IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2016-03-19

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freemangordonjonwil: hi!10:51
* jonwil wonders if any more progress has been made on CSSU/FPTF/etc lately...10:51
freemangordonjonwil: there is lots of activity on the kernel lately, we're ironing the last remaining rough edges10:52
jonwilnice one10:53
jonwilWill be good if you can run a stock kernel on a N900 with a full Fremantle userland10:54
jonwiland have everything work10:54
freemangordonhmm? I think stick kernel already runs on n900 :)10:54
jonwilalthough it would also be good to see some more userspace work :)10:55
KotCzarnyi think the word he meant is 'mainline'10:55
MaxdamantusBut does Fremantle run on that?10:55
infoboti guess fptf is the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
freemangordonMaxdamantus: right now I play with 4.5-rc610:56
freemangordonjonwil: yeah, but you know - 2 hands and 24 hours per day only :)10:57
jonwilyeah I meant mainline kernel :)10:59
jonwilI also have no time to do any coding work right now due to this
jonwilI am exhibiting as part of the LEGO layout at that event and I have a lot of building to do :)11:00
freemangordonsounds fun11:01
jonwilyeah it will be :)11:03
KotCzarnyhehe, playing with lego for moneys?11:05
KotCzarnynow that's the right idea ;)11:05
jonwilWe get no money out of that11:11
jonwilEveryone in the club does it for fun11:11
jonwilAlthough we do raise money for charitable organizations at various points across the year11:11
KotCzarnyoh well, still the right idea11:11
jonwilThe centerpiece of the work I am doing is a high-tech science lab (along the lines of Oscorp or Stark11:13
jonwilStark Industries11:14
jonwilThis lab is being attacked by Doctor Octopus and is about to be saved by Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and maybe others :)11:14
jonwilalong with a police SWAT team11:14
KotCzarnyand then comes the train and flattens everything and everyone, choo-choo mother-funkers!11:16
Luke-Jradded Neo900 to
KotCzarnymaybe n900 too?11:28
Luke-Jrnah, N900 is too obsolete11:28
KotCzarnyno, it's not11:29
KotCzarnypandora is 1ghz and 512mb, n900 is 600-900mhz and 256mb11:30
Luke-Jrand Pandora is only on there because it was the direct predecessor11:30
KotCzarnyand once fmg and friends tidy up the last bits we will be not-obsolete again11:30
Luke-JrNeo900 just only matches Pandora's specs :P11:30
KotCzarnybut you are right, memory is way too small for gaming11:31
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jonwilIs the goal to be able to use a mainline kernel on the N900 with no local patches or are there local patches that just cant go into mainline?12:35
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Palijonwil: there are also patches which cannot go to mainline12:40
Palie.g. sgx drivers12:40
jonwilLike what?12:40
jonwilYeah good point12:40
Palior also wl1251 bt coes mode12:40
Palior wl1251 perm mac address12:41
Palithose were rejected12:41
jonwilwhat was wrong with that WiFi stuff exactly?12:41
Palino idea about tidspbridge (freemangordon knows more)12:41
KotCzarnycan they run as a loadable module?12:41
Palijonwil: stupidity of maintainers12:42
MaxdamantusI'd rather use a slightly different kernel tree than compile external modules.12:42
Paliabout bt coex, they wanted from me to create some nonsense interface in cfg/nl 80211 stack12:42
Palievery driver has either module param or sysfs node (wl1271 has too sysfs node)12:43
Palibut wl1251 cannot use what wl1271 use...12:43
* Maxdamantus already always has a Dvorak defkeymap in his tree.12:43
Paliabout setting permanent mac address, they wanted that kernel reads it12:44
Palibut mac address is stored in CAL, so kernel would need to have CAL driver + access to correct NAND partition12:44
Palithats sounds stupid too12:45
KotCzarnycan mac be set as a boot param?12:45
Palithis was rejected when raspbeery pi wanted to upstream this approach12:46
Paliehm.. this was rejected for rpi, not for n90012:46
Palibut I did not tried something like that for wl1251/n90012:46
KotCzarnythat way uboot might be the cure12:47
jonwilSounds like the people who maintain the Linux WiFi driver stack are stupid for not seeing that there are WiFi chips out there that do things differently to the way most "normal" chips work12:47
KotCzarnyas it has a bit more lax policy12:47
Paliwl1271 has mac address stored in the first few bytes in firmware12:47
Paliin firmware file, generated by some tool12:48
PaliI was thinking about using request_firmware() interface too for wl1251, but request firmware and mac address separately12:48
