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LjLbuZz, yes, well, i MIGHT have just overwritten my bootloader with a kernel that might not boot00:00
buZzat least you have backups now :)00:01
LjLyeah i tried to install the kernel-power package from repositories, although i already had some kind of kernel-power installed but i wanted to make sure everything was up to date00:02
LjLbut it informed me that it would replace my current "U-Boot kernel" with it00:02
LjLi clicked out of the dialog, but it seemingly proceeded anyway00:02
bencohLjL: you should be able to boot a different kernel from usb iirc00:07
bencohI wonder if that goes for uboot (loading uboot through usb) actually00:07
LjLbencoh, oh i haven't rebooted yet after this potential incident anyway00:07
LjLi'm going to try making sure U-Boot is installed first00:08
bencohah, so you're still fine :)00:08
LjLbut U-Boot won't update/reinstall because it's missing kernel-modules. i think i'm gathering now that's because repositories are down and i need to replace them00:08
bencohhere u-boot-flasher and u-boot-tools are installed00:08
infobotsomebody said repos was "deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see, or see ~jrrepos00:08
LjLi am doing the .install clicking00:10
LjLi wonder if i have a QR reader installed for copypasting things without squinting to look at microb00:10
LjLso anyway... how am i meant to install kernel-power *while* making sure it doesn't overwrite uboot?00:13
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bencohyou need the -bootimg package iirc00:13
bencohkernel-power-bootimg that is (and not kernel-power-flasher) .... afair00:14
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LjLgotcha - i had installed the latter indeed00:15
LjLso i will remove it, convince uboot to install itself without whining like a child, then install bootimg, and reboot00:15
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LjLuhm, does "multiboot-kernel-power" help me get kernel-power to be the default kernel in uboot without editing things myself? the description isn't clear00:17
bencohI wonder why someone uploaded rp-pppoe to extras*00:17
bencohdoesn't make much sense to me, but meh :)00:17
buZzwe have fake ethernet over usb, dont we?00:18
buZzso i guess, some ISPs still use pppoe, go online with n900 directly? hmm00:18
buZzmaybe not :P00:18
LjLmy god i have such naughty things installed00:18
LjLlike aircrack, but that's nothing00:18
LjLi have an ad blocker! how am i even not in prison00:18
buZzo m g00:19
LjLplus, it sure looks like some of this stuff tries to boost the FM transmitter to powers or frequencies that jeopardize national security00:20
LjLway to be a terrorist, ljl00:20
buZzexcellent, now go hack the gibson00:20
buZzdid you bring your own skateboard or do you need to borrow one?00:20
LjLare you kidding me? skateboarding sounds dangerous00:21
LjLi'm already scared enough of when i have to take my hand off the rail in the bus to reach the ticket machine00:21
buZzthen at LEAST custom paint your keyboard00:23
buZzyou cant hack like this00:23
LjLha i got you there!00:24
LjLi just bought a mechanical keyboard00:24
LjLit's on its way from Amazon (the hacker store)00:24
LjLand it has COLORED LEDS00:24
LjLstraight from the leetest hacker factories in mainland China00:24
bencohbuZz: too much angelina for you00:24
buZzi saw today00:24
buZzbencoh: yeah the botox is going to my head00:24
LjLi think i saw that... i bet it's that one....00:24
LjLoh, no, it was another one00:25
LjLthis one is actually...00:25
LjLsomething resembling attractive?00:25
buZzyeah i didnt dislike it directly00:25
buZzi gotta go pickup a Model M like .. 50 meters from my house00:25
buZzkeep forgetting when i step out the door ^_^00:25
LjLthe other one i saw was both tacky and $20000:26
LjLthe one i bought was €53. Bluetooth.00:26
buZznice nice00:26
LjL"The software from this catalogue might cause tsunami even if you live hundreds of kilometers inland and if you sue Nokia about it you will achieve nothing. Install?" man that sounds scary00:26
LjLthe un-nice thing is that only an ANSI version of it exists, and i need ISO layouts00:28
LjLso i'll have to never type <, > or | again00:28
LjLi suppose i'll cope by taking pictures of stuff my console prints and then OCRing them instead of using redirection00:29
buZzat least there is that conveniance for you00:32
buZzpraise cheeses00:33
bencohLjL: which repository is that?00:33
LjLbencoh, just the mirror of the Nokia one. actual message might have been slightly exaggerated for comedic effect.00:34
bencohah :]00:36
