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Sicelowell ... Zungo was right about Windows .. i connected it to a machine in the office (but i have no admin permissions on it, so can't install Odin)00:17
ZungoOdin is not something you install sicelo00:17
Sicelobut this windows thing is making me wonder if i want to go ahead with this ROM business00:17
Zungoits just an app00:18
Zungoyou'd also want to have a stock rom too00:18
Zungoin case of problems00:18
Zungoor giving away00:18
Siceloand windows00:18
Zungorestoring stock also resets the tamper flag00:18
Sicelothat's the hard part00:19
Zungoyeah, heimdal is beta00:19
Zungoyou need admin for devices communication also00:19
Zungoone more thing00:19
Sicelostill doesn't explain why the phone is not detected on linux ...00:19
Zungocheck your usb filter00:19
Zungothat might00:19
Zungotried another computer with linux?00:20
Siceloi think i'll remain on stock. the samsung's job is whatsapp only anyway00:20
SiceloZungo: yes, pc and laptop00:20
Zungotouchwiz sucks00:20
Zungoyou maybe want to use odin once to root it00:20
Zungoand remove knox00:20
Zungoand bloat00:20
Siceloyou say odin doesn't need install?00:20
Zungoits a leaked app00:21
Siceloand what's a leaked app?00:21
Zungobut it does require admin privileges because of driver interaction00:21
ZungoOdin is leaked software00:21
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Zungoit's a internal samsung tool00:21
Siceloso yes .. i can't run it on the windows machine i tested on00:21
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DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: settings developer options "allow kernel unlock" or somesuch, maybe?00:22
ZungoDocScrutinizer05: that's only on 6.0 onwards or something00:23
Zungoand he tried a windows machine which worked00:23
DocScrutinizer05yep, possible00:23
Zungosamsung S4 gets no more updates00:23
Zungolatest stock rom is 5.0.100:23
Zungobased on*00:23
DocScrutinizer05meh, spare me from android shit00:23
Sicelowell device manager showed it in windows. no idea if it would have worked, although i guess it would have00:24
Zungoand the option is called allow oem unlock00:24
DocScrutinizer05my evaluation device refused adb, until I reset-factory00:24
Zungosicelo it worked probably worked00:24
DocScrutinizer05some dunnowhich rogue-fuckapp messed it up00:24
ZungoDocScrutinizer05: something happened or the usb development setting got disabled00:24
Zungousb development is not enabled by default00:25
Siceloand people still say android is linux ... :-/00:25
Zungoalso adbd is not always running00:25
DocScrutinizer05no, been enabled. I checked everything 5 times with experts doublechecking00:25
Zungoand re-enabling it?00:25
DocScrutinizer05believe me, it been fucked up00:25
Zungowell certainly that's a odd issue00:26
DocScrutinizer05this shit device is absolutely un-rootable (so far)00:26
Sicelowhat device was it DocScrutinizer05?00:26
DocScrutinizer05Cat S6000:26
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SiceloZungo: i will try someone tomorrow who's got a Windows computer. if not, i'll have to get one of the admins at work on monday to let me install :p00:28
Zungosicelo: it's not installable, you need admin privileges to do the flashing00:28
Siceloyes, that00:28
Zungoit's not a program you install00:28
Zungoah ok00:28
Zungoso get all the files ready00:29
Siceloyes i have everything (as far as i understand) ..00:29
Siceloi have twrp, and the ROM i want to install.00:29
SiceloGearCM 13 seems to be the best thing out there for the Exynos S4. you can let me know if there's better00:30
Zungoonce you flash recovery you're done with odin, make sure to delete /system/etc/install-recovery.sh00:30
Zungoi should check that out00:30
Zungoor maybe not, i left the phone stock and i gave it away00:31
Zungoits still around but now i have a nexus 5x00:31
SiceloZungo: don't i need it to also flash the ROM?00:31
Zungoodin only does tar files00:32
Zungotar files containing .imgs with the partition names00:32
Zungofor zips you use recovery00:32
Siceloso wait - the TWRP i have is .img :-/00:32
Siceloshould i tar it up?00:33
Zungorename it recovery.img and tar it00:33
Zungothat should work00:33
Zungoisnt there a tar version on the website?00:33
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Zungothe samsung tars are a bit odd, 7-zip reports wrong eol00:33
Zungobad eol*00:34
Zungounexpected eol**00:34
Siceloum .. wrong link00:34
Sicelono tar there00:34
Zungogo up a directory00:35
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Zungosicelo, there is00:36
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Sicelook i see it.00:36
Zungothey DO make tar versions of the recovery00:36
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Siceloso i flash this with odin00:37
Sicelonext? i presume i flash my rom .. which i guess can be done in TWRP? rom file has to be on SD? file format?00:37
Sicelothe rom i downloaded came as a zip file,, which comes from
Zungoyou cant boot back to touchwiz until /system/etc/ is deleted or the rom is flashed00:40
Zungogearcm is cm12.1, mind00:40
Zungonot 1300:40
Siceloam i able to delete that from twrp? or something else is needed?00:40
Zungoyes, in fact twrp should tell you about it when exiting it00:41
Zungoyou also need google drivers on windows for using adb in twrp00:41
Zungojust in case00:41
Zungowell not sure about twrp but that was the case with CM00:41
Siceloi for sure hope it will still at least let me use adb on linux lol. otherwise ..00:41
Sicelolooks like the later version of gearcm is cm13 .. unless i didn't understand something00:42
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: aiui all you need on linux is adb and fastboot01:02
DocScrutinizer05both are pretty basic and should work flalessly whe run as root01:03
SiceloZungo: recommendations for what i should replace touchwiz with?01:10
Zungoi am not sure01:11
Zungocm should be great choice for a pure android experience, sicelo01:11
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freemangordonPali: the more I look at maemo code, the less I wonder why it was not opened in its whole :(
freemangordonplease, somebody fix that and make a pull request, it should be easy12:23
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ovaltine_hi all14:11
ovaltine_i have a old n900, i wanted to know what repositories are people using these days14:11
ovaltine_i was thinking since its been years that I have updated it, there must be some repos outdated or closed and maybe there  r new ones that the community setup14:12
ovaltine_so let me know thanks14:12
KotCzarnycssu most notably14:12
KotCzarnyif you missed that14:12
ovaltine_yes i missed14:12
infobotfrom memory, cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)14:12
ovaltine_also i am not using the cssu rom, i have the last nokia rom that they released that had some security bug fixed, dont know maybe it was related to ssl or what, many years back14:13
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KotCzarnyyou definitely want cssu then14:15
KotCzarnyas cssu is not a rom, but kind of repos14:15
ovaltine_who is paying for tmo to keep it hosted and all?14:20
KotCzarnymaemo foundation14:20
ovaltine_is it all community members?14:20
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bencohyou still need mirrors for the old nokia repositories though14:29
bencoh(since a few things still depend on those)14:29
KotCzarnybencoh, its explained in article14:29
bencohoh? neat14:30
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KotCzarnymiasma: point is, they could've done better for the same price, ie. better usb-sata chip and use box as a big radiator15:39