Palibut because udev project is dead, and systemd decided to drop support for run-time firmware files (files which are not phisically stored in VFS, but generated when kernel ask) I would mean that we need to write our tools for loading firmwares12:50
Palialso wl1251 NVS firmware file needs to be generated on runtime (use some bits from CAL)12:50
KotCzarnypali: check eudev12:50
KotCzarnyit's systemd free udev fork12:50
Luke-JrPali: eudev isn't dead.12:51
Luke-JrI refuse to use a systemd OS12:51
PaliKotCzarny: I can check, but such thing IIRC udev did not supported12:51
KotCzarnypali, still, you can probably send them a patch12:51
Paliyes, but that means to write that code12:52
Paliand for n900 case it would be easier to write specific tool (not part of udev)12:52
Paliwhich would directly interact with CAL12:52
PaliLuke-Jr: do you know if (e)udev has support for generating firmware by external application?12:53
KotCzarnyOur IRC channel is #gentoo-udev on Freenode12:53
Paliok, I will ask12:53
Luke-JrPali: I would imagine so. It's just udev12:54
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Palianyway, we still needs to patch kernel, because it always try to load firmware directly from VFS without userspace interaction12:57
Paliand when that direct-read fails, then it try userspace (via netlink)12:57
KotCzarnypali, can inkernel driver be modified to load special firmware which would be prepared on first boot by userland?12:58
PaliKotCzarny: kernel loads firmware by request_firmware("filename") call12:58
Paliand kernel first try to read "filename" from VFS and if it fails then it fallback asking for userspace12:59
KotCzarnyso at first boot kernel load fails, system boots, userland prepares firmware, on reboot/module reload things work as usual12:59
Paliah right12:59
Wizzupisn't there a firmware loader helper tool option in the kernel12:59
Wizzupor was that deprecated12:59
PaliI was thinking about it, but this is big hack12:59
KotCzarnypali, yup, blobs13:00
Paliyou need to overwrite firmware in /lib/firmware13:00
Paliwhich is in UBIFS/NAND13:00
PaliI will avoid such thing...13:00
KotCzarnybut its first-boot time thing13:00
PaliWizzup: there is that userspace fallback13:00
Palieither via netlink or sysfs13:01
Pali(maybe sysfs was deleted)13:01
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KotCzarnypali, how about generating random mac on boot (via some device related algo) and then changing it in userland later?13:02
KotCzarnythat would be another option13:02
PaliKotCzarny: permanent mac address cannot be modified13:02
Palifrom userspace13:02
Palikernel already generates random one13:03
Paliand userspace set "temporary" mac address from CAL13:03
Palithis is what wl1251-cal tool is doing13:03
Paliread mac from CAL and set it as temporary (spoofed) mac address13:04
KotCzarnythen i guess first-boot firmware gen would be the best (apart from doing cal/nand read)13:04
PaliI will wait for answer from #gentoo-udev13:04
Paliif that is supported from udev, I will try it and prepare kernel patches to read mac address via request_firmware (like wl1271)13:05
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Palijonwil: can you make yours wl1251-cal tool more verbose?13:15
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Palilike original nokia's one?13:15
jonwilFeel free to update the source code on CSSU, I have no time to do it13:15
Palithen I will look at it13:16
Palijonwil: but is your doing 100% same thing as nokia's one?13:16
jonwilIts doing the same job but in a different way13:16
Paliok, that should be enough13:16
jonwilIt gets the country to use from the CAL rather than the cellular modem13:17
jonwilIt also uses lower level libcal calls rather than whatever higher level calls (sysinfod I think) the stock binary uses13:18
L29Ah13:46:18]<Pali> this was rejected when raspbeery pi wanted to upstream this approach13:19
L29Ahwhat about putting it in dt?13:19
PaliL29Ah: what put to DT?13:19
L29Ahthe mac address13:20
Palibut mac address is not static13:20
Paliit is different for each n900...13:20
Paliand is stored in CAL13:20
Palihow you want to store it into DT??13:21
L29Ahgenerate dt with an ad-hoc tool13:21
L29Ahdt overlay, even13:21
Palibut wl1251 driver is loaded even before userspace start13:21
L29Ahso what13:21
Paliwe have userspace tool which read mac from CAL13:21
Paliand no, I'm not going to create CAL driver for kernel13:22
L29Ahgenerate it once before using the kernel that requires it13:22
Palikernel boots, loads wl1251, start userspace13:22
