IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2017-02-02

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WizzupJuesto: thanks00:09
JuestoWizzup: FMG told me everything already, please review err jan 2900:12
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JuestoWizzup: alarmd, clockd, dsme are complex ones00:41
Juestoespecially the former which requires user "user" to exist00:41
Juestoi am stuck with alarmd00:42
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OksanaaWell, create user "user", if possible?00:44
JuestoYes i did, now i am stuck badly with dsme and some other thing not working oksanaa00:48
JuestoWould you like to look at it over vnc Oksanaa ?00:49
OksanaaNot right now00:50
JuestoOksanaa: how it's going? :)00:53
parazydDocScrutinizer05: ping01:12
WizzupJuesto: stuck how01:29
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Juestoi cant uninstall or reinstall alarmd Wizzup01:35
Juestobecause it fails to start/stop the service01:36
Juestoi tried making it not use DSME and it gave a different error01:36
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JuestoDocScrutinizer05: i am having issues with alarmd still01:54
Juestoi cant remove or reinstall it since its failing to start or stop alarmd01:54
DocScrutinizer05as mentioned already, I'm not the competent person to help01:54
WizzupJuesto: why do you need alarmd now?01:54
WizzupJust curious01:54
DocScrutinizer05alarmd is started/stopped by dsme, so make that work first01:54
Juestoi just happen to be stuck with it01:55
Juestodsme doesnt work either01:55
Juestoit ends up shutting down the system01:55
DocScrutinizer05this doesn't make fixing alarmd easier01:55
DocScrutinizer05there are dependencies you can't ignore01:55
Juestoi cant use apt because of alarmd!01:55
DocScrutinizer05in a lot of stuff01:55
Juestoright now01:55
DocScrutinizer05that's why you don't build the system on ther target system01:56
* Juesto sighs01:57
DocScrutinizer05you need a working system to configure a complete working target system image, then once the target works, 'small' zpdates can be done on target natively01:57
WizzupJuesto: what is your end goal?01:58
DocScrutinizer05indeed, I fail to even understand what's the goal at hand01:58
JuestoWizzup: get a working fremantle-gtk201:58
Wizzupon your main system?01:59
DocScrutinizer05look at N900, there you got one01:59
* parazyd grins01:59
Juestoon a vm01:59
Juestobecause i run windows01:59
parazydJuesto: don't rush it. we are setting things up on now01:59
JuestoI want to finish what i am doing01:59
parazydwhen we get the CI ready then you can join in forces and help... right now it seems you are just on your own01:59
DocScrutinizer05well, then go ahead, you're miles ahead of what a few dozen others are doing since literally years02:00
Juestowhat do you mean02:00
Wizzupif only ;)02:00
JuestoYeah, the entire cssu Wizzup02:00
Juestocssu team*02:00
WizzupI'm going to bed soon. I'm going to add more packages over the next few days, and see where we end up.02:01
DocScrutinizer05no, CSSU *bnever* been about porting fremantle to another platform or upstream distro02:01
WizzupI'm hoping that we can maybe change matchbox (if I got the name right) to use clutter 1.002:01
WizzupThat would be nice02:01
parazydWizzup: well we can import all of them actually02:01
infobotcssu is, like,, or (Community Seamless Software Update)02:01
Wizzupparazyd: let's make sure they build before we shoot them in the CI, or...?02:01
parazydDocScrutinizer05, freemangordon, pali, others... should join in on
Wizzupparazyd: we might want to get it a bit further along02:02
Wizzupand also explain *why* we also need the repos there02:02
JuestoOh okay02:02
Juestothen fremantle task force it is02:02
WizzupI would expect us to github as upstream, and then maintainers/builders can shoot to to get auto builds02:02
infobot[fptf] the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
* Juesto is confused02:02
JuestoOh well02:02
Wizzupparazyd: once we can build a hildon-desktop in the ci, I'll post it on the maemo forum(s)02:02
Wizzuphopefully for at least the intel arches then, maybe also arm02:03
DocScrutinizer05unrelated to CSSU, by definition of what's CSSU02:03
WizzupJuesto: CSSU is simply for 'the current n900 sw'02:03
WizzupAlthough, in the process, they did do a lot of work to 'free' the software02:03
Wizzup(e.g. open source / reverse engineering it)02:03
WizzupWhich is super useful when trying to make it run on a modern system02:03
parazydWizzup: actually, since github is used, perhaps the org on github can make an API key for gitlab imports?02:04
Wizzupbtw, anyone going to FOSDEM?02:04
Wizzupparazyd: can do, but I have no problem with manual interaction at this point02:04
DocScrutinizer05oops, forgot about it02:04
WizzupI think the 'imports' are once, not every time02:04
parazydyou just add another pushurl to your local repo, no?02:04
DocScrutinizer05I maybe ought (FOSDEM)02:04
