IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2016-02-26

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OksanaaActually, wait a moment, I had Opera open...00:09
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Luke-Jrok, so I'm giving up on fixing USB and moving to turning the backup N900 into my main one05:07
Luke-Jrwhat's the best firmware image to flash nowadays05:08
Luke-Jrand best way to backup/restore whatever's on there right now? seems last updated in 2012 :x05:20
Oksanano clue, unfortunately. I haven't tried to flash anything in a long time05:32
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pigeonsi think i used the image from 2012, then enable cssu repos then update05:48
infobotmethinks maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh05:51
infoboti guess cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)05:52
DocScrutinizer51and fot mirgartion:05:55
infobotit has been said that backupmenu is
Luke-Jrdownload page has dead links for "OS images to reflash your tablet: N900 - N810 - N800 - 770."05:56
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Luke-Jras does
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MaxdamantusWouldn't it make more sense to copy your existing system to the current-backup device?06:12
MaxdamantusDon't need any flashing nonsense.06:12
DocScrutinizer51would you mind reading the full factoid?06:12
Luke-JrDocScrutinizer51: the latter says only for your personal use :p06:19
DocScrutinizer51your problem06:19
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infobotflasher is, like, at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
Luke-Jrhmm, what was the open source clone?06:34
Luke-JrMaxdamantus: is there a way to do that?06:36
MaxdamantusLuke-Jr: tar, netcat06:40
Maxdamantusmaybe lzop in the middle (gzip -1 probably won't help if you're limited to N900's wifi)06:40
Luke-JrI happen to also have only 1 battery ;p06:40
MaxdamantusSo send it to a computer. That way it also works as a backup.06:41
Luke-Jrhow do you swap the old OS for the new one though?06:41
pigeonsthe open source one is 0xFFFF i think06:41
Maxdamantusunless you mean you need to have your phone usable over that period.06:41
MaxdamantusYou'd do that from something like rescueOS.06:42
infobot0xffff is probably, or
infobotrescueos is probably
MaxdamantusIt's just a small system you can run in memory.06:43
Luke-Jramy ideas on how to do rescueOS without a USB port? XD06:43
MaxdamantusI meant the copy to the target device.06:43
MaxdamantusYou should pretty much be okay tarring a live system.06:44
* Luke-Jr ponders if rsync is sufficient or if tar is necessary06:44
Maxdamantusrsync would be okay too.06:45
Maxdamantusthough you probably wouldn't want to do it over ssh tbh06:45
Maxdamantusunless you use one of the slower ciphers, maybe.06:45
Luke-Jreh, what else is going to provide me data integrity?06:45
Maxdamantusrsync probably provides it.06:46
Maxdamantusbut there's also TCP.06:46
Maxdamantusand ethernet.06:47
Maxdamantusthose all provide data integrityp.06:47
Luke-Jrnot really :p06:47
Maxdamantusand just checked, rsync does indeed checksum the things it sends.06:49
Maxdamantus(irrelevant to the checksum-based update test it can also do)06:49
Maxdamantusbut yes, really, those all provide data integrity.06:49
MaxdamantusOtherxwise you'd ocassionally see random corrupted messages on IRC, because IRC doesn't provide anything.06:50
Maxdamantus(it just relies on TCP being integral)06:50
Luke-JrI *do* see occasional corrupt messages on IRC.. <.<06:53
Luke-Jralthough I'm not sure it's because of that06:53
Luke-JrIRC is a lot less data though06:53
MaxdamantusYou might be seeing messages in different character encodings.06:54
Luke-Jrnah, it's backspace characters06:55
Luke-Jrwhen people actually mean to backspace06:55
Luke-Jranyway, rsyncd is not on Maemo :/06:55
Luke-Jrhow will I copy the kernel?06:55
Luke-Jralmost certain that the one on the new N900 doesn't have Thumb fixes06:55
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DocScrutinizer51Luke-Jr: install BM and copy your ols data to a uSD07:03
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Luke-JrDocScrutinizer51: rsync+SSH is so much faster than uSD, is it good enough?07:07
Maxdamantusrync without SSH is probably a lot faster than rsync+SSH07:07
* Luke-Jr wonders why uSD is so slow07:07
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Maxdamantusie, when running a dedicated rsync server on one of the systems.07:08
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MaxdamantusmicroSD is faster than WiFi for me atm07:08
