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KotCzarnyno worries, will find another, cheaper00:07
KotCzarnyfor sure00:07
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newbieAlertHi . My n900 seems t have a hardware problem of proximity sensor being "Closed" always. Is there any way to disable it ?05:50
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OksanaaHuh... One: try to shine a really bright flashlight into it, see if it helps. Is it the sensor responsible for backlight of hardware keyboard? If yes, I have the same problem, but then, I have a paper sticker over the sensor.05:54
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newbieAlertOksanaa: No it did not help.06:15
newbieAlertI dont think keypad light are related to proximiity sensor.  Is there anyway to disable proximity sensor during call so that it is easy to pick up the call.06:17
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OksanaaAh, have no problems with call, I think. Might be problem with flex ribbon cable?06:25
newbieAlertMost probably no. It remains active irrespective of keyboard being closed or not. And technicians here do not want to repair this phone because of lack of spare parts. So, I want a software solution if possible.06:31
OksanaaOkay... Never seen a technician agreeing to repair my N900, either. software and proximity sensor06:36
OksanaaNot quite solver, though ^06:37
newbieAlertOksanaa: i  do not think it is the solution. But thank you. :) I tried /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/proximity/disabled -> 0 ( it is 1 by default) but nothing happened.06:40
OksanaaDifferent device, similar problem? try editing /etc/mce/mce.ini to remove proximity; from Modules=?06:45
OksanaaWould recommend back-up of anything important from phone, if possible. To restart mce, either reboot, or  sudo gainroot \n stop mce; start mce06:49
OksanaanewbieAlert : How are you? I am not sure myself if proximity is listed in N900's mce.ini06:54
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newbieAlertDont think proximity is there in mce modules list.10:02
bencohnewbieAlert: I suppose you tried rebooting, obviously?10:16
bencohVajb: hangouts on n900?10:18
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Vajbbencoh: hangouts smiley theme in pidgin10:38
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freemangordonomg, clutter 1.x depends on gtk3 ?!?12:34
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freemangordonKotCzarny: ^^^ any clue?12:42
KotCzarnyits gnome project after all, right?12:42
KotCzarnyproblem is with gtk>312:42
KotCzarnybecause their versioning plan is weird12:43
freemangordonKotCzarny: I built h-d on gtk2 with clutter 1.012:43
KotCzarnyyou can try backporting clutter to gtk2?12:43
freemangordonbut it refuses to start as clutter1.0 loads gdk3 libs12:43
freemangordonthis is insane12:44
KotCzarnynothing about gtk/gdk version12:44
freemangordonseems there is gdk backend build by default12:46
KotCzarnymaybe it autodetected gdk during build and used it12:46
KotCzarnyyou can check unused raw lib dependencies (ldd -u)12:47
KotCzarnyto see if it really depends on gdk3 or gets it from some subli b12:47
freemangordonalready did and it uses gdk3.so12:49
KotCzarnycheck the build config/log12:49
freemangordon--enable-gdk-backend=yes, in debian/rules :)12:50
KotCzarnycheck if you can point to v212:50
freemangordontried, fails12:51
KotCzarnydoes it build without gdk?12:51
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freemangordonseems like yes12:52
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freemangordonthis is for x8612:56
KotCzarnyto see if it will be slower without gdk12:56
freemangordonisn't that supposed to use GL?!?12:57
freemangordonwhy should I care about gdk?12:57
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KotCzarnywas it linked to opengl when built with gdk?12:57
freemangordonno idea, but afaik backend is runtime-detected12:58
freemangordonand deffinitely I don;t want gdk backend for hildon-deskto12:58
freemangordonbut e/gl12:59
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freemangordonok, something got build, lets see :)12:59
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freemangordonor not :(13:01
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freemangordonKotCzarny: it runs :)13:16
KotCzarnyanything being different?13:16