Wizzupparazyd: I am not sure what you're asking now02:05
Wizzupwhat would the api key be used for02:05
parazydnow that i think of it... at most: saving 2 minutes of time02:05
* parazyd lols02:05
Juestowhat do i do then02:19
parazydwait a few days02:19
parazydthings are being set up02:19
parazydtry to build on a devuan machine locally02:19
parazydkeep note of what compiles without errors and let us know02:20
parazydafterwards it will be setup on the devuan CI02:20
Juestoparazyd: I am stuck with alarmd on dpkg :|02:21
parazydwell then fix it :p02:21
Juestohow do i modify a deb?02:22
Juestobecause i tried with archive thing02:22
Juestoand it appears to work but it doesnt work02:22
Wizzupwith ar02:22
Juestoan archive manager02:22
Juestolike mc's built in or engrampa02:22
parazydar x foo.deb02:23
JuestoAnd repacking?02:23
parazydi'd rather modify the source and dpkg-buildpackage02:24
Wizzupyou're asking difficult but google-eable questions ;)02:24
Oksanaa"ar --help" or "man ar" might be of assistance. Haven't used ar myself...02:24
DocScrutinizer05interesting question: can mc *edit* .deb?02:27
DocScrutinizer05but honestly, editing alarmd deb is totally futile, the problem is missing dsme02:28
JuestoDocScrutinizer05: i also have problems without dsme, i need to comment the start / stop invoke02:28
JuestoDocScrutinizer05: mc can view debs and appear to be able to edit them but its a placebo02:29
DocScrutinizer05what the heck?!02:29
DocScrutinizer05but honestly, editing alarmd deb is totally futile, the problem is ****missing**** dsme02:29
JuestoYes i tried02:29
OksanaaDpkg may force a deb to be installed regardless of dependencies, but it cannot force a program to work without dependencies.02:29
JuestoOksanaa: i need to comment something from a deb02:29
DocScrutinizer05*of course* >>also have problems without dsme<< when the problem is it's missing02:30
JuestoDocScrutinizer05: it will fix this dpkg issue!02:30
Juestoosso-af-init is giving troubles too02:30
DocScrutinizer05there IS NO dpkg issue02:30
* Juesto sighs02:30
Juesto*i am stuck with dpkg and alarmd*02:31
DocScrutinizer05at least nit in the logs you shown02:31
Juestoalarmd failure to start/stop is not possible02:31
Juestoi dont know why02:31
Juestoand that is holding dpkg02:31
OksanaaWhy is dsme not installed?02:31
DocScrutinizer05SO WHAT?02:31
OksanaaWhy doesn't it work?02:32
Juestoand produces errors02:32
DocScrutinizer05so you think fixing ALARMD is the way to go???02:32
OksanaaOkay, which errors? Feel fr3e to pastebin?02:32
Juestoi need to fix it because its not letting me to dpkg02:32
Juestoand i cant pastebin really since it shuts down my system and its on a vm without vmware tools02:33
Juestoit does it in 120 seconds02:33
DocScrutinizer05it's not letting you what?02:33
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Juestoand pastebinit doesnt work02:33
Juestoand i cant use apt because of dpkg because of alarmd invoke init script02:34
DocScrutinizer05how the heck does alarmd come in via apt?02:34
OksanaaSo, alarmd's broken state causes dpkg to complain about alarmd half-installed because missing dsme dependency, or something?02:34
DocScrutinizer05Oksanaa: maybe, I'm totally lost with Juesto02:35
OksanaaAnd installing dsme causes vm to shutdown in 120 seconds, and logs are not recoverable due to lack of vm tools?02:35
DocScrutinizer05sounds like xyz Omega problem02:35
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Juestowithout dsmetools now it gets stuck with osso-af-init02:36
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parazydwhy not just hack dsme not to shut down?02:36
DocScrutinizer05dme shuts down the system when it encounters problems with the processes it started. That's what dsme is made for02:37
DocScrutinizer05dsme is supposed to start alarmd (among others) via an initscript02:37
parazydi see02:38
parazydsorry i'm not so familiar with all of these yet02:38
Juestoneither am i02:38
Juestowell partially02:38
JuestoIt would be best if someone is willing to vnc and look at the system02:39
Juestoexamine the system*02:39
DocScrutinizer05 cat /etc/init.d/alarmd >>>> $DSMETOOL -U user -G users -f "$DAEMON $DAEMON_OPTS"02:39
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Juestoi ended up editing the initd script of alarmd02:42
DocScrutinizer05alias paste='nc 9999'02:46
Juestowhat is that site02:46
DocScrutinizer05cmd: Do 2. Feb 01:47:18 CET 201702:47
DocScrutinizer05jr@saturn:~> date|paste02:48
Juestoah no wonder02:49
Juestodefault is :/02:50
Juestoor idk02:50
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Juestoyeah seems so02:50
JuestoOksanaa: well just resolved this issue by nulling the actions taken on the init.d script :p02:50
OksanaaFun... Dsme working?02:51
Juestoremoved alarmd02:51
Juestowhich was stucking dpkg02:51
OksanaaOkay, dpkg works, good news.02:52
Juestoso does apt02:52
Juestonote to self: dont install alarmd02:52
