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MaxdamantusVajb: fwiw, I've played PS1 games on N900 using a PS3 controller over Bluetooth.00:23
MaxdamantusCan even plug it into the TV too.00:24
MaxdamantusToo bad it doesn't perform as well as an actual PS1/PS2.00:24
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Juestodefinitely not the best hardware trough01:04
MaxdamantusWell, I imagine the hardware *should* be sufficient. My guess is that the software is not the best.01:29
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Juestohow it's going07:57
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VajbMaxdamantus: cool. I think i read somewhere that that was possible. The thing i saw was a lot smaller than ps3 controller. Very pocketable i would say.09:18
Juestoi wish i had such device09:19
JuestoI've never had a device with a hardware keyboard :(09:19
Vajboh i feel for u. I have 5 ;)09:20
KotCzarnythat was rude :P09:21
MaxdamantusI have 4, but one is an N97 in pretty bad condition, and I don't have a battery for it.09:21
Maxdamantuswas only NZ$2 anyway09:21
Juestoused some of that kind of devices though09:22
Vajbyeah, but two of them r e90 and one of them has split screen. Also one n900 keeps rebooting randomly09:24
MaxdamantusThe other 3 of mine are N900s in at least decently working condition.09:24
MaxdamantusOnly thing that doesn't work that I can think of is the slide sensor on one of them. Also only have two styluses.09:25
VajbMaxdamantus: stylyses are cheap in ebay. I ordered lot of five for dollar i recall.09:30
MaxdamantusI don't use more than one stylus at a time, so it's not really an issue.09:32
Juestowhat about smartwatches?09:33
MaxdamantusDon't have any of those. Not particularly interested.09:34
Juestohow come09:35
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MaxdamantusBecause I can't imagine using one to do the things I usually do with a computer.09:36
Maxdamantuswhich mostly involve either a web browser or a terminal.09:36
Juestoit's for notifications and stuff on the go like running09:36
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MaxdamantusNot really much for me to be notified of.09:37
Juestome neither but I've found it useful09:38
Juestosince i screwed the Bluetooth connection with my pebble time round it only serves me as digital watch with a simple calendar09:39
Juestoand i stopped wearing it09:39
Juestoat least the battery does last 5 days with Bluetooth off09:40
Juestoas in, maximum power saving09:40
Juestowith Bluetooth on it lasts 2 days09:40
KotCzarnywhoooole 5 days for a watch09:40
Juestopebble time steel does 10 days09:41
KotCzarnyi remember times when you didnt change batteries in a watch for months09:41
Juestodon't have it09:41
KotCzarnyand they had calendars and other tools too09:41
Juestooh btw the classic nokia phones last 3 days09:41
JuestoI've rarely seen a fancy watch09:42
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Vajbis it possible to make telegram-purple to remember folder location?12:52
Vajbwould be handy if "insert image" command pointed to picture folder instead of root12:52
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Wizzup12:36 < KatolaZ> will try to adapt releasebot to drive jenkins from scorsh13:38
Wizzup12:36 < KatolaZ> we should be able to test builds in a couple of days13:38
Wizzup12:36 < KatolaZ> at the latest13:38
Wizzupfreemangordon: ^^13:38
WizzupI'm also receiving the droid4 on monday, will also see if I can make calls on it with ofono13:44
parazydWizzup: with devuan or gentoo?14:16
Wizzupparazyd: *shrug* I ordered two14:16
Wizzupbut probably devuan14:16
Wizzupeither way works14:16
WizzupI mean, what's the point of running gentoo on there now if we want to get h-d and such on devuan :)14:17
parazydno, asking because you did try out calls and a bunch of stuff on gentoo already14:19
parazydbut i guess the same applies for devuan14:19
parazydbtw the droid4 doesn't have a Ctrl key?!14:19
parazydhope you manage to remap :D14:19
Wizzupremapping is easy14:22
Wizzupjust change the dts14:22
Wizzupor do it in-kernel14:22
