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SiceloF-keys (F1, etc.) don't work in X Terminal?00:12
Siceloor I'm missing something?00:12
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Siceloah, they 'work' but do other things. F4 = menu for example00:15
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luke-jrfwiw, I managed to remove the stupid magnet USB thing07:37
luke-jrI was going to wait until after vacation, but found out it didn't even charge properly :<07:50
KotCzarnyhow come?07:50
luke-jrno idea08:10
luke-jrmore annoyingly, the "P" in dial number doesn't actually owrk08:11
luke-jroh well, I'll live08:11
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souljackI'm having an issue with getting CSSU stable to update, it is missing packages libhildon-thumbnail0 and some others. Is there a repository I'm supposed to be using other than the CSSU one?10:12
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KotCzarnypastebin the error10:27
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infoboti guess maemo-repos is
KotCzarnywhat are your reopos?10:42
KotCzarnykeep in mind, you are not supposed to use cssu-testing10:44
KotCzarnyand i think you are missing muarf repos (mr0, apps)10:47
KotCzarny#deb ./10:47
KotCzarny#deb ./10:47
KotCzarnythose two10:47
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souljackhaha I was about to post those11:08
KotCzarnykeep in mind app manager has its own config in /etc/apt/hildonsomething/11:08
KotCzarnyand it will overwrite your changes11:08
souljackI entered them into the app manager11:09
KotCzarnyupdated repos and still the same error?11:09
souljackit wants libhildon-thumbnail011:09
souljacksame version as in pastebin11:10
KotCzarnyso tell me, what and where have you entered11:10
souljackI added a repo, added the first address (apps), left dist and components blank (this then defaulted to distribution "/" )11:12
souljackthe same with the other11:12
souljackthis got rid of most the the dependancy problems when updating CSSU11:12
KotCzarnyok, lets check it in another way, please pastebin the apt respos config11:12
KotCzarnythough if it worked then there might be some dependency version conflict11:13
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souljackwhere is it located11:17
KotCzarny /etc/apt/hildonsomething/11:17
souljackthat's what I thought11:18
souljack/etc/apt -ls11:18
souljackthere's no hildon here11:18
KotCzarnysorry, /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list11:19
KotCzarnyfor easy time you can use curl and instead of typing: curl --upload-file somefile http://transfer.sh11:20
KotCzarnythis is mine11:22
KotCzarny(dont enable extras-devel, it might break things)11:22
souljackyeah, don't need it11:23
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souljackhm, it didn't generate a link11:34
KotCzarnytrue. wonder why11:35
KotCzarny< HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity11:36
KotCzarnypoor got hammered11:36
KotCzarny(hint: add -v to curl ;)11:36
KotCzarnyi think there was some other pastebin that had cmd line client11:37
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souljackhttp error before end of send11:39
souljackback end server is at capacity11:40
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KotCzarnychange / to ./11:47
KotCzarnyand fremantle-1.2 to fremantle11:47
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souljacknow it wants n900-frmx-enabler12:19
souljackand the rest from before12:20
souljacklooks like it found it12:34
souljackbrilliant, thanks12:46
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KotCzarnyhrm, there is no 'remember/reset password' on ?15:59
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fishbulbthe autocorrect dictionary canme back with an error17:21
fishbulbthere's dozens of errors now, almost nothing is working anymore17:21
fishbulbwhat the hell is going to be on the neo90017:21
fishbulbconsidering that NOTHING is open source. none of the modern chat programs with full file support that everyone uses17:22
fishbulbconsidering nearly all girls have all those stupid chat things, and every iphone/android normal user uses them too, two phones are required? one for rose tinted glasses nostalgia n900 purposes, and the other for normal modern phone use17:24
KotCzarnyi use n900 as a phone (and audio player, and few other things)17:25
KotCzarnyone is enough17:25
KotCzarnyas for the girls, just go out and talk to her irl17:25
fishbulbyou know there's an extra step now with whatsapp and all that bullshit17:26
fishbulbespecially in any bigger city where they're reluctant to meet17:26
fishbulbbut the n900 is crippled as it is17:27
KotCzarnyyou dont want those girls17:27
fishbulbthere's a barely functional browser17:27
fishbulbthe gps needs the specific address usually with zip code and everything17:27
fishbulbit doesn't have a search function like google maps, you have to put the specific address in (this is the only way I can still have this as my phone because gps is essential)17:28
fishbulband then... linux commands, fine if you're logging into some computer17:28
fishbulbbut otherwise youtube and shit doesn't really work, the browsers will work with mobile sites, it's probably doing pretty well for a 7 year old phone17:29