DocScrutinizer05don't install untested stuff, unless you want to fix it02:52
Juestoi wish i could fix it...02:53
DocScrutinizer05fix dsme02:53
DocScrutinizer05dsme is supposed to boot the system when something is odd, so you probbaly need a way to run it in logging verbose mode and see why it thinks it needs to reboot02:54
Juestowhats sti?02:55
Juestoand i've uninstalled a syslog facility02:55
DocScrutinizer05"a way" == line 2302:55
Juesto-v 7 ?02:56
DocScrutinizer05yes, running in a root shell:  /sbin/dsme -l stderr -v 7 -p /usr/lib/dsme/libstartup.so02:56
DocScrutinizer05should give you some idea02:56
Juestowhats sti?02:57
DocScrutinizer05ideally even via ssh into the VM, so the terminal stays when VM goes down02:57
DocScrutinizer05~wtf sti02:57
infobotGee...  I don't know what sti means...02:57
* DocScrutinizer05 neither02:57
Juestowhat does it mean in the logging facilities02:57
Juestoi mean there;s syslog, sti, stderr, stdout and none02:58
DocScrutinizer05what are logging facilities?02:58
DocScrutinizer05never heard of sti02:58
Juestodsmne has different logging methods02:58
Juesto*sigh* i'll reinstall rsyslog02:58
JuestoBecause /var/log/syslog02:59
Juestootherwise logless system02:59
DocScrutinizer05honestly, it's pretty exhausting to try help you out02:59
Juestoi'll just redirect output to a file02:59
DocScrutinizer05[2017-02-02 Thu 01:56:46] <DocScrutinizer05> yes, running in a root shell:  /sbin/dsme -l stderr -v 7 -p /usr/lib/dsme/ -- should give you some idea -- ideally even via ssh into the VM, so the terminal stays when VM goes down03:00
DocScrutinizer05see the "-l stderr" in there?03:00
DocScrutinizer05of course you also could edit the event.d script03:03
DocScrutinizer05 BOOTSTATE: No such environment variable, using 'MALF'    is the culprit, I guess03:04
Juesto..for exausting03:04
DocScrutinizer05MALF is BAD for bootstate03:05
JuestoWhat do i put for bootstate03:06
Juesto>Device state manager entity03:06
DocScrutinizer05try   BOOTSTATE='pwr_key' /sbin/dsme -l stderr -v 7 -p /usr/lib/dsme/libstartup.so03:06
Juestoi guess that's not required03:06
Juestostill malfs03:07
DocScrutinizer05it starts daemons and monitors and respawns them03:07
JuestoPretty much initd exists for that..?03:07
DocScrutinizer05maybe pwr_key is no valid BOOTSTATE03:07
DocScrutinizer05no, initd doesn't monitor03:07
Juestodo cat saved-state03:07
DocScrutinizer05gooood idea03:08
Juestothe command it issues03:08
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# cat /tmp/STATE03:08
DocScrutinizer05-rw-r--r-- 1 root  root      0 2017-01-17 02:23 USER03:09
Juestoline 1503:09
Juestoin your paste03:09
Juestocat /var/lib/dsme/saved_state = USER ?03:09
Juestoand such file doesnt even exist03:10
DocScrutinizer05sorry, busy. Please try 'nc 9999' instead pastebin or whatever03:10
DocScrutinizer05should 'just work'03:10
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# cat /var/lib/dsme/saved_state03:11
Juestobrb dinner03:11
DocScrutinizer05breakfast here03:12
DocScrutinizer05FYI: MALF = malfunction, a terrible state03:12
DocScrutinizer05even worse on N9 (aka HARMattan):
DocScrutinizer05I'd say dsme rebooting the device is actually already a small success story03:14
DocScrutinizer05it's meant to do exactly this03:14
DocScrutinizer05in this particular situation03:14
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DocScrutinizer05(dsme not needed) indeed you could get away without dsme completely, you 'only' need to replace all initscript lines in all subsystems from $DSMETOOL -U user -G users -f "$DAEMON $DAEMON_OPTS"   to a plain call not using dsme to start the $DAEMON03:19
DocScrutinizer05see line 61 and before03:20
Juestowhere are you DocScrutinizer0503:27
Juestoand pc just doesnt need dsme03:30
DocScrutinizer05pc just doesn't need maemo03:31
Juestoi just want maemo for contributing :)03:31
Juestomaemo on pc*03:32
DocScrutinizer05maemo is built on top of dsme - partially03:32
DocScrutinizer05IOW dsme is one of the core system components of maemo03:32
DocScrutinizer05you PC for sure doesn't need it, *maemo* needs it, as you see with e.g. alarmd03:33
Juestothen lets just strip that from alarmd03:33
Juestobut if we do it tries to use osso-af-init03:33
Juestoand i already forgotten my tmo password :/03:35
Juestowhats the last maemo release name03:35
DocScrutinizer05I had a lengthy discussion with freemangordon about that. either you move everything maemo to a new platform at once, and then fix stuff bottom up, or you port piecemeal and strip 30% functionality out of each single piece since that 30% depend on other pieces you didn't port yet. Zhe latter approach will not result in anything similar to maemo when you think you're done03:36
DocScrutinizer05fremantle or harmattan03:36
DocScrutinizer05depending on your take of what's maemo03:37
Juestotmo random question03:37
