IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2016-12-11

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pkill9I'm using the repos from but apt-get says the keys have expired00:59
pkill9anyone know how to update the gpg-keys?01:00
Paliwhich one?01:07
Palipkill9: ^01:08
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pkill9Pali: sorry not sure, i ended up upgrading anyway, but i have another issue with maemoagent01:23
pkill9Pali: it was the repositories01:24
Palipkill9: that is not official maemo repository01:25
Paliso problems about it report to owner01:25
pkill9which ones are official?01:25
pkill9do you have a list of official repositories i can put in sources.list?01:26
Paliyou should use Hildon Application Manager for setting repositories01:26
Palithere is only Maemo Extras, Maemo Extras-testing (and -devel)01:26
Paliall other are not official part of
Paliand there is CSSU... but that is not "Extras" repository01:27
pkill9I used the ones listed here:
pkill9i thought they were official as it is part of wiki.maemo.org01:28
Paliif you see problem with expired key for clone, then it is nokia's problem01:29
Palitheir gpg key expired01:29
pkill9Pali: do you know what maemoagent is used for?01:34
Palimaemoagent? never heard about it01:34
Paliand google too01:34
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pkill9Pali: this is the error i get when trying to upgrade maemoagent:
pkill9any idea what the problem could be?01:55
Palibroken package01:55
pkill9how do i force it to redownload?01:56
Paliit is unknown for too!
Paliapt-get install --reinstall package_name01:57
Palithis will reinstall package01:57
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DocScrutinizer05pkill9: ignore "key expired" it's only a "W:"arning02:31
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DocScrutinizer05pkill9: also see:02:32
infobotmethinks jrrepos is
DocScrutinizer05and indeed nobody seems to ever have heard of maemo-agent before02:39
DocScrutinizer05muarf is considered a snae and clean mirror of the orphaned/dead nokia base repos02:40
DocScrutinizer05actually I'd think CSSU should deploy those muarf et al nokia replacements02:44
DocScrutinizer05and disable the dead nokia repos02:44
L29Ahfacilitate it plz02:52
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer05: we disable dead repos04:14
merlin1991and don't depend on anything in said dead repos04:14
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merlin1991at least when I added the disable stuff to cssu I could install cssu straight from a freshly flashed pr1.3 emmc image04:15
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Mike1235235 !help    I had 'SMScon' (n900) working well & had tied it to an object, which apparently made the screen stay on (screen should have timed out. Pressure on the screen (bottom horizontal)?). The phone would respond to all my commands. To turn the screen off, I got the n900 to call me (where I expected the screen to turn off after hanging up). Now it wont respond to any commands I have tried (Power, Call, Location, Lock, Restart, Re04:27
Mike1235235The n900 is still on with plenty of battery & can recieve calls. Any way I can get 'SMScon' to respond remotely?04:27
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: sounds good04:33
DocScrutinizer05Mike1235235: I admit you completely lost me04:35
Mike1235235For some reason the screen was still on after an hour. Would pressure on the screen, keep it on?   ......   Tunring off the screen remotely, may have worked after a call was connected & disconnected.   .........   Now no respnse when trying SMScon commands.04:38
Mike1235235* no response when sending SMS commands. The n900 is out of reach.04:41
DocScrutinizer05*I* would use WLAN-ssh terminal to check04:42
DocScrutinizer05SMScon is a last resort04:42
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mike727_7686Car charger does not charge n900. Simply by my understanding (& memory), the n900 requires a dumb charger (or can short pins on smart charger).11:57
mike727_7686Question: Does this sort of thing need to be considered with power banks?11:58
Vajbmike727_7686: i would use known good cable.12:05
Vajbi mean like nokia data cable12:06
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Maxdamantus The issue he mentioned doesn't have to do with the cable.12:09
MaxdamantusSupposedly you can override this stuff in software.12:09
* Maxdamantus has just soldered the pins together on a couple of power supplies.12:10
