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freemangordonPali: well, I was able to finally start dsme in devuan chroot, but it doesn't seem to use iphbd00:41
freemangordonPali: BTW, dsme in CSSU has a nasty bug in
Palifreemangordon: probably you need whole running system to see iphbd in action...00:51
Paliwhich bug?00:51
freemangordonva_list is used in 2 vXXX function, leading to a SEGFAULT00:52
freemangordonI am preparing a commit to fix it00:52
freemangordonPali: is this dsme supposed to be the same as in Fremantle?00:55
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Palidsme in cssu?00:56
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Pali100% same00:56
freemangordonit is weird it does not crash on n0--00:56
Palioptimizations? thumb2?00:56
freemangordonshould not matter, maybe only logging level matters00:57
freemangordonbut it looks to me that any critical or higher level message should result in crash00:58
KotCzarnymaybe its not used at all?00:59
freemangordonsure it is00:59
KotCzarnycaught up and ignored?00:59
Palipatch looks ok00:59
freemangordonPali: and fixes the segfault, at least on devuan01:00
Palimy guess are optimizations01:00
freemangordonor vXXX somehow does not alter va_list qp01:01
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Palithat could be because of optimizations too...01:02
freemangordonI doubt, you can't use va_list twice according to man page01:02
Paliare you using armhf devuan?01:02
freemangordonno, x86_6401:03
freemangordontoldya, chroot on my pc01:03
Paliah, that is reason01:04
Palix86_64 has different behaviour of va_list as arm01:04
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freemangordonmaybe arm uses regs01:04
freemangordonnot the stack01:04
Paliif va_list is implemented as struct, then subsequent calls copy it01:04
freemangordoniirc the first 3 or 4 arguments are always in the regs01:05
Palibut if as pointer, then it modify it directly...01:05
Paliiphbd uses special kernel module01:06
freemangordonI know, but it works without it as well01:06
Palior how it is called01:06
Palithere was meego libiphb git repository... does not it contains sources also of iphbd?01:08
freemangordonit is implemented in a different way01:10
freemangordonPali: :)01:12
Paliworking :-)01:12
freemangordonyeah, but doing nothing01:12
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brolin_empeyI was using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 to listen to Internet radio ( but I discovered that Edge stops playing audio when Windows turns off the computer’s displays due to an inactivity timeout.  When the displays are back on, Edge continues playing audio.  Is this behaviour caused by a change in Edge?  Or by something else, such as Flash Player or Windows?  Now I am using Internet Explorer 11 to see if it behaves the same as Edge.09:13
brolin_empeyNo, I do not use Edge nor IE as my primary Web browser.09:17
jogaoh, this wasn't ##windows...09:18
jogamaybe ask there?09:18
brolin_empey##windows moves very quickly.  Anyway, I will soon have an answer from my own experimentation.09:21
jogahdmi audio?09:22
brolin_empeyjoga: No, analog line-level output from the audio controller integrated on the motherboard.09:23
auenfbrolin_empey, surface?09:24
brolin_empeyauenf: No, Asus P5E-VM DO LGA775 (Core 2 era) desktop motherboard.09:26
auenfhad an issue with a surface dropping sound from a hangouts in chrome when the screen saver came on09:26
jogawin10 does all sorts of wacky things09:26
auenfie, in a hangouts, screen saver was at 1min, when screen saver came on, hangouts became silent09:27
auenfwake screen, and hangouts resumed09:27
brolin_empeyauenf: My screen saver is automatic power management of the displays.09:28
auenfthis surface didnt have a real screensaver, think it was just blank screen or something like what you're saying09:30
KotCzarnymaybe its aggressive power saving mode that simply suspends the whole os09:32
auenfit'd be win10 killing audio when monitors sleep or when screen saver starts09:33
auenfsounds like whats happening to edge, i assume ie will be the same, and i think chrome would be the same also09:33
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: No, my computers are always running but the OS automatically turns off the displays after an inactivity timeout.09:34
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brolin_empeyI wonder why the format of the message identifiers generated by Mozilla Thunderbird was changed a few months ago.11:07