KotCzarnyeh. echan.15:39
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Enrico_MenottiIs there a way to get a verbose output from NOLO?16:44
KotCzarnyyes, use debug uart16:45
Enrico_MenottiSo I need some hardware...16:46
KotCzarnyquick tip: it's not that easy to get proper hw16:46
Enrico_MenottiIn fact, I was wondering whether there was some log file with NOLO's output.16:47
KotCzarnyhave some fun:
Enrico_MenottiOk, so basically I think I can't do that (at least for the moment).16:50
Enrico_MenottiSo let me tell you what I am doing (as usual, I'm experimenting). I'm trying to boot a standard Linux distribution. It's just a test. I have found that mainline kernel has some capabilities for the N900. I tried with the OMAP2plus conif file, and built the kernel. Now I'd try to upload it by Nokia's flasher (upload, not flash). I have been able to do that with Rescue OS's kernel. But no sign of life (with standard16:53
Enrico_Menotti Linux).16:53
Enrico_Menotti*config file16:54
Enrico_MenottiSo I was thinking about NOLO's log to understand whether something was happening or not.16:54
KotCzarnysee instructions on
KotCzarnyif you missed something16:55
Enrico_MenottiI have read that page. Let me check again.16:55
KotCzarnysee u-boot paragraph16:56
Enrico_MenottiOk, it'd like to avoid using u-boot for the moment. I already installed it and in the end bricked the device (not caused by u-boot), and it's been a hard task to unbrick it.16:58
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Enrico_MenottiI'd like to use the flasher-3.5 as it is outlined in the instructions for Rescue OS.16:58
Enrico_Menotti(To upload and boot.)16:59
Enrico_MenottiProbably I'm missing the modules. But I'd like to understand whether the kernel is booting at all.17:04
DocScrutinizer05~tell ovaltine_ about lazyflashing17:31
DocScrutinizer05~tell ovaltine_ about BM17:32
DocScrutinizer05~tell ovaltine_ about jrrepos17:32
DocScrutinizer05~tell ovaltine_ about jrtools17:32
KotCzarnyhe doesnt want flashing, he wants to experiment17:32
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: ((it's been a hard task to unbrick it)) WHAT?17:36
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Enrico_MenottiWell, I was unable to reflash it after having installed u-boot. I don't give the cause to u-boot - I had messed up some file in Maemo's file system. But in any case, the flasher wasn't recognising the N900 at the usb port.17:38
DocScrutinizer05in a chain x-y-z you played with y and nuked it and you found it a hard task to regain it using x (which it is evidently not), so you prefer to play with x now (NOLO) which you don't even know the mystery (coldflashing) you need to use for fixing it?17:39
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Enrico_MenottiCold flashing was not working anymore.17:40
Enrico_MenottiNow it's ok - this happened a few weeks ago.17:40
DocScrutinizer05coldflashing was not needed in your case17:40
Enrico_MenottiIt was my first trials with this device - I did not know what I was risking.17:41
DocScrutinizer05and coldflashing is only brickable with a sledge hammer, it's in ROMBOOT17:41
Enrico_MenottiOk, maybe cold flashing was working, but I could not flash the device with the usual chain eMMC image - FIASCO image.17:42
DocScrutinizer05you did it wrong17:42
infobothmm... maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing17:42
DocScrutinizer05has it *ALL*, since ages17:43
Enrico_MenottiMaybe, but in the end, if I remember the details, I had to flash just the kernel.17:43
DocScrutinizer05well, good luck.17:43
Enrico_MenottiIn any case, now that's not so relevant anymore, since it's an issue solved. A couple of days ago I also reflashed the whole thing with stock eMMC and FIASCO image, and it's working properly. I followed the instructions on the page you linked right now.17:44
Enrico_Menotti(Including removing the battery in-between the two flashes.)17:45
DocScrutinizer05it seems you're one of those curious users that are determined to do learning by try&error, not bothering about verifying the assumptions your experiments are based on17:45
DocScrutinizer05for booting a kernel you need to provide a few environment items, often kernel commandline. make sure you understand how or even if at all you could adjust this in NOLO to match what your kernel needs17:47
Enrico_MenottiWell, the problem is not that I don't want to verify my assumptions. The problem is that I found a bit difficult to find a comprehensive documentation about what I was trying to do. Let me explain: at the beginning, I did not know about, neither about this channel on IRC. I just tried. Now I'm step by step checking what I do.17:48
DocScrutinizer05hint: on OMAP3 kernel it seems it's ATAGS not kernel cmdline17:48
DocScrutinizer05let me help you out a little bit maybe17:49
DocScrutinizer05the absolute basics:
DocScrutinizer05on N900 Nokia called their version of uBoot "NOLO"17:50
Enrico_MenottiAh, did not know it's a version of uBoot. I know NOLO is a bootloader, but I thought it was just developed by Nokia.17:51
DocScrutinizer05the maemo implementation of uBoot by pali is a combined uBoot+kernel in one "package" that gets loaded by NOLO as if it was a kernel but executes a 2nd layer uBoot that can do all the awesome things a uBoot is meant to be able to do17:51
infobotN900 uBoot is a siamese twin binary [uBoot+stockMaemoKernel] that resides in kernel NAND partition /dev/mtd3 aka "kernel". You can't uninstall it, rather you'll nuke it when you flash/install another kernel like stock maemo kernel or powerkernel. To start other than stock maemo kernel via uBoot, you have to provide the according kernel image files, or
Enrico_MenottiOk, I already read something about this.17:53
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Enrico_MenottiNow for the moment I'd avoid flashing again u-Boot. I'd just want to understand how to put standard Linux kernel in a format suitable to be uploaded (not flashed) and booted by the flasher-3.5.17:54
DocScrutinizer05maemo by default has kernel in "an own partition" (on NAND). Pali's maemo-uBoot either loads the stock kernel other siamese half it comes with, or you load kernel.bzimage whatever the name, which can live in maemo rootfs or on eMMC or uSD in a file17:56
DocScrutinizer05to boot a kernel from NOLO you need special kernel patches aiui, to fix the atags/cmdline thing17:57
Paliuboot cannot load kernel image from maemo rootfs (nand, ubifs) due to huge size of code needed for red-black tree implementation17:58
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Paliso nand+ubifs is disabled for n900 uboot... as there is no more place in nand for it17:58
Paliand no special kernel patches are needed to boot directy from nolo17:59
DocScrutinizer05hah, now we have an expert here! \o/ thanks Pali :-)17:59
Enrico_MenottiPali As it is done in Rescue OS documentation, right? flasher-3.5 -b"<arguments>"18:00
DocScrutinizer05>>put standard Linux kernel in a format suitable to be uploaded (not flashed)<<  alternative kernels are not flashed, they are files in a filesystem and uBoot loads them like on your x86 arch pc18:06
DocScrutinizer05so if your concern is about avoiding the flashing of kernels, you don't need to use the rather intricate RAM load from flasher18:08
DocScrutinizer05see, Pali's uBoot(+stock kernel) replaces the 'Kernel' in that scheme, allowing you to either boot the attached stock kernel OR boot alternative kernels and thus OS from kernel image files you provide on e.g. uSD18:11
DocScrutinizer05uBoot is tested and works, no issues with that18:11
