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stryngsHeya.  Is there a writeup of how to reprogram (temporarily), what the volume keys do?05:32
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stryngsI see it's possible via the wiki:
stryngsLooking to figure out where to poke?05:33
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Maxdamantusstryngs: well, they're normal X11-visible keys afaik, so you should be able to use something like xbindkeys.07:01
stryngsMaxdamantus: Wow, that was easy07:26
stryngsTrippy cool man.  Thank you07:26
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stryngsMaxdamantus: Hmm, it's quirky, will have to work this out07:40
MaxdamantusQuirky as in mce/maemo-xinput-sounds/whatever it is steals back control?07:45
Maxdamantus(it's maemo-xinput-sounds)07:46
stryngsNaw, quirky as in it defaults to /home/user/.xbindkeysrc07:52
stryngsversus /root07:52
stryngsBut whatever07:52
stryngsFixed now07:52
stryngsThank you for the suggestion Maxdamantus07:53
stryngsNow, with the click of a button, i can launch predesignated actions07:53
stryngsVery useful.07:53
Maxdamantusand in case you're wondering about the shutter button, that's just two GPIO inputs that aren't normally mapped to Xorg.07:55
Maxdamantusbut you can watch their state by polling for POLLPRI events on some files in sysfs and reading those files to check the current state.07:56
Maxdamantuslike this:
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Vajbwith shortcutd one can control what camera button does, easily08:14
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KotCzarnyporting pygtk to c/gtk is tiresome. or it might be that is actually big ;)18:09
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sicelore - connectbot .. a large part of the provlem is that android does not overlay the vkbd the way mameo does. instead it resizes the window to fit the keyboard ...which really sucks for irssi .. or maybe ican find an overlaying typs of vkb18:53
KotCzarnysicelo, or add speech input method?18:54
KotCzarnymight be funny though ircing via speech ;)18:55
sicelohaha .. and sounding crazy. will leave irc to n90018:56
zGrrSpeech recognition is good for devices lacking physical keyboard.19:10
zGrrWhich is not the case with N90019:10
KotCzarnybut he is having troubles with droid device19:15
KotCzarnyas opposed to perfectness of n900 as irc client19:15
zGrri have never seen speech recognition that works correctly.19:16
zGrrit is barely good enough for the simple input.19:16
zGrri would forget about ircing via speech to text19:17
KotCzarnythat would be silly anyway19:17
KotCzarnynot to mention it would send all your thoughts to google19:18
zGrrby the way, do you know russian band called групировка ленинград?19:18
zGrri love their recent video where the taxi driver struggles with the speech recognition of the satellite navigation.19:19
KotCzarnyonly latin2 console here, your utf missed my parser ;)19:19
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zGrrthey are called grupirovka leningrad.19:21
KotCzarnyi only know about leningrad cowboys19:21
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zGrrthey are different, but you won't be able to watch their videos on the latin2 console anyway. :)19:23
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Vajbi can happily announce that maemo irssi works well with utf-8 :)20:06
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