IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2016-11-23

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DocScrutinizer05so.... late02:17
DocScrutinizer05xes: nobody will even notice ;-)02:18
DocScrutinizer05also an image of a VM hardly takes longer than 2h02:19
DocScrutinizer05tepo.m.o maybe 302:20
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xesDocScrutinizer05: it will take all the night and maybe something more02:39
DocScrutinizer05anyway, who cares02:39
DocScrutinizer05note that you're *strongly* supposed to have a complete backup on off-site backup chem|st implemeted since he didn't like what I offered02:41
DocScrutinizer05and that's my final comment on this issue todsay, I got other way bigger fish to fry02:42
DocScrutinizer05sure my offer would have made expense of ~50 nucks / month, but then you'd be 'root' on the off site storage. NFC what is the concept now#02:45
DocScrutinizer05mot my headache either, THANK GOD!!02:46
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DocScrutinizer05"you were supposed to handle the migration, which is done now, SO STFU anfd fuck off" - OOOO...KAY!!02:50
DocScrutinizer05xes: if you or Flak need my help, ping me in /query !02:51
DocScrutinizer05Falk* - sorry02:51
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xesDocScrutinizer05: i think everyone here knows that [maemo] can count on you02:55
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DocScrutinizer05~literal down03:20
infobot"#maemo down" is "SERVICE DOWNTIME til 2016-11-27, see /topic, see, TL;DR one blade broken, needs hardware swap. So wiki, bugs, a few more are down. Wiki mirror at"03:20
DocScrutinizer05infobot: no, #maemo down is "SERVICE DOWNTIME til 2016-11-27, see /topic, see, TL;DR one blade broken, needs hardware swap. So wiki, bugs, a few more are down. <xes> #Maintenance Notice: i'm going to stop stage (repository) | Wiki mirror at
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0503:23
infobotdown is probably "SERVICE DOWNTIME til 2016-11-27, see /topic, see, TL;DR one blade broken, needs hardware swap. So wiki, bugs, a few more are down. <xes> #Maintenance Notice: i'm going to stop stage (repository) | Wiki mirror at
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zZap-Xi am trying to setup a call divert on my n900 using these codes: **21*phone number where calls are to be forwarded#08:46
zZap-Xhowever, the n900 responds with 'unknown service'08:46
zZap-X'Service code not supported'08:47
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zZap-X is unreachable grrr whats going on?09:07
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bencohsilly question but ... why backup/poweroff repository now if next planned maintainance should occur on the 2?09:43
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xesbencoh: we need a "cold" complete (zero-thoughts) backup ready to be exported before maintenance in case something else goes south10:27
bencohI see :)10:28
bencohwell, good luck anyway, and thanks again :)10:28
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DocScrutinizer05xes: is repo up again?18:21
DocScrutinizer05xes: asking re /topic change18:22
DocScrutinizer05err not topic, ~down18:22
DocScrutinizer05hmm nope18:24
DocScrutinizer05or ganglia is wrong18:24
DocScrutinizer05>>Last heartbeat 0 days, 18:40:17 ago<<18:24
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xesDocScrutinizer05: no, sorry. Almost completed, but not yet ready18:32
DocScrutinizer05xes: ganglia suggests some disk full18:32
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DocScrutinizer05I'm not entirely sure which one and if at all18:33
DocScrutinizer05eeh well, that is misleading, seems it's still some 200GB free18:35
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DocScrutinizer05those zero-offset diagrams are a tad tricky :-)18:36
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xesDocScrutinizer05: yep. I'm moving things in a very limited space18:43
DocScrutinizer05please fix ~down factoid or ping me so I may do, as soon as repo is up again18:44
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DocScrutinizer05btw my estimation for how long a backup might take been based on time for a xen snapshot, not applicable here for obvious reasons18:47
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DocScrutinizer05IOW I been pretty wrong guessing a backup of a VM might take 2h18:48
bencohwell that vm is particularly huge ;)18:50
xesDocScrutinizer05: during the years stage "had" to host various ..backups18:51