DocScrutinizer05using RAMloaded initrd based alternative kernel is needlessly complicated and not worth anything regarding safety of the procedure18:13
bencoh(that would actually depends on the system you're trying to boot ... in some cases you need some initrd for rootfs to become available)18:14
DocScrutinizer05well, we are talking about N900. Or what's meant by "system"?18:15
bencohn900 with rootfs sitting on a dmcrypt device would require cryptsetup at boot, for instance18:16
DocScrutinizer05also note that initrd is a parameter to kernel telling kernel what to load and execute, it's one step later than loading kernel18:16
DocScrutinizer05we're talking about loading kernel right now, so initrd or not is not even a issue at that stage18:17
Enrico_MenottiDocScrutinizer05 Right. I could flash u-boot and use that as a loader. But for the moment I'd like to try directly from NOLO. Maybe that's not possible. However, it is done with Rescue OS. I'd like to understand how.18:19
DocScrutinizer05>>I'd just want to understand how to put standard Linux kernel in a format suitable to be uploaded (not flashed) and booted by the flasher-3.5<<18:19
DocScrutinizer05that's documented in rescueOS, why don't you check that and learn how it works?18:21
DocScrutinizer05I don't understand what's the use to learn about RAMloaded kernel before you got your kernel booting 'in a normal way', but... that's pretty much up to you18:22
Enrico_MenottiWell, there is something about the initrd, as it has been pointed out to me by NIN101, but I did not find the procedure for the kernel. Apart from the flasher-3.5 -b"<parameters>". Maybe I did not check well enough.18:23
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DocScrutinizer05anyway >>I tried with the OMAP2plus conif file, and built the kernel. Now I'd try to upload it by Nokia's flasher (upload, not flash)<< sounds like a pretty poor approach to me, mixing two unrelated problems A and B (aka ramload and new kernel) that both have many possible issues causing the whole thing to fail. A good approach is to first try make one part work (your new kernel loaded via uBoot), and only after that's accomplished try to18:29
DocScrutinizer05accomplish the other part, maybe even with a known good unrelated part (try ramloading a kernel that is *known* to work)18:29
Enrico_MenottiRescue OS kernel works, e.g. (RAMloaded). Yes, I should check the new kernel by another procedure, but that would require to flash u-boot, and I'd like to avoid that for now.18:32
bencohwhy not, I'd say? booting a new kernel directly from flasher does seem simpler, and should just work, I'd say18:36
Enrico_MenottiJust because I'd like not to flash anything on the device for now. As I said, I had to struggle quite a lot for reflashing it.18:36
bencohand it requires one less step (updating kernel in emmc/microsd)18:36
Enrico_Menottibencoh Yes, this is my opinion.18:36
bencohEnrico_Menotti: you should still flash uboot nonetheless, btw ... even if you don't need it for what you're trying to achieve right now18:37
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: this proves you lack the knowledge to handle simple scenarios, so you try to avoid the problems in simple scenarios by opting for a complex scenario. doesn't make sense. There is no problem at all in installing uBoot18:37
bencohDocScrutinizer05: I don't see how running flasher should be a complex scenario18:38
Enrico_MenottiYes, that's my point as well.18:38
bencohI mean, we have two working implementations of it18:39
bencohthey're both well tested18:39
bencohand require no device modification18:39
DocScrutinizer05oh yeah, ramloading a system seems sooo simple. It just doesn't work with my leete new stuff so PLZ HELP!18:39
Enrico_MenottiOk, the fact I don't know how to do it doesn't mean it is not simple, in my opinion. It's a lack of knowledge from my side, not a higher complexity of the problem. This is my humble opinion.18:41
DocScrutinizer05and what makes you think your lack of knowledge would be a minor obstacle when it comes to a very süpecial procedure that's rarely ever used and thus not widely tested and only few experts and documents available to help you out?18:45
Enrico_MenottiYes, this is true as well. If I can't find out how to do it this way, I'll do the other way. But first I'd try to understand how this way works. (And it works at least for one system, Rescue OS.)18:47
DocScrutinizer05you want to avoid problems form lack of knowledge how to fix a fsckd up uBoot config (which is a very well known issue easily fixed and you can find a dozen answers to any question you have with it), and you decide the best way is to use a method that basically only Pali, nin101 and fmg have used on a regular basis18:48
bencohDocScrutinizer05: and pretty much everyone that has been using rescueOS (?)18:49
DocScrutinizer05no, those USED it but don't necessarily understand shit of how it works18:49
DocScrutinizer05let me just point out that it's based on NOLO which in turn isn't FOSS like uBoot18:51
DocScrutinizer05NOLO and flasher18:51
DocScrutinizer05don't know if Pali inverstigated it and implemented it into 0xffff18:51
Enrico_MenottiWell, if they may help me, I hope Pali and NIN101 will do. Don't want to disturb too much, however.18:52
bencohhe did (implement kernel loading in 0xffff)18:53
DocScrutinizer05nin101 already helped you,pointing you to his stuff how rescueOS works and how to prepare the image to load18:53
DocScrutinizer05[2017-03-30 Thu 14:13:06] <NIN101>
Enrico_MenottiYes, I read it many times. I will google for "buildroot" and see what comes out.18:57
DocScrutinizer05>><Enrico_Menotti> So let me tell you what I am doing (as usual, I'm experimenting). I'm trying to boot a standard Linux distribution<< WONT WORK with intird!!! NOT ENOUGH RAM!18:58
DocScrutinizer05you're aware why it's called initRamDisk? because it takes away RAM from system to store files in it that are usually stored on e.g. BABD or eMMC or uSD19:00
DocScrutinizer05NAND, not babd19:00
DocScrutinizer05and btw no normal user would refer to installation of uBoot as "flashing", it's a normal package install from user perspective19:02
DocScrutinizer05this is not android where you need to flash custom ROM19:02
Enrico_MenottiThis is how I came to yesterday's problem of how to transfer files from my computer to the N900. I put the file system on the sd card. But what for the kernel? Without u-boot I cannot upload it from eMMC or sd card. I need to upload it to RAM by the flasher and boot it, right?19:04
DocScrutinizer05the eror lies in "without uboot"19:05
DocScrutinizer05not even trying to explain how you will run into further special customization need when trying to make your initrd pivotroot onto the system on uSD then. Or musing about if or if not flasher+NOLO can load kernel from uSD file instead uploading i19:09
DocScrutinizer05honestly what's so unbearably terrible about `apt-get install uboot-pr13` ?19:11
Enrico_MenottiAs I said, if I can't avoid it, I will do it.19:12
DocScrutinizer05and yes, to get rid of it in case you messed up completely (hard to imagine how you'd do that) you simply flash stock kernel and everything back to normal, which is a nobrainer just like the installation19:12
DocScrutinizer05Pali: when uboot missing its config files, would it break or simply boot straight into default aka stock kernel?19:14
Paliuboot has hardcoded in its binary some defaults19:15
DocScrutinizer05ta! :-)19:15
Paliwhich are used when boomenu.src file is not available19:15
Paliso yes, it boots default attached kernel19:15