fishbulbbut it's severely behind even 4yo android phones17:30
KotCzarnymy n900 has oscp17:30
KotCzarnywhich is > any other phone17:30
Wizzup_KotCzarny: not sure if I'd see that as the best argument, but yeah, n900 is awesome17:30
Wizzup_I've never needed whatsdown17:31
fishbulbit's very useful17:31
fishbulbwhat the hell is oscp17:31
Wizzup_Can you explain why it is useful17:31
fishbulbfile transfers, nothing else on the n900 does it17:31
fishbulbto normal people with normal phones.17:32
Wizzup_Email isn't a thing anymore?17:32
fishbulbnot really, no.17:32
Wizzup_I figured that sshfs/scp and a server is just fine17:32
Wizzup_but it sounds like you have a lot of incentives to fix it yourself17:32
Wizzup_Looking forward to it17:32
fishbulbits' all impossible17:32
Wizzup_Because just bitching about whatsapp isn't making anyone in here happy17:32
fishbulbzero of these are open source17:32
Wizzup_Yet another reason to spit on whatsapp17:33
fishbulbnone of them will ever work on the neo90017:33
fishbulbwithout some expenditure on the developers part probably17:33
fishbulbwhich will never happen17:33
Wizzup_It is only impossible because facebook doesn't want it to happen17:33
Wizzup_They are super hostile towards third party implementations17:33
Wizzup_So why don't you direct your anger at them instead17:33
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KotCzarnyfishbulb, ever heard of http/ftp ?17:45
KotCzarnyor torrent?17:45
KotCzarnywizzup: speaking from personal perspective, as everyone has something favourited regarding apps17:46
fishbulbftp to someone elses phone17:49
fishbulbyou realise phones are mainly for communicating to other people17:50
KotCzarnyjust fucking get out and socialize with them face to face17:50
fishbulbyou live somewhere very small don't you17:50
Wizzup_fishbulb: We are not here to fix your social problems, blame facebook for being agressive to third parties17:50
fishbulbyou aren't here to fix anything. all the apps that no longer work on the n900 will never work again17:51
KotCzarnynot true for open source17:51
Wizzup_fishbulb: Are you a prohpet?17:52
fishbulbyou're expecting this neo900 userbase to sort of materialise out of thin air17:52
Wizzup_What are you on about17:52
fishbulbthere are how many n900 users still active17:52
Wizzup_Like seriously, what do you wnat?17:52
Wizzup_Are you upset your programs don't work? Fix them17:52
fishbulbmy programs work. these aren't my programs17:53
Wizzup_Or do you think that the userbase you're talking about will grow just by whining here?17:53
KotCzarnyhe cant, he is a hostage17:53
Wizzup_For me, maemo works just fine. Could do with a more up to date browser/ssh, but that's really it. You can always run your own linux distro on it.17:55
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Vajbnow when whatsapp is nolonger working with n900, guess what my mates invented? They started calling and sms'ing to me! How inconvient at 2016, right?19:27
Vajbinconvinient, maybe...19:27
KotCzarnyawfully, do they also send you .. mms?19:28
Vajbthey do, rarely19:29
KotCzarnyhow cruel of them19:29
Vajbyeah. Im feeloing so old whenever they do ;)19:30
Vajball in all this day is turning to the irritating side19:32
KotCzarnynot good, mine on the other side goes quite well19:32
KotCzarnytrimmed TODO quite a bit19:32
Vajballtho i was able to fix my friends ipod i can't seem to fix my gps device19:32
Vajbim beginning to think that flash drive is failing on this one19:33
Vajband poor thing is barely as old as my beloved n900...19:34
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souljackI wish the source of Teamspeak was available20:47
souljackso it could be ported20:48
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KotCzarnywrite to them and ask for armel binary for glibc 2.5 ?21:03
luke-jror just use Mumble or something free?21:04
souljackthe problem is users luke-jr, when they're comfortable using one platform they won't just up and leave or use two concurrently21:07
Siceloi have DJ'ed for a small Internet radio station here in South Africa for about 4 weeks .. they are using a piece of rubbish called SAM Broadcaster Pro. damn thing has very nice interface, and works fine (when it does). But 99% of the time it crashes, skips tracks, or some such nonsense. so when i started, i asked the owner if i could use my own software, and the technical contact said nothing else can work, and i must use SAMBC .. after my first show, i c21:17
KotCzarnysicelo: it got cut 'after my first show'21:17
Siceloget decent client :p21:18
KotCzarnynope, it got cut :P21:18
Sicelo after my first show, i checked my the site ( and found that actually any icecast client can work. so for my 2nd show i told them my SAMBC was broken (i lied, lol) and DJ'ed IDJC21:18
Sicelo                (FOSS python application). i've since done all my subsequent shows through IDJC as SAMBC eventually did really break. but, all the other DJ's and technical contact still insist on SAMBC even though it gives21:18
Sicelo                them hassles too.21:18
Siceloso yes, souljack is absolutely right.21:18
* Sicelo will check logs21:19
infobotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.
