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MaxdamantusWhy would `switch` on strings have an O(1) search?00:08
WizzupMaxdamantus: can be hash table like00:09
Wizzuplike a python 'string switch': {'a': foo(), 'b': bar()}['a']00:09
Wizzupactually, that is wrong00:09
Wizzuplike a python 'string switch': {'a': foo, 'b': bar}['a']()00:09
Wizzupyou get the idea00:09
MaxdamantusI doubt it's likely to do that.00:10
MaxdamantusUnless you actually have a large number of strings, it's going to be faster to just do the comparisons.00:10
Maxdamantusor if there are too many common prefixes.00:11
WizzupI'm just suggesting a way it could be done00:11
WizzupNot saying that it is doing that00:11
Maxdamantushash functions are also O(n), not O(1).00:12
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ceeneread access to a dictionary is O(1)00:35
ceenethis thing is receiving an index, say 7, translating 7 to say stream:error and then comparing stream:error with dozens of possible texts00:36
ceenewhy do that, when you can just switch(index) case 700:36
ceenethat's O(1)00:36
ceeneand not a back-and-forth mapping from hash to key and viceversa00:36
MaxdamantusWhere do you get the 7 from?00:38
PaliMaxdamantus: there are hash functions which have access in O(1)00:38
Paliin worst case, not only approx00:39
MaxdamantusSure. You can analyse the table and determine a unique set of character indices to compare.00:39
Maxdamantuseg, if you have `case "stream:error": ..; case "stream:features": ..`, you can determine that you only need to compare index 7 before checking that it matches the expected string.00:40
Paliyes, that "smart" compiler could do00:41
Maxdamantus(and create a jump table based on that single bit)00:41
MaxdamantusA compiler that smart would probably also do it with an if/else chain.00:42
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ceenei've found this thing at my parents, from when i was little :)00:53
DocScrutinizer05hihi, I once had to dealwith a 'smart' pascal compiler that for a >>var I : int16; case I of 1 : xfoo;  -1 : ybar;  end; << created a jump table of humble 32k words length00:55
DocScrutinizer05well, at least it tried to, then segfaulted00:55
DocScrutinizer05I had to redirect the compiler listing to printer, to find out which line it blew chunks00:56
MaxdamantusAlthough I'm suspicious of the test (since such tests are likely to trigger tangential compiler optimisations), a randomly generated 10k `if` table on strings seems to be about 10× faster than the equivalent `switch` table on a recent version of V8.00:56
Maxdamantuson an older version of Spidermonkey, the `switch` is about 6× faster, and on a newer version it's about the same.00:57
kerioayy javascript lmao00:58
Maxdamantusbut that should be enough information to be suspicious generally of picking some language feature over another language feature for performance reasons without actually having good reasons to.00:58
Maxdamantusinput generated with: cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9 \n' | sed '/^\([^ ]\+\) \([^ ]\+\)$/!d' | head -10000 >input00:59
ceenei don't even know how to execute that thing01:00
Maxdamantusjs genif.js <input >testif.js01:01
Maxdamantusjs testif.js01:01
Maxdamantusnode -e 'this.print = function(s){ console.log(s); }; require("./testif");'01:02
ceeneonly thing i've ever done on javascript is alert("This is a very cool web page")01:02
Maxdamantuswhere `js` is the program you can build from the gecko-dev/mozilla-central source tree.01:02
ceenei'll just believe you then :)01:03
ceenei agree that case vs if may not be faster01:03
ceenebut i can't believe that arbitrary length string comparison is better than a look up table01:03
ceenewhen you already have that look up table01:04
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MaxdamantusShould probably also try a preconstructed object.01:05
ceenecan this thing work on n900?01:05
ceeneoh :(01:08
MaxdamantusThe actual map is a lot faster, indicating that the switch doesn't generate a hash table.01:08
ceenethat's the kind of crazy thing that could have worked01:08
Maxdamantus(it gets different results though, since the map isn't ordered)01:08
Maxdamantusactually, it doesn't necessarily indicate that.01:09
ceenewell, gotta go to sleep01:09
ceenenight night!01:09
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kerioceene: i don't think that our gpu has dedicated ram01:31
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DocScrutinizer05happy to pre-announce devuan will build a version for maemo5, so after debian went systemd and thus orphaned downstream distros like maemo that can't work with systemd, we now have a future again in upstream06:20
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KotCzarnyi have a code that maps song lenghts to song md5s, so i just did a hashing on those md5s to fit in int07:51
KotCzarnyworks nicely and luckily no collisions07:52
KotCzarnyhad to do that to fit it in few hundred of kB instead of few MB07:53
KotCzarnynot to mention it's probably faster to lookup an int than 32byte07:54