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: see, it's basically impossible to break uboot19:16
Palicorrect package is u-boot-flasher:
Enrico_MenottiThe first time, I flashed everything ok, installed u-boot, messed up, and then I was unable to boot stock kernel. Nor normally flash the device. I also ended up with empty battery. Pali and NIN101 helped me in order to boot rescue OS from the sd card. This allowed charging the battery. Then I had to flash just the kernel, if I remember it right, and then I was able to flash normally.19:19
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: anyway, you can;t boot omap2plus_defconfig build kernel iirc19:19
freemangordoncheck the one on Pali's tree on github19:20
infobot[elinux] or the Embedded Linux project. cross compilers. build systems, hardware hacking etc.19:20
DocScrutinizer05>>The first time, I flashed everything ok, installed u-boot,<< ok, so far >>messed up<< whatever you did, it been most likely because of lack of experience and info  >>and then I was unable to boot stock kernel<< well, quite possible if you installed another kernel the wrong way  >>Nor normally flash the device.<< PEBCAK19:21
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon This is something in fact I would like to understand. Maybe I did the wrong thing in choosing mainline kernel. But there is a branch dedicated to the N900. And it's incorporated into the mainline. I tried to make that config file and then make menuconfig. Seems there are options for the N900.19:22
DocScrutinizer05>>I also ended up with empty battery<< which is clearly PEBCAK since you been warned a dozen times at least during your study of docs and howtos that you need a fully charged battery before you mess around with the system in any way. And you shouldn't let system run in a bootloop for hours19:23
bencohDocScrutinizer05: I honestly don't think this is helping19:24
DocScrutinizer05It helps correct user attitude that dispises uBoot based on unrelated bad experience19:25
Enrico_MenottiDocScrutinizer05 What's that acronym PEBCAK? Sorry, I'm a poor Italian. :)19:26
DocScrutinizer05~wtf pebcak19:26
infobotGee...  I don't know what pebcak means...19:26
DocScrutinizer05~wtf peblac19:26
infobotGee...  I don't know what peblac means...19:26
DocScrutinizer05~wtf pebkac19:26
infobotPEBKAC: problem exists between keyboard and chair19:26
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: get rx51_defconfig from pali's tree on github (the one for linux 4.9) amd us that config with mainline kernel19:28
DocScrutinizer05*and use19:28
freemangordonmainline has no branch dedicated to n900 last time I've checked19:28
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: yep, thanks19:28
*** tryagain has quit IRC19:29
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: thanks for chiming in. experts urgently needed here to make happy a user eager to learn and no hood docs around19:30
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: freemangordon: thanks for chiming in. experts urgently needed here to make happy a user eager to learn and no good docs around19:30
freemangordonPali: did you see the issue I opened against libhildonfm?19:30
*** vahe has quit IRC19:30
Paliyes, but did not have time look at it deeply..19:31
Pali(now reading PDF spec and playing with generating PDF files... :-))19:31
DocScrutinizer05malware pdfs? ;-P19:32
bencohand sha stuff? :*19:32
freemangordonwell, the fix should be trivial, I may take on it these days if I find some spare time19:32
bencohfreemangordon: you mean, removing const attributes?19:32
Enrico_MenottiDocScrutinizer05 Referring to the PEBKAC, I won't take this as an insult. I'm just trying to learn. But as bencoh said, this is not helping.19:32
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon About the defconfig file, I will try, thanks.19:33
freemangordonbencoh: not only that, see
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: wasn't an insult. I appreciate you want to learn. FOSS people and particularly me olf fart are sounding grumpy often when trying to convey facts as compressed as possible19:33
bencohfreemangordon: I suppose you're not referring to the fact that this is an awfully long name for a function :D19:34
freemangordonbencoh: total = _("sfil_va_total_size_removable_storage"); and next 2 lines should be total =g_strdup( _("sfil_va_total_size_removable_storage")); IIUC19:34
bencohhm, could be yeah19:35
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: you have a dislike of uBoot which lets you make not very wide decisions about how to proceed which will lead to more similar negative experience like you laready had in unrelated contect of uboot19:35
DocScrutinizer05s/wide /wise/19:35
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: Enrico_Menotti: you have a dislike of uBoot which lets you make not very wisedecisions about how to proceed which will lead to more similar negative experience like you laready had in unrelated contect of uboot19:35
freemangordonbencoh: because we have g_free(total); couple of lines down ;)19:35
bencohfreemangordon: haven't played much with glib/gtk recently19:35
freemangordon_() macro resolves to dgettext()19:36
freemangordonbencoh: from man dgettext " The resulting string is statically allocated and must not be modified or freed."19:36
freemangordonso the issue is way biger than just const modifier :)19:37
bencohI wonder if we really want to g_free19:37
* freemangordon checks with gtranslate :)19:37
freemangordonyeah, double g19:37
freemangordonbencoh: yes, we want, as hildon_format_file_size_for_display allocates memory19:38
bencohsearching for "gtranslate" on google .... meh :)19:38
DocScrutinizer05PEBKAC is just a short term for "user did probably something wrong, maybe because of lack of good instructions or documentation, maybe because of a typo or whatever other oopsie that everybody does from time to time"19:38
bencoh(silly me)19:38
bencohah, in that case ...19:39
freemangordonat least this is how I read "This function is similar to g_format_file_size_for_display() "19:39
bencohhow did you stumble on that?19:39
freemangordonwhile porting libhildonfm from gnomevfs to gio19:40
bencohgtk3 port?19:40
freemangordonbut it should be the same/similar for gtk3 IMO19:41
*** chainsawbike has quit IRC19:42
Enrico_MenottiDocScrutinizer05 Ok, no pb. In any case at this point I will read about buildroot, which is used for the building of rescue OS. Also I may try with the defconfig by Pali . If none of these ways will be successful, I will install u-boot and try with that.19:42
DocScrutinizer05defconfig and uBoot/buildroot are orthogonal19:43
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: there is a bootable n900 devuan image with kernel 4.something (4.8 iirc)19:44
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: uimage
buZzi have devuan on a n900 :)19:44
DocScrutinizer05Pali and freemangordon are very experienced kernel devs who know their shit, when they tell you what works and what doesn't, i'd suggest to faithfully trust in their word :-)19:44
*** chainsawbike has joined #maemo19:44
buZzkinda nice but needs moar tweaks19:45
buZzstill havent implemented right-clicking for instance :P19:45
buZzi just debootstrapped plain though19:45
freemangordonbuZz: did you use parazyd's builder?19:45
buZzi used
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: odds are a lot of upstream N900 kernel stuff you find has been upstreamed by Pali and freemangordon19:46
freemangordonbuZz: yeah, that one19:46
freemangordonhmm, wait19:46
buZzworked well, kinda amazed at how nice it is to run devuan on this device19:47
