IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2016-04-03

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MaxdamantusJust make a vacuum box with another box suspended inside to hold the PC.01:33
Maxdamantuslike a thermus.01:33
Maxdamantusthermos* maybe.01:34
Maxdamantuswait, that's stupid.01:36
MaxdamantusThe heat won't be able to escape.01:36
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robotanarchy_Wizzup_/everybody else: so... do you have ofono working on a non-maemo distro with a recent kernel? I'm running debian900 with the 4.5-rc7 and 4.6-rc1 kernel, but ofono can't find the modem there.02:13
robotanarchy_kernels are from pali's branch02:13
robotanarchy_pali: besides that, the 4.6-rc1 kernel seems to work fine :)02:16
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azkay_Alrighty, figured out how I'm going to do the uber app10:28
azkay_Now to recode it in qt10:28
keriodoes uber have a public API?10:28
azkay_Wish I knew where my old source code was ):10:28
azkay_Takes 5 http requests just to get authorization token lol10:28
Luke-Jrazkay_: standard Qt, or Maemo-specific?10:31
Luke-Jrwhy not do it generic? :P10:32
Luke-Jrso when we all upgrade, we can still use it ;)10:33
azkay_I can release the source for everyone to build :P I'll get too confused otherwise10:33
azkay_Or I'll do it after I get it working for n900 haha10:33
azkay_Shouldn't be too hard, to begin with I'm just going to make all the needed functions then probably a command line type app until I make a UI10:34
bencohazkay_: have you asked for an API dev key from uber?10:38
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azkayWish everything wasn't focused on being asynchronous and object orientated all the time ):11:50
Wizzup_robotanarchy: I have the same kernel, but no, didn't get ofono to work yet11:51
Wizzup_also didn't try super super hard :)11:51
delphiazkay Well otherwise it would suck.11:54
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robotanarchyWizzup_: ok, thanks :)12:00
robotanarchyWizzup_: did you get it to work with any other kernel?12:01
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robotanarchyWizzup_: okay, I'll let you know when I make any progress :)12:10
azkayNooo, my brain is procedural :P12:10
Wizzup_robotanarchy: great!12:13
MaxdamantusEverything is asynchronous anyway.12:13
Wizzup_Please do.12:13
MaxdamantusWhen you make your process read from a file descriptor, it doesn't stay there in any sense, continuously polling it or something.12:13
MaxdamantusIt tells the kernel to run the process again from here, after updating some location in memory with the result of the read.12:14
Maxdamantuswhich happens an indefinite amount of time later.12:14
Maxdamantusit's pretty much just a form of CPS.12:15
azkayYeah, but when I'm coding I like everything to run in order (blocking and all), unless I'm doing something that needs to not be blocked12:26
azkaylike if I'm doing stuff with GUIs etc, then yeah I don't want synchronous lol12:26
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ceeneis there any reasonable way to use a bluetooth headset/handsfree/whatever without pulseaudio?19:20
ceeneall info i can find talks about that piece of s...oftware19:21
bencohit's supposed to work with alsa as well afaict19:24
ceeneok, so i just have to face one problem at a time :)19:30
ceenei can solve first bluetoothctl not being able to connect to the handsfree device19:31
bencohI guess you're not talking about maemmo?19:33
ceenenah, just debian19:33
ceeneon maemo it seems to work fine :)19:33
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Sicelohmm, on side note, ceene: looks like encryption in whatsapp has just recently become default everywhere. suddenly not receiving messages from anyone (not just Lumias)19:35
Paliceene: bluez5 has dropped support for alsa19:36
Palibluez4 had support for alsa, but you need to enable some "magic" config option19:36
ceeneSicelo: i'm still receiving messages just fine19:36
ceeneexcept sometimes for the first one in a row19:36
ceenePali: oh :/19:37
Siceloi was receiving a short while ago as well, but not now. :)19:37
Paliso for bluez5 somebody must write new alsa plugin which will use bluez5 dbus api19:37
bencohPali: what? oO19:37
bencohseriously .... :/19:37
Paliyes, if you want alsa support for bluetooth headset with bluez519:38
ceenei usually have to remove pulseaudio just to hear something19:38
ceenei still don't get what it's good for19:38
PaliI think I found on internet some concept or example code for that19:38