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DocScrutinizer05HDMI and similar shit sucks big time, when you can't hotplug stuff since it's not getting re-initialized19:09
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: do you know about usage of N900 IHF_EN signal (from GAIA to speaker amplifier)? I'm poarticularly interested who's operating that GPIO and when and how19:11
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DocScrutinizer05GAIA/TWL4030 pin N14 "GPIO7/PWM1"19:12
bencohDocScrutinizer05: at least it's not a mic? :p19:12
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DocScrutinizer05bencoh: nope, it enables the amp19:12
bencohDocScrutinizer05: yeah I know :p19:13
Paligrepping kernel source code...19:13
Paliwhat is number of that gpio?19:14
DocScrutinizer05it's one of the nasty legacy signals we might need to keep compatible to N900 in new devices, if we want audio (closed blobs) to work19:14
DocScrutinizer05Pali: GPIO719:14
bencohgpio7 on gaia, not on omap319:14
Palispeaker-amplifier-gpios = <&twl_gpio 7 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;19:15
Palicould be this?19:15
DocScrutinizer05where does it show up?19:15
DocScrutinizer05where is it uised19:15
Palisound: n900-audio { compatible = "nokia,n900-audio"; ... speaker-amplifier-gpios = <&twl_gpio 7 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>; };19:15
Palithis is in DT19:15
Paligoing to look at that speaker-amplifier-gpios property19:16
DocScrutinizer05in DT? well, that's great for new kernel, but questionable if it works with old audio blobs19:16
DocScrutinizer05I assume they (Nokia) has some very special crap in there, to realtime enable amp for e.g. keybd and touchscreen audio click feedback19:17
DocScrutinizer05dunno if it's handled via generic ALSA or inside some dang closed blob19:18
bencohhonestly I wouldnt care much anyway....19:18
Palihere is read that gpio number from DT ^^^19:18
DocScrutinizer05yes, that looks pretty good19:19
DocScrutinizer05so everything in 'higher tiers' should use that symbolic resource rather than direct access to GPIO7, right?19:20
DocScrutinizer05even in maemo kernel and OS?19:20
Paligoing to check maemo kernel19:20
DocScrutinizer05thanks a megaton! :-)19:21
DocScrutinizer05realtime audio output is tricky, _very_ tricky19:21
brolin_empeyHeh: It is nice that , the first (public) Web site, is back online but it would be nicer if it was actually accessible with a Web browser from 1995 or earlier, such as the Win32 version of Netscape Navigator 1.22, the earliest Win32 (as opposed to Win16 or Win32s) version of Netscape/Mozilla I have found, I have running on Windows 10 for x86-64.19:22
Palimaemo kernel has hardcoded it into that sound/soc/omap/rx51.c file :-(19:22
Pali#define RX51_SPEAKER_AMP_TWL_GPIO(192 + 7)19:22
DocScrutinizer05you want amp normaly shut down, but you also want minimal overhead/delay when output of a feedback click or whatever19:22
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Pali\/* REVISIT: TWL4030 GPIO base in RX51. Now statically defined to 192 */19:22
DocScrutinizer05((maemo kernel has hardcoded it)) thought as much19:23
Palibut looks like gpio number is not exported to userspace19:23
DocScrutinizer05so access is up to any arbitrary 'userland' app, or are they all supposed to use a kernel function which we could patch to change the GPIO assignment?19:24
Paliand even not outside of that file19:24
Paliso only kernel and onlt that sound/soc/omap/rx51.c can access it19:24
brolin_empeyYes, I know that I can use .19:24
Paliuserland nad other kernel modules needs to use abstract kernel functions19:24
DocScrutinizer05many many thanks!19:25
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freemangordonPali: how hard will be to make iphbd out-of tree dkms module?20:49
freemangordonI've never played with dkms20:50
Palifreemangordon: if you have working kernel module (e.g. can be compiled), dkms packaging is easy20:50
PaliI can prepare dkms packaging, this is not a problem20:50
PaliI already have tens of dkms packages on my laptop20:50
freemangordonPali: iphb.ko is open-sourced, right?20:51
Paliin maemo kernel are sources20:51
freemangordonso it shouldn't be a problem20:51
freemangordonok, I'll look into it20:51
Paliwe just needs to decide which sources to get... from maemo? from harmattan?20:52
Palior are any other new versions for new kernels?20:52
PaliI can prepare dkms package20:52
freemangordoni guess they are identical20:52
Paliok, I will look at it20:52
freemangordonwill check if there are any differences between maemo and harmattan20:52