DocScrutinizer05maemo isn't a desktop or a task manager or a mediaplayer or a few wallpapers. Maemo is a complete OS tightly integrated from PID1 which isn't initd on maemo to initsystem which is sort of upstart but not really, to lots of middleware like dsme and mce and lots of dbus daemons and stuff, to hildon-desktop. When you say you want *maemo* you want all that, not just alarmd or hildon03:41
Juestowhen was that discussion03:42
Juestoand where03:42
DocScrutinizer05in here, weeks or months ago03:42
Juestohalf year ago perhaps?03:44
Juestoor last moth or something03:44
DocScrutinizer05you won't learn anything new from that old discussion, you can see clearly where I'm coming from, a few lines above by your own problems and my comments03:44
DocScrutinizer05when you want *maemo*, you do _not_ want to strip dsme (and then mce, and icd, and csd, and and and). When you just want *hildon* that's not maemo, so don't call it maemo03:45
Juestoi guess i want hildon and apps instead03:46
DocScrutinizer05maemo has a LOT of special tweaks that are not closed blobs but unique to maemo03:46
Juestoi should get a n900 but i do not have availability03:47
DocScrutinizer05apps generally won't work without maemo environment03:47
DocScrutinizer05I mean, they are made to make most use of the maemo environment they are targeted at03:47
DocScrutinizer05you don't want to run KDE apps on xfce either, do you?03:48
DocScrutinizer05*some* even might run, many won't03:48
DocScrutinizer05well, sorry, that's how OS work, since CP/M and DOS, and even before03:51
OksanaaAny chance of vmware tools capturing dsme errors?03:57
JuestoNo, that doesnt matter04:02
Juestoand dsme errors just go to stdout, cant redirect to file04:02
Juestoi should install a syslog facility and use that04:02
DocScrutinizer05dsme "errors" go out to STDERR, not STDOUT04:10
DocScrutinizer05at least with dsme -l stderr04:11
DocScrutinizer05you know, that 2>somwhere thing04:11
DocScrutinizer05or 2>&1|nc 999904:12
DocScrutinizer05or 2>&1|tee >(nc 9999)04:13
DocScrutinizer05(not 100% sure the last one works)04:14
DocScrutinizer05yep, works04:19
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*** pcfe has joined #maemo04:31
Juestowtf breakfast!?04:48
OksanaaJuesto : timezones are very different .04:49
JuestoOksanaa: i do not understand why you try to help but not seem to want to talk about anything else04:50
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freemangordonJuesto: what is the problem with dsme?09:11
*** ketas- is now known as ketas09:14
Juestoit fails to run09:17
Juestoand even without dmse alarmd fails to start due to osso-af-init09:18
Juestothat created issues with dpkg that i had to comment the init script09:18
Juestofreemangordon: vnc perhaps? :(09:19
*** Michael_a380 has joined #maemo09:19
Juestoi mean, would you like to look at it over vnc?09:19
freemangordonJuesto: no need09:20
freemangordonJuesto: check dsme startup script, it tries to get boot state from /tmp/STATE09:20
freemangordonand /var/lib/dsme/saved_state (iirc)09:21
bencohJuesto: people usually prefer ssh, btw09:21
freemangordonJuesto: that one too :)09:21
Juestobencoh its on vmware nat so its hard to ssh actually09:22
Juestoand i prefer vnc09:22
freemangordonJuesto: just edit that startup script so the state to be always "USER"09:22
Juestoi am running it manually09:22
Juestofreemangordon: the saved_state thing does not exist at all09:23
freemangordonthen create it09:23
KotCzarnythen create it09:23
KotCzarnyhad to type '/msg #maemo' :P09:23
Juestoi am not supposed to create it09:23
* freemangordon heads for work09:23
* Juesto sighs09:23
KotCzarnyjuesto: because you are not using it on original software09:24
freemangordonJuesto: then wait until all the needed pieces are in place09:24
KotCzarnyand because you are now exploring unknown territory09:24
bencohJuesto: most of the things you have to do manually will have to go in the postinst script of some package09:25
KotCzarnyso either treat it as a learning ground how maemo internally works, or just wait for ready-for-endusers product09:25
bencohbut until then you still have to fiddle with the system to make it work and note it down so someone can eventually write a proper package09:26
Juestoi dont like taking notes but okay09:26
Juestoand i prefer chat09:26
Juestoi prefer to share directly instead of writting notes09:26
bencohthat's "fine" when you have infinite time ;p09:26
bencoh(and same goes for people around you)09:27
Juestoi just feel lazy09:27
Juestoimages do more than words09:29
Juestoalso ^09:29
*** dafox has joined #maemo09:30
Juestowhat do i do then09:30
KotCzarnybtw. used n900 go cheap, you might check your local classifieds sites09:30
Juestoi just cant buy09:30
Juestoor something09:30
Juestoa trust issue, kind of09:30
KotCzarnyno moneys?09:31
Juestono online money09:31
Juestoand i feel a bit guilty09:31
KotCzarnyrequest 'paid on delivery'09:31
* Juesto just feels uncomfortable09:32
Juestoand im with the vnc thing09:33
Juestobecause loneliness reasons09:33
Juestolike it gives a clearer view09:33
