IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2016-06-19

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DocScrutinizer05errr, a snapper diff between two snapshots of a drive with 800GB data takes a while to complete04:47
DocScrutinizer05a tad counter-intuative but actually there's obviously no shortcut way to tell what files changed between two btrfs snapshots04:49
DocScrutinizer05they should issue a warning and a progress bar04:57
DocScrutinizer05\o/ finished04:58
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* DocScrutinizer05 pukes05:45
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# grep -c "GLIB MESSAGE Tracker" /var/log/syslog05:46
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DocScrutinizer05HMMMMM   Jun 18 21:31:04 IroN900 tracker-indexer[1699]: GLIB MESSAGE Tracker - Loaded prepared queries file:'/usr/share/tracker/sqlite-stored-procs.sql' size:12113 bytes06:02
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DocScrutinizer05Jun 19 05:55:12 IroN900 clockd: Can't guess anything, so do nothing07:22
DocScrutinizer05Jun 19 05:55:12 IroN900 clockd: TZ guessing failed. ":Etc/GMT-2" TZ will be used07:22
DocScrutinizer05Jun 19 05:55:13 IroN900 cellular: csd[799]: ISI_SMS .088012> ind_reg_status(): Net registration (ind) status:1 rc:007:22
DocScrutinizer05Jun 19 05:55:13 IroN900 clockd: Date now is 2016-06-19 05:55:13 (DST OFF), TZ=/Etc/GMT-2, offset -7200/-7200, timezone=-7200, tzname=GMT-2/GMT-207:22
DocScrutinizer05Jun 19 05:55:13 IroN900 cellular: csd[799]: get_network_time_info returned: y:16 m:6 d:19 h:3 m:55 s:14 tz:8 dl:107:22
DocScrutinizer05Jun 19 05:55:14 IroN900 clockd: Date now is 2016-06-19 05:55:14 (DST ON), TZ=/Europe/Berlin, offset -7200/-3600, timezone=-3600, tzname=CET/CEST07:25
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KotCzarnythe worst tht could happen is reverse09:58
KotCzarnyum, wrong chan09:58
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Vajbspeaking of driving a car, huh?11:42
KotCzarnynope, wiki edits11:43
KotCzarnybonbons: MoeIcenowy was looking for you12:10
KotCzarnyeh, wrong chan again12:10
Wizzup_KotCzarny: rock on :P12:12
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KotCzarnywizzup: joys of choosing single irc window mode12:19
KotCzarnybut fir stalking multiple channels its nice12:19
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KotCzarnypastebin whole error13:46
KotCzarnywrong chan again13:46
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Wizzup_KotCzarny: nice going :D15:35
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Siceloand, turns out i wanted to reinvent the wheel .. wanted to build 'confclerk' when it is already packaged :p20:13
Sicelodumb me20:13
Sicelowas actually designed for Maemo tablets :)20:18
KotCzarnyso, best experience20:18
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Sicelohas ssl problem :-/20:41
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ceeneSicelo: if it's qt based, try updating qt from cssu-testing if it's up there already20:54
Siceloit is qt .. i'm already on latest (i actually even have -devel enabled 24/7 )20:54
KotCzarnyenabling cssu-devel is BAD idea20:55
ceenecan you check which version is it?20:55
KotCzarnymuch worse than extras-devel :P20:55
SiceloKotCzarny: i know :p20:56
Siceloceene: which one exactly, haha20:56
ceenedpkg -l qt4-x1120:56
ceeneor... dpkg -l|grep qt420:56
ceeneas qt4-x11 is not a single package20:56
ceeneyou care about qt4-network or something like that20:57
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Sicelo*** 4.7.0~git20101111-0maemo1 020:57
Sicelo that's libqt4-experimental-network20:58
ceenethat's pretty old, isn't it?20:58
Siceloapt-cache policy says that's latest? :-/20:58
ceenei think you should have at least 1:4.7.4~git20110505+cssu1120:58
ceenei don't have my n900 here right now20:58
ceeneyou should have libqt4-network_4.7.4~git20110505-cssu11_armel.deb20:59
ceeneat the very least20:59
Sicelolibqt4-network                                     1:4.7.4~git20110505+cssu11+thumb020:59
Siceloi have this too20:59
ceenethat's the one20:59
Sicelobut confclerk pulled the experimental :-/21:00
Siceloapt-cache depends confclerk21:00
Siceloso maybe it needs to be rebuilt ..21:00
Sicelomaybe at the time, 'experimental' was the latest?21:00
Siceloceene: i have SB .. will that suffice to build this? (/me doesn't wish to take up a headache, lol)21:01
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ceeneyes, it should21:01
ceeneyou can just apt-get source confclerk on sb21:01
ceenemodify its debian/control21:02
ceeneto change qt dependencies21:02
Sicelocool .. i guess just changing the dependencies control doc will help21:02
Sicelogoing to try shortly .. me shakes the dust off SB21:02
ceeneif it still doesn't work21:03
Siceloceene: i've never understood, in SB, what needs fakeroot and what does not .. maybe you can help a noob there?21:03
ceenei don't type fakeroot ever and it always work21:03
ceenei don't think i've had to type it ever21:03
Siceloyou was saying: if it still doesn't work ..?21:04
ceenemaybe at first i did, but in some instance i forgot about it and saw that it wasn't needed21:04
ceeneoh, yes21:04
ceeneif it doesn't work, i pushed a patch to tell qt to forget about deprecated protocols21:04
Siceloyes, i remember about that (re: yappari) .. thanks21:04
ceeneso, you can either compile qt21:04
ceeneor ask me later to upload somewhere the package i compiled for myself while testing21:04
ceenealthough i don't know if that package in particular will depend on the whole libqt4*-RemoveSSL3 lot21:05
