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VajbKotCzarny: the guru of commandline. Is it possible to write simple shell script that checks certain cell from .gnumeric file. Multiplies that value and adjusts its functions based to get value. And after succesful ran writes results to same .gnumeric file?08:25
Vajbhmm i guess im asking if it is possible to get value from .gnumeric file and write values to it. By using shell script.08:27
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KotCzarnyyes, assuming .gnumeric uses text and not binary packed format08:34
KotCzarnyotherwise you would have to write decoder/encoder08:34
KotCzarnyif you can pastebin some example file it would be easier to say08:34
Vajbi don't know which file type it uses, but it is default maemo spread sheet program08:35
KotCzarnydo you have some example file?08:36
Vajbit is just a thought now and i wanted to ask if it is even possible08:36
Vajbi don't08:36
KotCzarnyseems like there are scripts for that already08:38
KotCzarnybut if you simply want to hackily change the data set, awk will probably do it, or python, or perl, or php-cli08:40
Vajboh. I'll check them to see if they r understandable for me. I managed to make script that asks for user input and it works!08:40
KotCzarnyand treat things like text with some predefined boundaries08:40
KotCzarnyscripts are fun08:40
KotCzarnyusually i write a script if i have to do something more than once (ie. data is repetitive)08:41
Vajbyes i like them too. I use them mostly to avoid writing wrong commands08:42
KotCzarnyyup, that too08:42
KotCzarnyextremely important ;)08:42
Vajbhmm meant long, but works that way too08:42
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sixwheeledbeastIs you data already have in a spreadsheet and that is why you need to read the spreadsheet?11:08
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Vajbsixwheeledbeast: there would be just one value for script to read and then the script itself would input three different fields in file11:23
sixwheeledbeastMaybe consider if doing the work in the spreadsheet is easier than doing the work in the script then.11:27
Vajbyes, that's where i do it now, but since i need the script for part of the work. I though that script could do all the heavy lifting while i just pick the cherries :)11:30
sixwheeledbeastThat ssconvert looks useful tho. What is the spreadsheet not doing at the moment?11:31
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Vajbsleeping certain amount of time and using espeak to guide me11:43
Vajbto sum it up simply. Spreadsheet is my training log and script is my interwall timer.11:47
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sixwheeledbeastAh yes, sorry espeak12:54
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WikiwideSaera : I can type text in, and receive text-and-speech responses. But Saera doesn't hear me. Even if I have General (not Silent) profile.14:49
WikiwideDuring the last two or three day, N900 has tendency to shut down suddenly (without LED pattern) in the middle of phone call. Or just say "cellular network not available". Or indicate that SIM isn't inserted. Makes phonecalls a pain, sometimes. Not always, fortunately. Is it hardware problem or software one?14:58
KotCzarnydying modem?15:02
KotCzarnydid it ever boot with yellow 'cellular functions not available' ?15:02
L29AhWikiwide: sounds like your battery is dead15:05
KotCzarnythat's also a possibility15:06
L29Ahgsm voice calls are the biggest power hog if you don't compile gentoo on your n90015:06
L29Ahand voltage drops on an old liion cell with elevated internal resistance may be huge15:06
WikiwideBoot with "cellular functions not available"? No, I think. Dying battery? Probably, would need to check which one out of three (or so) correlates with these problems (modem is power hungry, did hear about this long ago somewhere).15:30
WikiwideAnd yes, I think that when I tire of such problems, I consistently switch to a different battery, and problems (however varied) go away.15:32
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buZzman, i'd love to trade a n900 with working modem for one with 100% dead modem :)15:55
buZzas long as wifi etc is still working15:55
* buZz tinfoil levels15:55
KotCzarnyhmm, i have one, want it? no display though15:55
buZzhmm i could transfer display of one of mine i guess :)15:56
KotCzarnyafair it was a donor for another n900 ;)15:56
buZzpoland eh? not too bad for shipping :)15:57
KotCzarnyi think shipping something to south africa was ~5usd15:58
KotCzarnybubble envelope ;)15:58
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L29Ahreceived a parcel from china yesterday16:00
buZzpm'd ;)16:00
L29Aha couple of wires, paid $1 for it including shipping16:00
L29Ahi wonder if china tries to ddos the global mail system16:01
buZzi ordered a ~250 usd electromotor from china with UPS16:03
buZztracking was completely nonfunctional until it was in netherlands16:03
buZzmakes me suspect they brought it as handluggage on a plane, and just ship it inside .nl16:03
buZzto avoid customs :P (was quite effective)16:03
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Vajbi have a dumb question. With tish command "echo "$response * 0.1" | bc" i get the result of multiplication of my set value, but im struggling to get that script to read and use that value21:42
Vajbi've tried > $result, but i just got complain of missing directory21:44
L29Ahgoogle about the posix shell syntax21:44
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ravelobuZz: my n900 has the sim not found error21:52
ravelootherwise i's working21:52
KotCzarnyret=`echo "$response * 0.1"|bc`21:54
KotCzarnyecho $ret21:54
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VajbKotCzarny: sleep: invalid number '9.0'22:01
Vajbbut at least it passes the number at the right place :)22:01
KotCzarnywant good solution or hacky solution?22:01
Vajbwell i would like to understand how this works22:02
KotCzarnysome sleep versions accept floats22:02
KotCzarnyif you have busybox you can try: busybox sleep 9.022:02
Vajbso it seems maemo's version doesn't22:02
ravelobuZz, I'd like to send you mine22:03
Vajbhmm lemme try bash22:03
Vajbsame thing with bash22:03
KotCzarnygot busybox?22:04
Vajbok so float number is not supported22:04
Vajbbusybox is default?22:05
Vajbit is 1.1022:05
KotCzarnythen try: busybox sleep 1.522:06
Vajbinvalid number22:07
L29Ahall the shells are notoriously bad at floating point math22:09
L29Ahbc is the usual savior22:09
L29Ahor dc if you're into rpn22:10
Vajbim reading about rounding the number in bc22:11
KotCzarnyret=`echo "$response * 0.1"|bc|sed -e 's/\..*$//'`22:12
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KotCzarnythat's hacky solution22:12
KotCzarnyequivalent to floor()22:12
L29AhKotCzarny: i was about to suggest this but you need to add 0.5 to the result first22:12
KotCzarnyret=`echo "0.5+($response * 0.1)"|bc|sed -e 's/\..*$//'`22:13
Vajbwhy 0.5 needs to be added?22:16
KotCzarnyotherwise you get always floor()22:16
KotCzarnyie 0.1..0.9 -> 022:16
Vajbk now it works22:18
Vajbi spent few hours trying to figure this out on my own22:19
KotCzarnythat's good, you've learned much during that time22:20
KotCzarnyeven if you didnt solve it22:20
Vajbyeah i hope :D22:21
Vajbso, what ret is about?22:23
Vajbor it is just used as in my case?22:23
Vajbi mean does it have other funtions or use cases22:23
KotCzarnyit's just for showing how to populate a variable22:24
KotCzarnysome_variable=$( echo "0.5+($response * 0.1)"|bc|sed -e 's/\..*$//' )22:24
KotCzarnyyou can also use it directly ie: sleep $( ... )22:24
Vajboh, that's cool22:25
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