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OksanaaQuestion : I copy el-v1.db to elsewhere, ask sqlite to dump all of it into read.sql file, and then cat read.sql | grep unique quit message of somebody on IRC channel. No results. Where are join and quit events stored, then?01:31
OksanaaBecause it's annoying to see how sometimes telepathy-idle, instead of just stating number of participants, goes "X has joined\n6 has joined\nZ has joined" and so on, lots of space-taking lines for all members of a channel.01:32
sixwheeledbeast^Maybe there not stored01:33
OksanaaThey are not stored?.. Good question. Entirely possible. Yes, looks like it. Not ideal, but something cannot need a repair if it doesn't exist.01:35
sixwheeledbeast^I have a pidgin plugin to hide all that rubbish on desktop.01:36
OksanaaHow are they displayed, then? Because closing-opening the window each time scrolling becomes difficult is not ideal...01:36
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MoeIcenowyoh it's now possible to use telegram purple plugin on N900?01:46
MoeIcenowyglad to here that01:46
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Vajbbencoh: i have pidgin statusmenu plugin so it sits neatly on a tray. Also i installed maemo notification plugin for pidgin and it works too. So far pidgin has been working very well.05:39
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DocScrutinizer05using pidgin for IRC is a special form of love for suffering06:01
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DocScrutinizer05Leopold von Sacher-Masoch will blame you for topping him06:07
DocScrutinizer05or maybe rather this one?
Vajbi never used pidgin for irc. Tho it might work06:14
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Michael_a380What's a good way to access 'surveillance camera, live stream'? I assume it's on a WLAN.07:46
Michael_a380It's a specific camera, facing a 'public car park'.07:49
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Vajbdon't ask me how to ;)08:09
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Michael_a380ty :)08:28
jogasurveillance camera... wlan... public car park, sounds like a cam you'll find in shodan08:35
jogafail anyway if it's accessible to you and you didn't install it :p08:36
Michael_a380The vendor would be the landlord (commercial).08:41
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Michael_a380My family was victim to fraud. We lent money to a man for business, car, boat. He then absconded from his residential & commercial residence, and deleted his phone accounts. We've done some court proceedings. The court recognises the debt, but the criminal has made no payments. Debt collection/asset seizure is difficult, where by proving his ownership. After 2 years, we found his new commercial residence.08:44
jogathis has to do with the camera?08:47
Michael_a380yep, trying to identify the criminal's assets.08:49
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Michael_a380The laws are pathetic, police wont help. Legal advice is to hire a PI, which we can't afford. If he relises we found him (by us surving him court documents), he would dissappear or do "fraudulent conveyance".08:57
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jogaMichael_a380, have you taken into account that accessing the camera is (likely to be) illegal for you09:07
jogaand someone could consider it "hacking" or similar silly stuff even if it didn't have any password and is recording a public place09:08
jogaalso, someone could consider vigilante surveillance of an individual quite creepy09:09
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jogathat said, if legal advice is "hire a PI", well, I dunno09:12
Michael_a380Things will work out eventually. Just looking to speed up the process.09:14
jogato me it sounds weird that by declaring you're a PI by profession you get the right to stalk people, or maybe they just do office work or google around, dunno. I've never met a person in that line of work and here it kinda sounds like something out of a movie and not a real job09:14
jogathough now that I think of it, a rich friend of mine had some family detective at his parents' place... he actually had an office at their (huge) house09:15
jogamaybe that qualifies09:15
Michael_a380Yeah, doughy ideas collate when dealing with a dodgy criminal  :/09:16
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Michael_a380The camera is overseeing a 'permanently parked vehicle' that he promised (in writing) to give us. "Better keep an eye on it, make sure it's safe".09:19
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Michael_a380If I went to the "commercial site", would it be easy to get a "wlan ip" to put into shodan?09:23
Michael_a380*public ip09:23
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jogaMichael_a380, well, depends. those things (ip cams) are so awful security-wise on average that even if it was in a protected wifi, it could well have been pwned in couple of minutes if it had internet access at any point09:33
jogabut unless it has a public ip address, it's likely not found by shodan just like that09:34
joga(not that I know much about how shodan works)09:34
jogaI do know about ip cams though and how awful they are, and how awfully they're handled and installed :p09:35
Michael_a380We've installed some sort of CCTV system and the usability is pathetic09:36
Michael_a380I'll try if mplayer can be used with our system, thanks09:37
jogavlc and mplayer/mpv etc. should be able to play rtsp streams, you can perhaps find out the right url for the camera with google09:38
jogaor from the web admin thing...09:38
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OksanaaAny idea how telepathy-idle IRC client splits long messages? What's the character limit?12:02
bencohstandard irc character limit I'd say12:02
bencoh(which is ... 256, or 512, or some sensible limit like that)12:03
KotCzarnyirc server sends the msg limit on connect12:03
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OksanaaIs there a limit on message length? Like, no IRC server is allowed go give limit below 256 or above 512? Something like that? And does the limit apply to message length only, or together with sender's name?12:12
KotCzarnyi would think there isnt such thing specified in the rfc12:13
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Vajbdoes newest omp have feature to stable audio levels os different files?12:39
KotCzarnyyou mean 'normalize'12:39
kerio>implying irc networks care about "rfc"12:41
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VajbKotCzarny: i mean that they sound about the same level nevertheless the quality12:43
KotCzarnyyou cant fix bad bitrate encoding12:43
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Vajbwell, atleast ipod can ;)13:03
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Michael_a330N9, worth buying?