freemangordonno, not that one19:47
buZzwell , thats the one i used :D19:47
freemangordonyeah, but there is a newer one :)19:47
freemangordonbuZz: see
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: when you got a kernel that is supposed to work according to freemangordon and you can't ramload it, nothing wrong with asking about it and get help :-)19:48
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: was that pointed to me?19:49
DocScrutinizer05oops sorry nope, ETAB19:49
buZzi might try it someday :)19:49
DocScrutinizer05Enrico_Menotti: ^^^19:49
freemangordonbuZz: the image ^^^ is build with it, albeit a couple of months ago19:49
* DocScrutinizer05 eventually will patch konversation to have two separate LRY stacks for tan nick expansion at start of line and inline19:51
DocScrutinizer05LRU* and tab*19:51
Enrico_MenottiDocScrutinizer05 freemangordon Ok, I am looking at that kernel. I need a moment.19:52
* freemangordon is starving, going to find something to bite19:53
bencohdamn I seriously need a second n900 to play with those things20:02
bencoh(mainline kernel, devuan, ...)20:02
bencoh(well I'd need time, too, but ...)20:02
*** xy2_ has joined #maemo20:03
buZzbencoh: and a third20:05
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: ((devuan image)) armhf?20:06
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon Ok, I got the kernel and system image. A first question: this is a uImage, so it is supposed to be loaded by u-boot, right? What if I want to try to RAMload it with the flasher?20:07
freemangordonPali: ^^^20:07
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: though, you can ximply try20:08
freemangordonkernel not booting is the worst that can happen20:08
freemangordonbut yeah, it is supposed to be loaded by uboot20:09
Enrico_MenottiNo way to convert it to zImage?20:09
DocScrutinizer05yeah, but what's supposed to happen if it does load and run20:09
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: none I am aware of20:10
freemangordonlemme try to find zImage20:10
Enrico_MenottiThank you.20:10
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: I found some newer, you may try with it. it is on
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: he wants the opposite uImage->zImage20:13
DocScrutinizer05I know it's wrong way around, but explains the diffs20:14
*** xy2_ has quit IRC20:15
DocScrutinizer05hmm, seems pretty nontrivial20:16
DocScrutinizer05mkimage has no inverse option to uimg->zimg20:17
*** xy2_ has joined #maemo20:17
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon Ok, thank you, got it. Just in order to avoid doing strange things, I'd have a second question. The system image - I can't upload it to RAM (2GB). So should I mount it on a Linux system and then extract the contents to the SD card?20:18
Zungocant you use dd ?20:20
Zungoalso the image might be writeable?20:20
bencohuimage -> zimage is a simple dd skip=64 bs=120:20
DocScrutinizer05:-D \o/20:21
Enrico_MenottiZungo Ok, let me try.20:21
bencohand building zimage (vmlinuz) from a kernel tree is quite simple considering you've succeeded in building uimage :)20:21
DocScrutinizer05easy to verify with mkimage applied to the result and check if it creates the original uimage20:22
bencohDocScrutinizer05: you'd need to know mkimage parameters20:22
bencohbut yeah20:22
bencohuboot (simple) header contains loadaddress and image name among other things20:23
*** xy2_ has quit IRC20:28
*** xy2_ has joined #maemo20:29
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: on ubuntu you can write compressed image directly to SD card with "disks" UI. No idea about debian, but there should be similar functionality20:32
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: but simple "extract" won't do the job, there is more than just a files20:34
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon Thanks. I used rsync for transferring the Debian file system to the sd card. I was thinking about the same way here. Clearly, it is easier to write directly the zImage. Now, I have (as usual :) ) a quite convoluted situation. Let me explain.20:36
Enrico_MenottiMy main computer is a Mac. I have a Debian live distribution running on another computer, which is unable to read sd cards (doesn't have a slot for that). I'd use directly the N900 for writing the disk image to the sd card.20:37
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: I am not sure rsync will do the job, but I might be wrong. just to be sure, use dd20:37
Enrico_MenottiSo now I'd resort to dd. But I think the zImage expects the sd card to be the right size, or a partition to be prepared in advance, am I right or wrong?20:38
freemangordondoing dd of uncompressed image to sdcard is all you need, this is why it is disk image, but not a file archive20:39
freemangordon*files archive20:39
Zungoyou can always use CLI20:40
Zungoand theres GParted20:40
Enrico_MenottiZungo On N900?20:40
Zungoi do not have a n90020:41
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: no, on debian20:41
SiceloZungo: you'll be very happy when you finally get it :)20:42
freemangordoninstall gparted and use it to restore the image onto the sdcard20:42
Enrico_MenottiDon't have the GUI on Debian. Just command line (small computer).20:42
Zungodebian is like ubuntu :p20:42
Zungoyou can always install X20:42
freemangordonwell, dd is your friend20:42
buZzubuntu is debian without training wheels20:42
freemangordonbut I like it, in most of its part20:43
buZzyeah, i like devuan aswell20:43
Zungoactually gparted doesnt restore images but can attempt to restore lost partitions20:43
Zungophotorec or testdisk for that20:44
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: BUT - don;t forget to uncompress the image first (well, you can uncompress it on-the-fly)20:44
Zungothey're a bit old through20:44
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon Ok, I'm still so handicapped with Linux & friends that I have to google for the right commands. But I'll manage to find the way. Just a question about dd: I found it is usually invoked with an option "bs=4096". Is this choice standard?20:45
freemangordonI think yes20:46
freemangordonbut I am not exactly dd guru, so don't quote me on that one :)20:47
Enrico_MenottiOk, I'll just try.20:47
Zungocheck the man pages for that20:47
freemangordonbut it should be something like dd if=$image of=/dev/$sdcard bs=409620:47
Zungoyou'd have to figure out with what default commandline is dd compiled with20:48
Sicelowhat image is he restoring by the way? sorry i missed the first part of discussion20:48
freemangordonZungo: what is the shell tool to uncompress .xz images?20:48
freemangordonSicelo: devuan n90020:48
Zungobecause most of the time the defaults are fine with dd20:48
Siceloxz decompresses .xz :)20:49
freemangordonSicelo: it doesn;t need parameters to decompress it and to put it on stdout?20:49
Siceloi'm happy Enrico_Menotti is installing a proper linux now (not Nitdroid)20:50
Sicelowhere' the link for devuan n900?20:50
Sicelowell, a quick check says for stdout, you use -c20:50
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: some notes - devuan image is without X, login is usr=root pwd=toor, IIRC20:51
Sicelolink please :)20:51
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: so, you may try with "xz -c $image.xz | dd -of=/dev/$sdcard bs=4096", without quotes20:52
freemangordonSicelo: link to what?20:52
Sicelodevuan image20:52
freemangordonsee backscroll20:52
Sicelothanks got it now20:55
Zungoso there is a devuan+maemo image for testing?21:01
buZzwith maemo embedded into devuan?21:02
buZzthat sounds nice21:02