Paliso if you have time or if you are angry for current situation, feel free to write such alsa plugin!19:39
PaliI would be happy as I remove one item from my (infinite) TODO list19:39
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ceenei'm angry about having to install pulseaudio19:40
ceenejust so i could tinker with a thing i don't really need19:40
Paliso start working on that alsa plugin ;-)19:40
Paliso you even do not know that you want pulseaudio and you will love it :D:D19:40
infobotwell, pulseaudio is aka PolypAudio, or <KotCzarny> For the uninitiated, pulse stands for "painfully useless linux sound engineers"19:41
Church-So quick question if anybody's on. Would there be any obvious problems with using apt with the say the debian wheezy repos or some such?19:41
Paliapt repo from debian on maemo/n900?19:42
Paliyes big problem19:42
Church-What are the obvious problems than? Because I really don't feel like recompiling a couple applications that I know have ARM binaries in their repos.19:43
ceeneChurch-: you can always use debian inside a chroot, easydebian will help you with that19:47
ceenerepos aren't compatible, libraries, dependencies...19:48
ceeneit could go all to hell19:48
Church-ceene: Fair point... bollocks.19:50
Church-ceene: Not really looking to have a chroot running either.19:50
Church-Looks like I'll just have to compile them and any needed libs.19:50
ceeneit only wastes spaces on sdcard19:51
ceeneand once you get used to it, you'll love to apt-get install everything else19:51
Church-ceene: Any clue if liferea was ever ported? Figure there might be a binary some where.19:55
ceeneto maemo?19:56
ceenedon't know19:56
ceeneit's on debian, though19:56
ceeneliferea - feed/news/podcast client with plugin support19:56
Church-Aye, eh fuck it. Got nothing to do today. Might as well port it.19:56
Siceloit's almost same as the stock rss reader (i use both). there are lots of N900-specific rss readers in the repos. did you check those out first?19:57
Sicelonot saying you shouldn't port .. just wondering19:58
Church-I did, wasn't too big a fan of them. Didn't give the stock one a look however...19:58
Sicelo(actually i'm trying to port obdgpslogger myself at this moment)19:58
Church-Might have a port of Radare2 coming though.19:59
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bencohSicelo: last time I looked for rss/articles readers on maemo I was really disappointed...20:05
bencoh(cutenews was released since then but I'm still not really happy about it)20:05
ceenei'd like one that could sync with TheOldReader20:08
bencohyet another centralized thing :(20:09
ceenei just want to read a couple things on the phone20:10
ceeneand have them checked to read when i'm on the computer20:10
ceeneso i don't keep seeing the same things i've just read on the other device...20:10
Siceloobdgpslogger built just fine in SB .. no issues. now i need help churning a deb for the device20:13
bencohceene: I gathered that, I had the same issue20:13
bencohceene: I'd rather go for a miniflux client20:13
bencohand/or a Fever (generic API) client20:13
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Siceloah, has clean binaries .. nothing else. will just scp to device20:16
ceenei don't know  miniflux20:18
ceeneis it available for n900 and pc?20:18
bencohit's great except for the part that we dont have a native n900 client so we have to use the web ui20:19
ceenewell, if it's not very heavy it can run well enough20:20
bencohit does run well, and webui means no offline use20:22
infobotbencoh meant: it does run well, but webui means no offline use20:23
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ceenei've been thinking, bencoh, there must be some rss2mail program21:55
ceenethat combined with a filter to classify in matching imap folders21:56
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DocScrutinizer05ZNC RSS-plugin plus Quassel?22:01
bencohceene: sure it'd work (and there are rss 2 mail tools) but ...22:01
DocScrutinizer05or a quassel RSS plugin right away22:02
DocScrutinizer05while quassel is the overkill for IRC, it seems like it's been made with precisely this RSS usecase in mind22:03
ceenegotta try that thing, quassel22:04
DocScrutinizer05I never touched it since I think it's massive overkill for IRC22:04
DocScrutinizer05it's syncing multiple wuassel clients to a quassel server22:05
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DocScrutinizer05witj client local databases afaik22:05
DocScrutinizer05for offline use22:05
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