KotCzarnywouldnt it be better to add a resitor?12:10
Maxdamantus# cat /sys/class/power_supply/bq24150a-0/current_limit12:11
MaxdamantusI think you can just write `500` to that file, but I don't want to personally suggest it (someone else can, I don't want to be responsible for anything)12:12
MaxdamantusKotCzarny: no. The data pins are simply meant to be shorted on power supplies that don't have controllers that can negotiate current limits with devices.12:13
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MaxdamantusKotCzarny: that's the standard way to indicate that devices can draw the maximum current by default (otherwise they have to negotiate for it, which obviously can't happen if there is no computer/microchip)12:15
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mike_727_235Interesting, thanks12:24
Maxdamantusmike_727_235: what was the last message you saw btw? your connection got ping timeouted.12:25
mike_727_235dealing with a cheap ethernet cable. Just looked at the log, which showed allthe way up to me joining again.12:28
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fladnag900Hello again12:36
Vajboh i didn't know that. I guess i have then just been lucky with my charger selections. I have cheap powerbank, cheap car charger and nokia wall charger12:39
Vajbwhich is n9 default charger i think12:39
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fladnag900Iam soconfused seems that i have already a powerkernel installed but not bootet to it ..? ..And ihave this bootmenü installed andalso backupmanü .. Inver used it it possible that ihave to boot up my n900 with keyboaerd open or something and then choose and voila have poerkernel ?12:52
fladnag900Please anyone12:54
KotCzarnyreflash, start from installing clean cssu etc12:54
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fladnag900Is it realy that messi inyour opinien doc ? ..Or can i damage my n900 if igo further from here ? Please reflash is alot ofwork here with all things on my n900 and contacts AND thebrokenmdisplay atthemoment (iam using a beamer with the analogvideooutput onthis n900 rightnow soi cansee)12:57
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KotCzarnyif you dont know what you are doing, you either spend lots of time fixing it, or start with known good config (ie. clean reflash)12:59
fladnag900Please tellme how i can make use of bootmenü and the maybe already existing powerkernel here and if i can update this powerkernel !12:59
fladnag900?? :D pingpong13:00
KotCzarnyi think bootmenu wasnt good idea13:00
KotCzarnybut cant find the link13:00
fladnag900Iheared bootmenü is better than uboot ...not right?13:01
KotCzarny~listkeys boot13:01
infobotFactoid search of 'boot' by key (17 of 175): #maemo pc_bootlog ;; #maemo u-boot ;; [netherwind boots] ;; barboot ;; boot disk drivers ;; boot disk url ;; boot mikk ;; bootanim ;; bootldr ;; bootldr...where ;; bootless ;; bootlogo ;; booty rap ;; cmd: bootloader (.*?) ;; cmd: reboot (.*?) ;; dual boot ;; dualbooting.13:01
KotCzarny~listkeys #maemo boot13:01
infobotFactoid search of '#maemo boot' by key (2): #maemo boot-process ;; #maemo bootloop.13:01
KotCzarny~listkeys #maemo menu13:01
infobotFactoid search of '#maemo menu' by key returned no results.13:01
KotCzarny~listkeys boot menu13:02
infobotFactoid search of 'boot menu' by key returned no results.13:02
infobotsomebody said u-boot was
KotCzarnyread that page13:03
KotCzarnyas its what you probably have13:03
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KotCzarnyah, right. it was the multiboot that was dangerous13:06
fladnag900Iam confused and afraid :) so itsays look ifthere are oldones and uninstall andtehn ..! ...Imlooking13:06
fladnag900Omygod doc ... Me andmy n900's ...thisone has a working usb but damaged display and idont want tochange the display rightknow with aworkingone becouse iam afriad of more/new problems forexample like shitagain with the cable for the display etc so ileave evrything andmoveon and this n900 is pretty clean ..ijust need itssems to SWITCH to powerkernel ...iwouldlike to see/check if there is already a working bootmenü of any kind and the powerkernel13:11
fladnag900I also thing imaybe forget to so isay it know merrychristmas to you allofyou and ahapyknewyear ifeal so christmaslike already ...socold outside ..nosnow forknow but maybe :)13:17
fladnag900And ihope maemo does last olongtime longer and n900 43wW4 !!! ;)13:18
fladnag900Ithin i just getoverit and test it know ... Ithin it was booting with open keyboard ...ihope videoout works on that level becouse acantseeshit onthis display :)13:20