Zungoor just devuan images for n900..?21:02
buZz18:44:02 < freemangordon> Enrico_Menotti: there is a bootable n900 devuan image with kernel 4.something (4.8 iirc)21:02
buZz18:44:32 < freemangordon> Enrico_Menotti: uimage
buZzi think these are an image anyway21:03
parazydfreemangordon: there was a newer i made with Wizzup21:03
parazyd (sha256)21:03
parazyd4.10 mainlie21:03
freemangordonparazyd: thanks21:03
parazyd*mainline. uncompresses to ~2GB21:03
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: ^^^21:04
freemangordonZungo: no, embedding maemo with devuan is WIP21:04
freemangordonZungo: see
Zungohas those updated yet?21:06
freemangordonbuZz: Zungo: see videos at for some very very early results. This is gtk3 hildon-desktop running on top of devuan n900 image prepared with parazyd's armsdk.21:07
freemangordonZungo: updated?21:07
buZzallwinner n900? YES PLEASE21:07
freemangordonno, it is not allwinner n900, but some cheapo alwinner tablet I bought for the purpose of POC21:08
Zungohoping the ia32 variants are ready soon21:08
freemangordonZungo: well, actually I am using x86-64 VM for all the development ;)21:09
freemangordonand testing21:09
freemangordonZungo: so, in theory, all you need to do is to git clone;dpng-buildpackge21:09
buZzfreemangordon: A13 ? :D21:09
buZzi have some 7" A13 tablet somewhere21:10
freemangordonbuZz: A3321:10
Zungofreemangordon: its juest21:10
freemangordonZungo: sorry, can;t parse21:10
Zungothat i am juest21:10
freemangordonbuZz: you need upstream kernel support AND working 3D accell21:11
buZzA10/13/20 afaik all have upstream & 3d accell sorta working21:12
freemangordonwell, maybe upstream is not a must, but I don;t know how well devuan will play with some OEM kernel21:12
buZzwith blobbed drivers though21:12
freemangordonbuZz: yeah, blobbed21:12
freemangordonbut a10/a13/a20 are nowhere to be found21:13
buZzwhich nowhere are you refering to?21:13
buZzoh no clue21:13
buZzA13 = whats inside R821:14
buZzso 'CHIP' is A1321:14
freemangordonno idea21:14
buZzi'm telling you :)21:14
freemangordonhowever, having it working on A33 is better21:14
freemangordonyeah, those are some 50 euros - 4 cores/512MB21:15
buZzi'm aware what the SOC is :P21:16
freemangordonbut I was not aware if you are :p21:16
buZzthats ok <321:17
freemangordonanyway, with help of Wizzup and parazyd, we may have maemo rebased on devuan repo on devuan servers. ofc not full maemo, but at least hildon-desktop, hildon-status-menu and hildon-home21:18
freemangordonin 2-3 weeks from now, if they manage to find the needed time to do it21:19
buZzquite nice21:19
freemangordonmhm. I hope to attract more devs once there is something to be shown besides a POC21:19
parazydyes i hope to do amprolla this month21:20
freemangordonyeah, there are piles of porting work waiting to be done, not a one-man-show task21:20
parazydalso devuan RC will be released21:20
parazydand then hopefully the other devuan people enable the CI21:21
parazydso for other ppl interested: this way we don't "taint" devuan repos, but have our own downstream21:22
parazydwhich takes precedence over devuan then so one can even override a devuan package21:22
freemangordonI wonder if we can make some more noise. After all the final goal is to have a real mobile/tablet linux, so I somehow expect a bit more enthusiasm from FOSS people.21:23
parazydmaybe on some conferences21:23
freemangordonmhm. But still, there should be something at least close to functioning to be shown there21:24
freemangordonhowever, I am one function away from finishing libhildonfm porting to gio, and IIRC that was the last missing hildon-home dependency21:25
buZzdevuan RC?21:25
parazydjessie release candidate21:25
parazydyeah, it's slow... but steady i guess21:26
freemangordononce having those 3 (h-d, h-h and h-s-m) I guess it will get easier21:26
freemangordonthough there remains stuff like systemui etc21:26
parazydi don't like that it's moving _so_ slow though. debian already froze jessie and is getting ready for stretch21:26
parazydbut this is not the place to bitch about it21:26
freemangordonnot THAT hard, but time consuming21:26
freemangordonIT would have been great if there was at least one more dev to work on sporting stuff that we have source code of, so me to be able to focus on REing work, but...21:27
KotCzarnyfmg: a10/a20 is present in those MIDxxx cheapo tablets from few years ago, that are laying around in people's houses21:28
parazydwe'll see21:28
KotCzarnyand all of them would be very easy to make supported21:29
buZzi think so too21:30
buZzi can get to trying on this A13 tablet i own once something gets testable?21:31
KotCzarnyyou can do it now21:31
freemangordonKotCzarny: I have not been able to find any online source to buy anything older than a3321:32
KotCzarnyfmg: second hand goods? unless you are interested in only something that can be bought new?21:32
freemangordonbuZz: it is testable ATM21:32
freemangordonKotCzarny: yep, I wanted for it to be new, I don;t really need HW failures to mess with OS development21:33
*** tryagain has joined #maemo21:33
*** florian has quit IRC21:34
freemangordonbuZz: you only need to install debian/devuan, X, 3d drivers gcc and git21:34
KotCzarnyi have a quite successful theory, that if you buy something used that is working, it wont fail for a long time. new things, straight from the factory, otoh, can have a high chance of failure21:35
freemangordoncould be21:35
freemangordonbut still, it was way easier to buy it from BG merchant, with warranty and 3 days for delivery :)21:35
KotCzarnyand if it fails, 2-3 weeks of being without device? ;)21:36
freemangordonand with return policy covered by EU rules21:36
freemangordonfor that price, I can buy 2 per week :)21:36
KotCzarnyyeah, that's winning argument21:37
KotCzarnyBUT, if you manage to find a10/a13 for 5usd .. ;)21:37
freemangordonthe key being "if you manage"21:37
freemangordonI failed21:37
freemangordonthere were only 2 or 3 on some Russian sites, I'd rather not mess with21:38
freemangordonno EU to cover my ass there21:38
KotCzarnymost people who own those old devices are usually not knowing what they have21:38
freemangordonWizzup searched for used a10/a13 for a week or so, he found almost nothing21:39
freemangordonand, I think it is better to try the newest as it is probable to be supported/available for some time21:39
freemangordonnot that a33 is the newest, but still21:40
KotCzarnyerm, that's not true in arm land21:40
KotCzarnynewest arent supported for 3-12 months21:40
freemangordonKotCzarny: what is the point to port maemo to HW you can;t buy?21:40
KotCzarnyand vendor bsp is usually crap21:40
KotCzarnyfmg, afair, requirement is 'mainline kernel with not locked bootloader and 3g accel'21:41
freemangordonwell, yeah21:42
Enrico_MenottiSorry, I have a small issue. I have been able to use dd to write the disk image to sd card, but when I try to mount the sd card itself I get "invalid argument".21:43
KotCzarnydd image?21:44
freemangordonyoucan;t mount it, as there are several partitions21:44
KotCzarnywhat dd image21:44
freemangordondevuan n90021:44
parazydbe sure to uncompress it first21:45
freemangordonyeah, warned him several times already :)21:45
parazydjust making sure... why can't it be mounted then?21:45
KotCzarnybecause you need -o param21:45
parazydi get mmcblk0p1 and p2 on my laptop after dd-ing21:45
KotCzarnyif you dont specify partition21:45
KotCzarnyparazyd, you need hdparm -z too21:45
freemangordonKotCzarny: hmm?21:46
KotCzarnyor other way to reread partition table21:46
freemangordonah, yeah21:46
parazydpartprobe, yes21:46
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: just reconnect sdcard21:46