freemangordonso far nothing13:17
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bencohfreemangordon: hildon-desktop+clutter on recent gtk2?13:22
bencohhow comes you're back to gtk2 though?13:22
freemangordonbencoh: themes ;)13:22
KotCzarnyand i bet its easier to upgrade one by one13:22
KotCzarnythan all at once13:22
freemangordonwell, "back"...13:22
freemangordonI just want to see which option is more viable13:23
freemangordonhmm, it looks almost like the real one, needs just some more work on libhildon13:30
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newbieAlertbencoh: Yes :D Did not work :( Or is there atleast a way to unlock screen during call ? That is the main problem. Can it be done using dbus for call state and disabling lock based on that ?14:42
bencohI guess it could14:43
bencohyou might try patching whichever part of the code is responsible for the proximity sensor as well14:44
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bencohI wonder if changing vibrate pattern for messages/notifcations based on proximity/lumonisity sensor and whether keyboard is opened/closed would be feasable/easy18:04
bencohprobably by patching mce18:06
bencohyou do want strong vibrations when phone is in your pocket, but once it's already in your hands, or even worse, sitting on a wooden table ....18:07
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ff_modified mce.ini & restart mce works, but only several times18:13
ff_and then start: mce respawning too fast, stopped18:13
ff_why OS doesn't allow unlimit restart daemons?18:15
bencohI wouldn't want to edit/restart mce everytime I open/close keyboard18:16
bencohand I dont wanna monitor light sensor either18:16
keriocan't you just SIGHUP mce18:16
bencohI want it to check system status before issuing a vibrate command18:16
kerioto make it reload the config18:16
bencohkerio: no idea, but still18:17
bencohI dont want a kludge/workaround :)18:17
bencohI guess I'll have a look at this part of the code18:17
ff_it would be nice feature :)18:19
bencohactually there is already something close in "policy18:19
bencohin the policy field of vibrating patterns18:20
bencohbut it only checks whether display is on/off and/or device in acting dead18:20
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VajbKotCzarny: T520 bought. Now im just waiting to get my hands on it :)19:54
KotCzarnywhat config?19:55
Vajbi5 2520M, 8GB ram and 160GB ssd. Win 7 pro.19:56
KotCzarnyintegrated card or dedicated?19:56
Vajbthat i do not know19:56
KotCzarnydo you know exact model-type ?19:57
KotCzarnyor have a photos of the bottom?19:57
KotCzarnyyou will love it anyway19:58
Vajbwill know when i get it :)19:58
KotCzarnyif you dont use cd/dvd, you can get bay 2nd hdd adapter19:59
KotCzarnyand put some storage drive there19:59
newbieAlertbencoh : tried dbus-scripts.. did not work. Can not find a reason :/20:04
VajbKotCzarny: oh i see. Is it possible to get dock with dvd drive for this model?20:06
Vajbtho i have usb dock for hdd's so maybe i use that :)20:08
KotCzarnyi've found that cd/dvd is obsolete these days20:08
KotCzarnyjust popout the optical drive and put hdd dock in there20:09
Vajbi see20:09
KotCzarnysomething like this:,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_10000009_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10062_10056_10055_10037_10054_10059_10032_10099_10078_10079_10077_10000012_426_10103_10073_10102_10000015_10096_10052_10053_10107_10050_10106_10051,searchweb201603_1,afswitch_5,single_sort_0_p20:10
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Vajboh that's one cheap improvement20:12
KotCzarnybut that depends if you need optical drive, some people have work that requires it20:13
KotCzarnyotherwise 2nd hdd is much better idea20:13
Vajbin wiki it said it supports 16gb ram, but i guess there r only two slots20:13
newbieAlertHi i have another question. I have shortcudD but stilol camera button actually opens Camera. Isn't there any way to remove this functionality ?20:14
KotCzarnyyou might check which thickness you need htough, 9.5mm or 12.520:14
KotCzarnyprice is the same, just physical size differs depending on the slot20:14
VajbnewbieAlert: u can change this from camera settings i think20:15
Vajbcan't wait to get my hands on it!20:17