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DocScrutinizer05bencoh: yup, iirc some 700+ GB18:56
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bencohtime to clean that up (once everything's back in order) maybe :)18:57
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DocScrutinizer05I think there's not much to clean up in repo to reduce size. It just *is* that large :-)19:00
KotCzarnyrepo could USE some cleaning19:01
KotCzarnyold versions arent cleaned up properly (i can see that in oscp case for example)19:01
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ds3now if the repo was on a netapp filer or something that does snapshots....21:11
zZap-Xfor some reason i cannot resolve: ?21:34
zZap-Xcan anybody else resolve it?21:34
KotCzarnysee topic?21:35
zZap-Xthe link is about a coding competition?21:37
zZap-Xoh your swapping hardware21:40
zZap-Xi wonder if there are other mirrors in the world21:41
KotCzarnyjust wait few hours/days?21:41
zZap-Xaye ok21:41
zZap-Xall i need is the star hash function so i can divert calls21:42
zZap-Xmaybe i could just download the package for now21:42
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xes#Maintenance Notice: stage (repository) is up and running22:12
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zZap-Xits back!!!22:16
* zZap-X feels excited22:16
zZap-Xworks perfect22:20
zZap-Xset up a call divert from nokia n900 to android phone for when im not using the n900 :D22:29
zZap-Xworks perfect22:29
zZap-Xthis is a bit like having 2x sims22:29
zZap-Xdivert is free too because both phones are on same network :D22:29
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badcloud-are the official maemo repos down?22:54
badcloud-ah sorry, just noticed topic22:56
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DocScrutinizer05infobot: no, #maemo down is "SERVICE DOWNTIME til 2016-11-27, see /topic, see, TL;DR one blade broken, needs hardware swap. So wiki, bugs, a few more are down. | Wiki mirror at
infobotDocScrutinizer05: okay23:06
DocScrutinizer05xes: many thanks!23:06
infobotsomebody said down was "SERVICE DOWNTIME til 2016-11-27, see /topic, see, TL;DR one blade broken, needs hardware swap. So wiki, bugs, a few more are down. | Wiki mirror at
xesDocScrutinizer05: yw23:19
bencohnot sure I got it though ... did you migrate the vm?23:20
DocScrutinizer05what is this "replace PSU" stuff all about?23:20
bencohhm I guess I could read the thread23:21
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: techstaff made a full backup of repo VM23:21
DocScrutinizer05for doing si, the VM needs to get stopped23:21
xesDocScrutinizer05: there is no detailed plan. Our kind of hardware seems to have a long story of problems. I think we will have to consider some proactive action (that at the moment is not yet possible to define)23:23
bencohDocScrutinizer05: but once it's started, backup is no longer uptodate23:25
bencohso I don't understand why you'd have to stop a vm to make a then outdated backup23:25
bencohdoing an lvm snapshot (to "freeze" device at a coherent state) and backup (dd) the resulting device would have been as good (?)23:26
DocScrutinizer05yeah, "why do you want me to tell you about which time it is? this is constantly changing and the moment you hear what I say it'S already obsolete" ;-P23:26
bencohI'm just trying to understand, maybe I missed something there :)23:26
bencoh(and thanks again!)23:27
DocScrutinizer05those a VM disk images, of 700GB size23:27
bencohDocScrutinizer05: so?23:27
DocScrutinizer05so the general aproach and best practice is to stop the VM before you copy the VM's disk image23:27
DocScrutinizer05but whatever, ask xes. I'm not involved23:28
DocScrutinizer05I'd think when xes takes down a VM then there's sound reason for doing so23:29
bencoh23:26 < bencoh> I'm just trying to understand, maybe I missed something there :)23:29
bencohand I'm not the one working on it so I wouldn't blame/criticize anyway, just talking tech :)23:30
DocScrutinizer05I guess the point being this is an external backup (in xen host), not a backup in system of VM23:30
DocScrutinizer05just one 700GB+ file to get copied from local storage to somewhere else23:31
bencohbtw if I were to mirror extras*/community*, how much space woud I need? 200G?23:32
DocScrutinizer05a lvm snapshot possibly would require massive resources and not work any faster23:32
DocScrutinizer05I never looked into lvm and how it manages snapshots though23:33
DocScrutinizer05anyway even *if* it could get done, the snapshot still would be that of a live system, not a shut down system23:34