fladnag900See u soon hopefully (yea maybe not this fladnag gets onmynervs xD)13:21
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freemangordonKotCzarny: zram is compcache with a new name, right?13:49
KotCzarnysimilar idea, different execution13:50
KotCzarnyzram creates block device13:50
KotCzarnysi you can use it as ramdisk or ramswap13:51
KotCzarnycompcache i think compressses pages in mem13:51
freemangordoncompcache creates block device as well13:51
freemangordonfor compressed ramswap13:52
KotCzarnyif you create swap on it will it work?13:52
freemangordonyes, but it makes no sense on n90013:52
freemangordonalready tried, search TMO13:52
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KotCzarnyi think trick is to use sensible value for the size13:57
KotCzarnyand free as much mem as possible first13:58
KotCzarnygotta try it13:58
KotCzarny# echo $[32*1024*1024] >/sys/block/ramzswap0/size14:02
KotCzarny-sh: cannot create /sys/block/ramzswap0/size: Permission denied14:02
KotCzarnyit doesnt support dynamic resizing?14:02
KotCzarnymight be dumb shell. nvm14:03
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KotCzarnyhmm, maemo has swapon with -p support?14:31
KotCzarnyand where can i add things to run on boot, is /etc/rc.local called?14:33
PaliKotCzarny: upstart14:34
KotCzarnynever used it, that's why im asking14:34
Palicreate event.d service14:34
Paliand mark it to start at boot14:34
KotCzarnywould be nice to have such service by default (that would call /etc/rc.local)14:35
Palithere is some rcSlocal14:36
Palior how it is called14:36
Palibut that should not be edited14:36
Palibut you must not edit those files14:36
Palias maemo system itself uses it14:36
KotCzarnybut i shouldnt edit it. what im suggesting there should be a default service to call user's script14:37
Paliand when updating (e.g. cssu) it can update those files14:37
Palimake from your user script upstart script14:37
Paliand put it into /etc/event.d/14:37
Palithat is maemo way14:37
KotCzarnycreated file rc-local with contents:14:38
Palino idea if startup will work14:39
Paliyou probably needs at leat /opt mounted14:39
KotCzarnywhich is the last boot thing?14:39
KotCzarnyafter all bootup scripts?14:39
Palithere is no last thing14:39
Palithere are dependences14:39
KotCzarnystart on started hal ?14:40
Palias wrote there is no last thing14:40
Palidaemons which do not depend on themself are started in undefined order14:40
KotCzarnycan i use start on started rsS-late ?14:40
PaliI do not know, it depends on your script what it needs14:40
Paliyou need to write event.d file and mark it with correct dependency14:41
KotCzarnycreating it as a generic runnable after all boot scripts ran14:41
Palinot possible14:41
KotCzarnydependency is other script names?14:41
Palithere is no generic14:41
Palidependeny is other event.d service14:41
Palior upstart signal14:41
KotCzarnyi think 'start on started rcS-late' is proper one14:42
KotCzarnyas it mounts filesystems etc14:42
Paliideally look for existing upstart services14:42
Palithere is IIRC some event that /opt was mounted14:42
KotCzarnylooked, and rcS-late seems the thing14:42
KotCzarnyrcS-late mounts /opt, swapons etc14:43
KotCzarnyand user dirs14:43
Paliinitctl emit MOUNTS_OK14:43
Paliprobalby you should starts when MOUNTS_OK signal is emitted14:44
KotCzarnyand if i only want that service to run /etc/rc.local then the only other thing in that file will be: exec /etc/rc.local ?14:44
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Paliyes, exec should be enough14:52
KotCzarnylets hope this experiment wont end in bootloop14:54
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KotCzarnyit didnt ran. hrm14:56
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KotCzarnydo i have to register that upstart script somehow? rerun some cache regen?15:01
KotCzarnyumkay, changed it to run on that mounts-ok15:15
KotCzarnyecho "[/etc/rc.local]"15:18
KotCzarnythis one15:18
KotCzarnywe will see how well it runs15:19
KotCzarnypali/fmg: can that rc-local service be included in cssu?15:20
KotCzarnyit will make life of many n00bs easier i bet (and add empty /etc/rc.local too)15:20
Palino, as wrote there is no generic way to run script at the end15:20
KotCzarnypali, but having it run on mounts-ok is usually fine enough15:21
Palion Maemo every script should be properly wrote as upstart service with correct dependencies15:21
Palino it is not OK! any user script which needs dbus or hildon services will fail15:21