Enrico_MenottiI decompressed the .xz file on the Mac. Got a .img file. Transferred that to the N900. dd the image to the sd card. Under /dev I see mmcblk1 and mmcblk1p1.21:47
freemangordonthat's the easiest way to force debian to reread the partition table21:47
KotCzarnyreinsert card21:47
KotCzarnyand check for new partitions21:47
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: emove the back cover and then put it back21:47
Enrico_MenottiNo other way than opening the back cover and extracting/reinserting the card?21:47
freemangordonjust remoive tha back cover21:47
KotCzarnyor use hdparm -z /dev/mmcblk0 (or 1)21:47
freemangordonno need to remove/instert the card21:48
freemangordondamn typos :(21:48
Enrico_MenottiKotCzarny Ok, will try this way.21:48
Enrico_MenottiNo, hdparm not found on the N900. I will manage with the cover.21:49
Enrico_MenottiOk, I have two partitions. The first may be mounted, but there's just a uImage inside, and the second cannot be mounted: "invalid argument".21:54
KotCzarnymaybe its ext421:54
KotCzarnyie. unsupported by n90021:55
infobotKotCzarny meant: ie. unsupported by maemo21:55
Enrico_MenottiAh ok.21:55
KotCzarnyyou can always check on pc21:55
Enrico_MenottiNo, I have problems with this: the pc where I run Debian does not have a sd card reader, and the other is a Mac, which, as far as I know, is unable to read ext fs.21:56
parazydKotCzarny: it is21:56
parazydp1 is fat32, p2 is ext4 (purposely)21:57
Enrico_Menottiparazyd So what parameter do I have to pass to the kernel? rootfs=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ?21:57
parazydyou can't mount it under maemo21:57
KotCzarnyhe asks how to boot it21:58
KotCzarnyon n90021:58
Enrico_MenottiYes, I will boot the Devian kernel.21:58
parazydmy reasoning for choosing ext4 is because of this exactly. so maemo doesn't touch it21:58
parazydin uboot console type 'run sdboot'21:58
Enrico_MenottiNo uboot. Upload by flasher.21:58
Enrico_MenottiI need to know the parameter to be passed to the kernel.21:58
parazydi wouldn't know21:59
Sicelo(you might want to start giving u-boot some love - or reinforce your USB)21:59
parazydtry root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 i guess21:59
*** pagurus has joined #maemo21:59
parazydbut indeed, get uboot ;)21:59
Enrico_Menottiparazyd Ok if the rootfs is in the second partition, this should work.21:59
Enrico_MenottiAfter some testing I will get u boot, of course.22:00
parazydthe fstab has an entry for /boot22:00
parazydbut it's an uimage22:00
parazydi dunno what else besides uboot can use it22:00
SiceloZungo: gearcm flashed :)22:01
Zungosicelo: you wont need odin again, afaik22:01
Siceloyes, i only used it once22:01
freemangordonparazyd: re maemo won;t touch ext4 - iirc kernel-power has ext4 support22:02
parazydoh ok22:03
*** pagurus has quit IRC22:03
parazydthough ext4 is still a sane choice, no?22:03
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: keep in mind I am not sure zImage i provided is the correct one22:03
KotCzarnybtrfs maybe22:03
freemangordonuImage is though22:03
Wizzupfreemangordon: a friend of mine said he had an old a10 tablet, but they are very hard to source22:03
freemangordonKotCzarny: ^^^22:04
Wizzup20:19 < freemangordon> mhm. I hope to attract more devs once there is something to be shown besides a POC22:04
Wizzupthis :)22:04
*** pagurus has joined #maemo22:04
KotCzarnywho wants my a10 tablet? (touch is dead)22:04
Wizzupfreemangordon: let's make noise once we have something that people can dd & apt-get upgrade, so to speak22:04
Wizzupsomething that has at least h-d + xterm or so22:04
freemangordonBTW, I have xterm running in my VM22:05
KotCzarnyallwinner has particular advantage of having sdcard at higher boot priority22:05
parazydi saw firefox in your tablet vid :)22:05
freemangordonI use fel22:05
freemangordonparazyd: yeah22:05
freemangordonparazyd: and debian file manager (with some strange name) and wicd22:06
parazydthere is networkmanager btw, in jessie-proposed iirc22:07
parazyddeb jessie-proposed main22:08
parazydi haven't tried it yet22:08
freemangordonparazyd: isn;t it too heavy for embedded?22:10
KotCzarnyi hate networkmanager (when it doesnt work)22:10
Enrico_MenottiOk, signs of life. The kernel boots, it seems, but gets panic. Unable to mount the rootfs. May it be just because it is ext4?22:10
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: no, this means you've passed wrong root= parameter22:11
parazydi don't know. i know it's nifty for users though. not sure how maemo does networking, but NM has vpn stuff, wifi and eth22:11
parazydand it usually broke less often than wicd in my experiences22:11
freemangordoncould be, but at least on ubuntu, the applet is FUBAR22:12
parazydEnrico_Menotti: you can also pass 'rootfstype=ext4'22:12
freemangordonthough it is canonical to be blamed here, no NM22:12
freemangordonparazyd: no need22:12
* freemangordon checks his n900 u-boot config22:13
parazydfreemangordon: i'm in love with netifrc (from openrc)22:13
parazydserves me pretty well22:13
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon root=/dev/mmcblk1p222:13
Enrico_MenottiShould be right. It's the ext4 partition.22:13
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: try with root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait22:14
Enrico_MenottiI have also a rootdelay.22:14
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: sd card numbering differs in maemo compared to upstream kernel22:15
Enrico_MenottiAh that's the point so.22:15
freemangordonmmcblk1 in maemo is mmcblk0 in upstream, iirc22:15
parazydah so it IS the n900 doing that22:15
parazydi was wondering what board did it :D22:15
freemangordonparazyd: maemo does it22:16
freemangordonit is not the board or the kernel22:16
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon There is also the mmcblk0 under maemo, which is the eMMC. Are they switched in Devian?22:16
parazydyes, that's what i meant22:16
parazydwrong choice of words22:16
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: yes22:16
parazydEnrico_Menotti: *devuan, yes22:16
Siceloyes they are22:16
KotCzarnyits 'devUan'22:17
KotCzarnynot devian(t)22:17
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: if that root= does not work, try with no command line at all22:19
freemangordoniirc the kernel should have the correct cmdline22:20
Enrico_MenottiSorry phone call.22:20
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: this is from the config used to build the kernel:22:20
Enrico_MenottiDevuan, right, sorry.22:20
freemangordonCONFIG_CMDLINE="root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw mtdoops.mtddev=log console=tty0 console=ttyO2 omapfb_vram=7M omapfb.mode=lcd:848x480-16"22:20
freemangordonso, do not pass kernel command line at all22:21
*** xy2_ has quit IRC22:21
Enrico_MenottiOk, let's try.22:22
parazydfreemangordon: btw, if you have a sane kernel config for the n900, let me know. the current one lives here:
parazydbut it can be improved imo22:23
Wizzup21:10 < freemangordon> parazyd: isn;t it too heavy for embedded?22:25
WizzupI think it might not be22:25
WizzupI dpn't care about the politics, but I think networkmanager may be easy to adept for the n900, but maybe not.22:26
WizzupI figured we could take the nm-applet and modify it to fit our needs22:26
Wizzupbut wicd may be fine too...22:26
KotCzarnyisbt nm relying on some weird libs?22:27
Wizzupwell, let's get h-d on there first and then figure it out22:27
freemangordonparazyd: well,
freemangordonThe sane n900 config I have is there22:30
freemangordonit it almost the same as the one from Pali's repo22:30
