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Wizzupflorian: what do you mean, wrt multi arch?00:05
Wizzupfreemangordon: what do you mean, wrt multi arch?00:05
Wizzup(also a bit sick, so will be brief, but, YES, I want to help, and I will pick up auto builds)00:06
WizzupHoping for others to help as well00:06
Wizzupdevuan already pointed me about their systems for (auto) building00:06
WizzupI'll talk to parazyd on wed or so and arrange accounts00:06
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freemangordonWizzup: well, there is something in ubuntu/debian called multi-arch, I guess this is wehen youput .so files in /usr/lib/$arch/ instead of /usr/lib00:16
freemangordonand I guess here is where my knowledge on the matter ends :)00:17
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Wizzupfrewrt multiarch, seems not so hard/doable08:37
Wizzupfreemangordon: wrt multiarch, seems not so hard/doable08:37
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OksanaaIs it only me, or is it difficult to login to
OksanaaKisstester : urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error (8, 'EOF occurred in violation of protocol')>09:04
OksanaaTesting the tester ;-)09:05
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KotCzarnytesting the kisser?09:48
KotCzarnykissing the tester?09:48
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OksanaaLawl... Testing the KISStester . Seriously, does it log you into, or does it give the same error?10:08
bencohkisstester? what's that?10:09
OksanaaApp. Written in Python. For sending feedback for extras-testing10:10
OksanaaLike, instead of firing up web browser and wrestling with tiny links, there is a dedicated app with touch-friendly buttons10:13
OksanaaNot like I can use it much when it refuses to log me in because of some EOF10:14
OksanaaAnd : Helium requires some Qt Components or something. .. Without specifying them properly in deb as a dependency10:15
KotCzarnymaybe other side isnt implemented yet10:17
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OksanaaWell, what other side? When I try to open Helium, it gives error about lacking module or whatever. No idea which package is responsible for it, but if it exists, it should be specified as dependency.10:21
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OksanaaCould it be ?10:31 maybe qt-meego-components (or something like that)10:33
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VajbKotCzarny: was it compliance id u were asking?16:33
KotCzarnyit's string like this: Type xxxx-yyy16:33
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KotCzarnyso i guess only new info is that it should have one ram slot free and has f5521gw gsm card16:41
Vajbyes 3g was mentioned in auction post16:42
KotCzarnyunless it was changed by the user in the meantime, then auction description is overriding it16:42
Vajbis there three ram slots or two?16:43
KotCzarnyshould be two16:43
Vajbbecause i think it has 2x4gb now16:43
KotCzarnythen someone added one 4gb stick16:43
Vajbit was for sale with only 4gb and i said to seller "shame that it didn't have 8gb, then i would pay what u asked" and he responded "well actuially it had 8gb when i was using it, i can put it back16:44
KotCzarnyhe he16:45
Vajbhence i assume 2x416:45
KotCzarnybut looking at pictures, one slot is under kb and other is on the bottom16:46
Vajboutside by look it seems to be very good condition. No cracks or dents. Didn't start it up yet, i'll let it warm up a bit first16:49
Vajbspill resistant kbrd is cool16:50
KotCzarnythose things often were sitting in various offices16:50
KotCzarnyso usually not much wear16:50
Vajbbtw does multitouch mean that touchpad recognizes multiple touches?16:51
KotCzarnymost likely16:51
KotCzarnyim not a fan of touchpad, prefer the clit-stick16:51
Vajblike one can pinch to zoom out etc16:51
Vajbseems like im getting to this decade with laptops16:51
KotCzarnyfor typing/mouse actions, clit stick is much faster16:52
KotCzarnyie. it doesnt require your hand to move from kb16:52
DocScrutinizer05you still need OS support or multitouch is just like a 12 button mouse: cool but pointless16:52
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Vajbclitstick? That red tap inbetween g,h and b?16:52
Vajbnever seen any :D16:53
mueddibhello all, I install to nginx, mysql and php but nginx is not support to PHP. I don't understand to problem16:53
KotCzarnyproper name is trackpoint16:53
KotCzarnymueddib: are you sure its the right channel?16:53
VajbDocScrutinizer05: planning to keep included win7 for starters atleast and i suppose it supports it16:53
DocScrutinizer05no idea16:53
mueddibyep, this channel is maemo right?16:53
DocScrutinizer05I doubt it very much16:54
mueddibI test to N90016:54
KotCzarnymueddib: not many people install servers on n90016:54
mueddib$ uname -ar16:54
mueddibLinux Nokia-N900 2.6.28-omap1 #1 PREEMPT Fri Aug 6 11:50:00 EEST 2010 armv7l GNU/Linux16:54
KotCzarnymostly because its used behind nat (gsm)16:54
KotCzarnyas for lack of php support, refer to the packages authors what did they compiled them with16:54
mueddibKotCzarny, hm I understand thank you N900 support to mysql nginx and php but nginx not support to PHP I don't find to FPM16:55
mueddibfastcgi package not here to repos16:55
KotCzarnyie. if you installed them from extras repository, its up to the person that created such package16:55
KotCzarnyif you compiled it yourself, you should refer to nginx docs how to add php support16:56
mueddibKotCzarny okay sir thank you.16:56