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* Maxdamantus remembers noticing collisions in lengths (byte sizes of mp3s, mostly).10:03
Maxdamantuslengths and mtimes.10:03
KotCzarnythis one was the .txt db of lengths in seconds and files were identified by md5sum10:08
keriothis reminds me that i should do another scrub of my zpool10:22
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* Maxdamantus will do one of his btrfs.10:30
Maxdamantus        scrub started at Mon Aug 17 14:21:41 2015 and finished after 37365 seconds10:30
KotCzarnyhow do i scrub my ext4?10:30
MaxdamantusYou can't.10:31
* KotCzarny sad panda10:31
Maxdamantusext4 is a degenerate filesystem that doesn't have integrity checks.10:31
KotCzarnyis ntfs better?10:31
KotCzarnyalso i think i have saw checksumming option in ext410:32
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keriobtrfs has checksumming10:32
keriobecause it's a cheapo clone of zfs10:32
kerioext4 doesn't, because it's a toy filesystem10:33
KotCzarnySince the 3.6 kernel ext4 suppports metadata checksumming10:34
Maxdamantusbtrfs is like zfs that does fewer stupid things, like loading things into RAM twice.10:34
kerio[citation needed]10:35
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MaxdamantusOne of the reasons I probably wouldn't want to use it on an embedded device.10:38
MaxdamantusYou have to allocate memory for it because it doesn't just use Linux's disk cache system like everything else.10:39
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keriowell, you can't use it on n900 because the hard minimum for the ARC is 64mb10:44
kerioand that's a quarter of the n900's total ram10:44
KotCzarnyand its 4 times of the available ram10:49
luke-jronly if you use Maemo10:50
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ceenethe guy from yowsup is a cool guy :)11:52
KotCzarnygood drinker? ;)11:52
ceenehe's answered me and says he'll try to discover what's wrong with libwa11:52
ceenedon't know, this guy is from germany11:53
ceeneso yes, he's probably a good drinker11:53
ceeneyesterday i started to implement libaxolotl on my own code instead of continuing with libwa11:53
ceeneit seems feasible, but... so many things seemed feasible before and end up being dead-ends11:53
ceeneso... i don't really know what's gonna happen11:54
KotCzarnyWA will change something to make things harder?11:54
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kerioi don't really think they care about alternate clients11:56
kerioit's just that...11:56
keriothey don't care about alternate clients11:56
KotCzarnyin fact, they hate alternative clients11:56
KotCzarnysomeone in usa should start group case against their monopolistic practices11:57
kerio"they run a messaging service AND THEY DON'T RELEASE THEIR TRADE SECRETS SO WE CAN CONNECT TO IT"11:58
keriothat will go well11:58
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ceenethey don't even care about their own clients12:37
ceeneproved by the fact that from 2017 they will no new releases for S40 nor old android phones12:38
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zZap-Xi think we should all stop using whatsapp and try and get our friends to use
zZap-Xand port that to N900 insteaad14:24
luke-jrwhy not standard XMPP?14:38
zZap-Xaye ok14:49
sixwheeledbeastmore devices need cross platform SIP and XMPP, OTB. N900 had this, other devices need proprietary apps from app stores14:53
sixwheeledbeastthe issue is getting others to switch from these proprietary systems they have been using for so long.14:54
sixwheeledbeastyou can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...14:54
M4rtinKone issue with XMPP is audio/video AFAIK14:55
M4rtinKIIRC there is still not one widely supported method of robust audio/video conferencing over XMPP14:56
M4rtinKpeople expect that more and more these days14:56
M4rtinKso many of the new IM services, including open source ones, usually provide audio/video conferencing by default14:56
sixwheeledbeastM4rtinK: Exactly my point15:02
M4rtinKfrom what I've seen about the open/semi open IM services15:03
M4rtinKTelegram seem to be quite popular15:03
M4rtinKbut too Whatsapp-like to my tastes (does something similar to the phone number nonsence whatsapp does)15:04
zZap-X"If your friends use Whatsapp, then maybe they are not your friends"15:04
M4rtinKthen Matrix (fully open source & federated) looks good15:04
M4rtinKkinda like XMPP/Jabber 2.0/done right15:04
M4rtinKand also tox15:05
zZap-XThere is always good old trusted SMS :D15:05
M4rtinKwhich is fully decentralized & encrypted, but kinda immature & the decentralization makes some things harder to do than on networks that are "just" federated15:05
M4rtinKlike having more accounts online under your identity15:06
zZap-Xmost smartphones have sms and email, i will use them instead for now15:06
M4rtinKwhich is a rather frequent use-case these days with people using a mobile device & PC or even multiple mobile devices15:07
zZap-Xor i could even actually phone somebody? i actually, maybe not15:07
