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L29Ahmost of the sources are open01:10
L29Ahalso you can assume s/maemo/debian/01:10
JuestoL29Ah: uh, how? xephyr is just a nested x server01:15
Juestoxpra goes further01:15
sixwheeledbeastGTK is the first language I think of for Maemo01:17
sixwheeledbeastWell for GUI anyway01:20
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Michael_a380N9 with no 'SIM holder", has a stuck 'SIM card'.       If inside a bit of metal breaks off = 'SIM reader' destoyed ?05:07
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DocScrutinizer05inserting a thin stiff plastic stripe on top of SIM over contact pads can unlock any latch-up05:26
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Michael_a340Such a nasty design. Ebay seller could of mentioned that he jammed a sim in there.05:54
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L29Ahi'd go with a thin scalpel or boxcutter blade06:44
Michael_a340N9 now for sale on TMO.06:53
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Michael_a380Could anything besides cellular, get damaged by loose object in the SIM port (N9)?  .... problems with Wifi, hoping would get fixed with a reflash.11:22
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Vajbmy in laws keep messing up their laptop. Is there a geeky way to prevent them changing chrome bookmark toolbar?19:10
Vajbthey keep adding stuff there and if something isn't visible it is lost19:11
Vajband i have to come and remove all that....19:11
freemangordonomg, osso-bookmark-engine is full of memleaks :(19:17
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JuestoVajb: not really, unless you want to lock it down20:29
Juestoyou can hide the bookmarks toolbar20:29
Vajbwell that's exactly what i wanna do20:30
Juestobut it always appears in new tap page regardless20:30
Juestopress control+shift+b20:30
Vajbno it has to be there and there have to be certain bookmafrks20:30
JuestoThen look up a bit about locking it down20:30
Juestoi know its possible but im not sure how, sorry.20:31
Vajbi tried setting chrome bookmark files to read only, but it didn't help20:31
Juestotry denying permissions instead20:31
Vajbor i didn't find correct file yet20:31
Juestoresearch for the filename20:31
Vajbdidn't find out yet how to perform search for hidden files in win10...20:32
Vajbmeanwhile i played .webp files in maemo. So far i can announce that they don't open in opera,qml-browser,fennec,gallery :) but they do open in chrome at desktop20:33
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SiceloVajb: so how did you play them? "but they do open in chrome at desktop" means what? Easy Debian?20:51
Vajbit means exactly what it says :) they open in google chrome at my desktop computer20:55
Vajbsofar i couldn't open them in maemo that is20:56
Vajbbut i was thinking of making them show as smileys20:56
Vajbfor me it seems that they too have their own name so if we trigger smiley from thei webp name that _might_ work20:57
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Vajband it seems that i can't figure out how to lock bookmarks :(21:03
Vajbi set file permissions that writing to file is blocked, but they still get saved somehow21:04
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Juestovajb: you enable hidden files and it should be enough22:22
Juestovajb: you have to do something like deny everyone and don't let your own user either22:22
Juestoi do know a bit, kind of general actually22:23
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sixwheeledbeastI am guessing this is Chrome on Win10?23:03
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