Maxdamantusit seems to vary between cards.07:08
Luke-JrI have some Class 10 64G card07:09
MaxdamantusThe class classification also seems questionable.07:09
MaxdamantusSD cards do weird organisational things that make their performance difficult to predict.07:10
Maxdamantusdepends highly on how you use it, how you've used it in the past, etc07:10
Luke-Jrext2? :P07:13
Maxdamantusext2 is only part of it.07:15
Maxdamantuswriting large files in sequence in ext2 is quite different to writing many small files in ext2.07:15
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Nenulihi. I was told by dimir to come here. I'm a journalist from Finland and would like to know if it's realistic that Turing Robotic Industries might start using maemo in their future phones09:55
NenuliI know most medias are reporting that they would start with sailfish, but the ceo explicitly mentioned maemo to us09:55
NenuliI work for a business daily called Kauppalehti09:56
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DefiantI wonder what there problem with sailfish is10:06
MaxdamantusShopping news.10:06
MaxdamantusI imagine it wouldn't be particularly unrealistic.10:08
Defiantisn't maemo a bit too outdated for new devices?10:09
Nenuliso it's possible to start developing an os based on maemo? is it fully open source nowadays?10:09
MaxdamantusWhat do you mean by "maemo" and "outdated"?10:09
MaxdamantusThe software people are running on their N900s is outdated in the sense that they're running a really old version of Linux with a really old version of glibc and an old version of Xorg, etc10:10
MaxdamantusMost of the components that make Maemo what it is aren't exactly outdated.10:10
MaxdamantusIt's not fully open source, but it's more open source that it was when Nokia released it.10:11
MaxdamantusPeople have made replacements for various closed source components for various reasons.10:11
MaxdamantusThe effort there will probably need to continue to support the Neo900 too, so it might be relatively easy for other devices to take advantage of that.10:12
Nenuliokay. what would be the advantage of starting with maemo opposed to starting with sailfish then?10:13
MaxdamantusI imagine it would mostly be to do with what the users want as an OS.10:15
MaxdamantusI suspect Maemo/N900 is perceived as less like a typical phone OS.10:16
Nenulibut would TRI get maemo for free? so that might be an advantage?10:20
NenuliI presume they would have to pay to jolla for using sailfish10:20
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KotCzarnyluke-jr: idea, consider soldering cable to usb pad then glueing the port somewhere else?11:15
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KotCzarnyor even preparing contact pad and making a clip to keep it in place (if not soldering)11:16
Luke-Jrout of time, unfortunately. maybe I can revisit when I get back :/11:16
KotCzarnykind of piece of plastic with traces that will contact the pad on the board11:16
KotCzarnyyeah, just an idea so you can still use the broken one as a devel device11:17
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Luke-Jrhow do you get a SSH server on rescueOS? :/11:54
KotCzarnyi think telnet is tarted by default11:56
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Luke-JrAll 1024 scanned ports on are closed12:28
Maxdamantus`which sshd`12:31
Maxdamantusor: $(which sshd)12:31
MaxdamantusMight not be able to type the backticks.12:32
MaxdamantusActually, there is no sshd.12:33
Maxdamantusbut yeah, there's telnet .. /rescueOS/enabletelnet.sh12:34
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* fredd raises pitch fork12:41
freddceene where is my Yappari 2.0.27 fixing lost messages!?12:41
* fredd also admits shyly he kind of got addicted to voting packages to extras.12:42
fredd!seen joppu12:43
bencohinfobot: !12:44
freddI need joppu to push through Array theme 1.2 to testing-extras (been in devel for 5 years now).12:45
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ceenefredd: that'll take a long time13:10
ceeneit'll be 3.0.0 in fact13:10
ceeneas it'll be based on a different WA library13:10
ceeneand will probably have less features than current one13:10
ceeneuntil little by little i can change all the api calls to the new13:10
ceenefredd: do you know how to code? :)13:11
freddI once pointed a pointer to a random memory address and assigned true to it and I had to buy a new computer.13:12
MaxdamantusWere you in real mode?13:14
ceenethat shouldn't happen unless we're talking about UEFI computers13:14
ceenewhich go to hell when you rm -rf /sys13:14
Maxdamantusor maybe on a system without an MMU.13:14