* Sicelo will choose the lazy way, haha21:05
ceenesometimes i just replaced libQtNetwork.so21:05
Sicelonot going to be recompiling qt at all here21:05
ceeneit takes quite a while in an i721:06
ceenean hour or two maybe21:06
ceenei don't know if there was a way to compile only a module in particular21:06
ceenei just built the whole thing, as my time is more important than that of the computer21:06
Sicelothat's bad .. i have G41 motherboard, with oldie Core 2 Duo processor .. may take a week haha21:06
ceenewell, a couple hours are acceptable, a week is not :)21:07
ceenei experienced that when i tried gentoo a decade ago21:07
* Sicelo needs to grab a bite first .. this isn't so easy :)21:15
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ceenei compiled it21:26
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Sicelohah . youre _are_ ceene after all21:27
ceeneif you want it i can upload it somewhere21:28
ceeneor i can send you the session log21:28
ceeneah, i should have recorded with timing so you could replay it21:28
Sicelowhat did you compile btw? :)21:28
ceenewith no strange dependencies21:28
Siceloplease upload :p21:28
Sicelothanks a mil21:30
Siceloweird .. your dsc has Format 3.0 (quilt) .. that gives me problems in SB :-/21:30
ceeneit's my penance for being a n900 traitor21:30
Sicelohad to change that to Format 1.021:30
ceenei never had to do that21:31
ceenehowever, my sb is updated to cssu as well21:31
ceeneand dist-upgraded21:31
ceeneand all that21:31
Siceloguess i' have to start the whole thing from scratch someday21:33
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ceenehi, ceenedroid21:35
Sicelo /kickban ceenedroid21:35
ceeneceenedroid: ping?21:35
ceeneit doesn't notify me or anything21:35
ceenei'm going to convert my n900 in just an oscp-remote thingy + irc21:35
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Siceloi'm still having the same problem with confclerk though .. strange - works fine on pc (debian)21:39
ceeneand which problem is it?21:39
ceeneit may be the qt thing21:40
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ceeneyou can try and replace your with that file21:41
ceenethat patch was enough to make getmewheels ( client for me, for example21:42
ceeneand that would have solved the issue with yappari not downloading some images too21:42
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sicelo_20:39 < Sicelo> ceene: if you have a moment, can test confclerk with
sicelo_20:41 < Sicelo> i get: Error during download - SSL Handshake failed21:43
ceenei don't have my n900 here now21:44
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ceenebut its certificate says tls 1.221:44
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ceeneif it won't allow ssl3, maemo's qt won't work21:45
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ceeneif it doesn't allow downgrade to tls1.021:45
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ceenemy qt won't work21:45
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ceenei have another bigger patch for qt on my personal queue21:46
ceenethat requires more up to date openssl21:46
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ceeneon a debian pc it works21:47
Siceloi guess i'll just use N900 calendar (was trying to be 'fancy') .. that confclerk is a nice schedule21:48
Siceloif at least the PC version could export (e.g. to ics)21:48
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ceenetry replacing libQtNetwork, don't be shy21:48
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ceene20:41 < ceene>
ceene20:41 < ceene> you can try and replace your with that file21:49
Siceloplease upload .. i can try21:49
ceenejust make a backup just in case i screwed up21:49
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ceenehow is it going?21:58
Sicelo`still downloading .. i have no idea why it's so slow21:59
ceeneit should be a big link21:59
Siceloamost done though21:59
Siceloworks :)22:00
Sicelothanks a mil22:00
ceenenow you have to pester someone22:00
ceeneso this qt4-x11 is pushed to the masses22:00
Siceloand that's YOU YOU22:00
Siceloand who .. merlin1991 maybe?22:00
ceenedon't know22:00
ceeneit was pali who committed this for me22:01
ceenegonna write on the github issue to ask :)22:02
Sicelodo :)22:02
Sicelowho knows what else is 'stuck' due to this22:02
ceeneyes, there could be a lots of apps that are deemed unusable and just need a little patch on qt22:02
bencohcould why omweather doesn't work either22:11
bencohhaven't checked the details22:11
bencohah, omweather is a gtk/hildon app ... dunno22:13
ceeneyou can try it22:13
ceeneoh, then it's not it22:13
bencohwell it might be, depending on how they use libssl, but not qt-related :)22:14
Siceloi use foreca .. has worked fine since day one for me22:16
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bencohclosed source, and I didn't/dont want a widget either22:19
bencoh(battery/mem leak)22:20
Siceloi don't use the widget .. so not had the leaks22:20
Sicelo(at least not noticed them)22:20
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bencohhmm, looks like he updated it:
bencohbut the most interesting part is he replaced the missing glib bits, according to changelog22:30
Siceloupdated when?22:30
bencoh3 weeks ago22:30
bencohthat means 1. replacing the bits is do-able 2. it's maintainable :)22:31
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bencoh(obviously 2. is the best part)22:31
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