a more brite force and way more expert method to reset lockcode to default, but that needs tools to access CAL which are not easily available/installable02:13
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merlienSory :) the default lock code worked ..02:52
merlienI am free now02:53
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merlienBut i am not allowed to use an internetbrowser02:56
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bencohThe certificate expired on 08/01/2017 12:08 PM. The current time is 08/02/2017 10:52 AM. :(10:53
bencohon TMO10:53
bencohhmm, no I'm getting something even stranger10:55
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bencohfreemangordon: did certificate validation worked for you when you played with libsoup and gnutls?11:22
infobotbencoh meant: freemangordon: did certificate validation work for you when you played with libsoup and gnutls?11:23
bencoh(looks like it did since you're using it for video playback ... the question is how/why does it work there)11:23
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TheKithow to exit rawcam?14:08
bencohI'd use Ctrl-backspace (hardware keyboard) if in doubt, but ...14:24
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DocScrutinizer05powerbutton menu "finsih current task"17:51
TheKitused this, but I thought there should be some exit button within camera I couldn't find18:01
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DocScrutinizer05I don't know rawcam18:04
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TheKitWizzup, did you try to boot the kernel on Droid 4?22:24
Wizzupnot yet.22:29
WizzupI was planning to root it today22:29
TheKitit seems LCD support is still not merged22:43
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