KotCzarnyyup, i was right, its YOU that should get a decent client respecting server's rules about string lengths :P21:21
Siceloi've never known about any limit21:23
KotCzarnythey are usually in rfc and/or on server join21:23
Sicelowhile looking at logs i see a question i asked yesterday21:25
Sicelodoes anyone know: how does N900 'know' that a wireless network it is connected to has no Internet access? I've noticed that it will switch back to 3G/2G automatically when Internet connection goes down on the AP (the AP is still connected 'locally'). So N900 sends some pings or something?21:25
DocScrutinizer05hmm there's actually only TOPICLEN=390 in the server capabilities info21:29
DocScrutinizer05re AP without internet access: I never noticed maemo handling this21:30
Siceloit has happened to me a couple of times .. unless something else also took place :-/21:31
Siceloi do notice that my WLAN is a little flaky of late21:31
Sicelowill test further21:31
KotCzarnysicelo, new neighbours maybe?21:32
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: check if your AP drops WLAN when the uplink goes down21:33
KotCzarnyIRC messages are always lines of characters terminated with a CR-LF21:33
KotCzarny   (Carriage Return - Line Feed) pair, and these messages SHALL NOT21:33
KotCzarny   exceed 512 characters in length, counting all characters including21:33
KotCzarny   the trailing CR-LF. Thus, there are 510 characters maximum allowed21:33
KotCzarny   for the command and its parameters.  There is no provision for21:33
KotCzarny   continuation of message lines21:33
Siceloi've just killed the internet to it ..21:33
DocScrutinizer05particularly DHCP in AP might just proxy to a higher DHCP server at ISP21:34
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DocScrutinizer05looks like 44021:40
DocScrutinizer05but obviously that's Konversation doing that21:41
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DocScrutinizer05echo "i have DJ'ed for a small Internet radio station here in South Africa for about 4 weeks .. they are using a piece of rubbish called SAM Broadcaster Pro. damn thing has very nice interface, and works fine (when it does). But 99% of the time it crashes, skips tracks, or some such nonsense. so when i started, i asked the owner if i could use my own software, and the technical contact said nothing else can work, and i must use SAMBC ..21:44
DocScrutinizer05after my first show, i c"|wc -c21:44
DocScrutinizer05prolly the remaining 50 chars are needed for IRC msg header21:46
APicIRC > *21:46
KotCzarnyfeeling lucky?21:46
* APic playing at the http://JuNetHack.Net21:46
KotCzarnygood ol' mirc days21:47
DocScrutinizer05please don't21:47
KotCzarnyhmm, forgot which char was doing the terminal blink21:49
KotCzarnyi guess i'm old21:49
DocScrutinizer05please don't21:49
DocScrutinizer05other clients might act weird to such stuff21:49
KotCzarnyeven google isnt showing anything meaningful, which says a lot21:49
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KotCzarnythats bell21:50
RST38hAlso makes terminal blink.21:51
KotCzarnydoes it?21:51
RST38hThat is a way to show bell with sound disabled21:51
KotCzarnythere was a separate mode for terminal blink21:51
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Wizzup_20:49 < DocScrutinizer05> other clients might act weird to such stuff21:51
DocScrutinizer05but please don't send crap in channel21:51
RST38hDo you just want blink character attribute though?21:51
Wizzup_Shouldn't the clients be fixed?21:51
KotCzarnyi think only screen was acting weird on asc(132)21:51
DocScrutinizer05Wizzup_: I'm going to ruthlessly ban anybody that makes other clients segfault on purpose21:52
Wizzup_A terminal blink shouldn't make any client segfault.21:53
DocScrutinizer05a terminal blink shouldn't get posted in a channel21:53
* Wizzup_ sighs21:53
RST38hKot: ESC[5m21:54
KotCzarnygood ol' terminal days21:54
KotCzarnyand era of BUGGED terminal EMULATORS21:54
DocScrutinizer05this is an ascii only channel, and I enabled color only since users seemed to be mature enough to not abuse it21:54
KotCzarnydoc: ascii? what about utf?21:54
RST38hKot: In order to understand this phenomena, look at the official VT220 programming manual21:55
KotCzarnyrst, i know, i know21:55
RST38hKot: Better have someone with you though, in the case of a bad trip21:55
Sicelowhat causes the popup for usb mode to not come up sometimes? :-/21:55