KotCzarnystart playing some mmorpg, should solve your loneliness issue09:34
KotCzarnyand as others have said, easier to use ssh09:34
JuestoKotCzarny: i suck at those strategy games09:34
KotCzarnyjuesto: there are plenty of online games, of different kinds09:35
JuestoKotCzarny: as i stated, the vm is on a nat so...09:35
Juestoyea i am a gamer, do not worry about that09:35
Juestoits just09:35
*** MikaT has quit IRC09:38
xesJuesto: no need to feel unconfortable or sigh every two msg. Please be concrete using your time focusing on tasks that can be completed. Asking for generic help or support... probably means abuse the time of who is trying to help and obtain nothing usable. So, be concrete, use your time in a productive way09:39
Juestoi just lost.... something09:40
*** MikaT has joined #maemo09:40
Juestoi cant make it work on bridged mode09:40
xesme too. I can't make my girlfriend work in bridged mode but i enjoy life in different ways09:42
xes... ;)09:44
Juestowhat then09:48
Juestoxes ?09:49
KotCzarnyxes: have you tried turning her off and on again? ;)09:50
Juestolol :/09:50
xesKotCzarny: yes, anything... except factory reset (i'm scared about the possible result)09:51
Juestoim scared of "factory reset" or reinstalls too :)09:52
Juestoits just a bad thing for the user09:52
Juestoinformation get losts09:52
Juestogets lost*09:52
KotCzarnyxes: dongles? new software?09:52
KotCzarnynew toys?09:53
Juestoi wish i have a girlfriend09:53
xesKotCzarny: i'm old style.. and there is no serial/jtag port :) Anyway.. Juesto: polling != productive09:55
KotCzarnyxes: inductive connectivity is the future09:55
Juestoidk :(09:55
*** dafox has quit IRC09:58
Juestoi want to die due to depression09:58
Juestoi might exaggerate sometimes09:59
Juestoso.. sorry for that and for OT09:59
Juestoi cant focus anymore, i lost momentum and i wish i can get that enthusiasm back10:07
xesJuesto: i see. But as i said before, you shoult point at something where the result is known and doable..Not something abstract without any end. Or you will obtain even more unsatisfaction10:16
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warfareJuesto: go see a doctor please.10:39
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*** MetalGearSolid has joined #maemo10:51
*** Michael_a380 has quit IRC10:52
warfareJuesto: A friend of mine suffers from depression and the pretty much only solution is to seek professional help.10:59
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NeKitgot inspired by and
NeKit*sorry for the links flood*19:48
freemangordonNeKit: is that maemo?20:00
NeKitjust hildon20:01
freemangordonwell, yeah20:01
freemangordonthis is the chroot you were working on?20:01
NeKitI tried starting some apps from Scratchbox target, and some can actually be started, like alarm settings or file manager20:03
Juestooh cool nekit20:03
Juestodo you know if i can do something regarding the sdk vm's xephyr?20:04
freemangordonNeKit: is that device supported in upstream kernel?20:04
freemangordonwhatever it is - nexus?20:04
NeKitno, it's MediaTek SoC based20:04
freemangordonwhy don't you use something which can boot upstream kernel an install maemo on it?20:05
Juestobecause i cant shift+control aka cant do any maemo hotkeys because xephyr uses it for input grabbing20:05
NeKitdo you mean Devuan or actual Maemo?20:06
freemangordonJuesto: get qemu n900 image that comes with qtcreator, it has full keyboard suppot20:06
freemangordonNeKit: well devuan with hildon-desktop and whatnot memo on it is no longer devuan :)20:07
freemangordonbut yeah, this is what I meant20:07
Juestofreemangordon: i have the nokia lucid vm20:07
JuestoNeKit: ^20:08
Juestoqtcreator where? freemangordon20:09
NeKitJuesto, sorry, no idea about Xephyr20:10
Juestowell at least converting xephyr to a regular X display would help20:10
Juestogreatly help*20:10
NeKitstart second instance of regular X display maybe?20:11
Juestoim a bit clueless how it works since it only seems to run properly from the sdk shortcut on the desktop20:12
Juestoin that vm20:12
Juestoits a bunch of scripts20:12
NeKitfreemangordon, yet, I have Sailfish more or less ported on this device, and making calls works through ofono there20:18
*** eMHa has joined #maemo20:18
NeKitI wonder if ofono can be bridged to Maemo UI20:18
freemangordonNeKit: I guess yes, phone-ui dbus iface is more or less known20:19
freemangordonsailfish? on android kernel through libybris?20:19
freemangordonwell, not exactly linux in any shape or form :)20:20
freemangordonit is still android20:20
Juestoandroid is linux but with a compressed combo image :)20:20
freemangordonwith its crazy power management and closed blobs20:20
NeKitas for power management - it isn't, but really true about blobs20:22
*** florian has joined #maemo20:22
Juestoit depends on the device really20:22
freemangordonNeKit: yes, it is, android does PM through wakelocks (if I remember the name correctly)20:22
Juestothe blobs20:22