Palithat will lead to another problems15:22
PaliIn past I fixed some extras packages, becuase sometimes they do not worked after boot15:22
KotCzarnymaybe /etc/event.d/hildon-desktop emit HILDON-DESKTOP-STARTED ?15:22
KotCzarny*should emit15:22
Paliand problem was really here because...15:22
Paliyou can specify "start on started hildon-desktop"15:23
Palibut again, if your script depends on something which has specified this line, that it will not work15:23
Palilook at dependency graph of services15:23
KotCzarnywhen i tried 'start on started rcS-late' it didnt work15:24
Palihm... it was never started?15:28
Palior what "didnt work" means?15:28
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buZz14:20:51 < Pali> no, as wrote there is no generic way to run script at the end16:08
buZzyeah that totally annoys me aswell16:08
buZz@ systemd16:08
Paliin event/dependency world there is no such way16:08
buZzgimme sysv any day :P16:09
buZzwhere its perfectly normal16:09
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Paliany idea what was RX-52??16:30
Paliand RM-581??16:31
Pali$ strings /usr/sbin/sscd | grep detected16:31
Paliit show something about RX-51, RX-52, RX-71 and RM-58116:32
bencohrm-581 :
PaliDocScrutinizer51: ^16:32
bencoh"     Columbus, cancelled Harmattan device, N8-ish design (The story of Nokia MeeGo, Original My Nokia Blog Story) "16:32
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KotCzarnydidnt work as in 'never ran'16:45
KotCzarnyand as i've said, making it to depend on MOUNTS-OK made it work16:47
KotCzarnyhavent tried any other starting trigger since mounts-ok is ok for my needs16:50
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PaliThere is example source code for csd-call: cscall.c file, simple command line call application implementation based in libcscall16:55
PaliCopyright (C) 2007 Nokia16:55
Paliit means that in 2007! Nokia had cellular modem and device with Maemo!16:56
KotCzarnyunless it ran on some development board16:58
bencohit most prolly was a17:00
bencoh"devboard" anyway :)17:00
Palibut still it means that in 2007 they developed on Maemo cellular phone17:04
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KotCzarny770 with a voice modem, mmm17:07
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ShadowJKThey'd have had N800 and N810 at that point, and let's not forget there was the wimax edition at that time too17:16
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fladnag900What browser do you guys use on your n900 ? ... Most webpages do not show or work corretly on my maemo-standartbrowser ...19:21
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bencohfladnag900: I try and avoid browsing on n900 ... :/19:24
KotCzarnywe are too short on memory19:24
KotCzarnyso forget about it19:24
bencohbut when I do need to, I switch between microb (stock browser) and dillo19:24
KotCzarnymicrob and links here19:24
KotCzarnyand if i reallly, really must, fennec19:25
fladnag900xD  me to imean thought so19:25
bencohmaybe I should try adding some touch support to dillo19:25
fladnag900Dillo ...heardof but never tryed ...and fennec ..?? Whatisthat where toget and ofcourse DOC ;) why do YOU avoid it somuch :) ?19:27
KotCzarnyfennec was a mobile project of mozilla/firefox19:27
fladnag900Dont we have that already with this microb?19:28
bencohmicrob is nokia's port of mozilla to maemo19:28
bencohleveraging mozilla EAL19:28
bencoherr, browser-eal*19:28
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pkill9how safe is software from extras-devel? that seems to be the only place with up to date software19:29
fladnag900...but the comunityversion eg fennec is ofcourse better than this microb forshure? ...Ithink iget right toit and lookfor inmy pmanager19:30
KotCzarnypkill9: to put it short, ANYONE can upload to extras-devel19:30
KotCzarnyso, not quite. but its still better than android market ;)19:30
pkill9really? lol19:30
pkill9what's wrong with android market?19:31
pkill9i don't use android19:31
KotCzarnyridden with viruses?19:31
bencoheveryone with an approved account, btw19:31
bencohfladnag900: not so much actually19:31
fladnag900Jea but who would do such viral/bad/terrorist kindothing like puting realy bad apps inthere ...?? :)19:31
bencohfladnag900: fennec can come in handy for pages that dont load properly in microb, but that's about all19:31
bencohapart from that, it's just heavier19:31
pkill9does anyone here use python3.4 in maemo?19:32
bencohand less ... ergonomic, somehow19:32
