IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2016-08-23

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OksanaWhat does Qnotted depend upon?.. Shouldn't it depend on Qt-something, since it's written in Qt?02:25
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DocScrutinizer05~tell Oksana about pkgs03:23
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OksanaSure, was here, read that :-) Qnotted package looks like it does not depend on anything, and it sounds completely unrealistic when it is written in Qt.03:55
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DocScrutinizer05 then pkg deps are fubar04:37
DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast: sometimes the dang cronjob that executes the promotion gets stuck04:37
DocScrutinizer05├╝please ping freemangordon1 about it04:42
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon1: xes: warfare:
DocScrutinizer05doesn't promote04:43
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siceloam i deluded to think that Tizen is 'better' linux experience than Android? Samsung Z2 looks like it will be very cheap, and if it lands this side, i might like to have one11:53
siceloanyone here with a tizen phone/device who can share experiences?11:54
luke-jrno idea what Tizen is, but it's hard to be worse than Android11:55
luke-jrit doesn't look like there are any real production devices using it11:56
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buzz_luke-jr: symbian11:57
luke-jrnever tried that :p11:57
buzz_hehe, lucky guy :P11:57
luke-jrI was already using real Linux on my handhelds by then11:57
luke-jrsince 200311:58
sicelobuzz_: symbian is completely different11:58
bencohbada? :]11:59
bencoh(since we're talking about samsung/tizen ...)11:59
buZzmight be of interest to you ;)11:59
buZzzaurus <311:59
luke-jrI still have mine sitting on top of my desktop PC :x12:00
luke-jrno idea where the charger is tho12:00
siceloyes, should be closer to bada ( bencoh )12:00
* buZz just learned that luke-jr was considering burning CDroms on his PDA back in 2003 ;)12:00
luke-jrI was?12:00
buZz> A USB host port would allow one to connect a CD writer, though that might be a drain on the battery if used when not connected to an outlet.12:01
buZzjust skimmed ;)12:01
buzz_luke-jr: try ebay12:01
luke-jrbuzz_: ?12:01
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sicelobuZz: not interested in chroot ... i can do that and more on N900 :)12:02
luke-jrhuh, SL-C3200 still going for $19012:02
buZzsicelo: maybe look deeper ;) this isnt about chroot debian inside android12:02
bencohz1 might be more interesting than all those qualcomm toys, soc-wise12:02
buZzsicelo: its about -android- as chroot inside linux12:02
siceloah yes .. i could see it's chroot, didn't notice the 'direction' ... either way, not helping me have linux in my pocket :)12:04
sicelobookmarking that to try on my pc however12:04
sicelohmm, we go into Android, then Debian, then Android?12:07
luke-jrsicelo: Android kernel, Debian rootfs, Android rootfs12:08
luke-jrsicelo: if you want Linux in your pocket,
luke-jrwell good luck finding an alternative for less $$$12:09
bencohthis thing is actually interesting12:09
bencoh(the android chroot)12:09
buZzyeah its pretty cute12:10
bencohsomeone worked on something similar on n900 iirc12:10
buZzi wanna try it on a 40 usd android12:10
sicelobencoh: what on N900?12:10
bencohsicelo: android in a chroot12:11
bencohhe had to use a SIGSTOP hack to "share" display though :[12:11
bencohsomething quite .... hacky12:11
buZz^^ toy12:11
buZz2.4" screen is so cute12:12
buZzto make fun of all the ppl who actually need reading glasses but instead get a 7" phone12:12
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buZzseems kinda ded12:13
luke-jrlike everything else N900 :<12:14
* buZz comforts luke-jr 12:14
buZzthere there12:14
buZzi still wanna 'plain debian' my n80012:15
bencohbuZz: well, you have kernel sources, so ... :)12:15
buZzsupport in mainline even12:15
bencohis that full mainline?12:15
bencohnot sure about it12:15
buZzwhats 'full' mainline?12:16
bencohmainline with full driver support12:17
bencohoh btw, for those that might want to try the debian/android chroot:
bencohyou'll need an android kernel :)12:17
buZzbencoh: no clue, i dont think its that much12:17
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buZzjust .. screen and wifi?12:17
buZzand touchscreen?12:17
bencohand leds, charger, battery, and dunno what12:21
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bencohvpu/dsp? I dont remember if this thing has one12:21
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buZzit does have a dsp, but i havent seen a use for it12:33
bencohmp3 playback iirc12:34
buZz> > [ 7894.137054] omapdsp: tadd address is ABORTADR.13:00
buZz> > [ 7894.137145] omapdsp: task attach failed for mp3dec!13:00
buZzi see :P13:00
bencohdunno then :)13:01
buZzi actually expect the omap3 to be fast enough to do it in sw13:01
buZzor is it a omap2? hmm13:01
buZzomap2 ah13:01
bencohyeah, but it's still fast enough to play mp3 in software13:02
bencoh(especially with integer implems, like libmad's)13:02
buZzsomewhere i made a start at running native debian on it, around kernel 4.2.0 (for weed references)13:13
buZzmaybe i should continue it13:13
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KotCzarnythe heck, why was my nick changed o.O13:46
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sicelobecause KotCzarny sucks14:22
sicelowhat did it change to?14:22
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KotCzarnydont know why it changed to 'buzz_'14:32
KotCzarnyas i dont remember typing such command14:32
buZzits your sleeping alias14:32
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DocScrutinizer05freemangordon1: ping18:17
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: ping18:17
DocScrutinizer05warfare: ping18:17
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DocScrutinizer05(whois buzz_18:25
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buZzDocScrutinizer05: yw18:27
DocScrutinizer05see query18:28
DocScrutinizer05buZz: much better :-)18:31
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freemangordon1DocScrutinizer05: pong22:04
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DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: could you look into and why it doesn't promote?22:13
freemangordonok, will do, later or tomorrow22:13
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fishbulbhi, I can send an MMS to myself, but not to anyone else23:54
fishbulbfmms 1.3.523:55

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