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sunshaviKotCzarny: r u there?03:33
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KotCzarnysunshavi: hmm?07:02
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sunshaviKotCzarny hey08:41
sunshaviI have a question about the boards08:42
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KotCzarnysunshavi: for one they are based on rockchip10:01
KotCzarnywhich is faster than allwinner10:01
KotCzarnysecond, probably developed outside of china10:01
KotCzarnyas for opi board, go for opi+2e10:02
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KotCzarny(you might probably want to grab some set with power brick etc)10:03
KotCzarnyfor example this one:
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ceenei'm stuck again with this yappari thing13:43
KotCzarnyand i've ordered opi+2e, hooraah!13:43
ceenethere's some underlying issue related to session management that affects both receiving and sending messages13:43
ceenethe messages i was able to send were via a strange bypass13:44
ceenebut the real issue is there still13:44
ceenei'm playing at work with this thing
ceenei can't get its ethernet to work :(13:46
KotCzarny:) 2gb, 4x1.3ghz (h3), 3+1usb, av jack, hdmi, gigabit eth, wifi, 16gb emmc, euler connector, mic, ir13:47
KotCzarnyprice? 35usd + ~4usd shipping13:47
ceenebut it's all done! my arty is funnier because i have to implement all those hardware devices in programmable logic, if i want them13:47
Vajbnot bad. Now add phone functionality to it13:48
KotCzarnywell, there are usb gsm sticks13:48
KotCzarnybut i plan it to use as a desktop pc replacement (firefox etc)13:48
Vajb+ make it easy to carry and pleasant for eye :p13:49
KotCzarnybare board ftw!13:49
Vajb"this my new super cool naked cellphone"13:50
KotCzarny'and this is my battery. *points at heavy backpack*'15:40
kerioKotCzarny: bsd support?15:45
kerioalso is the usb 3.015:45
KotCzarnynope, but the ports are routed directly to chip (ie. not sharing bandwidth)15:46
KotCzarnyas for bsd support, does bsd support allwinner h3 soc?15:47
kerioThe current target platforms are Allwinner A1x/A20 (sunxi), Freescale i.MX6 (imx) and TI OMAP3/4 (am335x/beagle/panda).15:47
KotCzarnythen no15:48
KotCzarnyunless you plan to run in some linux vm15:49
kerioi really need to replace my sheevaplug with something15:50
KotCzarnyclearfod ?15:52
KotCzarnyits pretty decent board15:53
KotCzarnymarvell based tho15:53
kerio6 ethernet tho15:54
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KotCzarnyand bunch of sata ports with real throughput15:55
keriowhat about braswell instead15:55
KotCzarnydont know, i have high hopes for that opi+2e15:57
kerio coming soon ;-;15:57
KotCzarnyand intel have said it leaves embedded market, havent it?15:57
bencohnot exactly15:58
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bencohthey closed their "digital home" unit (settopboxes)15:58
KotCzarnyim talking about this one15:59
kerioor i could go balls deep with a skylake-based mini pc16:01
bencohwell they did announce they'd kill 12k jobs16:07
bencohso ....16:07
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ceenei hate this shit16:35
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KotCzarnysunshavi: have you seen my reply?17:18
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sunshavino, i am going to check the log17:37
sunshaviok. I have saw it. Nice. also rockchip is 28 nm17:38
KotCzarnyalso always check vendor/software support17:39
KotCzarnybecause even best cpu is useless without software17:39
sunshaviyeah, but unix comes to the rescue :)17:39
KotCzarnynot always17:40
sunshaviAnd You have probed unix runs there17:40
sunshavimmm. All those boards say they support Android and Linux17:40
sunshaviKotCzarny: fireprime even supports android 5.117:41
KotCzarnyyou want either full drivers or mainline drivers17:41
KotCzarnyunless you are happy with unknown quality droid17:41
sunshaviKotCzarny: what is "unknown quality droid"?17:42
KotCzarnythat it might be full of bugs17:42
sunshavithen i should wait for u board to arrive :p17:42
sunshavifireprime has source code available for android 5.1 and linus version of unix17:43
KotCzarnydoes it have active user base too?17:44
sunshaviit seems so. Mailing list. support email17:45
sunshaviKotCzarny: i am gmt -0500. What about You?17:46
KotCzarnycest (+2)17:47
KotCzarnyi mean gmt+217:47
sunshaviok. That's the reason our schedule in not the same17:47
sunshavii undrertood. do not worry17:48
sunshaviwhat is ur ETA for ur new board?17:48