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newbieAlertVajb: My camera button seems to work in a different way .. proper press of it tends to open the camera but improper press ( like just pressing it without clicking it) actually executes the shortcutD commands .20:18
Vajbyes it has zoom feature20:19
Vajbbut that camera opening can be changed20:19
Vajbi just can't remember where and looking for it now20:20
newbieAlertVajb: That's changed. It was in the settings . :) Thanks :) But shortcutd is still not working :/20:20
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Vajbgo to settings menu and check that u have correct settings in shortcutd20:22
Vajbyeah just found those settings too :)20:22
Vajbfrom shortcutd settings u can change actions for short and longpress20:23
sixwheeledbeastnewbieAlert: not really. There are things in extras to "suppress" the camera-ui appearing. Shortcutd uses cam-focus to activate commands.20:23
bencohhmmm mce/modules/vibrator.c is plain ugly20:23
newbieAlertVajb: Still not working.. I mean it works randomly .20:24
Vajbis ur camera button good?20:24
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: camera-ui can be swithced off from the settings it self as Vajb suggested.20:24
newbieAlertVajb: for opening cmaera.. 100% strike rate ... For shortrcutd, depends on luck.20:25
Vajbi think u can use syslog or something to check if it detects all ur presses20:25
Vajbwhat u have set it to do then?20:25
newbieAlertact as power button or unlock the screen20:26
sixwheeledbeastI don't believe you can you have installed something from extras for that option in settings.20:26
newbieAlertVajb: ^^20:26
sixwheeledbeastdmesg will show cam_focus20:26
Vajbi have mediaplayer play/pause as short press and panucci play/pause for longpress and if i hold button tad too long it executes long press one. It is easy to miss20:26
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newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: Maybe. But i found the setting in the UI itself. Checking dmesg. Last time I had checked it had something something for cam-launch or something.20:27
Vajbsixwheeledbeast: setting camera ui triggering from cam button was implemented in cssu20:27
Vajbsetting off*20:27
sixwheeledbeastso you would need something from extras to disable it, or gconftool I imagine20:28
Vajbdo u have device with cssu in hand now sixwheeledbeast?20:29
Vajbopen camera. Tap screen to show title. Click title and select settings. From there u can change it20:30
sixwheeledbeastthat will be camera-ui2 not camera-ui20:31
Vajbapt-cache policy camera-ui20:32
Vajbcamera-ui: Installed: Candidate:
newbieAlertVajb: Found. CAm focus is not working properly. :( Cam launch is perfectly working.20:33
Vajbor is this camera-ui2 already?20:33
sixwheeledbeast1.1.29.1+0m5 is stock camera20:33
VajbnewbieAlert: im glad to be right at once :)20:33
KotCzarnymaybe os is eating cam-focus20:34
Vajbsixwheeledbeast: ok i installed something from repos then or it came with cssu20:34
sixwheeledbeastit will be testing version that's why20:35
Vajbi have cssu-testing btw20:35
Vajbah :)20:35
newbieAlertVajb: :) Thanks. Anyway to make it use cam-launch instead of focus ?20:36
newbieAlertOr volume buttons ? They can also made available in a locked device,so may replace cam-button funcitonality.20:37
Vajbi think it can be done, sixwheeledbeast?20:37
Vajbvolumebuttons control mediaƄlayer volume already20:37
sixwheeledbeastshortcutd only works with cam_focus20:38
sixwheeledbeastor prox sensor20:38
newbieAlertsixwheeledbeast: I meant something other than shorcutd. Dont they fire dbus signal?? Something like HildonVolsomething.20:40
sixwheeledbeastUse command in terminal to test your cam_focus  ->        while true; do cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_focus/state; done20:41
ff_you can use "inotifywait -qq -e access /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/state" in loop and do whatever you like20:42
ff_inotifywait is in "inotify-tools", so just "apt-get install inotify-tools"20:43
newbieAlertThanks guys :) :)20:45
ff_cam_focus is fragile here also, WD40 helped :)20:45
ff_actually it was faulty :)20:47
ff_or if you want volume shortcuts or any other keyboard shortcut find out somewhere in arm distro "evkey" and command "evkey -d -t -1 /dev/input/event1" gives you number of pressed key20:57
ff_volume gives 65 and 6620:58
newbieAlertthank you :)21:00