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LjLhow dangerous does it sound to you to try to resurrect my dead battery by stopping bme, swapping batteries real fast, and restarting bme00:41
LjLoh good grief, kernel-modules is still not available. where the hell is it.00:41
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LjLuh, nope, i'm not going to install that. it wants to remove 921 packages.00:43
bencohLjL: hotswapping batteries doesn't work on n90000:51
LjLbencoh, but... ?00:55
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DocScrutinizer51hotswapping batteries works, but doesn't help *at all* to ressurrect a dead cell01:00
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LjLi see01:01
LjLwell, more importantly for the time being: is current U-Boot broken, or am i?01:01
LjLthe package i have is "u-boot-flasher" aka "U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1"01:01
DocScrutinizer51false assumptions. N900 charges flat battery01:01
LjLit wants to update itself, but to do that, it depends on kernel-modules, and if i try to install kernel-modules on my CSSU system, apt-get hilariously tries to remove the entire world01:02
LjLDocScrutinizer51, well, i couldn't seem to find a way to charge mine before it spontaneously rebooted, while with the new cell, i managed to boot. i had this rescueOS thing linked earlier but now that i have a new battery, didn't really check it out01:03
DocScrutinizer51well the battery is dead01:04
DocScrutinizer51unless you got a rotten rootfs causing the bootloop01:06
infobotRemove battery for 1 minute. Insert battery. Plug powered ***NOKIA WALLCHARGER*** to device. Watch steady amber. Let sit and charge. Do NOT try to boot. After 30 min, you got either a) a booted up N900, b) flashing amber which means you can boot, c) steady amber shut off -> start over again with ~flatbatrecover while already searching for a new battery. CAVEAT! Only works when ~rootfs OK (no ~bootloop)01:06
bencohyeah my bad, hotswapping a dead battery doesn't work :)01:06
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LjLbleh, my repositories are obviously all messed up in various ways but i'm having a fit of sleepiness and i will collapse01:23
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pkill9anyone know how to give user access to pnatd? I tried adding user to uucp, still requires sudo tho01:33
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DocScrutinizer51hmmm, what's wrong with sudo?01:39
DocScrutinizer51you could check lsof and ls -l the opebed filea01:40
buZzhmmf, no those scans are all cropped off :(01:43
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buZzthe 3d scans01:57
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bencohpkill9: uucp on n900? <302:22
pkill9DocScrutinizer51: i suppose there's nothing wrong with sudo, it's just cleaner if  you don't need to use it :)02:23
* bencoh used to have uucp on his laptop to automagically push mails with a proper local smtp relay02:23
pkill9bencoh: i added myself to uucp group on my laptop to send AT commands to the phone as user02:23
bencohnow I'm disappointed :p02:24
pkill9so i thought maybe that was the group i had to add the n900's user to in order to use those AT commands also02:24
bencohhas anyone ever worked with libnotify on maemo btw?02:24
pkill9bencoh: aww, why you dissappointed? :P02:25
bencohit seems that I can't update/show existing notifications (they don't show a second time, and don't seem to be updated either)02:25
bencohpkill9: I thought you actually used uucp on n90002:25
pkill9tbh i don't know why uucp is :P02:26
bencoheven more disappointed then :>02:26
pkill9all i know is i had to add myself to that group to send AT commands02:26
DocScrutinizer51find /dev -iname '*usb*' -ls02:45
DocScrutinizer51you'll find uucp on the group02:46
DocScrutinizer51on systems where this works. On mine USB is group dialout02:46
DocScrutinizer51not sure, just a guess02:47
DocScrutinizer51I further *guess* pnatd uses libisi to access network device/socket whateverthename02:49
DocScrutinizer51ifconfig phonet002:50
DocScrutinizer51strace pnatd FTW02:52
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LjLbleh i cannot get u-boot installed03:13
LjLso. i removed u-boot-flasher because it just couldn't get updated. i installed u-boot-bootimg and a couple of kernel bootimgs instead. should that work?03:39
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freemangordonPali: hi! whiis this needed?18:58
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freemangordon*why is18:58
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Palifreemangordon: hi19:11