parazydah ok22:31
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon I tried a few times, reading the output from the kernel. Right, the external sd card is mmcblk0, two partitions. If I don't specify a root=, it says "unable to mount unspecified rootfs" or something of this kind. If I specify the root=/dev/mmcblk0p2, it's still complaining he can't mount it. I will try with also rootfstype=ext4.22:31
parazydyeah in that one the watchdogs were modules22:31
parazydnow they're in the kernel22:31
parazydother than that i don't remember changing anything22:31
parazydbut ok, eventually we'll figure out if there's things that need to be added22:32
*** cyteen has joined #maemo22:40
Enrico_MenottiOk, something more. I tried with "rootwait root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4". This now ends with "Mount failed for sys/fs/selinux: no such file or directory".22:41
KotCzarnywth are you booting?22:41
Enrico_MenottiKotCzarny After some discussion about how to try booting a standard Linux distribution, I am trying to boot Devuan.22:43
Enrico_MenottiWell, at least I know there is something wrong with the mainline kernel I built, since it does not give signs of life. This other one does... :)22:46
KotCzarnywhy dont you use devuan kernel on your sdcard?22:46
WizzupEnrico_Menotti: If you want linux on your n900: 1) flash maemo, install cssu, install u-boot from maemo 2) dd the devuan image from parazyd to the sd card22:47
Wizzup3) profit, but you'll need to install xorg and others, and configure the touch screen22:47
WizzupI have some instructions on how to do that with xinput22:47
Wizzupfreemangordon: where should we document things, maemo wiki?22:47
Enrico_MenottiI am trying to upload and boot by using the flasher. To this aim, I need to upload the kernel to RAM from the computer and boot it. The file system image on the other hand is on the sd card.22:48
Enrico_MenottiWizzup Yes, there has been a long discussion about how to test a new kernel. I'd try to upload it via flasher, instead of using u-boot.22:48
WizzupEnrico_Menotti: why would you do that?22:49
freemangordonWizzup: i guess yes, maemo wiki22:49
Enrico_MenottiWizzup It's just a preliminary test. I would like to test without flashing anything.22:50
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: does it complain about missing modules?22:50
freemangordonas it is possible that zImage I provided does not match the contents of /lib/modules22:50
Enrico_MenottiDon't know. The messages stay on the screen just for a while, without backlight. I am unable to read all.22:50
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: try to make zImage from Umiage22:51
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: or, just follow the instruction on to create your own zImage and kernel22:53
freemangordonand devuan image22:53
Enrico_MenottiOk, a minute. I think I am missing something. I downloaded zImage and the Devian .img.xz file. Unpacked the latter and used dd to write it to sd card. I upload the zImage by flasher and booted it.22:53
parazydsidenote; it defaults to a uImage22:53
parazydfreemangordon: should i include both zImage and uImage on the /boot partition perhaps?22:54
freemangordonparazyd: but, there is zImage in the kernel build directory22:54
parazydyes there is22:54
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: what you did is correct22:54
Enrico_MenottiThere is also the lib.tar.gz. What about it?22:55
parazydthat one corresponds to the zImage22:55
parazydyou need it22:55
freemangordonlemme check22:55
Enrico_MenottiYes, but how to use it?22:55
parazydextract it in the rootfs22:55
freemangordonthose modules match the uImage22:55
Enrico_Menottiparazyd I cannot access the rootfs since it is ext4.22:56
parazydoh i might have something...22:56
freemangordonand I think those modules should already be in the devuan image22:56
parazydfreemangordon: if he downloaded my latest image, that's kernel 4.1022:56
WizzupEnrico_Menotti: you can install u-boot and then test whatever you want from u-boot ;)22:57
Wizzupfreemangordon: btw, did you ever try to record anything with arecord on mainline?22:57
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: which image do you use? mine or parazyd's?22:57
parazydthen you need an according zImage22:58
freemangordonwell then, my zImage is linux 4.8, parazyd's devuan image is for linux 4.1022:58
Enrico_MenottiAh ok.22:58
parazydyou can get it from the uImage that's on the fat32 partition (mmcblkXp1)22:58
Enrico_MenottiOk, and convert it to zImage, right?22:58
freemangordonparazyd: care to give the command to convert uImage to zImage?22:58
parazydif only...22:59
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: right22:59
parazydgoogle shoudl know, i don't22:59
freemangordon"bencoh: uimage -> zimage is a simple dd skip=64 bs=1"23:00
freemangordonso it should be dd if=uImage of=zImage skip=64 bs=123:00
Enrico_Menottifreemangordon Ok, thank you, I was unable to find it again.23:00
freemangordonno idea if it works23:00
parazydi can pop a new build if needed, and give you a zImage23:01
freemangordonlet him first try with dd, it seems easy23:01
Enrico_Menottiparazyd No need for now, thanks.23:01
freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: you may also try with my devuan image if you fail with parazyd's one23:02
* freemangordon is afk23:02
Enrico_MenottiOk. I will try.23:02
*** lxp has joined #maemo23:08
parazydEnrico_Menotti: any luck?23:10
Enrico_MenottiA minute...23:11
parazydi started a 4.10 build23:11
parazydso i can give you the correct zImage in a few minutes23:11
Enrico_MenottiNo, the same mount failed for that file.23:12
Enrico_Menotti"Mount failed for sys/fs/selinux: no such file or directory"23:14
Enrico_MenottiNo, wait, I've got a login!!!23:14
Enrico_Menottiparazyd Could you please tell me again user and pass?23:15
Enrico_MenottiYes, it's working. But no backlight.23:16
parazydthat's strange, should be on full23:16
parazydmaybe it's some magic that u-boot does23:16
Enrico_MenottiAnyway, now I'm sure my standard Linux kernel, the one I built, has something wrong.23:18
parazydhere's a zImage just built23:18
parazydbut i think it's the same thing as what you have now23:18
Enrico_MenottiProbably. Thank you anyway.23:19
Enrico_MenottiI will try, at any rate.23:19
parazydhere's how the kernel is built23:19
*** cyphase has quit IRC23:25
*** shentey has joined #maemo23:28
Enrico_MenottiGuys, I have a problem.23:31
*** pagurus has quit IRC23:31
Enrico_MenottiSeems my N900 doesn't go to update mode anymore. Maemo boots, however.23:32
Zungobroken update mode?23:32
Sicelowhat's updated mode?23:32
Enrico_MenottiI mean flash mode... the mode you go in if you press "u" and connect the usb.23:33
Enrico_MenottiAlso, if I just connect the usb without doing anything, it does not charge. It does if I press the power button and wait a while.23:34
parazydtried taking the battery out?23:35
Enrico_MenottiNo. I will try.23:35
*** cyphase has joined #maemo23:35
parazydthat usually helps23:35
Enrico_MenottiIn this case not, seems.23:36
Enrico_MenottiOk, I will say what I did. After booting Devuan, I entered the shell, and issued "poweroff". Maybe wrong thing? Should I have pressed the power button to turn it off?23:37
*** florian has joined #maemo23:39
*** cyphase has quit IRC23:41
Enrico_MenottiOk, I have been able to go again in flash mode. Pressing and holding "u" AND pressing and holding the power button. God knows what happened. I fear I will have to flash it again. :(23:42
*** cyphase has joined #maemo23:45

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