*** geaaru has quit IRC20:22
Juestonot exactly20:22
freemangordonnot through DVFS20:22
Juestobut yes, it uses wake locking20:23
Juestoand theres wifi locking20:23
Juestowhich it can be glitchy20:23
freemangordonNeKit: there is a lengthy thread on TMO re problems running sshd on sailfish because of those wkaelocks20:23
NeKitnow I understand20:24
NeKityes, it's not working nicely when the phone is sleeping and it's not connected to power sources20:24
Juestobut hey, at least it does its best to keep the battery healthy :)20:25
freemangordonJuesto: I don't have, search the forum20:25
NeKitso N900 doesn't go to suspend?20:27
Juestoi guess i can just forward the ssh port20:28
freemangordonit does a power-off of the currently unneeded HW, simplified20:28
freemangordonhmm :(20:29
infobotmooooooo! I am cow, hear me moo, I weigh twice as much as you. I'm a cow, eating grass, methane gas comes out my ass. I'm a cow, you are too; join us all! type apt-get moo.20:29
NeKitthanks for the link20:32
NeKitbut still, I think libhybris is viable option when we live in Android world20:33
freemangordonNeKit: not in maemo world, it wants X, at least for now :)20:33
freemangordonactually I don;t know how feasible is to try to boot maemo on android kernal20:34
Juestoandroid uses surfaceflinger for graphics20:35
Juestoit is a different beast20:35
Wizzupwe don't live in an android world20:35
Juestobut sure, android can run X20:35
NeKitdesktop Linux can boot on Android kernel with some options turned on20:35
freemangordonwith full X and GL accell?20:36
Juestolook at ubuntu touch20:36
Juestoor firefox os20:36
NeKitthat depends on X-compatible drivers20:36
freemangordonbut then, we'll have no working PM20:36
Juestothose are android based20:36
freemangordonJuesto: those does not use X afaik20:37
NeKitfor Adreno there is Freedreno, and Mali seems to provide blobs20:37
freemangordonI am fine with blobs for GPU20:37
Juestofreemangordon: ubuntu touch has some functionality where you can have a full desktop when you plug it to a external display20:38
NeKitbut that device I tried on has PoverVR Rogue, so no Xorg-blobs, I need to try to get acceleration working through libhybris20:38
Juestoalso Wizzup, fmg, np if i just port forward ssh of my vm for you guys?20:38
Juestosince everyone prefers ssh20:38
freemangordonbut I am not fine with being stuck to some ancient $vendor kernel20:38
WizzupTo do what20:38
Juestoto look at what i've done so far..?20:39
Juestonot sure20:39
WizzupIf you have patches for the repos, submit them20:39
Wizzupotherwise, I'm just going to continue uploading packages to
WizzupI need to finish some work first20:39
freemangordonJuesto: if I need ssh access I'll tell you, so far you;re reporting problems which are either known or simple20:40
freemangordonNeKit: I was under the impression PowerVR has driver blobs from TI20:40
Juestois there a way to link maemo bugzilla with and tmo?20:41
Juestoand/or use openid?20:41
freemangordonno idea20:41
NeKitI think TI SoCs only use PowerVR SGX series as opposed to newer ones20:43
Wizzupfreemangordon: have you managed to build clutter 0.8 from the community-cssu repo?20:44
WizzupI run into stupid autotools errors20:44
WizzupOr do you just d/l the .deb from cssu20:44
JuestoWizzup: i already told you that you need to switch branches20:44
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC20:45
Wizzupthere is only one branch.20:45
Juestofor which? libmatchbox2?20:45
Wizzupno, clutter. I can check for libmatchbox220:45
Juestoyou're not using the same as i've used for building...20:46
WizzupI'll upstream gtk220:46
NeKitI think fremantle-gtk2 is ported to clutter 1.020:46
Juesto^ exactly20:46
freemangordonWizzup: you don;t need maemo clutter20:46
Wizzupfreemangordon: It depends on 'clutter-0.8'20:46
freemangordonWizzup: no20:46
freemangordonwhich repo?20:47
Wizzupmaster and upstream-gtk2 do20:47
freemangordonwhich package?20:47
JuestoExplain how i could dpkg-buildpackage -b libmatchbox2 on a standard devuan20:47
Wizzupfreemangordon: fremantle-gtk2/libmatchbox220:47
freemangordonBuild-Depends: cdbs (>= 0.4.21), automake, libtool, debhelper (>= 4.1.0), pkg-config (>= 0.18), libx11-dev, x11proto-core-dev, libxext-dev, libxt-dev, libglib2.0-dev, libpng12-dev, libpango1.0-dev, libxcomposite-dev, libxdamage-dev, libclutter-1.0-dev20:48
freemangordonWizzup: you're using wrong branch20:48
WizzupI am on upstream-gtk2 atm20:49
Wizzupmaybe dpkg-buildpackage does some stupid caching crap20:49
freemangordonI don;t think so20:49
Wizzupwell, I *am* on the right branch20:49
Wizzuplet me re-clone and see20:49
freemangordonok. However what I have pasted ^^^ is from github20:50
Wizzupyes. dpkg-buildpackage did some stupid caching20:50
freemangordonreally? omg20:50
WizzupThat wasted a good hour of my time20:50
freemangordonWizzup: which devuan is that?20:50
Wizzupit's debian jessie20:50
freemangordonhmm, the same I am using, never seen such a behaviour20:51
