IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2017-01-22

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LjLhey... so... if i've gotten my N900's battery just slightly flat by not using it forever and not removing it... is there any new trick on how to resuscitate it without using external hardware?05:24
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Vajbsixwheeledbeast: yes u guessed right07:31
VajbJuesto: i deny writing from all users and also set them read only. No effect. Tried setting registry value for it, no effect either.07:33
Vajbguess i'll just leave it be and delete useless bookmarks next time i visit :)07:35
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VajbSicelo: if u like u can try to combile newer libwebp for telegram purple :)09:07
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bencohVajb: it might already be implemented in recent telegram-purple versions09:32
Vajbbencoh: oh,there is new version for maemo?09:55
Vajbor will any telegram-purple work with it?09:56
bencohnope, latest maemo version is still 1.5yo10:10
bencohI tried building latest one but it eventually segfaulted, I'd need to spend more time on this, but...10:11
Vajbyeah only 24h/d...10:20
bencohand way too much time debugging stuff already10:21
Vajbi try next week if those stickers work when converted to .png and shown as smileys10:21
Vajbin android version there r stickers10:22
Vajband we see them as broken images10:22
Vajbthey r .webp files...10:22
Vajband in my theory they all have unique name and so on....10:23
bencohall this just to display smileys?10:24
Vajbyep, strange world10:25
Vajbmaybe it is just me, but it is annoying when something works for someone, but not for me10:25
sixwheeledbeastLjL: have you tried charging with Nokia charger?10:26
Vajband i get a lot of "change that piece of.. to something new and shiny"10:26
Vajbit seems that we don't have infobot atm...10:28
sixwheeledbeastI don't use Chrome or Win10 so not much help there, would a different browser be better?10:29
Vajbi don't know, but i guess it is better to stick with it. If i change chrome to something else they say thay internet is missing....10:39
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sixwheeledbeastSet a default browser? It all depends on the user in these circumstances. Most browsers for windows will suffer from adware if your un10:57
sixwheeledbeastsure what your clicking10:57
Vajbproblem is that they keep clicking that star and bookmar bar is filled with useless crap and when they don't see their three bookmarks there they r lost and ask me to fix it because it is broken10:59
Vajbi have ads blocked there11:00
Vajbalso i downgraded them to just users so they can't install anything11:00
Vajbso now it is motly just setting themes straight and deleting bookmarks11:01
Vajbi thought that preventing bookmark changes would be easy, but it turns out to be impossible for me11:02
Vajbah gtg11:02
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sixwheeledbeastin firefox I would just remove all the icons from the browser it's flexible like that.11:24
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Michael_a380I got a friend who is going to Vietnam. Any ideas on the best way to find and buy an N9 (flea market?)?12:30
Michael_a380Any issue with cellular (bands) between Vietnam - Australia ?12:32
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L29AhOne more step15:03
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LjL<sixwheeledbeast> LjL: have you tried charging with Nokia charger? ← thanks, yes, i've tried17:39
LjLanyway i impulse-bought a cheap new battery from ebay before going to bed17:39
LjLthe seller *looks* reliable17:39
LjLi saw no complains of non-original batteries in the feedback17:39
buZzwhat price?17:43
bencohfirst (and last) time I ordered "original" batteries I ended up with batteries not charging over 800mAh for some strange reason17:45
bencohand eventually bought a polarcell17:45
* kerio bought a polarcell17:45
keriobest battery 20XX17:45
bencohwell, polarcell capacity does drop over time17:45
bencohbut it doesn't seem worse than original one, and starts with a slightly higher capacity17:46
bencohso it's not that bad17:46
buZzwhat about those 2x thicker batteries?17:47
buZzwith special backsides17:47
bencohnot sure you can still buy it, and ... ENOSPACE anyway :>17:49
bencohn900 is big enough as it is :p17:49
buZzlol, polarcell seller gives 50 euro back if you can find a better battery17:51
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keriobuZz: you're much better off taping two batteries together17:55
keriowith those oversized backplates17:55
keriothe capacity of mugen batteries was not twice the nokia bl5j17:56
kerioand yes i realize that chemical batteries don't work like that but17:56
keriothat's... going a bit too far17:59
L29Ahonly 100g heavier18:00
jogawow that's savage18:00
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buZzL29Ah: 18650 best battery \o/18:25
buZzbatterylife of n900 is quite impressive to me18:25