Wizzup_Sicelo: bad usb connection/port21:55
Wizzup_or cable21:55
DocScrutinizer05[Support] CASEMAPPING=rfc1459 CHARSET=ascii21:55
KotCzarnywizzup, sicelo: sometimes daemon goes stuck21:55
DocScrutinizer05^^^ freenode server cappanilities21:56
Siceloany known way to restart 'daemon' ?21:56
DocScrutinizer05capabilities even21:56
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: /etc/init.d/daemon restart21:56
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: reason: often a race condition21:57
DocScrutinizer05the kernel module(?) is testing D+/- short same time it detects VBUS21:58
DocScrutinizer05or sth along that line21:58
DocScrutinizer05though this particular race makes requester come up when mating charger21:59
DocScrutinizer05I'm almost sure dbus drops signals every now and then21:59
Wizzup_20:56 < DocScrutinizer05> ^^^ freenode server cappanilities22:00
Wizzup_20:56 < DocScrutinizer05> period22:00
Wizzup_that is only for nicknames and such22:00
DocScrutinizer05particularly on heavy CPU load22:00
Siceloit has come just a while ago while connecting charger22:00
KotCzarnywizzup, rfc?22:00
DocScrutinizer05Wizzup_: that is also chan policy22:00
Sicelosometimes i also feel like simply thrashing the N900 and live normally :p22:00
KotCzarnysicelo, ref;lash!22:01
Wizzup_DocScrutinizer05: you're going to ban everyone who uses unicode¿22:01
KotCzarnybut any phone has bugs22:01
DocScrutinizer05no. unicode is just deprecated22:01
Wizzup_That's not even remotely funny22:01
DocScrutinizer05just like excessive use of color22:01
Wizzup_And a very western way of thinking22:01
Sicelolol ... won't play with reflash when this is happening .. what if i do have a broken USB (again)22:01
Wizzup_'It coverrs our latin character set'22:01
Sicelogot to be sure first22:01
KotCzarnysicelo, easiest test: reboot22:02
Wizzup_Sicelo: you should fix your cables so they are less likely to break your port, btw22:02
KotCzarnywizzup, ascii doesnt cover latin afair22:02
Sicelooh my .. now suddenly fine22:02
* Sicelo looks at the trash bin22:02
KotCzarnyISO 8859 includes the 128 ASCII characters along with an additional 128 characters22:03
Wizzup_KotCzarny: æ22:03
KotCzarnybtw. escape/terminal codes ARE ascii22:04
Wizzup_:p yep22:04
DocScrutinizer05Wizzup_: there are channel policies that are defined by chanops. Those are basically just "don't act like a dick". Plain ascii with an occasional unicode is ok. somebody starting to write chinese here, using ascii graphics, puposely sending rogue unicode sequences that are known to make some clients segfault, etc, will earn them a ban22:04
DocScrutinizer05pretty simple22:04
Wizzup_I don't see sending colours or using unicode as being a dick, but your weird strict stance on it does qualify as such22:06
*** sunshavi has quit IRC22:06
DocScrutinizer05non-printable chars like ESC don't belong into an IRC channel22:06
Wizzup_Neither do clients that segfault on unstrusted input22:06
KotCzarnyis space printable?22:06
KotCzarnywizzup, good ol' ATZ days22:08
DocScrutinizer05Wizzup_: are you practicing trolling? when I send you a worm since your OS has an open port, you won't agree with me that I'm completely right in doing so and it's entirely your problem to fix the vulnerability. Should the vuln get fixed? YES. Should anybody exploit it on purpose? DAMN NO!22:08
Wizzup_I never said I was in favour of people attempting to crash a client, but just sending colour codes and such does not equate to attempts to crash a client...22:09
DocScrutinizer05that's why I said "Please don't" instead of setting the channel /mode -c or banning anybody22:10
RST38hDoc <== being too polite22:10
DocScrutinizer05RST38h: :-D22:11
RST38hWizzup: People do not like seeing your blinking, flashing, beeping, unicoding technicolor shit.22:11
RST38hWizzup: Which part you do not understand?22:11
KotCzarnyrst, you didnt get it22:12
Wizzup_Speaking of practicing trolling...22:12
* Wizzup_ is amazed22:12
KotCzarnyunless it got deeper22:12
Sicelotechnicolor :p22:12
RST38hKot: Did I forget "crashing" part? =)22:12
*** L29Ah has joined #maemo22:12
KotCzarnyi would bet on theoretizing, but that would take fun away22:12
DocScrutinizer05RST38h: apropos, it seems xchat still vulnerable to rogue string22:13
RST38hKot: Nah, the key is to produce more pandemonium with less text.22:13
KotCzarnyso, asc(132) ?22:13
KotCzarnyhard to get into fewer than 1 char22:13