Wizzupmb-wm-util.c:289:3: error: ignoring return value of 'vasprintf', declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Werror=unused-result]20:51
Wizzup   vasprintf(&msg, format, ap);20:51
freemangordonshould not matter aiui (chroot)20:51
Wizzup   ^20:51
Wizzupcc1: all warnings being treated as errors20:51
Wizzup(I can fix this error myself)20:51
Wizzupyeah, chroot should not matter.20:51
freemangordonWizzup: lemme check if I have pushed everything matchbox20:52
freemangordon"Everything up-to-date"20:53
freemangordonWizzup: weird that I don;t have that error here20:53
Wizzupno 'git diff' changes?20:53
Juestoi have the same copy since the repositories were all last updated 20+ days ago20:53
Juestofremantle-gtk2 forks20:53
WizzupI mean, clearly something is passing -Werror20:53
Juestoyou're clearly doing something wrong20:54
Juestowe do not have your issue20:54
WizzupYes, clearly containing -Werror, which errors about a valid ignoring of a return value is me doing something wrong.20:54
parazydyou could employ your own CFLAGS20:54
WizzupI know20:54
WizzupI have none set in my env.20:55
parazydoh ok, that was my thought20:55
Juestome neither yet i had zero issues20:55
freemangordonWizzup: -Werror is on purpose, what is weird is why you have that warning but not me20:55
Juestofreemangordon: and some packages do have a missing configure20:55
freemangordonJuesto: that's normal20:55
* Juesto goes through the building again20:55
freemangordondpkg-buildpackage is supposet to create it20:56
JuestoWell then it fails creating it because of the missing rule20:56
Wizzupfreemangordon: well, ignoring the result of vasprintf is indeed an error20:56
freemangordonWizzup: gcc (Debian 4.9.2-10) 4.9.220:56
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo20:58
freemangordonWizzup: hmm20:59
freemangordonWizzup: I just rebuild it, no error20:59
*** Wizzup has quit IRC20:59
*** Wizzup_ has joined #maemo20:59
Wizzup_(got lagged out)20:59
freemangordonyes, I see, what I don;t understand is why I don;t have that error here21:00
Wizzup_maybe you have CFLAGS set in env?21:00
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC21:01
Juestoi have none yet i do not have errors21:01
freemangordonWizzup_: no21:01
freemangordonWizzup_: it is something on your side, neither me or Juesto or NeKit have that error21:02
Wizzup_I fixed the code to compile with -Werror, and now the package builds.21:02
NeKitnot sure about me, I had to change flags for some packages, but thought this to be Arch-specific21:02
Wizzup_I have x86_64 debian21:03
freemangordonsame here, but in VM, not chroot21:03
freemangordonthis is in the VM - Devuan GNU/Linux 1 \n \l21:04
Juesto32 bits vm here and i pastebinned a proof21:04
Wizzup_I don't use devuan, because I already had a chroot with debian. I'll set up a devuan later, but for now that doesn't seem required21:04
Wizzup_Juesto: 'proof' is not required - the code is wrong and -Werror is correct about complaining about it21:04
JuestoPerhaps the chroot is giving you problems?21:04
Juestoit might be wrong but it only does not work for you, not us21:05
Wizzup_I am not interested in this discussion. -Werror tells you exactly what is wrong in the code. It was the only bug, I've fixed it21:05
Juestome neither actually, i'd rather not burn out with that21:06
Wizzup_freemangordon: fwiw, contains a fremantle group now, I am uploading the git repos here, which is a requirement to build on their CI21:06
Wizzup_if you make an account there (whenever you want) I'll add you to the group21:06
Wizzup_so for now we can't directly use the github repos, but I'll just manually push over any changes21:06
freemangordonWizzup_: great21:07
freemangordonI'll create an account there21:08
Wizzup_It only contains libcal, but I'm going to upload libmatchbox2 now21:08
Wizzup_I think we may need to create a (testing) gpg key, which I think parazyd did, and I can send that your way too21:08
parazydyep emailed to you21:08
Wizzup_yeah, I got it21:08
*** fuz_ has quit IRC21:09
freemangordonWizzup_: I hope you made devuan guys aware this is WIP?21:10
freemangordonWizzup_: registered21:10
Wizzup_freemangordon: been in contact with devuan guys, yeah, and they are aware, they still need to enable 'ci features' on the group, afaik21:10
parazydjenkins builds21:11
Juestoa botbuilder iirc21:11
Wizzup_'continous integration'21:11
Wizzup_basically auto builds21:11
freemangordonok, thanks21:11
parazydto type a bit of the backlog from #devuan...:21:12
freemangordonthats great, lets hope we finally have a foundation for a true linux mobile OS21:12
parazydall packages autobuilt currently end up in devuan (official) packages, and in case of fremantle it's unwanted21:12
parazydso a separate group will be set up on the ci21:12
freemangordonyep, makes sense21:18
Wizzup_I am waiting for the devuan side to give me an 'OK' when it comes to using the autobuild feature21:19
parazydwe can ping Centurion_Dan later when he wakes up/gets online21:19
