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ShadowJKI suspect you should more or less consider 6% empty, that's what I have always done..00:36
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VajbShadowJK: thx for the hint. That's what i have done, but thought to ask if it's normal.08:27
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azkayYooo. Anyone know if I could swap the n900 battery cell with a different cell? Keeping the original protection PCB from the BL-5J?09:07
KotCzarnyits just li-ion09:07
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azkayAwesome' Because I'd just wired up a 2610 3.7v up to the +/- leaving out the BME pin and the phone keeps turning itself off. So I'm guessing keeping the whole PCB and soldering that to the new cell instead of using the new batteries board will be the way to go. Just wasn't sure if it was coded to only 1350mAh or something (I know nothing about protection ciruits :P)09:09
KotCzarnysome people wired 1865009:09
KotCzarnyyou can find them on tmo09:10
azkayForgot about that thread, I'll check it out now'09:10
azkayThanks :)09:11
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KotCzarnyazkay: you've probably found this already but:
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azkayWonder if my soldering connection is just really dodgy09:44
azkayor if the pcb lowers the voltage09:44
azkayat the cell its 3.95v and at output terminals its 3.3v09:45
KotCzarnyquite a drop09:45
azkayill resolder it09:46
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azkaynot changing. Probably broke something, lol. Boots up and says battery is near full. I'll use it a bit and see how accurate it is09:53
KotCzarnydoesnt bmi return voltage too?09:53
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infobotKotCzarny meant: doesnt bme return voltage too?09:54
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azkayill check when I finish putting the battery in10:00
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azkayK, I'm dumb. How do I do that?10:10
KotCzarnyyou know the ?10:10
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss10:10
infoboti guess bq27k-detail is, or ~bq2710:10
infobotbq27 is probably bq27*, or
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azkayThanks, I'll check that out :)10:33
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azkay0x09 - 0x08:  3860  VOLT Reported Voltage High - Low Byte                  mV10:41
azkay3.86v, seems about right10:41
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azkayNow to figure out how to get the battery meter thing to show the real capacity and not the old batteries 1277mAh10:47
KotCzarnyjust cycle it 3-4 times, no other way10:48
KotCzarny~listkeys battery10:48
infobotFactoid search of 'battery' by key (12 of 17): #maemo battery ;; heh, no bottom view. can't tell if the battery #DEL# ;; zaurus battery ;; batteryfaq ;; battery pack ;; true, but the lack of extra battery #DEL# ;; as battery acid #DEL# ;; battery life ;; ipaq battery ;; battery damage ;; flips ibot's battery disconnect switch ;; battery.10:48
KotCzarny~listkeys calibration10:49
infobotFactoid search of 'calibration' by key (1): bq27k-calibration.10:49
infobotbq27k-calibration is probably
azkayMy hero :) I'll report back when that's done10:51
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OksanaQuestion : how different is GTK 2.14.7 on Maemo from 2.24.30 on gnome website?11:13
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bencoh"a lot" iirc11:17
bencohAPI changed quite a bit over time, especially at some major release11:17
bencoh(2.18? don't remember well)11:18
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infoboti heard jrtools is
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nwolf900hey guys, is there a MeeGo channel also? I'm looking for pieces of quality software for a piece of N9. someone pls, let me know if I should even waste  time on this.. thank you!20:43
kerioafaik the n9 community is even deader than the n900 one20:47
KotCzarnyn900 iz not ded20:50
xelokerio: have a look at #harmattan as written in this channels topic ;)20:52
kerioKotCzarny: pls20:52
kerioxelo: pls20:53
KotCzarnyn900 > any other phone20:53
xeloas a software engineer: what exactly is "quality software"20:53
KotCzarnyxelo: stable and useful20:54
xeloand what are pieces of quality software?20:56
KotCzarnyoscp, of course! ;)20:56
KotCzarnyas for maemo, depends on user20:57
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nwolf900xelo: something to help me not to throw the whole device away23:12
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DocScrutinizer05try openmode and make a hacking device from it23:41
DocScrutinizer05but then, I dunno (and can't check anymore) if even openmode could still get enabled, since iirc the device tries to install several packages when you enable the err "developer mode" or whatever it's called. And I guess with Nokia servers missing, not even that will work anymore23:44
Sicelothe packages are mirrored :) you can still go developer mode23:47
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