mueddibI read to documents, Nginx need to fastcgi or php-fpm but I don't find to php-fpm16:56
mueddibI'm googled and not found solutions16:57
KotCzarnyfind some installation instructions how to make them work together maybe or what are the dependencies16:57
bencohmueddib: nginx wiki has documentation on how to add a fcgi upstream16:58
bencohas for php, you'll probably need a fcgi wrapper16:59
bencohlike fastcgi, or php-fcgi16:59
bencohI guess php-fpm wasn't included in vanilla php / default build options when php was built for maemo17:00
mueddibbencoh, fcgi not there to repos, are you sugest to install fcgi source code?17:00
bencohmueddib: I suggest you first learn how to configure/run nginx+php on a standard debian17:02
bencohthen compare with what is already available on maemo17:02
mueddibbencoh, Debian Nginx need to fastcgi or php-fpm17:03
bencohwell then I suggest you have a look at debian fastcgi package and port it to maemo, if it's not available17:03
mueddibbencoh hmm I understand but debian arm package php-fpm install to n900?17:04
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NeKitI wonder, is N900 currently still worth to get?18:20
KotCzarnydepends on your use case/needs18:21
KotCzarnyif you want browser capable of handling lots of pics or js, no18:21
KotCzarnyif you want social media integration, no18:21
KotCzarnyif you want tiny linux machine with phone function, yes18:21
NeKitok, thanks18:21
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DocScrutinizer05NeKit: that depends on whether you like it or not, no?18:50
NeKitjust curious to see Fremantle, but I fear that I won't be able to use it much18:53
KotCzarnygo to used phones store and check if they have it?18:53
DocScrutinizer05N900 is *your* phone, you have complete control over every single aspect how it works. With e.g. android, you basically 'lease' a phone from the manufacturer and you may *use* it, in the ways the manufacturer and app providers make available to you18:53
DocScrutinizer05it's not particularly powerful, so 'modern' websites bloated with jumping gnomes and blonking signs are likely to not perform well on it. Also many apps nowadays are closed blobs and their developers do a huge amount of effort to keep it like that, means you e.g. won't find a working whatsapp for a device as open as N900 since whatsapp doesn't provide a client and nobody can reverse engineer their closed shit18:56
NeKitnot WhatsApp user, thankfully, but Telegram could be useful, for which there is CLI-only(?) client avaiable18:59
DocScrutinizer05I don't know, since I don't use any of those "social media" stuff. Generally I'd not rely on it being stable - we had a working whatsapp client a while ago, then whatsapp invested some more effort in actively stopping any such 3rd party clients19:04
DocScrutinizer05please always keep in mind those services are focused on making money. According to the age old saying: "either you're the customer or you are the *product*"19:05
L29Ahtelegram doesn't make any money afaik19:05
DocScrutinizer05nothing ever is for free, even death cost your life19:05
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DocScrutinizer05whatever those service providers need to do to monetize their service, they for sure will, sooner or later19:07
DocScrutinizer05and there's ZILCH you can do about it, except outright refusing to use such "free leete stuff"19:08
DocScrutinizer05at google you pay with *all* your data. at whatsapp you at least pay with getting shanghaied by Suckerberg19:09
DocScrutinizer05you *always* pay19:09
NeKit<s>I'd prefer to pay with my data than with my money</s>19:10
DocScrutinizer05it's mindboggling how many people are just not aware of this very trivial fact of life19:10
NeKitanyway, I saw latest GTK3 porting effort. In theory, it could be used with libhybris to run on modern hardware, as long as there is a way to get OpenGL in Xorg?19:11
KotCzarnynekit, it requires clutter, not particular opengl(es) version19:13
bencohNeKit: telegram more or less works with pidgin btw19:16
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bencohregarding gtk3 port it might work with libhybris indeed19:18
bencohit could actually be an interesting way of getting a new user/dev base19:19
bencohsince it would target more devices. just like jolla did with sailfishos19:19
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Vajbim happy with my telegram integration to pidgin now20:24
Vajband pidgin integrates nicely to maemo too20:24
Vajbthanks to sicelo- :)20:24
NeKitis clutter generally used by Hildon compositor or by most of apps too?20:29
KotCzarnyby hildon desktop20:29
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raveloI am looking to use a decent bluetooth keyboard on N90021:30
raveloany recommendations on that?21:30
raveloI tried to use 1byone foldable keyboard, but did not get it to work on N900 yet21:31
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raveloMaybe the Microsoft universal keyboard?22:14
raveloI am actually looking for standard layout22:15
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sicelo-ravelo: did you install extkbd package? makes life easy22:25
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sicelo-awesome. it workks really good, yes23:22
sicelo-ah, echan. sorry23:22
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bencohVajb: what do you use for pidgin integration?23:46
bencohand how well does telegram work with pidgin, btw?23:46
sixwheeledbeast^I had a keysonic keyboard paired to my N900 for a while, worked ok with extkbd23:49

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