IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2017-03-26

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Zungothanks maemo talk bot for emailing me a happy birthday07:32
Zungooh nvm07:32
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zGrrmoin ;)13:45
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dreamermeuh, lost my n900 this weekend (still no clue how .. )20:01
dreamersad day :(20:01
Sicelodidn't have smscon on it?20:04
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bencohmeanwhile I'm glad to announce I have A2DP working between maemo5 and a bluez-alsa (bluez5/alsa plugin) device20:11
bencoh(with a slightly patched version of bluez-alsa)20:11
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Sicelo009Nn900 is source or sink20:23
bencohsource in that case20:25
KotCzarnyi think inz was interested in such setup20:27
bencohKotCzarny: being able to receive audio from n900 to linux box?20:27
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bencohor the other way around?20:28
totalizatorI had it few years ago working almost ootb in Ubuntu, just a matter of config20:31
totalizatorwith pulse audio ofc20:32
bencohthe good thing here is that it doesn't need PA on sink :)20:33
KotCzarnyahm, he needed n8x0 as a bt receiver20:33
KotCzarnyso completely different. nvm20:33
totalizatortroubleshooting time - my n900 battery is dying surprisingly fast and syslog is full of: "3422.782367 wlan0: driver reports beacon loss from AP cfuu87c - sending probe request"20:42
totalizatorcould this be the case?20:42
KotCzarnywifi noise?20:43
totalizatorno idea20:43
totalizatorand what you mean by that?20:43
KotCzarnynothing in top/powertop?20:43
KotCzarnywifi noise == lots of activity on interface not directed to you, but disrupting/waking up the chip20:44
KotCzarnydisable wifi?20:44
KotCzarnychange channel?20:45
totalizatorbut originating from my network or not necessarily?20:45
KotCzarnynot necessarily20:45
totalizatoryep, when I disable wifi it's better (I guess)20:45
bencohin your case it might very well be what's logged20:45
KotCzarnyrun kismet and see what's happening on your channel20:45
totalizatorhence I'm asking what it means20:45
bencohie wl keeps reprobing AP and waking you up at the same time20:46
totalizatorand I'm not using any IM on n90020:46
totalizatorinstant messaging20:47
KotCzarnydoesnt matter20:47
KotCzarnyits not about your traffic20:47
KotCzarnyits about your device waking up because losing sight of your ap due of interference on your wifi channel20:48
totalizatorthere is almost no other traffic on *my* network most of the day20:48
KotCzarnynot your network, again20:48
totalizatorsure, there is lots of other networks around20:48
totalizatorand I believe the channel is set to non-overlapping one20:49
totalizatorbut it doesn't matter as there is so many other networks around utilizing almost every channels20:49
KotCzarnymight be someone using illegal antennas with too much gain20:50
totalizatorand all my other wifi devices are behaving quite ordinary20:50
totalizatorthen I have to test it some other place20:51
totalizatorit's what I loved about my n900 - that it could stay idle for a few days without charging with wifi on20:52
Sicelo009Niirc, there's also a bug report somewhere for that, bugs.maemo.org20:52
totalizatoryes, I saw that20:52
totalizatorbut there is no conclusion20:53
Sicelo009Nif you think the problem is on N900 itself, have you tried rebooting? or unload/reload the driver?20:53
povbotBug 6615: Battery Dies Under 6 Hours with Very Moderate Use (Static IP?)20:53
totalizatoryes, I have rebooted it many times20:54
totalizatorwell, I guess I have to backup my sms db and reflash20:55
totalizatoronce/10 years won't hurt, huh?20:55
KotCzarnyor just reboot?20:55
totalizatorI did - it's the same spam in syslog20:56
KotCzarnychange wifi channel?20:56
totalizatorI would rather not as my AP is tweaked hard to get maximum bandwidth20:57
totalizatorbut what I might actually try is to find my old Linksys router20:57
totalizatorwhich I remember the 900 has been paired with most of the past years20:58
Sicelo009Nif your N900 behaves fine in other networks, then of course you'll need to revisit your AP settings :)20:58
Sicelo009Njust recently had to adjust DTIM on mine for example, and i see better results since20:59
Sicelo009Nand can't you save the existing config on your ap before making adjustments such as suggested by KotCzarny? ;)21:02
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totalizatorI'll try but wifi in the city is like jungle survival ;) endless fighting for a non occupied channels21:05
KotCzarnyit wouldnt be if all obeyed the law/regulations21:06
KotCzarnyand not set wifi tx to the max by default21:07
TheKitdoes someone have newer glibc deb for Maemo?21:07
KotCzarnybut hey, 'i have to have max bWwWWwww! no matter if i use it once a week, and otherwise it would spam overpowered beacons'21:07
KotCzarnythekit: need newer kernel first21:07
TheKitI don't have N900, so that's no the biggest issue :)21:08
TheKitI just found this topic, but the links are dead21:09
totalizatorwell, the real issue is that at 2,4GHz you are unable to use max speed anyway if you are following the regulatory reqs21:09
totalizator5GHz is a good solution as almost nobody is using it (around me)21:10
KotCzarnyyeah. yet.21:10
totalizatoreven in the crowded places imho21:11
KotCzarnywe are baking ourselves with e-m21:12
totalizatorI don't want to start with that :D21:15
KotCzarnyi have 1 or 2 neighbours with stronger signal than my tp-link router 2m away ;)21:16