Palicommit from 3 years ago?19:11
Palihaha do not remember :D19:11
freemangordonlook at #maemo-ssu19:11
Paliah, now I know :-)19:12
freemangordonwell, it is good when commits have descriptions :p19:12
Palisee commit:
Paliit is in cssu-thumb19:12
Paliand I just copy non-thumb part to cssu-devel :P19:13
Palitesting/scrumdemo.c uses gtk19:14
freemangordonok, this is it19:14
Palialso testing/skeleton.c19:14
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buZzdoes this work? :D19:37
freemangordonwill see, when and if a real device is finally produced19:38
buZzi ment on n900 ;)19:42
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buZzwell, i found -some- 3D models of n900 , but they're all commercial ;(19:45
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buZznot so tempted to spend 20 usd just to get a 3d model of ~8 years old without guarantees its even based on measurements :P20:06
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LjLbuZz, so now i have two working batteries20:19
buZzis the new one more decent than you thought yesterday?20:23
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LjLbuZz, yeah, it stayed alive all night20:47
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LjLit is probably okayish20:47
LjLplus, i had forgotten that the N900 battery juice estimation is wiggly, and likes to go upwards after going downwards just for fun20:48
DocScrutinizer05err wut?20:48
DocScrutinizer05((commit from 3 years ago?)) fixing event IDs?20:49
DocScrutinizer05ooh kernel errata, wtf is that even?20:50
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DocScrutinizer05buZz: ((does this work? :D ))  sure, this is a live first take video I made20:51
DocScrutinizer05does it work? well, depends on what you expect it to do20:51
buZzwell i would assume the swapping faster-than-normal would be motivated by keeping-phone-on20:52
buZzbesides that, i see 0 point to this :P20:52
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DocScrutinizer05it is a feasibility study for *how long* you need to 'keep the phone on' without battery attached. Dosn'T mean there's an implemented and tested solution for such keeping the phone on during battery swap, other than the test I did with charger atached which worked to keep phone running for hours without battery21:05
DocScrutinizer05the concept was to have a 'mobile charger USB stick consisting basicaly of a supercap you charge in USB VBUS boost mode so it works as aux power supply, and that speed swap was for estimating how long such a device would need to provide power21:07
DocScrutinizer05anyway I'm pretty proud of this little stunt :-)21:11
buZzgood :D21:19
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DocScrutinizer05the 'problem' with battery hotswap is: bq24150 charger chip doesn't start "charging" in a millisecond, so removing the battery when it's not already "charging" will result in blackout of system21:32
DocScrutinizer05if you want to test: make sure battery is sufficiently depleted so it gets charged when you attach charger, and do just that. Then `stop bme`, make sure backlight is on level 5 and always on (to keep system consumption above the level where bq24150 stops charging), then swap battery and `start bme`21:34
DocScrutinizer05no need to hurry, I ean my N900 for several hours without battery this way21:35
DocScrutinizer05just when you're in a region with poor signal (so TX will power up) and maybe - to make matters worse - you're on 2G (which is more 'bursty' on power consumption), odds are your system will brown out when modem starts TX for whatever reason21:37
DocScrutinizer05fun 'experiment': connect phone without battery to Nokia charger. waaaaaait. after quite a long time the steady amber emergency charging LED signal will shine up, indicating that bq24150 tries to "charge" *something*. That something must be CPU idling in bootloader waiting for battery voltage go up to a level where it could actually boot up system. So the whole set is worth nothing for real, but intriguing to watch ;-)21:41
DocScrutinizer05(CPU) euther the main CPU or the modem CPU21:42
DocScrutinizer05quite scary when you think same situation (of "system" eating energy for no visible effect) might happen on a quite depleted battery as well, depleting it even more21:43
DocScrutinizer05well, maybe not really, since it's most likely the VBUS 5V that 'power on' the main CPU. Those are not existent when inserting depleted battery. Dunno if pressing power button could result in same pathological system state21:45
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