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Pali12 n800's up for auction.00:20
sunshaviPali: I want a couple too00:42
infobotsystemd cabal: a bunch of people (Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers, H. Hoyer, D. Mack, T. Gundersen, D. Herrmann) who want to turn linux into their wet dream perverted version of windows-me-too: -- Rumor has it that 2016 systemd will have replaced kernel. See ~nosystemd"00:44
sunshaviwho is  endsormeans?00:49
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Oksana>> first and foremost upstream has a /dev/* and nokia has a /sys/* ; good luck, no fun << Thank you :-) | >> who with his right mind would want to use service you get banned from for coughing in wrong time, for example << Good point /me not using yappari-whatsapp/ /me likes telepathy+plugins/02:45
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luke-jrwhat was that USB port thing that made it magnetic?03:23
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KotCzarnyluke-jr: original was 'znaps' but there are clones probably too08:37
KotCzarnybut i guess you've found it already on google08:38
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Vajbwhat's up folks?08:41
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KotCzarnysummer is coming09:02
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Maxdamantuswinter is coming.09:33
* Maxdamantus read that comment about summer and heard "winter is coming" on TV about 10 seconds later.09:34
Defiantwinter has been resurrected09:35
Defiantsnow is back09:35
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Vajbwinter has been coming for few seasons already10:02
Vajb@ game of thrones10:02
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sixwheeledbeast\o/ christmas hype ....15:26
ceeneSicelo: Reply: "{"status":"fail","reason":"no_routes","retry_after":3600,"sms_wait":3600,"voice_wait":3600}15:29
ceenestill the same thing15:29
ceenefor some reason, WA doesn't like your number15:29
KotCzarnymaybe they know you are doing something werid15:33
KotCzarnyie. geoip != mcc15:33
ceenecould be15:33
KotCzarnygive deb to sicelo and check15:33
ceenei've passed him the url required to generate the sms15:34
ceenein case that's the thing15:34
ceeneit's easier than the .deb15:34
ceenethe .deb needs right now and libcurve.so15:34
ceeneit's not ready for delivery yet15:35
ceenethat'll be the last thing i do, assuming i make this thing work eventually15:35
KotCzarnystarting your own network?15:36
ceeneif i can't get wa to work15:36
ceenei'll try to port yappari to use libpurple-qt415:36
ceenei mean15:36
ceenetelegram-qt compiles and runs on the n90015:36
KotCzarnyand works?15:37
ceenei think so15:37
ceenethere's a testApp with a qt gui15:37
ceenebut it's not working, but i think it's because of the gui15:37
ceenethat is not ready for a small screen15:37
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ceenelogged in15:45
ceenecontacts from telegram downloaded15:46
ceeneseems to totally work15:46
ceenecan't use it really because gui is not apt for this screen15:46
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ceenei got the solution for my banning :)15:56
ceenethe company i've got my sim with15:56
ceeneoffers me a new sim for 7 euros15:56
ceeneand they give me 10 euros to spend with it15:56
ceenea new sim it is15:56
ceeneand i even earn 3 euros15:56
KotCzarnyisnt there a catch?15:57
ceenesounds like there should be, right?15:58
ceeneit seems like there isn't15:58
ceenewhen i first changed my number to this company, the same thing happened15:58
ceenein fact, ahycka sent me an invitation15:59
ceeneand they gave here 10 euros15:59
KotCzarnyahm, it needs nvitation15:59
ceeneno, it doesn't15:59
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ceeneit'll be here in 3 days or so16:05
ceenei guess it'll be next week, as it's thursday16:05
ceeneworst case possible is i've paid 7 euros for a new number16:07
ceenewhich isn't a bad thing in itself16:07
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sunshavianyone interested on isync (aka mbsync) 4 n800. I have just compiled it yesterday17:40
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bencohmbsync <318:11
sunshaviisync-1.2.1 latest version18:14
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zamn900is whaztapp up?19:04
zamn900yappari... gosh I am forgetting even its name19:04
zamn900someone answer me...19:05
zamn900infobot, at least you!19:05
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sunshavizamn900: i don't know the answer to your question, But have my answer :) in place of infobot19:23
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Palifreemangordon: ping20:56
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* DocScrutinizer05 idly points at /topic20:57
DocScrutinizer05>>Chanlog: <<20:57
DocScrutinizer05not addressed at you, Pali20:58
DocScrutinizer05rather at zamn90020:58
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freemangordonPali: pong21:49
PaliI'm here :-)21:50
Palifor about 20 minutes21:50
freemangordonPali: great21:50
freemangordonI am just preparing ir-rx51 patches for sending :)21:50
freemangordonThe only thing that needs to be done is hrtimer, but that will be relatively easy21:51
freemangordonPali: 20 minutes are not that much :). However, which patches do you need on my tree?21:52
Palijust want to have all patches which are useful or are ready for using/testing21:52
freemangordonPali: also, maybe we should start clear on top of 4.6-rc6 and apply only what is needed ot not21:52
freemangordon*on top21:53
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Palion, then it is probably better for you to start from clean tree21:53
Palias now I do not know which patch you want and which not...21:53
freemangordonhmm, I suggest for 4.7 to be out, lots of patches I sent will be there21:53
freemangordonI guess it will be out in a matter of days21:54
freemangordonall the twl stuff and whatnot21:54
freemangordonso, the plan I propose is - 1. wait for 4.7-rc1, apply SGX and other patches needed by Maemo. 2. I'll take it from here and will apply all the pending patches on top.21:55
freemangordonPali: but don;t do pull --rebase, I know it will take more time to patch on top, but the tree needs major cleanup21:56
freemangordonas otherwise there'll be at least 6-7 reverts and that looks ugly :)21:57
Paliright, patches which are later reverted are useles21:58
freemangordonhmm, even more - 4 for IR, 2 for SMIAPP, 2 for MMC slot names, umm... what else?21:58
freemangordonPali: hmm, there are 2 patches which is good to be applied right now22:03
freemangordonPali: I'll send them to you via the mail22:03
freemangordonmost-probably tomorrow22:04
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