Wizzup_sounds good21:20
*** jskarvad has quit IRC21:20
Juesto - freemangordon: package generation output and install and alarmd dpkg fix21:29
Juestodid not test running them21:29
Juestoexpires in 10 days and counting21:29
*** fuz_ has joined #maemo21:35
freemangordonJuesto: please if you have something fixed, fork on github and make pull requests, I can;t really scroll through hundreds of lines of build logs to guess what went wrong and how it was fixed. It simply doesn't work that way21:58
freemangordonWizzup_: is it normal that redirects me to github?21:59
freemangordonoh, it is my fault actually22:00
Wizzup_No, that's not normal :p22:00
freemangordonwell, I guess it will take some time till I get used to the iface :)22:01
Wizzup_fwiw, I don't think we have to move all the repos there22:01
Wizzup_it can stay on GH, and we can just sync the repos22:01
Wizzup_I mean, I'll make clones on g.d.o22:01
freemangordonyep, I prefer to keep github as main repo too22:02
* Wizzup_ too22:03
*** ravelo has joined #maemo22:04
Juestoi just do not want to go through the hassle of forking22:07
freemangordonJuesto: it is one click only22:08
Wizzup_Juesto: you building it for yourself doesn't help anyone else, especially if you don't tell us what you changed/fixed22:08
JuestoI didnt change anything.. Wizzup_22:08
Juestoin fact, all my tests information is on that report i've written22:09
freemangordonWizzup_: what arch will that ci build for?22:10
freemangordonor it is up to us?22:10
Wizzup_I think initially intel, then have qemu instances for armel and armhf22:10
Wizzup_and I am going to give them extra arm hw for building22:10
Wizzup_I don't know what it will target initially22:10
Wizzup_I only know that making a build requires to make an issue that has title 'Build'22:10
Wizzup_(and changes to debian/changelog)22:11
parazydthat's up to us, we can build all if we want22:12
freemangordonarmel is cool to have, for stock maemo compatibility, but then we'll have issues with armle GPU drivers22:13
parazydarm64 could be interesting too22:13
Wizzup_we hardly have any arm64 hw22:14
Wizzup_unless you mean the olimex laptop ;)22:14
NeKitor if libhybris is used :)22:14
Juestoand what about true x64 aka itanium?22:16
freemangordonNeKit: well, I guess I'll leave lybhibris to more knowledgeable ones22:16
freemangordonJuesto: how many itanium mobile devices do you know?22:16
freemangordonthat it doesn;t really make sense to me to build for non-existing HW. we may build for z80 with the same result :)22:18
* freemangordon really hopes to find some spare time to work on finishing osso-bookmark-engine and to continue porting during the weekend22:19
NeKitin case of arm7hf builds, will chroot be still needed to launch Maemo closed-source apps due to them being armel?22:23
Wizzup_I'll be at FOSDEM in the weekend22:23
*** ubizzy has quit IRC22:24
freemangordonNeKit: I guess so, though I don;t really know how will work that in regards to GL22:24
freemangordonand if it is going to work at all22:25
freemangordonNeKit: but, I hope slowly but steady they will be either REed or replaced by FOSS ones22:26
Wizzup_I would not aim for closed maemo apps initially, unless they are required22:27
Wizzup_the nice thing, I think, is that we can just take 'extras' and recompile it against the new sw, see how many just work22:27
freemangordonIf we gain momentum thanks to maemo repo on devuan servers, I hope more devs joining, taking on trivial tasks, thus freeing my spare time to work on REing22:28
freemangordonWizzup_: speaking of maemo - why is group called fremantle?22:29
freemangordonor, this is temporary, until somebody come with a better name?22:29
Juestobecause of trademark issues?22:29
Wizzup_freemangordon: we can rename it to maemo22:29
Wizzup_there are no trademark issues22:29
Wizzup_I thought there might be22:29
JuestoDocScrutinizer05 ^22:29
Wizzup_Juesto: please, we already discussed it extensively22:29
freemangordonno, it is ok RE TM22:29
Wizzup_let's not reiterate22:30
Juestoyeah just for fmg22:30
* Juesto sighs22:30
Wizzup_freemangordon: I went for fremantle because it seemed more clear, 'maemo' seemed to general. But doc said that it's better to go for 'maemo' since more people recognize it as such22:30
Wizzup_seemed too*22:30
freemangordonyep, makes sense22:30
Wizzup_but I think we should rename to maemo, since most would like it, and also for recognition22:30
Wizzup_but I didn't want to make that call22:30
freemangordonbut this is nothing to hurry about22:31
Wizzup_true, but I don't want to cause a lot more work devuan people (although I doubt it's a lot of work)22:31
Wizzup_I'm leaving it as is for now22:31
*** Oksanaa has joined #maemo23:27
*** vectis3 has quit IRC23:41
*** vectis3 has joined #maemo23:51
*** xorly has joined #maemo23:54
*** pagurus` has quit IRC23:55
*** pagurus has joined #maemo23:58

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