KotCzarnyso you know, if your wifi doesnt work as expected, it's.. people21:16
totalizatornevertheless I stopped carrying my phone in a pocket some time ago21:16
Sicelowhat do you do instead?21:16
KotCzarnyme? ethernet cable21:17
totalizatorin my backpack or ...outer pockets21:17
KotCzarnyor usb21:17
totalizatoryep, I could live without wifi - totally21:18
totalizatorbut I don't believe that any wireless device could be harmful when not with a direct contact to the body21:19
totalizatorlike ultra low signal phone sticked to your butt21:20
KotCzarnyum, power is inversely proportional to distance^221:20
KotCzarnyso the further away it is, the better, but still, if its strong to begin with.. ;)21:20
KotCzarnyofftopic: internet radio browser addition in oscp is the best feature since make-rescursive-list21:21
totalizatorhyhy :321:21
totalizatorI agree!21:21
totalizatorbut mostly by the inclusion of the "top voted" category21:24
KotCzarnytop click isnt bad too21:24
KotCzarnyfor something new21:24
totalizatorwell adding a few hard coded wouldn't hurt as well, huh?21:27
KotCzarnyum, thats what ~/.fav-1.m3u etc are for21:27
KotCzarnyand favX= in config too21:27
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DocScrutinizer05totalizator: ((and all my other wifi devices are behaving quite ordinary)) well, do your other devices use power saving mode aka PSM on wifi? or are they simply shutting down wifi completely as soon as you 'lock' them, or even are PCs or similar that have no issues with keeping wifi using a few watts of power?21:42
DocScrutinizer05first of all make sure your PSM is set to a mode that works with your APN21:42
DocScrutinizer05see >><Sicelo009N> just recently had to adjust DTIM on mine for example<<21:44
totalizatorDocScrutinizer05: oh, I get it now21:47
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DocScrutinizer05totalizator: WiFi sleeps 99% of time, and wakes e.f. once per second (DTIM time) to watch AP's beacon and a possible "wake up! I got data for you!" bit in that. When AP doesn't keep exact timing or somebody spams the beacons into illegibility, N900 needs to stay RX active 100% of time, which eats **huge** amounts of battery (simplified picture but gives you the basics)21:50
totalizatorthe only question is what and where would be "a mode  that works with my AP"21:51
DocScrutinizer05advanced in WiFi settings: "power savings mode"  iirc21:52
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totalizatorI will try21:53
DocScrutinizer05and I suggest to keep TX at 100mW, it doesn't make a huge difference. The purpose of this setting is just for poor frenchmen who mustn't  >10mW outdoors21:53
totalizatorhaha, ok21:53
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DocScrutinizer05I mean, 90mW (100 - 10) is sucking empty a full battery in sth like 50h, if your WLAN would send all the time, which it doesn't for sure21:56
DocScrutinizer05it's WLAN RX that's known to be extremely power greedy21:57
DocScrutinizer05and it's poorly working PSM in APs that causes exactly that21:58
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DocScrutinizer05plus you even got an indication: syslog is full of: "3422.782367 wlan0: driver reports beacon loss from AP cfuu87c - sending probe request"21:59
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DocScrutinizer05btw zzztop of course shows something: number of IRQ from WLAN22:01
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DocScrutinizer05and cmdline: wl12xx22:05
DocScrutinizer05and cmdline: <wl12xx>22:05
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totalizatorI will definitely try to solve and debug the issue as I see a great future ahead of my n900 ;)22:08
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DocScrutinizer05niote the "Average Current: 20 mA" from which is the actual power consumption of my N900 while it's logged in to IRC and I'm logged in to it via ssh, all over WLAN22:10
DocScrutinizer05TTE: 2083 minutes22:12
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DocScrutinizer05hours, with a 67% remaining charge22:12
DocScrutinizer0557%, sorry22:12
DocScrutinizer05without IRC, it should do a week of standby while ssh over WLAN session established but idle22:13
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totalizatoryup, that's what I want it to be22:24
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SiceloDocScrutinizer05: what is the meaning of the vol'try/non-vol fields in zzztop output, context switch section23:14
KotCzarnyvoluntary context switches?23:14
KotCzarnyie. how many times app given up the cpu control?23:15
DocScrutinizer05preemtive/forced (by scheduler, due to e.g. timeslice expiry) versus voluntary task switching23:15
KotCzarnyvs. forced taking control away23:15
Sicelothanks. cool23:15
DocScrutinizer05O'd guess23:15
KotCzarnyif its high, there is probably lots of happening in the system23:16
KotCzarnywhich could result in high 'load' even with low cpu usage23:16
DocScrutinizer05basically the voluntary context switches are same number as the events waking up a process23:18
DocScrutinizer05forced aka non-voluntary context switches just mean the task is running longer than the scheduler's time slices, so they don't really count for how often the task got woken up, it stays "status: R-unning" when non-vol context switch happens to it23:20
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DocScrutinizer05a voluntary context switch otoh should mean the process/task left R status for going waiting for something, be it timer, completion of a poll() or wait() or whatever23:21
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