ff_what's a nice crew here :)21:03
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DocScrutinizer05I thought inotify doesn't work on /sys22:42
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DocScrutinizer05but wow, it does22:45
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DocScrutinizer05ff_: great! :-)22:46
DocScrutinizer05alas cam button (GPIO?) is disabled when screen locked23:04
DocScrutinizer05might be possible to change that in /etc/mce/mce.ini - don't know23:04
DocScrutinizer05not even syslog shows23:06
DocScrutinizer05Jan  8 22:06:21 IroN900 kernel: [29036.340728] cam_focus (GPIO 68) is now active23:06
DocScrutinizer05Jan  8 22:06:22 IroN900 kernel: [29036.965698] cam_focus (GPIO 68) is now inactive23:06
DocScrutinizer05when screen locked23:06
DocScrutinizer05so must be GPIO (kernel facility) that gets disabled23:07
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DocScrutinizer05anyway, great! thanks again!  IroN900:~# cat `which waitforcamtriggerbutton`23:12
DocScrutinizer05inotifywait -e access /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/state23:12
ff_yes, when it's locked cam button is disabled, only volume keys can be working in this state23:12
DocScrutinizer05i'm pretty sure this isn't terribly complicated to fix, with a few lines like `echo "export 68">/sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/fooobar`23:14
DocScrutinizer05ff_: btw where did you hide the last 7 years?23:14
ff_for enable volume keys, needs change "DisableKPImmediately=223:15
ff_" in /etc/mce/mce.ini23:15
DocScrutinizer05yep, volume keys know to be handled in mce.ini23:15
DocScrutinizer05not sure about cam button23:16
DocScrutinizer05prolly not23:16
DocScrutinizer05but from a kernel and hw PoV there's not much difference between volume keys and cam button, and even less between cam button (GPIO68) and e.g. lockswitch (GPIO113)23:17
DocScrutinizer05so it's for sure pretty simple to enable cam button when screen locked23:18
ff_I've n900 for two years23:18
DocScrutinizer05I've seen you only recently in here, first time23:20
ff_you're right23:20
DocScrutinizer05so a late "welcome!" :-)23:21
ff_I saw oscp from KotCzarny, and he mentioned in his threads about this channel23:22
ff_so, in last Friday I checked it out, and I'm positive surprised23:23
ff_there was somewhere in /proc or /sys one file, in which all gpio are counter23:26
ff_and I think that counter for cam pressed also increase during locked device23:28
DocScrutinizer05I know IRQ file listing all IRQ counts23:29
DocScrutinizer05not sure if there's same for GPIO23:30
DocScrutinizer05if there is, it must be pretty non-standard I guess, like complete GPIO implementation23:30
DocScrutinizer05gosh! my locate db doesn't index /sys and /proc?!?23:31
ff_I'll try to find it out23:31
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ff_in this file /proc/interrupts23:37
ff_count when it's locked but only once per look/unlook cycle23:38
DocScrutinizer05cat /sys/kernel/debug/omap_gpio23:39
DocScrutinizer05no counts23:39
DocScrutinizer05from `watch cat /proc/interrupts` you can see not even kernel receives an IRQ when pressing cam button while locked23:41
DocScrutinizer05this might be interesting for you:  - monitored device lock via tk_lock switch23:44
DocScrutinizer05watch cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/disable   ;-)23:47
DocScrutinizer05ls -l /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/disable23:48
DocScrutinizer05echo 0 >/sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/disable ; #:-) done23:49
DocScrutinizer05don't know who's doing the "echo 1 >/sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/disable" on tk_lock, prolly mce. Anyway should be simple enough to undo it23:51
DocScrutinizer05or even just change permissions of that file? so write is forbidden?23:51
ff_let's try23:52
DocScrutinizer05sudo "echo 0 >/sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/disable && chmod -w /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_launch/disable"23:53
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ff_yes, it works23:54
DocScrutinizer05don't forget to chmod +w the file on cleanup-on-exit of whatever monitoring process is interested in cam button getting pressed23:55
sixwheeledbeastnote item number 2 ;)23:58

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