IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2017-01-28

buZzso eh, do i need to install something to gain USB host?00:14
buZzah 'usb mode'00:19
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Juestois there a good RDP client ?01:11
Juestofor maemo ofc01:12
buZzrdesktop ?01:17
buZzits the only one i know (on linux)01:17
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LjLmake me a program to automatically IR blast a volume lowering command to the TV when the microphone registers excess loudness02:30
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Juestobuzz: it is available in maemo?  how good it is?02:47
Juestosixwheeledbeast: how good is that one, isnt that a vnc client?02:47
buZzJuesto: its in apt-get02:51
buZzno clue what you consider 'good' :P02:51
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Juestoas in, how it is the perfomance, what protocol version it supports, etc buZz02:57
buZzno clue, check it out03:01
JuestoDont have a maemo :/03:01
buZzafaik its available on nearly all linux distros03:03
Juestonot really a linux user either, sorry03:03
buZzoh ok03:03
buZzthen why the enquiry?03:04
Juestonevermind then... its just that i am evaluating something about RDP :)03:04
Juestospecifically on maemo03:04
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OksanaaEmpty package pool/free/d/db4.2/db4.2-util_4.2.52+dfsg-5maemo1+0cssu0+thumb0_armel.deb Where are the binaries?04:04
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Juestohmm, check internet oksanaa ?05:01
* Juesto sighs05:01
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freemangordonJuesto: you may try our upstream maemo porting branch then08:59
JuestoHmm, interesting08:59
Juestoi like to test stuff so i guess it fits08:59
Juestoi fit*08:59
freemangordonbut without having a real device, I doubt you'll get a corrrect impression08:59
freemangordonJuesto: we have a WIP maemo rebased on top of devuan09:00
freemangordonbut there is more ork to be done09:00
freemangordonhowever, you can install devuan in a VM and install the packages on top09:01
Juestocool, i'll give that a shot and give feedback09:01
freemangordonyou'll have a booting hildon-desktop and hildon-status-menu09:01
Juestosounds good?09:01
freemangordonnothing more than those 2 so far09:01
freemangordonI am REing a closed blob needed for hildon-home (the one that takes care for desktop applets)09:02
Juestoso yes, i think maemo is a nice mobile os and its good to have alternatives like this  :)09:02
freemangordonbut be warned, it is far from being fully functional09:02
Juestolets go slow please, i'll begin by downloading devuan...09:03
Juestobut good to know09:03
Juestono problem, about a real device i can see a bit over vnc....09:03
Juestojust others experience helps then09:03
freemangordonJuesto: sure, I'll help, maemo really needs more devs to work on rebasing over a modern distro09:04
JuestoFunny enough i visited devuan website yesterday09:04
Juesto...for the first time09:04
Juestobetter 32 bits?09:05
Juesto32 bits only*09:05
freemangordonI tested 64bits only09:05
freemangordonbut it should work on 32bits as well09:05
Juestoare they :i386 packages?09:05
freemangordonthere are no debs, you should dpkg-buildpackage them09:06
freemangordonyep, source code only so far, hopefully there will be a repo soon09:06
Juestoi'll try 32 bits because why not :)09:06
freemangordonWizzup: ^^^09:06
freemangordonyep, why not09:06
Juestotbh, im not used to compile stuff from source on *nix09:07
freemangordonJuesto: it is really easy09:08
Juestogood to know09:09
freemangordonbuilding a debian package is a matter if "git checkout, cd $dir, dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b"09:09
freemangordonif there are missing dependensies you're given a list and you install those with "apt-get install $missing_packages"09:09
freemangordonthat's it09:10
Juestoalso dont like gentoo because you have to work hardly with the os compiling everything btw09:10
Juestoand arch because lack of installer09:10
freemangordonnever tried it, coming from windoze, I prefer ubuntu and debian :)09:11
Juestoyep me too09:11
Juestomainly a windows user09:11
* freemangordon not anymore09:11
Juestoused *buntu and mac09:12
freemangordonI replaced XP with ubuntu09:12
freemangordonsome 3 years ago09:12
Juestowhats your time zone btw?09:12
Juestogmt -3 and argentina here09:13
freemangordonnot that bad, 5 hours only09:13
Juestogreat to know, good morning to you09:13
Juestoim kind of "living" aussie time lately09:13
freemangordonJuesto: BTW, you may want to check videos on
Juestoanyways, for anything gui np launching a listen for me if needed?09:14
freemangordonthis is maemo gtk3 port (WIP) working on some cheapo chinese allwinner tablet09:15
Juestowow awesome09:15
freemangordonJuesto: not sure I inderstood your question, however, if you have problems feel free to ping and ask me09:15
Juestoif something gui-wise is needed to show because of a bug of whatever, dont mind launching a vnc server thats connects to my listen viewer?09:16
freemangordonthere is no much gui to see so far, unfortunately09:17
Juestoi meant something from maemo itself09:17
freemangordonyep, got it09:17
Juestocool :)09:17
freemangordontoldya, this is still WIP, there are no usable (maemo) applications so far09:17