pkill9I'd like to install it but it's from extras-devel, lol19:32
KotCzarnypkill9: dragons be there19:32
bencohif you really want something from extra-devels I'd suggest adding -devel and setup  apt-pinning19:33
KotCzarnypkill9: remember its not really tested19:33
pkill9I doubt i'll bother with it tbh19:33
bencohso that you'd only fetch something from -devel if it doesn't exist in other repositories19:33
KotCzarnyif you know app author, its quite safe to have latest version19:34
KotCzarnybut treat it as unstable/testing19:34
fladnag900Iremember alongtime ago inagalaxy... Onmy palm-tungsten-t3 orwasit5 ...i did use UDMH quite alot .. ;) Iwasthinking is there something like that for n900/maemo ... To overcome ram-shortage ??19:34
pkill9does anyone here use python3.4 on maemo?19:34
KotCzarnypkill9: your best bet is to read about it on t.m.o19:35
KotCzarnythere is a chance that python3.4 was discussed19:35
pkill9what's t.m.o?19:35
fladnag900Udmh= ultra dynamic memory heap ...sortof using flash for sortof extra ram ..19:36
pkill9so does stuff actually get moved to the extra-testing and extra repoes?19:36
pkill9glad it's still active19:36
KotCzarnyuploaders can promote packages to testing19:36
bencohfladnag900: swap, basically ... and n900 already makes use of swap19:36
KotCzarnyif things are stable enough (gets enough votes) author can promote package again to extras19:36
fladnag900Can the swap be COMPLETLY moved to a microsdcard ?19:37
KotCzarnyfladnag900: bad idea19:37
KotCzarnyslow and will break19:37
fladnag900:) ... :(19:38
CatButtswhat is internal memory using19:38
bencohnot that slow with the proper sd card actually19:38
CatButtsis that flash too?19:38
bencohpeople reported it being fine19:38
bencohCatButts: eMMC19:38
fladnag900;) ...butwill brake ?? :( ?19:38
fladnag900Jeah ?19:38
KotCzarnyif you maje a separate partition, you can try19:39
CatButts>The term eMMC is short for "embedded Multi-Media Controller" and refers to a package consisting of both flash memory and a flash memory controller integrated on the same silicon die.19:39
CatButtsoh, so it IS flash19:39
bencohCatButts: indeed19:39
CatButtsand subjected to same write issues19:39
KotCzarnyCatButts: now ask him what brand/model sd card he has19:39
KotCzarnyif its some fake/noname?19:39
CatButtsI dunno shiat about brands19:39
CatButtsbut yes, that is wise to ask19:40
KotCzarnyand prone to failures19:40
bencohI actually had strange hang/reboot issues when using swap on microsd, and eventually moved back to swap on eMMC. but other people reported it works19:40
KotCzarnyand emmc in n900 is good quality19:41
fladnag900Hmmmmm :)19:41
fladnag900N900 is GOODQUALITY19:41
KotCzarnyyes, nokia19:42
KotCzarnyold nokia19:42
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fladnag900 i cannot install uboot with powerkernel ...itdoes not say why ...what info from where do ihave totell you anyone here who has the knowledgde doc orsomeone please19:48
fladnag900Icant just flash becouse allmy contacts and telephoestuff19:49
fladnag900Or wasthere away to leave thispart ofthe memory inpeace ?19:49
*** eMHa__ has joined #maemo19:52
bencohthere should be a TMO thread about howto install uboot ... or a wiki page20:00
bencohor both20:00
*** lxp has quit IRC20:02
fladnag900Thankyou but the realproblem ihave ithink is that a can not install it becouse some conflict ..i deinstalled what i can tohelp ..there was backup and bootmenu and ihthink some powerkernel installed but not loadet ..shit :P HEELP :)20:05
pkill9who here uses nokia n900?20:06
fladnag900Ilove my n900's butheykilltime20:06
*** sunshavi has joined #maemo20:06
KotCzarnypkill9: almost everyone20:06
fladnag900XD ihave 320:07
pkill9what is recommended to make the software great?20:07
fladnag900Inaweek or2 ... 420:07
pkill9I heard of CMMS20:07
pkill9is there a guide on making it bleeding edge?20:07
KotCzarnypkill9: [autopromotion] oscp20:07
bencohyou dont want it particularely "bleeding edge"20:08
bencohbut there are a few pages/threads about the "best setup"/best apps20:08
KotCzarnypkill9: 2 things kill the idea, 1/ only 256MB of mem (and most of it is eaten by default maemo), 2/ old kernel/libs20:08
KotCzarnybut other than that, its linux20:08
KotCzarnyyou can do anything you can do in linux20:09
KotCzarny(hardware specs is the limit)20:09
pkill9why can't kernel/libs be updated?20:10
pkill9i'm guessing closed source20:10
KotCzarnybecause blobs, but local heros are working on it20:10
pkill9where can i find out the progress made on these things?20:10