Paliand prepare dkms package20:53
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PaliDocScrutinizer05: do you know if there is some way on Maemo to get country name from mcc code?21:40
PaliI just found file /etc/operator_settings which contains some information for particular mcc (haha, there is mms settings), but not country name21:41
Palinext another mapping file /usr/share/operator-wizard/mcc_mapping but country name is again some unreadable format21:41
PaliI would like to have country name in iso3166 (= two characters)21:42
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freemangordonPali: define "unreadable format"21:58
freemangordonis it 3-digit code?21:58
Palifreemangordon: format in /usr/share/operator-wizard/mcc_mapping or /etc/operator_settings files21:59
Palifreemangordon: I want to get 2-char country name (e.g US) from 3-digit mcc code21:59
freemangordonok, will look at it later22:00
Palion wikipedia is list:
Paliand something similar should provide maemo api or some file...22:02
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freemangordonomg, yet another standard :(22:31
freemangordonI was hoping on 3-digit country codes (like 100 for Bulgaria), but no...22:32
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Maxdamantuslooks like you can cross-reference against that.22:38
Maxdamantusdunno if it has all mcc entries.22:38
freemangordonit is relatively new (in cssu at least) so it should be ok22:39
Maxdamantuscat /usr/share/operator-wizard/mcc_mapping | sed 's/^[^\t]\+\t//' | while read x; do grep -q '\<'"$x"'\>' /usr/share/clock/wdb || echo "$x"; done22:43
Palifreemangordon: list is on wikipedia, in worst case I can grab it22:45
PaliI was thinking about maemo-only method22:45
Palie.g. using only sources available on maemo/n90022:46
PaliMaxdamantus: I need function which get on its input 3 digit mcc code and on output I need 2char ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2 country code22:47
freemangordoncat /usr/share/operator-wizard/mcc_mapping22:47
PaliI'm going to investigate more...22:47
MaxdamantusPali: yeah, so you look up that qt thing in mcc_mapping, then look for an entry mentioning it in clock/wdb22:48
Maxdamantusseems hacky though.22:49
Maxdamantus(and apparently is missing two things)22:49
freemangordonseems ok22:49
Paliah right, I miss information that clock/wdb contains also country code22:49
MaxdamantusBecause clock/wdb doesn't seem to intentionally list countries.22:49
Paliit is 3rd column22:50
Maxdamantusit lists cities (presumably associated with sets of timezones), which happens to include most countries.22:50
freemangordonalso, there are coordinates you can use to call libcityinfo22:50
Palithis is for implementing wl1251-cal, regdomain from mcc to pass into kernel22:51
freemangordonPali: where are you going to get mcc from?22:51
* freemangordon is afk22:52
Paliif we want to use wl1251-cal also on non-maemo platform (e.g. debian/devuan) we can implement ofono22:52
Paliofono provides also mcc via dbus, but different call22:52
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KotCzarnyits something that almost definitely there should be a lib for that..22:56
PaliKotCzarny: do you know such lib/function in maemo?22:57
KotCzarnyi guess it would be trivial to make a package out of this and even make it auto update23:00
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KotCzarny(no-js version is unpaginated)23:17
MaxdamantusI don't think there's anything else that maps from these mccs.23:17
Maxdamantus$ echo -n 'find . -type f'; cat usr/share/operator-wizard/mcc_mapping | sed 's/\t.*$//' | while read x; do echo -n ' | xargs -d\\n fgrep -l '"$x"; done; echo23:17
Maxdamantusrunning the command produced by that doesn't seem to find anything useful.23:17
MaxdamantusI guess there could theoretically be something compressed or something.23:18
KotCzarnypage with html is ~23kB23:18
KotCzarnyso i guess whole table of strings would be ~1/3..1/2 of that23:19
MaxdamantusThere could of course also be something that encodes the numbers in binary.23:19
KotCzarnyyou can even use bitfields :P23:20
MaxdamantusI'm talking about looking for information already in Maemo.23:20
KotCzarnyinformation in maemo vs updated information?23:20
KotCzarnyin debian there is package named 'mobile-broadband-provider-info '23:25
KotCzarnycould it be it?23:25
KotCzarnyfirst appeared in 2010-02-2723:27
KotCzarnyum. 2009-07-0923:27
KotCzarnyyup. has country codes (two letters) and mmc/mnc (among other things)23:29
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