freemangordonofc you can start whatever application from devuan, but it won;t be "hildonized"09:18
Juestowell, then why not trying out apps from maemo repo? ;p09:19
freemangordonbecause they are armel ;)09:19
Juestoi mean, the nokia sdk... well09:19
Juestosome apps work like gnome policy editor09:19
freemangordonthe same, they have dependencies to maemo packages so far not ported09:20
Juestointeresting, i could run stuff09:20
freemangordonremember, WIP :)09:20
Juestoand some skins worked too but buggy09:20
freemangordonJuesto: also, you'll have to install some n900 theme from maemo repos09:21
Juestoand some basic deps like hildon python werent available09:21
freemangordonand copy backgrounds from n900 device itself09:21
Juestounlike the sdk the default one isnt shipped?09:21
freemangordonno idea how you'll get access to one :)09:21
JuestoI guess i could get a copy of some n900-only stuff09:21
freemangordonsure, this is the right channel09:21
* freemangordon is back to REing of osso-bookmarks-engine09:22
Juestois the kernel selection important ?09:58
Juestofreemangordon: ^09:58
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freemangordonJuesto: shouldn;t be, my VM is with 3.16.0-4-amd64, default that comes with the distro10:00
Juestoand the drivers one?10:01
freemangordonfor the VM? I installed nothing on top10:02
Juestooh and im using the textual installer because i find the gui annoying10:02
freemangordonshould be ok10:02
Juestoi mean, generic vs targeted drivers10:02
Juestonvm, im running expert installer :D10:02
freemangordonactually you need only shell and a working network connection10:02
freemangordonto start10:02
JuestoThen i should have used the net install10:03
freemangordonyou'll apt-get install git, debhelper etc later with apt-get10:03
Juestothis is the cd version10:03
freemangordonI used cd version10:03
freemangordonbut choose to not install any DE, IIRC10:03
Juestoneither x?10:03
freemangordonI installed it later10:04
Juestolol i prefer xfce :)10:04
freemangordonjonwil: hi10:04
Juestohi there10:04
freemangordonjonwil: wanna help ?10:04
jonwilAny particular reason to clone the bookmark code? :)10:04
freemangordonjonwil: lots of10:05
Juestoproprietary mainly10:05
freemangordonjonwil: it is needed by hildon-home. and is the ugliest and the bugiest code I've ever seen10:05
Juestofreemangordon: that server is yours? the 46 one10:06
freemangordonjonwil: and I am ~100%sure it is the reason for memleaks in hildon-home10:06
jonwilsounds good then10:06
freemangordonJuesto: well, not server, my home PC is that10:06
Juesto>apache server :P10:06
freemangordonyes, my PC10:07
freemangordonjonwil: if you look at the original code, you'll feel a urgent need to puke, honestly, it is beyond any imagination. Wanna IDA projects?10:08
Juestomake me10:09
jonwilI got other things to do right now so I dont think I can help with the bookmark code10:09
freemangordonJuesto: hmm?10:09
* Juesto wants to look at the code :p10:09
Juestoi guess i am just curious10:10
Juesto...too curious10:10
freemangordonJuesto: a small example
freemangordonit is like that all over the place10:11
JuestoDefinitely... a bit too much of the same thing :D10:12
Juestotoo much if, can be cleaner10:12
JuestoAnd i guess i'll register on maemo.org10:13
freemangordonno, the problem is - what will happen if there is no "//" in the parameter string10:13
jonwilAre there any other libraries used by hildon-* that aren't yet cloned or open?10:13
Juestoyeah i dont write code but im geeky enough to understand with some explanation... ;)10:13
freemangordonI hit that one when I tried to compile hildon-home in 64bit devuan VM10:14
Juestodefinitely messy things if no comments :p10:14
freemangordonJuesto: this is IDA re-ed code, no commnts ofc10:15
Juestoregistered to garage10:16
JuestoWTF tasksel failed10:18
Juestoyeah apparently selecting more than one DE causes it to fail10:19
Juestohow long until garage and main site user sync?10:20
freemangordonno idea10:21
freemangordonalso, you may need admin approval, can;t remember10:21
Juestolol how do i start network10:24
Juestoi should join #devuan or ##linux10:24
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jonwilSpotted a few libraries used by hildon-* that aren't FOSS yet11:02
jonwilhildon-home needs osso-bookmark-engine of course11:02
jonwilhildon-thumbnail needs libplayback11:02
jonwilhildon-control-panel needs libcodelockui (which is partially cloned but not finished yet)11:03
jonwiland hildon-desktop needs libcail (whatever that is)11:03
jonwilgoing off in terms of whats still closed and uncloned11:04
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ff_LjL: "make me a program to automatically IR blast a volume lowering command to the TV when the microphone registers excess loudness" - the simplest/fastest way I see is: for monitoring level loudness "babyphone" in which setting file specify command to execute: "xdotool click 1" which send click mouse to "pierogi", done11:09
Juestolooks like libcali is something similar to pango or those libs :)11:10
ff_for proper way I know how to monitor loudness in python, but not how to send some IR11:13
JuestoShould i log out form garage?11:14
Juestoi am still unable to login to maemo.org11:14
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* LjL will do ff_'s idea :)17:28