bencohdts, yeah14:25
parazydfreemangordon: about the repository for these builds. do we have anything in place?14:25
parazydmerlin1991: might also be related to you ^^14:25
Wizzup(if not, I can also temp host something depending on how much work it is)14:25
buZzanyone have a good recommendation for a high capacity clone battery for n900?14:37
Juestois there even such thing?14:38
buZzi see some dubious 2450mAh BL-5J clones14:38
Juestofor Lumia.... hmm14:38
buZzBL-5J is BL-5J14:39
infoboti heard polarcell is BL-5J Replacement14:39
buZzis that your recommendation?14:39
sixwheeledbeast^It's not much "higher capacity" but it's the only other I would recommend than OEM14:40
buZzseems there is no longer a polarcell bl-5j on ebay :(14:40
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sixwheeledbeast^wannasee electronic was the seller I'd have to go looking, it was an old listing14:43
buZzlol ;
buZz3850mAh , i call a liar :D14:44
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buZzah, found a polarcell seller ;
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WizzupbuZz: yeah, sec14:49
WizzupbuZz: polarcell indeed14:49
buZzi found out that with SIM inside my n900, and 'offline mode' turned on , battery barely lasts a day, while with NO sim inside, battery lasts a week14:49
buZzso much for offline mode eh ;)14:50
sixwheeledbeast^That looks like the company14:50
Juestoit's similar to Bluetooth on/off14:50
buZzordered a polarcell from wannsee and some NOS nokia battery14:51
Juestopebble time round lasts 2 days with Bluetooth on and connected to phone but lasts like 5 days with airplane mode on14:51
buZzJuesto: yeah it makes sense for radio off to increase batterylife, but it doesnt on GSM14:51
Juestoperhaps sim module is causing consumption?14:52
Juestotelephony service14:52
buZznot just telephony ;)14:52
buZzalso locationing14:52
buZzso even in airplane/offline mode, celltower will know where you are14:53
Juestowell if there's a sim it has to load the entire stack regardless of modes ;)14:53
Juestolol, so the antenna is still active?14:53
buZzevery now and then, yes14:53
buZzJuesto: easy way to test; remove SIM, boot phone, turn on GPS, see how long it takes to get lock (about 15-20 minutes)14:54
buZzJuesto: then place SIM, boot phone, switch to offline, turn on GPS, and see how much faster it gets a lock (within 1 minute)14:55
Juestocan't you disable gps/network location?14:55
buZzGSM requires the celltowers to know how far its connected peers are14:55
WizzupbuZz: are you sure this is true wrt gps?14:56
Wizzupthat's not really my experience14:56
buZztry it out Wizzup :) it amazed me aswell14:56
Wizzupwell, I have a sim14:56
buZzno sim -> lock takes forever14:56
Wizzupand it usually takes a long time14:56
buZzsim & offline -> lock happens fast14:56
Wizzuponly when the supl server works it's decent fast14:56
Wizzupok, hang on14:56
WizzupI misread14:57
buZzsomeone in here linked me to a article describing this GSM behaviour14:57
buZzbut i didnt bookmark it ;(14:57
Juestoperhaps is in your history buzz14:59
buZzmy history is too big to search :D14:59
Juestoyou can try logs if you remember when14:59
buZzirclogs are for narcs14:59
buZzi dont like to criminalize other people by having logs on my computer when the popo bust me15:00
buZzi SUGGEST you share the same sentiment ;)15:00
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Juestothere's an online irclog :/15:00
buZzyeah thats quite horrible aswell15:00
buZzi cant change the world, only people15:00
parazydirc is unencrypted anyway15:01
Juestoi see15:01
WizzupI'm so looking forward to devuan with h-d15:01
Juestoconvince gedeminas to delete logs :D15:01
buZzWizzup: i have a new device i'd like to have that on :)15:01
Wizzupwhich one15:01
buZz <--15:01
parazydthe droid4 seems like quite a good upgrade hardware-wise15:01
buZzsony vaio ux280p15:01
Wizzupparazyd: non replacable battery :(15:01
WizzupbuZz: ha!15:01
buZz(i dont have xp on it)15:01
parazydbuZz: ooh!15:01
WizzupbuZz: does it run starcraft? ;)15:02
buZzWizzup: totally15:02
parazydlooks massive15:02