buZzwithout a simcard inside, no autoconnect to wifi, easy 4 days on battery, with actual usage18:26
kerio...usage of what18:30
kerioplaying solitaire?18:30
buZzmp3s, camera, wpa cracking, quake218:31
buZzbut like, 2-3 hours a day i guess18:31
keriooh i thought you said no wifi18:31
Vajbmugen is around 2000mah when new, but drops quickly to 1900ish18:31
buZzkerio: wrong :P18:31
keriobuZz: how do you crack wpa18:31
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buZzi mean,
kerioreaver doesn't count18:32
buZzreaver is for WPS, not WPA18:32
keriostill, how18:32
bencohwep works fine18:33
bencohI dont think I ever tried wpa18:33
bencohwell, maybe I did, I dont remember18:33
buZzits doable :)18:33
bencohbut yeah, cleven can be useful :)18:34
buZzif the password is in your wordlists anyway18:34
buZzits not so smart in bruteforcing18:34
buZzit doesnt use rulesets :(18:34
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bencohit does work against numeric-only passwords18:34
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bencoh(yes, there are quite a lot of those around)18:35
keriobencoh: wep has /several/ weaknesses18:37
keriowpa is a bit more solid18:37
bencoh"a bit"18:37
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keriopoor encryption standards in wpa1, but still kind of unbreakable unless you're a TLA18:37
kerioif the password is good, ofc18:37
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LjLbuZz, price of battery was €7.60 (including shipping)19:16
buZzLjL: and original?19:16
buZzcan i get a link? :)19:16
LjLbencoh, i know, even batteries on amazon prime are confusingly non-original despite claims, according to a few reviews19:16
LjLso in this case i thought ebay seemed actually better since at least i get to know which seller i'm buying from19:17
LjLon amazon, it's listed as the same item, but multiple sellers, and who knows which reviews refer to which seller19:17
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LjLbuZz, hopefully it's going to be original, but i'll know when i know19:17
LjLbuZz, is link, but the shipping is only going to be that cheap within italy19:18
LjLactually they don't even ship to non-italy at least according to ebay details19:18
LjLwhich isn't even surprising considering lithium batteries are banned by airmail now :(19:18
buZzwow, nice price19:20
LjLbuZz, all i know is he repeatedly claims it's original, doesn't have the usual odious "we aren't responsible for shipping" italian sellers tend to have, and the feedback is probably too good for someone selling fakes as original19:21
buZzi'll just send him a question about it ;)19:21
LjLcertainty doesn't exist in this world, but eh19:21
LjLthe thing that worries me a little is that he says he ships it "in a blister", which could be anything from relatively sturdy plastic to almost nothing... and as mail, not as package19:22
LjLso if it's "almost nothing" and not properly padded... brrrrr19:22
LjLone sure thing is i'll inspect it for at least 10 minutes to spot any bumps or strange things, before trying to charge it19:23
LjL(lithium batteries scare me, does it show?)19:23
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buZzi tried so hard to make a li+ explode19:34
buZzthusfar havent succeeded19:34
bencohregular li-ion usually behave, kinda19:36
bencohlipo can get wild19:37
buZzi tried most on lipos19:37
buZzspecifically overcharging and shorting19:37
buZzi also tried shorting it with a nail through it, but nothing happened19:39
buZzah well, some day i'll succeed :D19:39
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LjLbuZz, why would you do that :(19:52
LjLhave you not read enough horror stories of people's lungs being damaged for life and bones being corroded by hydrofluoric acid from venting lithiums?19:52
buZzLjL: death is the only certainty we have in life19:53
buZzwhy avoid that?19:53
* LjL hands buZz a shotgun19:53
buZznah too easy19:53
* buZz rather makes his own deathtraps :)19:53
buZzelectric longboard, fixie bicycle, etc19:53
LjLbesides, venting lithiums don't usually kill you, as mentioned19:54
LjLjust make you suffer for the rest of your (potentially long) life19:54
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buZznot sure why you assume i didnt do this in well ventilated area, but sure, keep going :P19:54
LjLbecause it doesn't really matter19:55
LjLit's toxic enough it can cause damage even on the top of mount everest19:55
buZzcool , so it doesnt matter one bit19:55
buZzif only paranoia was contagious ;)19:57
LjLpinned thread is lovely (if you love death/disabling events)20:04
buZzcool anecdote bro20:05
buZzcome back when you make it happen ;)20:05
bencohI'd say "why?!" as well, but nevermind :)20:07
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LjLi won't make it happen because i'm not f-ing insane20:14
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freemangordon~seen romaxa20:56
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: she is dead ^^^20:57
Siceloin which sense?21:23
Vajbas not in this channel21:31
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