bencohit keeps a COW table23:34
bencohmeaning you can keep writing to device while retaining snapshot23:35
DocScrutinizer05generally you need VM disk images of powered down VM23:35
bencoh(actually it is a reverse-COW table, meaning that main device will get written to, and "snap" device will result of main device + reversed-writes)23:36
DocScrutinizer05no good style to load and start a live system into a VM23:36
bencohanyway :)23:37
bencohso ... how large is extras*/community*?23:37
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slobberi can't believe maemo is still alive! holy crap!23:40
bencohit is ! <323:40
slobberi had an n810 back in.. 09, must've been23:41
slobberwhich i sold in 11 and got a wimax n810 about a year ago on a drunken night23:41
KotCzarnyit didnt lose its usefulness, and planned obsolete which rules the electronics now, just sucks23:41
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KotCzarnyget n900, they are cheap. (assuming you like linux phone)23:41
slobberi have a moto x pure that i love getting mad at23:42
slobberalso, wasn't all that happy with maemo back then23:42
KotCzarnythen why did you come back?23:43
xesbencoh: ~1.4TB we need a zero-thoughts backup that could be migrated anywhere23:43
bencohI see23:44
slobberKotCzarny: dug out my old n810, thought maybe i'd give it another try23:44
slobberlast i looked into it the repos were dead or something?23:44
KotCzarnydo you use it as audio player?23:44
KotCzarnysee topic regarding repos and in general23:44
bencohslobber: nokia's repo are23:44
slobberno, should i be? i have a fiio i'm pretty ok with23:44
slobberok topic is gonna be super helpful23:44
KotCzarnyie. maintenance23:44
slobberoh boy23:44
slobber"forever maintenance23:44
bencohnah not forever23:45
KotCzarnyas for nokia repos you need to replace them with a mirror23:45
slobberoh you mean yours are under maintenance23:45
slobberyeah, gotcha23:45
bencohKotCzarny: I never mirrored maemo for n810, unfortunately :(23:45
bencohand I don't think there is a public mirror for n81023:45
KotCzarnyi though i saw some n8x0 repos on your mirror, hum23:46
slobberso you only have n900 mirrored?23:46
KotCzarnyi have n8x0 repos partially mirrored23:46
bencohslobber: for the previously-nokia-hosted part, yes23:46
bencohslobber: the community mirrors (extras, for instance) are still up&running23:46 uses an invalid security certificate.23:47
KotCzarny(Error code: sec_error_cert_signature_algorithm_disabled)23:47
KotCzarnybencoh: ^23:47
bencohit's not invalid, it's cacert ...23:47
bencohmozilla just displays a shitty error23:47
bencohseriously I don't understand why it display "disabled alg" while it just doesn't know the rootca23:47
bencohthis is silly23:48
KotCzarnysomething fallbacks?23:48
bencohKotCzarny: btw you're supposed to use maemo.muarf.Org, not mirrors.muarf.org23:48
KotCzarnybencoh: first link on google ;)23:49
bencohah shit :)23:49
KotCzarnybencoh, want to grab my diablo copy? (probably old but better than nothing i guess)23:52
KotCzarny150M in and 2.7G in repository.maemo.org23:53
KotCzarnythough for repository its chinook, oh well23:53
bencohis that a real/full diablo copy?23:54
bencoh(I remember seeing something around on the internet but I don't think it was complete)23:54
KotCzarnywho knows, most likely done with wget (it was in 2008, i dont remember)23:54
bencohKotCzarny: good enough for nokia's repo you know ;)23:54
KotCzarnythough i see diablo in updates subdir23:54
slobberi shouldn't buy an n90023:55
*** enyc has joined #maemo23:56
slobberit's just not a good phone these days23:56
KotCzarnyits a good PHONE23:56
bencohit's not that bad as a phone23:56
slobberbut i do wish there was a new phone of that style.. just, better screen, thinner, better camera etc23:56
KotCzarnysee neo90023:56
slobberis it bad as a pooter?23:56
slobberlooking, KotCzarny23:56
infobothmm... neo900 is at, or at
bencohand it's still great as a pocket linux or pocket communicator (hw keyboard inside)23:57
slobberohhh i think i've run into this ebfore actually23:57
*** dafox has joined #maemo23:57
slobberoh, that's not cheap either but i ugess that's crowd funding for you23:57
siceloand is a little thicker than N90023:58
KotCzarnyit uses n900 chassis23:58
enycneo900 will start a crowdfunding properly early next year if proto_v2 successful as expected23:58
KotCzarnyso unless something sticks magically out, it should be the same in size23:59
enycall described on the news posted on  neo900.org23:59
slobberhmmm okay23:59

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