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Wizzup5$ srsly16:37
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KotCzarnyMichael_a330: beware fakes17:24
KotCzarnyand remember, if its too good to be true, its a fake17:25
Vajbhmm i wonder if my trackpoint covers r fake. Just made an order of 10pcs for 1£17:26
KotCzarnyvajb, doesnt matter, but get concave ones17:27
KotCzarnymuch better than domes17:27
Vajbwell too late now17:27
KotCzarnyfor my old tp560z i even made one from pencil rubbe17:27
Vajbhehe good innovation17:28
KotCzarnyit works fine, because all you need is to assure its not slipping, and be able to fit snuggly17:28
KotCzarnyits the second from the left17:30
KotCzarnyimo the best one17:31
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Vajbyes i saw atleast three different versions18:09
bencohVajb: what about adding contacts in telegram btw?18:21
bencohin pidgin*18:21
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Vajbbencoh: well i didn't add any i let them add me :)18:25
Vajbbut if ur friend creates username i suppose it should work too18:25
Vajbor use desktop version and add them there18:25
bencohI'm not sure it would show in pidgin then18:26
bencohI dont remember how I managed to add a contact, I think I fiddled with config file18:26
Vajbi hope it'll get better when they update it ;)18:29
bencohafaiu they can't get much better regarding that specific issue18:31
Vajbso it is more like pidgins feature18:32
bencohbecause of
bencohand regarding history / conversations, did you manage to have history include pictures?18:32
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Vajbi think so18:35
Vajband if not they r shown in telegram folder18:35
Vajbit seems they r not shown in logs18:38
Vajbbut smileys r18:38
bencohsmileys are inband :)18:39
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bencoh(they're "just" text)18:39
bencohbut ... okay, means you got the same results ... thx :)18:39
Vajbsure i didn't do any magic just installed it and copied to right folder since install put it in /18:40
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bencohI wonder if patching the pidgin history plugin to get it to display images would be easy18:42
bencohmaybe it would18:42
Vajbno idea18:42
bencohand make pidgin a bit more maemo-friendly (or small screen friendly), actually18:42
Vajbbut it is irrelevant to me think i'll put pidgin folder to tracker so it will show pics in gallery18:43
bencohright, but having it show in conversations as well would be nice18:43
Vajbwell true, but if u truly value ur friends u remember all conversations haha18:44
bencohtbh I hardly use it since pretty much no one around is on telegram18:44
Vajbi use it weekly18:45
Vajbim in one group and have 3 friends using it18:46
Vajbwell one is more than friend, but anyways18:46
Vajbguess we r early adapters here18:48
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NeKitwould it in theory work if Hildon-Desktop is forced to render directly (though Android's hwcomposer or surfaceflinger) instead of rendering to Xorg?19:05
bencohhildon-desktop isn't the only graphic component there - basically every graphical app would need to do the same19:07
bencohbut I guess that could be achieved somehow, either by using gtk3+wayland and the same thing they used to have wayland run on top of android19:08
NeKitdoes every graphical app involve OpenGL or just 2D pixmaps?19:08
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bencohmost maemo apps are qt or gtk219:08
bencohqt4* or gtk219:08
bencohsome are sdl/opengl-based19:08
bencoha tiny few of them are x11/xft based19:09
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freemangordonNeKit: h-d is using clutter, so it is up to it to clutter, not h-d19:11
NeKitand clutter is then using cogl19:11
freemangordonbut, clutter has more drivers19:12
freemangordonor "backends"19:12
bencohdoes it have a wayland backend?19:12
bencohthen I guess the nemo-like route might be do-able19:12
freemangordonand what about the apps?19:13
bencohgtk3 apps would work, same for qt519:13
bencohqt4/gtk2, dunno ...19:13
freemangordonbencoh: also, afaik wayland does not support atoms19:13
bencohatoms? intel atoms?19:13
freemangordonX atoms19:13
freemangordonand they are used all over the place19:13
freemangordonportrait mode, z-ordeting, etc19:14
bencohhmm, actually hildon-desktop (at least mb2, the wm) probably wouldn't exist as of now in a wayland context :D19:14
bencohif hildon-desktop refers to the window manager, then it already doesn't fit wayland19:15
bencohwayland needs a compositor, which isn't exactly the same thing19:15
NeKitnot sure how much of hack is it, but until proper Wayland support, what if clutter/cogl renders Xorg windows directly to screen through EGL instead of Xorg19:15
freemangordonwayland has it's own WM?19:15
freemangordonNeKit: isn;t that called "compositing"?19:15
bencohbut afaiu WMs as we know it don't really exist19:16
NeKityes, but basically it would be compositor => hwcomposer instead of compositor => Xorg => fbdev19:17
freemangordonNeKit: afaik, right now clutter/cogl draw through E/GL, not through Xorg. Might be wrong though19:18
freemangordoni.e. - WM translates window's contents to textures which are then drawn using GL19:19
NeKitcogl has support for multiple window systems, but cogl-winsys-egl-x11 requires Xorg support from OpenGL driver19:21
freemangordonah, I see, yes19:21
ravelosicelo-, thanks for info about extkbd package. I will try it.20:13
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