L29Ahkernel boots, gets its dt stuff, loads wl1251, start userspace13:22
Palikernel needs it before it can start tools for generating them13:22
L29Ahyou have a kernel now13:22
L29Ahthat doesn't need nothing13:23
L29Ahthe original one13:23
PaliI do not understand how to want to solve this chicken and egg problem13:23
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L29Ahand anyway you can just bail out and say user to generate it in dmesg13:23
L29Ahif he didn't do so earlier13:23
PaliI do not want to add another hack13:24
L29Ahalso random mac would do :]13:24
Paliwe already have one with temporary addresses13:24
Palirandom permament mac is already uses13:24
PaliI want to solve this problem in better way13:24
L29Ahisn't the mac stored at some fixed offset of the mtd?13:25
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KotCzarnypali, first-boot solution then or eudev one14:07
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: anyway keep in mind Neo900 is using wl1851 aka WG735115:13
PaliDocScrutinizer05: uff.. do we have driver for it?15:13
DocScrutinizer05well, I bet we have, TI supports Linux drivers for all their WiFi modules afaik15:14
Palijonwil: original nokia's wl1251 uses for country code15:16
Palithis is missing in your implementation...15:16
jonwilyes, I mentioned my implementation uses cal rather than cellular modem15:16
jonwilgoal was to make my clone dependent only on libcal and nothing else15:17
jonwilwell also libnl15:17
DocScrutinizer05what we _don't_ have is support for the advanced modes (injection etc)15:18
jonwilbut not on dbus or libsysinfo or higher level stuff15:18
DocScrutinizer05*if* somebody could come up with a to RE, we could get15:21
DocScrutinizer05TI cooperated with intelligraphics for those special firmwares and drivers15:22
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Palijonwil: are you able to add that code which ask dbus for country code?15:23
jonwilno, I specifically wanted to use country code from cal only and not have dependency between wl1251-cal and cellular radio stuff15:24
DocScrutinizer05Pali: btw Pyra uses same module ;-)15:24
Palijonwil: but this will break wifi connections for n900 which have country code too "restricted" stored in CAL15:25
Palicountry code will be set to too restricted even if you are in different country15:26
DocScrutinizer05((country code from CAL)) please don't! I'd have *lots* of fun with such stuff, >50% of my N900 are not exactly compatible in CAL with my location15:39
DocScrutinizer05I'd rather prefer a quite user friendly setting for country15:40
DocScrutinizer05(with right overriding left) CAL -> maemo settings "system language" -> maemo settings "Country" -> GSM country (if logged in) -> WLAN country info from associated AP -> **augmented settings** "WLAN country regulation domain" (with default)15:43
DocScrutinizer05dang, wrong module15:54
DocScrutinizer05Pali: ^^^16:15
DocScrutinizer05LOL >>Product of work done by tens of developers.<<16:25
DocScrutinizer05000 laughs16:41
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: >> The WL1837MODCOM8I EVB includes the following features:  [...]  WLAN and Bluetooth , BLE, and ANT cores that are software- and hardware-compatible with prior WL127x, WL128x, and BL6450 offerings for smooth migration to device <<17:46
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Palijonwil: I updated wl1251-cal code21:08
Palibut country code is still missing...21:08
PaliLuke-Jr: it is not supported in gentoo udev21:11
KotCzarnyeudev is also used in slack, and probably other systemdless distros21:13
kerioi use devtmpfs because i'm a bad boy21:15
kerioand also because this is a very tiny embedded system21:15
KotCzarnybut for dynamic things udev is still nice21:16
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DocScrutinizer05hey follow hacker gals and guys:  >> The WiLink 8 device's WLAN capability to capture and register precise arrival time of the connected AP’s beacon is used to achieve ultra-precise synchronization between multiple connected audio devices.<<  (from ) This gives me some other ideas of possible usecases - indoor location etc comes to mind21:27
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DocScrutinizer05or other usecases with high precision sync requirements. e.g. electron flash snyc to camera, when both are controlled from same WLAN signal with a delay between trigger and shot in the range of a maybe 20ms so both can schedule a high precision timer event to exactly same point in time21:31
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