buZzits a core1solo 1.2ghz with 1gb ram15:02
buZzparazyd: 4.5" screen15:02
WizzupI really wish I could get the starcraft version from the pandora without the touch control hacks15:02
buZzWizzup: ask the porter ;)15:02
Wizzupyeah, well, I tried that15:02
Juestoor undo the hacks yourself15:03
Wizzupand yes, the droid4 seems fun hw upgrade wise, mostly just ram and cpu15:03
WizzupJuesto: there is no source15:03
buZzWizzup: just ask notaz nicely :)15:05
buZzhe's usually quite kind15:05
buZzhe mentions having made C source and compiled it against arm-winelib15:05
buZzso i guess that source does exist -somewhere-15:05
WizzupbuZz: yes, on his machine15:08
WizzupI don't have my logs handy, but I think I asked him for source and some wine patches15:08
WizzupI don't think he was too keen on sharing it, perhaps b/c of blizzard15:08
buZzthe wine patches are in his repo15:09
buZzWizzup: maybe play on his empathy, or ask him to make a binary for you with the features you need15:10
WizzupbuZz: sweet @ wine15:10
WizzupbuZz: yeah, well, it's not a priority right now15:11
Wizzupbut perhaps I can ask again15:11
buZz'my poor disabled 5 year old nephew can only play XXX on YYY and now we need ZZZ but without source we cant fix it for him, dont make his last 2 years on earth be without starcraft'15:11
buZzsoceng 10115:11
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WizzupbuZz: how long does that vaio device last15:27
buZzi dont have a battery for it yet, but going by other ppl; 1.5hr on 'normal' battery, 3hr on 'extended'15:28
WizzupI see15:28
buZztypical for 2006 portable machine , i think15:28
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freemangordonhi guys, been on a holiday for a week, if anybody pinged me, please do it again20:55
Wizzupfreemangordon: hope you enjoyed it20:56
Wizzup12:38 < Wizzup> 12:36 < KatolaZ> will try to adapt releasebot to drive jenkins from scorsh20:56
Wizzup12:38 < Wizzup> 12:36 < KatolaZ> we should be able to test builds in a couple of days20:56
Wizzup12:38 < Wizzup> 12:36 < KatolaZ> at the latest20:56
Wizzup12:38 < Wizzup> freemangordon: ^^20:56
freemangordonWizzup: thanks20:57
Wizzupfreemangordon: that translates to: almost ready20:57
WizzupI think parazyd asked about the state of the maemo side of the infra20:57
freemangordonI guess I need to pester xes to see what is the progress with the VM20:58
Wizzupwell, he asked today21:02
Wizzupno response21:02
Wizzup13:25 < parazyd> freemangordon: about the repository for these builds. do we have anything in place?21:02
Wizzup13:25 < parazyd> merlin1991: might also be related to you ^^21:02
freemangordonxes: ^^^21:02
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freemangordonWizzup: re enjoying my holiday - I was in the most flooded place of all the Chalkidiki, in Thallata camp, next to the village of Kalamitsi ;)21:15
WizzupAh, greece. Prefer it to the east side of the country?21:23
freemangordonway better sea, people, the whole feeling is like... like it was 30 years ago on "our" sea. But it was ruined since then.21:25
WizzupInteresting, you find the better places in greece then21:28
freemangordonthere are lots of wild or semi-wild beaches all over the place21:28
freemangordonwhich fits perfectly to me and my GF camping addiction :)21:29
freemangordonhowever this time it was a little bit extreme21:30
freemangordonour tent was half a meter under water :)21:30
freemangordonbut fortunately salewa know their job pretty well21:31
freemangordonjust one broken pole21:32
WizzupAh, so you actually meant flooded as in with water. Wow21:34
WizzupI thought you meant flooded with tourists. ;)21:34
freemangordonno, water.21:36
WizzupWell, that makes for good story telling I guess. If your stuff isn't damaged...21:37
Wizzupisn't too*21:37
freemangordonnot too much, just a little losses, nothing important21:41
freemangordonand we are well, which is the most important21:41
freemangordonthe other people didn't go that well with their belongings, about 20 or so cars were over the roof with water21:42
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