RST38hDoc: Have just been doing JavaScript for the last week. I can believe anything about it by now.22:13
DocScrutinizer05RST38h:  could you have a look?22:15
DocScrutinizer05ancient crap, but seemingly still an issue on maemo xchat22:15
RST38hDoc: checkout entry for "^" here
RST38hIt contains that rogue sequence22:18
DocScrutinizer05hmm, how to implement it into maemo?22:19
RST38hThis is what DrawTerm is:
DocScrutinizer05sorry, I don't understand what's the suggested way to fix the issue in maemo, in particular22:21
RST38hI am not trying to fix it, merely trying to figure out the cause22:21
RST38hIt is a very specific string with no obvious meaning, so it must be some magic number of sorts22:22
DocScrutinizer05prolly, yes. I suspect a null pointer thanks to some illegal codepage or somesuch22:22
RST38hThe shell code itself is really not that simple22:23
DocScrutinizer05iirc (it's long time since back when) the issue was in gtk, not in the app22:23
RST38hIt contains a line of non-ascii chars22:24
RST38h0xC3XX then 0xE1XX22:24
RST38hThey are not ASCII and not UTF-822:24
RST38hDoc: what version is Maemo XChat right now?22:25
RST38hOther question: Can you make it crash with a coredump, then quickly look at the coredump with gdb, do a "bt" and tell me what the stack looks like?22:26
DocScrutinizer05(version) good question. Could I find out on cmdline?22:27
RST38hDunno. Since I do not have Maemo dev environment any more, nor do I have a Maemo device handy, need version number and relevant stack trace to look at this issue.22:28
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DocScrutinizer05dang, forgot to connect my N900 to charger22:30
* DocScrutinizer05 ponders how to make WLAN & sshd start before PIN dialog22:31
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# xchat --version22:32
DocScrutinizer05xchat 2.8.622:32
DocScrutinizer05now for the coredump/bt22:33
DocScrutinizer05I'd rather run it under gdb to start with22:33
RST38heither way is fine22:33
KotCzarny2.8.8 compiles out of the box, but xchat IS old already and unmaintained mostly22:33
DocScrutinizer05if only I had gdb installed on N900 :-(22:33
KotCzarnythere are alternatives22:34
RST38hpulled 2.8.6 sources for now, to stay true to what Doc is running. Just need the stack trace22:34
KotCzarnyalso, it might be something maemo related too22:35
KotCzarnytry 2.8.6 on pc just to be sure22:35
RST38hgiven the contents of that shell script, some glibc/gtk mumbo jumbo fails trying to process the string containing >127 chars22:36
RST38hmost likely because it either treats char as signed (negative offset => illegal offset) or has some table that is [128] in size22:37
RST38hOther wonderful possibilities exist but are less likely (stack trace will tell)22:37
Siceloi wonder what happened with xchat .. it's got probably the best looks of all linux IRC clients .. :-/22:38
DocScrutinizer05RST38h: doesn't look promising:22:39
DocScrutinizer05(gdb) run22:39
DocScrutinizer05Starting program: /usr/bin/xchat22:39
DocScrutinizer05warning: Unable to find libthread_db matching inferior's thread library, thread debugging will not be available.22:39
DocScrutinizer05warning: Unable to find libthread_db matching inferior's thread library, thread debugging will not be available.22:39
RST38hSicelo: Maintainer moved on. New "open source heroes" no longer know how to program in C22:39
KotCzarnysicelo, irssi22:40
KotCzarnylearn, use22:40
Siceloi use irssi of course, lol .. but xchat does look nice, although i've never made it *my* client22:40
DocScrutinizer05sorry, no segfault triggered by rogue string in /query22:41
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Siceloafter 1 hour, N900 didn't disconnect from AP .. so guess i was spreading FUD :p22:45
RST38htry more traffic =)22:46
KotCzarnysame for usb ca ble :P22:46
KotCzarnytold you, new neighbours22:46
KotCzarnyand their emi22:46
Sicelocable did have real problem .. i restarted ke-recv to 'fix' it22:46
DocScrutinizer050x1DCD 0x1E12 seems strange in that sequence. Even my recent linux PC shell acts up and behaves strange when moving cursor over it22:48
DocScrutinizer05so maybe my assertion that xchat still is vulnerable to this rogue string was incorrect22:48
SiceloFUD :)22:51
DocScrutinizer05anyway sorry, I can't make it segfault22:51
APicFUD > *22:53
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