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bencohsicelo: there is a gandalf there, but I don't think it's the same one:)00:31
siceloah, haven't been with shellium for a while now (perhaps 5/6 years)00:38
grydid something happen?00:47
sicelowhere? :-)00:48
gryat shellium :)00:48
gryDGandalf is still the same lovely one we had before, I am sure00:48
sicelothere was a time (4 to 5 years ago) where free accounts got closed .. donmt remember the reason. that was the last time i was with them00:49
sicelothen there was bombshellz, who possibly came out of shellium ... that din't last either00:50
siceloi liked shellium tbh00:51
grywell, one of these reasons was me, so to speak00:51
gryI managed to vouch for one nicely looking person who then ddosed the whole server00:51
siceloah, that sucks. did you get fired? or your reputation was not affected? :-)00:52
gryit seems that I apologized and everyone was ok with me continuing as long as I'm more careful, and they considered increasing the complexity in the vouching process00:52
sicelonow i'm trying to remember who had vouched for me .. it may actually have been dGandalf00:53
grybut everything was put offline, because the datacenter was not so happy with such attacks happening, and creating a conflict with a datacenter is not a nice thing to do00:53
sicelodid you ever come across the betraying person again?00:55
gryperhaps just once over email, they seemed to get a job but not grow up much at that moment00:57
grythat was like perhaps 5 years ago, so something may have changed since then00:57
siceloin other news - 14% respondents wanted a maemo phone out of HMD in a recent gsmarena poll01:01
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ShapeshifterI'm reading that linux 4.9 has "full support" for the N900. What does this mean? Could maemo still run on this?14:40
L29Ahnot much14:42
ShapeshifterSo, assuming I wanted to use a newer kernel, would I need to install a system from scratch or does maemo run on these newer kernels? As in, is it possible to just update the kernel? I'm not sure where to look for this info14:45
ShapeshifterThere's a huge article on but no install guide14:45
L29Ahstock maemo won't boot on the new kernel14:46
L29Ahafair it has something to do with the video drivers and x server14:46
fladnag900... Someone know if there is a way with SSH to share the internet-connection from the n900 on windows ? So i dont need to reflash becouse evrything else is fine with cssu and repos now ...and there is something like powerkernel installed becouse icould install hotspot apps butthey were asking if poerkernel is AKTIVATED ??! ..So bazbe howtoactive but more : how toshare internetconec with ssh(wlan) from n900 to windows10tablet ..! Please doc anyo14:48
fladnag900And what doyou guys here think of the GPD WIN :) ??14:53
bencohnot a real replacement :)14:54
bencohseems cool nonetheless14:54
fladnag900:D replacement for n900 ??14:54
fladnag900Imean it IS heavy ..for ahandheld ..!14:55
fladnag900350g or more14:55
fladnag900N900 = 180g imho14:55
fladnag900... But other specs and this bigscreen ... What wasit NEW ?? 350dollar ?14:56
fladnag900Iam simply AMAZED by this new intelATOMline -last gen (baytrail) included ...simply AMAZING14:57
fladnag900I DO Evrything with it ...pc gaming also ... 3displays fromthis 8"tablet (internal/hdmi/intel widi) ...14:58
fladnag900But i feakin looooove my n900 ;) STILL ..!14:59
fladnag900Getting anewone also for 36euro incl shipping ..without bateryandcover ..ihave enough ofthat lyingaround ;)15:00
fladnag900Dooooc please dont ignore me just becouse ihavent reflashed already please is sobig and thisisjust n900 i love to do areflash withmy new ordered one butnot thisone please not atm15:04
fladnag900Cu guys inanhouer ...ihavetoeat ..andsee thenew wd episode ;)15:08
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DocScrutinizer05fix your spacekey!15:24
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buZzfladnag900: GPD Win is shit15:52
buZzcharging doesnt even work15:53
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fladnag900Gpdwin is shit becouse of chargeing :) ...ive seen somany videos oboutit ..."it plays DOOM" (yt) (freekinDOOM2016) .. and about heatpipe system and aktual tackswitch-mod forthe analogsticks ...thee where also some about shit that does notwork ..BUT CHARGEING ...icant beleve it and maybe you are the"lucky"firstone ...the usb-c for chargeing is soimportant ..cantbeleve that it makes problems imsory18:33
fladnag900...the win .. If i only had mine already ....just tohave a type-c device ...what this little thingy is capable of ...pfiuu :)18:35
fladnag900Sosmall and type-c and fs-usb3 and microsd up to ithink 256gb and widi and 4gb dualchannel andthis BIG cherytrailatom ...350g with battery ...ohmy18:37
fladnag900And the switch for the gamepad for mouse/x360controll ... :p18:38
fladnag900Its not perfect ..but itis18:38
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L29Ahmy n900 is 289g21:32
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L29Ahgpd win looks funny21:33
L29Ahdoes it run mainline linux?21:33
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freemangordonMoeIcenowy: in case you're still interested
freemangordonthat one is fremantle one ported to gtk321:51
freemangordonalmost works21:51
Wizzupfreemangordon: where did you find the wifi firmware? sorry, I recall you said you didn't get it from android21:52
Wizzupfound it
freemangordonjust a second21:54
WizzupI also have your patched dts21:55
pkill9is the default CSSU include CSSU-Thumb code?21:55
freemangordonthat one has firmware as well21:55
pkill9are there any negatives to installing CSSU-Thumb vs CSSU?21:56
freemangordonyou need updated kernel21:57
freemangordonbesides that, none known issues21:57
freemangordonoh, and if you restore from a backup, it won;t flash the correct kernel21:58
Wizzupfreemangordon: wifi works! :)22:13
Wizzuptalking with parazyd atm about building packages and generating repos22:17
Wizzupso presumably you also got the kernel from MoeIcenowy for mali?22:17
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