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Guest64459could someone tell me why the whole PIA VPN Network is on the forums blocklist? I can't join the forum this way :-(17:57
sixwheeledbeastThe IP must be on a forum spam list somewhere18:00
infobotwell, unbanip is please contact techstaff <at> maemo <dot> org with your request, or see ~techstaff, or see, or contact tmo maintainer chem|st in here18:00
KotCzarnysome script kiddies18:01
KotCzarnyand either open proxy or spammers18:02
KotCzarnyyup, definitely spammers using that service18:05
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Guest64459that's very sad :-( why they destroy the internet this way. I don't like script skiddies!18:07
KotCzarnybecause they can18:07
KotCzarnythink of kids hurting themselves and the world around out of boredom18:08
Guest64459so nothing to do then... it should be the parents job to tell them how the internet works...18:09
KotCzarnyparents are big kids too18:10
KotCzarnydo what sixwheeledbeast have said18:10
Guest64459that's right, but they should know how to behave.18:10
Guest64459thx for your help, I will do :-)18:10
infobot[unbanip] please contact techstaff <at> maemo <dot> org with your request, or see ~techstaff, or see, or contact tmo maintainer chem|st in here18:12
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JuestoShould i log out from to be able to login in ?21:58
Juestoi still cant login21:58
Juestocreated account yesterday21:58
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Juestowho i should ping for website issues?22:00
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sixwheeledbeastyou can be logged into both22:19
Juestosixwheeledbeast: well, its not working, login is failing22:26
sixwheeledbeast:shrug: you are trying to log into m.o and not t.m.o?22:32
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Juestosixwheeledbeast: I logged to garage but i cant login to maemo.org22:49
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infobotsomebody said tmo was, or, or It's *not* T-MO (see ~T-MO) or trolls, morons, oxen.23:01
Juesto:D23:01 and have seperate logins IIRC23:02
JuestoAnd garage?23:02
Juestoso what do i do?23:02
sixwheeledbeastThis is from the forum being owned by reggie as ITT23:02
infobotwell, itt is the forums on ( )23:03
Juestowhat do i do then?23:03
bencohyou have to register separately on and tmo, as far as I remember23:04
bencoh(although I kinda recall there is a way to link accounts?)23:05
Juestobencoh: redirects to garage23:05
Juestothe register page23:05
Juestoi am registered on garage but i am unable to login on maemo.org23:05
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Juestoregistered yesterday also23:05
Juestoi read the new users note but it been a day and nothing23:06
bencohwhat about new users note?23:06
JuestoNote to new users23:07
JuestoIf you just created your account in, try again in a few minutes.Thank you.23:07
Juestoyet i cant login23:07
Juesto>Also note that while garage has case-insensitive usernames, here the usernames are case-sensitive, try using all lowercase.< i am trying fully lowercase and its not working23:08
bencohwell ..23:08
infobotwell, techstaff is techstaff(AT) - the folks that keep your maemo infra running. Devotion to Duty
bencohI dont really remember the register process, so not sure what's normal and what's not23:08
Juestowhich of  techstaff is here...?23:10
* Juesto prefers chatting23:10
bencohiirc xes is ... but he doesn't seem to be around for some reason23:10
sixwheeledbeastyou can link garage and m.o but t.m.o was seperate IIRC23:19
infobotA PHP Application Server Suite - Web building with Web-based tools. URL:
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Oksanaaosso-mmc-mount calls mmc-mount, and mmc-mount calls fsck -a, and fsck -a calls fsck.vfat -a, right? For MyDocs check on startup. What I want to know, is: wouldn't w flag help fsck to avoid being repeated on each startup?23:37
Oksanaaf and t flags also sound useful, but may take more time.23:39
Siceloi would just fix the FS from a pc ... simpler, quicker, more reliable, and guaranteed23:45
Sicelojust this morning i had to do that23:46
OksanaaThis would require working microUSB port. Which I do not have.23:47
OksanaaAnyway, which flags do you recommend for fsck?23:48
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Juestooksanaa: you take out the sd and put it in pc23:51
Juestowindows laptop reccommended since 1) usually sd readers are built in laptops and linux has issues with them, there seem some bugs with it23:52
OksanaaNo SD card. Internal eMMC.23:52
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OksanaaFATs differ but appear to be intact. Using first FAT. Cluster problems, truncating approximately a dozen of different files.23:55
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bencoh(completely unrelated, but musikloud2 is actually quite a nice music player - never noticed because I'm not a soundcloud user, neither am I a fan of the paradigm)23:57
OksanaaSimilar. Not a soundcloud user, myself. Anybody has a documentation how rtcom-messaging-ui works? All I know is that its js sends out alert("something"); messages which cause various actions outside html+js+css world.23:59

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