KotCzarnypaid for it today17:49
KotCzarnyusual delivery from china is 7-15 days17:49
KotCzarnyif there are customs problems another few days17:49
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sunshaviok, to here is almost a month too17:53
KotCzarnyif you are in usa you might contact loverpi shop17:53
sunshavino. South America17:56
sunshaviKotCzarny: h3 is 28 nm too. What makes rockchip better than allwinner?18:00
KotCzarnyis it?18:00
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Siceloceene: what's up?18:22
Siceloah, i've read backscroll now18:23
ceeneSicelo: i hate everyone :D18:23
ceenewell, mostly whatsapp engineers18:23
ceeneand all the whatsapp users too18:23
ceenemy time would be better spent making yappari use telegram18:24
* Sicelo thinks ceene will have no gf soon, lol18:24
ceenei don't hate here18:24
ceeneshe's cool18:24
Sicelodoesn't use whatsapp? :p18:24
ceeneinfobot: you should learn how to replace on lines previous to the last18:24
ceeneyep, but we work together18:24
ceeneso if i want to talk to her i just change office and go talk to her18:24
Sicelooh, wow!18:25
ceeneshe's the pcb maker for our radars18:26
ceenewell, designer18:26
KotCzarnyis she real?18:26
ceenedo you want one?18:26
ceeneshe has a sister18:26
ceenebut is a doctor18:26
ceeneif neo900 wants to contract us both, we're willing to think about it18:27
ceenewe're quite tired of radars and our boss18:27
ceenewe're the perfect team18:28
ceenetwo of her boards18:33
ceene1.0 and 2.018:33
ceenein 2.0 the first beer is empty because we've already drank it18:34
ceenethey don't let us introduce beers in our circuits anymore :(18:34
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DocScrutinizer05ceene: we could use a good layouter18:57
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DocScrutinizer05according to the icons I guess the board revisions are b1 and b0118:59
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DocScrutinizer05ooh, you already explained that19:00
DocScrutinizer05I don't mind beers in Neo900 :-)19:00
DocScrutinizer05how about 8-layer?19:01
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DocScrutinizer05in-pad vias, BGA?19:01
DocScrutinizer05I suck as layouter, so I'd love to outsource this19:02
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* DocScrutinizer05 needs an alternative to mouse, wrist hurts19:03
DocScrutinizer05eyetracking maybe?19:04
DocScrutinizer05ceene: anyway I can't hire anybody, only contract19:04
DocScrutinizer05query me19:05
DocScrutinizer05OHNOES! down?19:07
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DocScrutinizer05hmm, only slow19:07
DocScrutinizer05or is that just my DSL?19:08
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ceeneDocScrutinizer05: ahycka uses altium22:22
ceeneher first bga design will be this term, with an artix7, and after that a kintex722:23
ceenemaybe a zynq someday too22:23
ceenethat'll be 12 layers possibly22:23
ceeneshe's routed a couple 8GHz designs too22:25
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ceenethere she is22:27
ahyckaHi :)22:28
DocScrutinizer05altium is fine, just we don't have it22:31
DocScrutinizer05I'm absolutely sure altium can import eagle schematics, but could it export layouts to eagle format?22:32
DocScrutinizer05(eagle layout aka .brd format isn't that bad nowadays. Plaintext XML)22:34
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DocScrutinizer05ahycka: ^^^22:39
DocScrutinizer05if we can't have .brd files for eagle, we need to ponder if it nevertheless can get done22:40
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ceenealtium can read eagle fies, wirte not so much22:58
ceeneohp yes it can22:58
ceene.brd files22:58
ceeneSDRC-IDF Brd Files (*.brd)22:59
ahyckaDocScrutinizer05 i can try export a project from altium to eagle and see what happend then when i'll open in eagle and viceversa22:59
ahyckaand, anyway, i dont mind learn eagle23:00
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DocScrutinizer51ahycka: sounds good23:47
DocScrutinizer51I'd also not mind learning/using altium. If only it wasn't the need to buy it first, and the problem to share the files to community then23:48
DocScrutinizer51the eagle router is rather crappy23:49
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ceeneis there a repo with neo900 schematics/pcb?23:51
DocScrutinizer51hmmm, see what's in - I dunno if I published the project files of recent design, prolly not since there are actually vampires out there :)23:58

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