KotCzarnyyou can join the fight if you can20:10
fladnag900Kotczarny please is there a way u could maybe do a remote conec orsomething to see what my problem is ??pleeeeeease20:11
fladnag900Ihave 1mbit up and down20:12
KotCzarnyfladnag900: told you my idea already20:12
fladnag900Justreflash ?20:12
fladnag900Than cssu andthen anything else ?20:12
KotCzarnythat's a good starting point20:12
fladnag900Isthere away that my phone contacts and sms surwive ?20:12
infobotfrom memory, backupmenu is, or one-click install handling dependency issues:
fladnag900And WHAT iso should iuse20:13
KotCzarnythough in your case it might be a problem20:13
pkill9KotCzarny: is there somewhere I can see the progress made on the blobs?20:14
KotCzarny~listkeys blob20:14
infobotFactoid search of 'blob' by key (9 of 26): i don't know why the buildroot blob ;; initial install of blob ;; unfortunately, afaik that blob ;; blob_ram_base ;; i checked it. it's not because that blob ;; so, the old blob can't run not the bcr's problem , ;; and put in a warning that #blob ;; blob binary image ;; reblob.20:14
KotCzarny~listkeys closed20:14
infobotFactoid search of 'closed' by key (12): security closed security environment ;; closed_packages #DEL# ;; #maemo closed ;; closedbsd ;; closed source ;; linux_not_closed ;; only reason to keep games closed source ;; security closed user group ;; closed #DEL# ;; #maemo closed_packages ;; toolbox _closedialog ;; toolbox _closedeskacc.20:14
infobotit has been said that closed is or, or
fladnag900Cotczarny please what doyoumean i mycase could be aproblem20:16
KotCzarnyfladnag900: never used backup menu, but i think it integrates into boot process20:17
KotCzarnymaybe someone else could confirm or deny that20:17
fladnag900You mean for saving contacts or simply for savety20:18
KotCzarnyfor contacts you can simply export them to another phone20:18
KotCzarnysms db is in home directory20:18
fladnag900I deinstalled it an hour ago becouse i wastrying oncemore to install uboot with powerkernel ...20:18
KotCzarny(contacts too)20:18
fladnag900But ican reinstall20:18
fladnag900Ok thanks20:19
fladnag900:) puuh20:19
fladnag900If i ever ged this towork .. :d20:19
fladnag900But atleast i screwd the other display (that works) on to this n900 today ...for astart :D20:21
bencohwhat do you mean by "screwed"?20:22
fladnag900Shit my english omg sori20:22
*** trumee has quit IRC20:23
fladnag900One full working n900 ..ATLEAST20:23
fladnag900Hardware ...fullworking that is ... :d fromsoftware is quite a way more togo :( :D20:24
KotCzarnyis your usb ok or not then?20:24
fladnag900This one works20:24
KotCzarnythen backup what you need and reflash20:25
fladnag900..the thertwo notsomuch ;)20:25
fladnag900Buhuu i am afraid :D20:25
*** trumee has joined #maemo20:26
fladnag900Maybe i do something wrong ..what should i flahs ...there where somany iremember ...vanillas and such ...20:26
fladnag900...and with only internet on this n900 ihave to download it here and ...20:28
fladnag900Jeah imlazy also ...ibetter getstarted20:28
fladnag900Im just in fear of  a reflash notworking and loosing this n900 also with my life as itis right now ...puuuh20:29
bencohyou prolly dont need to reflash to install uboot ...20:30
KotCzarnyas long you dont break usb, its unkillable20:30
fladnag900Ok thakns kotcarny ;)20:30
fladnag900 whats a "prolly" :)20:31
bencohenglish slang for "probably"20:31
fladnag900Okk but i told cotczarny already (which is ithink the most nowledgable user inthis chat) of myproblems with powerkernels and hethinks its the bestidea te reflash and start fromscratch ...20:34
fladnag900Cotczarny : what image should i flash in your opinion ...iremember ihave already downleadet evrythin there was a while ago if the reflash images have not changed somuch i could search for the hardisk thatcontains it and flash it ..20:37
infobotit has been said that maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing20:37
KotCzarnyand no, there are no new flash images since 201120:38
fladnag900Ok thanksman :) youre thebest20:38
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:49
sicelofladnag900: gandalf? from some shell provider?20:55
siceloi think i remember this nick from long ago :-/21:00
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*** F3l1x_10m is now known as TheHatedOne21:47
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bencohsicelo: shellium?23:03
*** pagurus has joined #maemo23:05
sicelopossibly .. i was once there :)23:07
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