freemangordon_YAY, managed to bring tidspbridge up on 4.5-rc5 :)13:17
freemangordon_yep, now the hard part begins :D13:18
ceenethat was the easy one?13:18
freemangordon_now it needs to be migrated to DMA API, IOMMU API and remoteproc :D13:19
freemangordon_and whatnot else13:19
freemangordon_to be in a shape close to what is needed for upstreaming13:19
freemangordon_anyone want to help?13:22
ceenei'd like to, but i don't think i have the knowledge13:23
ceenei don't even know what's the tidspbridge for13:23
freemangordon_noone has it13:23
freemangordon_IVA2 aka DSP - the one that is used to decode videos via HW on N90013:24
bencohfreemangordon_: \o/13:25
bencohI really should've bought a dev n90013:26
freemangordon_is it late now?13:26
bencohit's harder here than in europe13:27
MaxdamantusI bought one off eBay then a few days later one appeared on the main trading site in our country for the first time since August.13:31
Maxdamantusso I bought that too.13:31
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freemangordon_oh, it even plays video when booted in maemo with 4.5, am I good :p13:57
freemangordon_well, video skips frames as I hardcoded DSP freq to 90MHz, but still14:02
KotCzarnyfreemangordon, the maemo hero!14:14
* KotCzarny hands the golden crowbar as a sign of appreciation14:14
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DocScrutinizer51so mafw can use DSP now?14:41
DocScrutinizer51the hardcoding sounds like a minor fix14:41
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freemangordon_DocScrutinizer51: hmm? can't parse14:44
freemangordon_aah, got it14:44
freemangordon_DocScrutinizer51: keep in mind we talk linux 4.5 here, in stock kernel it has always been the case14:45
DocScrutinizer51yep, of course14:45
freemangordon_yes, I can now play "Nokia N900" and "9" videos in mediaplayer14:45
freemangordon_(freshly flashed device, so no other videos)14:46
DocScrutinizer51I only read the  last maybe 50 lines of backscroll14:46
freemangordon_no audio14:46
freemangordon_PA is broken with mainline14:46
freemangordon_there are 2 more major subsystems to be fixed, cameras and audio14:47
freemangordon_everything else more or less works14:47
freemangordon_well, acually audio works, it is PA that doesn;t know how to use it14:48
freemangordon_CPUFREQ_DT works14:48
freemangordon_also, according to tmlind, with a couple of fixes from him (to be in mainline soon) deep idle states work as well14:49
DocScrutinizer51I'd be surprised if it works in 45 without patching it14:51
freemangordon_it works14:51
DocScrutinizer51sorry, N90014:51
DocScrutinizer51pastebin is a tad inconvenient14:52
freemangordon_sorrry, I am used to it14:52
DocScrutinizer51wow, great to hear it works14:52
freemangordon_this is with charger connected14:52
KotCzarnyhow about f*cking PA and just using alsa?14:55
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freemangordon_feel free to try it14:56
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ceenethe only thing is the filters to avoid frying speakers15:20
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HRH_H_Crabhi all, its time for my six-monthly period of wondering if i can put vanilladebian on my n900 (ideally with a recent kernel). there seem to have been various projects around all of this stuff, is the general feeling that his is the way to go: ?15:26
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bencohHRH_H_Crab: looks like we're getting close :)15:57
HRH_H_Crabbencoh: what do you mean?15:59
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ceeneKotCzarny: how's oscp upload going?21:06
KotCzarnynot promising anything, but i will try to do it thise weekend/next week21:07
ceenewhere's download for x86?21:08
KotCzarnyon sourceforge21:09
KotCzarnyremember to install libao21:09
ceeneok, I'm gonna try it now21:09
KotCzarnyversion is quite old (>3 months), so i have to update that build too at the same time21:10
ceeneshould i use the i586 version?21:10
KotCzarnyi586 is for old boxes, that dont have sse*21:11
ceeneah, ok21:11
ceenethis one is new21:11
KotCzarnyif you have sse then you can grab the regular one21:11
KotCzarnyboth will work anyway21:11
ds3dev n900?21:41
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ceeneKotCzarny: which is the server?22:36
ceenemaybe it's on the tmo thread and i can leave you alone22:36
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ceeneah, i got it now, -L port22:45
infobotaw, gee, DocScrutinizer5122:50
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KotCzarnyceene: try -h23:00
KotCzarnyand ~/.oscp.conf23:00
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