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dreamerhmm, not sure if to install bash3 or bash4-opt14:42
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dreameroh, apparently I already have bash4? odd14:47
dreamerhow to replace the default with it then?14:53
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nita001Is there anyone ?15:12
nita001Here :)15:13
nita001Hello :)15:13
nita001I have a problem15:13
nita001I was going to veiw your website but15:14
nita001It won't let me15:14
WikiwideHi :-)  dreamer was speaking just half an hour ago. What problem?15:14
Wikiwide or or or ?15:14
nita001Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist.15:15
nita001I am not using any15:15
WikiwideAh, okay. TMO... I think chem|st_ would know more about it?15:16
nita001Same thing on all those links15:16
WikiwideI don't remember exactly how it goes, but let's hope techstaff is awake?15:16
nita001Thank you :)15:17
WikiwideNo problem :-)  Going to TMO right now to see if it has some guide about blocked IPs15:17
nita001I'm using an AT&T based Cricket wireless phone15:19
buZzwhat website?15:19
nita001A wanted to see the sailfish OS on tablets thread15:19
buZzbetter use a proxy then :P15:19
WikiwideHmm. Feel free to write down your IP, as well as any relevant info.15:19
Wikiwidexes knows how TMO anti-spam plugins (blocking by IP and such) work15:21
nita001Ok thank you15:22
Wikiwide/me is just going to randomly highlight relevant (going by , for example ) people, in hopes that the IP block can be removed15:23
buZzor just get a new ip? :P15:23
nita001VPN ?15:23
buZzno, its just dhcp15:24
buZzrelease & renew ;)15:24
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nita001On a cell phone ? How ?15:27
buZzno clue, isnt it just running unix?15:27
buZzlike everything nowadays? :P15:27
* buZz doesnt use cellphones15:27
nita001Ok talaltam ipconfig appet15:30
WikiwideIf it's WiFi, you can probably ask modem to somehow change IP (reboot the modem? Or something? ). If it's cellular internet... No idea whatsoever.15:30
Wikiwideipconfig, nice :-)15:30
buZzsee, unix15:32
buZzifconfig, i bet ;)15:32
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nita001Oh :) ok megvan15:35
nita001Network reset15:36
nita001Thank you15:36
nita001Have a wonderful day thanks for everything15:36
sicelowhich text mode browser do you recommend?15:39
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nita002Thanks again15:41
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Enrico_Menottifreemangordon Hello. I have tried now and again in the last few days to build the gtk+ with your patches, by apt-get sourcing the original package, extracting it, and copying in the resulting directory your debian directory. It doesn't build (something missing). I noticed the patches are not applied. Tried quilt push -a, but says "No series file found."16:38
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