Siceloexcept that phoning somebody can cost an arm & a leg in some places15:19
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Siceloi fully agree with M4rtinK15:23
M4rtinKin any case more plugins for the Sailfish OS account system would be nice15:24
M4rtinKat least a Matrix one15:24
M4rtinKI'm using the Jabber/XMPP plugin and it work well15:24
Siceloi also am pissed off at whatsapp, and for years avoided using it ... unfortunately i've got 'real' peope to communicate with .. so it ended up that i didn't rally have a choice. trust me .. i tried to convert them to IRC/xmpp ... just didn't work15:25
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SiceloM4rtinK: audio/video working with xmpp on sfos?15:25
zZap-Xeverybody uses facebook, everybody uses whatsapp... back in the old days it was Microsoft MSN lol15:31
zZap-Xim gonna see if i can get SMS working in a terminal, that would be great15:32
zZap-Xi believe there is a web interface for n900 sms15:33
Siceloyou can iirc (n900)15:33
Sicelothat's the 'problem' with communication15:33
Siceloit's not about 'you' .. but you need a common ground15:33
Siceloin the form of a common language (english), or common medium (whatsapp)15:34
zZap-Xi wonder if there is a tool what can send and recieve sms via email from your n90015:37
zZap-Xso when you get a sms, the n900 sends a email15:37
Siceloyou'd prolly want to hook to dbus15:38
M4rtinKSicelo: just simple text chat15:41
zZap-Xnow that is cool15:43
zZap-Xsaves grabbing my phone everytime there is a new sms :D15:44
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Linkandzeldayay, now i have 2 n900s. one is used condition and another in mint condition
zZap-Xlets test to see if this works15:53
zZap-XIT WORKS!!15:54
zZap-Xnow i need to find a way to send a sms from n90015:54
infobotmethinks phonecontrol is
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Vajbwould be cool to use whatsap via irssi script :D16:42
zZap-Xhow can one turn off vibration for sms only but leave phone vibration on?16:45
zZap-XVajb: i used to use irssi + bitlbee + whatsapp-purple16:45
zZap-Xbut whatsapp-purple have stopped development and too scared to use it incase i get banned16:46
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Vajbi see16:51
VajbzZap-X: maybe there is ggonf key for it?16:52
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zZap-XVajb: what is that?17:03
zZap-XKotCzarny: i think phonecontrol is a bit OTT, all i need is this
zZap-Xphonecontrol is a bit like SMSCOM what i already use17:04
Sicelocompletely unrelated17:11
zZap-Xwow i remotesms works in links but you need the phone number17:13
zZap-Xbut then again all it does is communicate with so might as well use that lol17:15
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zZap-Xexcellent, [number] message straight from command line, and new messages go straight to email inbox :D17:21
zZap-Xno need to touch phone anymore17:21
Sicelohow do you read the messages that are in inbox?17:22
zZap-Xpity doesnt read contacts, i could make a little wrapper script for it17:24
Siceloi think you 'touch phone' for mutt, wrong?17:25
zZap-Xmutt is a terminal mail client17:27
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Sicelothanks for the info. i've been using mutt on my N900 for a long time :)17:30
Siceloalthough i think i know now what you're trying to achieve17:31
zZap-Xi use mutt on my linux box, just ssh into n90017:32
zZap-Xusing screen17:32
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zZap-Xall i need to do as set some variables in the shell, like MeMob=12345, then i can do MeMob message17:38
zZap-Xi wonder if there is a way to view the contact list in the terminal17:38
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Siceloit's a berkeley db .. readable17:47
Sicelothere's a python script somewhere for it17:48
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Sicelowell, that's not exactly the one18:04
zZap-Xnope it didnt work lol18:05
zZap-Xcant get that to work either18:05
Siceloi'll upload the one i have .. don't remember where i got it .. maybe on DocScrutinizer05 repo18:05
zZap-Xace :D18:05 maemo5 usr local bin contact218:07
Sicelothat's the url .. no spaces, of course18:07
zZap-Xgood man :D18:08
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VajbzZap-X: actually mispelled gconf. Install gconf-tool and see if there is something to it.18:11
zZap-Xworks awesome18:13
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Sicelogconf, or contacts2?18:51
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zZap-Xwould i damage anything if i changed this in /etc/passwd  /home/user:/bin/sh  to /home/user:/bin/bash ?18:55
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Sicelovery much18:58
Sicelodon't do that. maemo largely depends on busybox18:58
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zZap-Xaye ok19:00
zZap-XSicelo: so the best way to execute bash4 is by typing it19:00
Sicelosomething like that, yes19:06
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